Best Alexa Thermostat Reviews 2023

If you are looking to buy a thermostat, or you want to upgrade from an existing installation, chances are you have been confused by the options out there. The good news is you have come to the end of your stressful search just by reading this. We have researched those options and have come up with five of the best Alexa thermostats available. If you don’t find your choice in our review, all hope is not lost. You can check out the other variants available from these trusted brands.
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Our Top Choice
Honeywell Smart Touch Screen Thermostat
Honeywell is a major manufacturer of innovative technology that addresses issues such as security, energy efficiency, productivity and much more.
This thermostat has an auto setting, which remains unchanged even when you make manual adjustments for current situations. It can be controlled remotely.
It cannot be used on a two-zone system.
App on phone
English, Spanish
Best Value
Venstar Residential Alexa Thermostat
Since 1992, Venstar has been a manufacturer of efficient, reliable, and quality energy management systems.
This thermostat has a dedicated mobile app that gives you access to control it remotely, and you can choose if you want the thermostat programmable or not.
There are no problems reported for this product.
App on phone, manual
English, Spanish, French
Ecobee 3 Thermostat with Sensor
Since 2007, Ecobee has been manufacturing intuitive and aesthetic Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats that are applicable for both residential and commercial purposes.
The color touchscreen on this thermostat is interactive, and fully functional with its multiple system modes and temperature adjustment slider.
There are isolated complaints that the temperature sensing is inaccurate.
English, Chinese
Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat
Nest is well-known for creating technologies that make your home smart and take care of the people inside it.
This thermostat learns your settings and programs itself to suit them, so you don’t have to set it all the time. It consumes little power, and saves on energy costs.
There are complaints that it only displays the target temperature and not the current one.
Temperature, ambient light
App on phone
Power, fan
English, French, Spanish, Dutch
Stainless steel
Trane Z-Wave Alexa Thermostat
Trane is a popular heating and air conditioning manufacturer. Its products do a fantastic job of saving on energy costs.
This thermostat can send you filter service and maintenance reminder alerts to help you keep your ventilation system working at optimum performance.
There is an isolated complaint that the thermostat does not support separate heating and cooling systems.
Remote control
English, French

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What is the Best Alexa Thermostat?

Now that you have a good knowledge of Alexa thermostats, and have decided on the features that are critical to your needs, read our individual review of products. We hope it will make it easy to choose the best Alexa thermostat for you.
Our Top Choice
The Honeywell Smart Thermostat has a simple setup that lets you program your thermostat, allowing you to save on heating and cooling costs when away and enjoy comfort when at home. If you would like a similar thermostat that works with the Apple HomeKit as well, try out the Honeywell Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat, which has geofencing.

Honeywell Smart 7-Day Programmable Thermostat With Wi-Fi And Touchscreen – Available with Smart Consultation

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that manufactures technologies to improve the quality of living for people around the world. Its products enable generating clean energy and putting it to efficient use. They allow people to connect and collaborate more effectively, and improve safety and security. Its products are used in many industries, including aviation, oil and gas, defense and space, homes and building and much more.

The Honeywell Smart Thermostat is Wi-Fi-enabled, so you have remote access to control the thermostat from anywhere through an enabled device, or a free app on your tablet or smartphone. It is compatible with most heating and cooling systems, as well as heat pumps. The following are other cool features of this thermostat:
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Works with Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Customizable screen color
  • Simple setup with smart programmable features
  • Saves on heating and cooling costs
  • Password enabled for locking the touchscreen
  • Advanced fan control and humidity sensor
  • Smart response temperature timing
Best Value
The Venstar Residential Thermostat uses the Explorer technology, which has support for multiple protocols such as Wi-Fi, Z-wave, and Zigbee. It has a large easy-to-read display. If you want a thermostat with a color screen from this same brand, go for the Venstar Colortouch Thermostat with Built-In Wi-Fi and humidity control.

Venstar Residential Voyager Wi-Fi Ready Thermostat – Available with Expert Installation

Venstar stands out with its high-performance products and services. It is committed to becoming an industry leader by offering energy management systems and control equipment to a wider range of consumers. With the innovative design and development of its commercial and residential products, it continues to surpass the expectations of its users.

The Venstar Residential Thermostat has a built-in API that lets you easily integrate the thermostat controls with existing smart home systems and applications. This thermostat uses the Skyport mobile app for remote access to control the thermostat from wherever you are. The following are some more features of this residential thermostat:
  • Multi-stage for gas/electric or heat pump
  • Switchable from programmable to non-programmable
  • You can set it to auto-changeover, heat only, or cool only
  • Scrolling display has adjustable backlit intensity
  • You can choose English, Spanish, or French for the display
  • Wireless connectivity with optional accessory
  • Compatible with condensate overflow warning system
  • Outdoor sensor ready
  • Automatic Demand Response ready
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Service alert indicators
The Ecobee 3 Thermostat is easy to install with its step-by-step guide. It connects with your existing ventilation accessories to deliver the comfort you desire for your home. If you would prefer the earlier version of this same thermostat, get the Ecobee3 1st Generation Thermostat. It has a remote sensor and works with Amazon Alexa too.

Ecobee 3 2nd Generation Thermostat with Sensor – Available in 2 Styles & With Expert Installation

Out of necessity, Stuart Lombard decided to build his own thermostat, one that was easy to install, reliable, and conserved energy. After he succeeded, Ecobee was born in 2007. Since then, it's been creating smart thermostats that are Wi-Fi enabled, smart, easy to install and use, and bring comfort to your home while saving on energy bills.

The Ecobee 3 Thermostat uses room sensors to determine the conditions of different areas of your home, and adjusts the temperature and humidity to extend comfort the parts of your home that matters the most. It allows you to easily adjust the temperature and settings of your home via Android or iOS devices. Below are some more features of this eco-friendly thermostat:
  • Low on power consumption
  • Apple HomeKit enabled
  • Works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa
  • Comes with a room sensor with detachable stand
  • 3.5-inch full-color LCD screen touchscreen
  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems
  • Smart occupancy detection
  • Supports existing accessories such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators
  • Power extender kit for C-wire substitution
  • You get free monthly energy reports
  • Three-year warranty
The Nest Learning Thermostat lets you connect via Wi-Fi to control the temperature remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It will shut off when nobody is home. If you like the 2nd generation version of this thermostat, check out the Nest Learning Thermostat 2nd Generation, which also works with Alexa.

Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat – Available in 3 Colors & with a Home Consultation

Nest designs and manufactures appliances that integrate with your home, making it fully functional and handing over the control to you so you can wield it as you please. Some of its products include security cameras, energy management systems, and smoke detectors. Its appliances consume small amounts of energy, while paying for themselves by saving you on energy costs.

The Nest Learning Thermostat truly learns, as it programs itself after about a week according to the temperatures you like the most. It is so easy to install that most people can do it themselves. Nest serves you in every way by providing you with the history of your energy consumption, so you can decide how to manage it and further cut cost. Other features of this thermostat include:
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote access
  • Farsight technology can spot you and displays information
  • Nest Leaf notification to indicate energy saving settings
  • Can shut itself down when there’s no one at home
  • 24-bit color LCD screen
  • Language options
  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems
  • Power consumption of less than one kilowatt-hour per month
  • Multi-home support
  • Two-year limited warranty
The Trane Z-Wave Thermostat is fitted with Z-Wave technology, so you can manage the atmosphere in your home remotely. It has upgradable software for more options. If you want a 7-day programmable thermostat from this same brand, get the Trane Multi-Stage Thermostat, which also has a touchscreen.

Trane Z-Wave Thermostat works with Amazon Alexa – Available with Home Consultation

Trane has 120 years of experience in energy management systems, which makes it an ideal provider of HVAC products. It manufactures its products to be easy to use, last a long time, cut energy costs, and create a comfortable environment for your home. This approach is what has earned it the America’s Most Trusted HVAC System Brand award.

The Trane Z-Wave Thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely, so it can feel the way you want before you get home. It is compatible with Nexia Home Intelligence and includes Nexia’s remote climate access. The following are more features of this thermostat:
  • 4.3-inch black and white LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • One button energy-saving mode
  • Upgradable software
  • Screen lock-out and guest lock-out
  • Adjustable fan control and variable-speed indoor unit
  • Lets you create up to four daily heating and cooling schedules
  • Easy to install and use

How Do I Choose the Best Alexa Thermostat?

Thermostats are devices that signal your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to increase or reduce the temperature of your home according to your preference. This can bring you comfort and save on your energy bills. Gone are the days when you had to stand next to your thermostat and fiddle with it to configure the settings to suit you. There are now wireless enabled thermostats that you can control remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

The best Alexa thermostats are compatible with most existing heating and air conditioning systems. They are programmable and able to save you money by reducing your energy consumption. There are some thermostats that have humidity sensors, which work well with systems that have a dehumidifier installed. A lot of them have sleek designs and LCD touchscreens that let you interact with the thermostats.
There are lots of features that make Alexa thermostats different from each other. There are the big ones that almost all brands have, and there are small ones. The main thing that affects the pricing of Alexa thermostats is the amount of technology packed into them. It is normal that we all want the best product on offer with all the juicy options, but since that means a high cost, we have to make trade-offs that will fit a thermostat into our budgets.

A high-end Alexa thermostat with all the nice options usually costs about $250. Ones with fewer options that will still definitely save you some money in the long run will go for around $100. There are cheap Alexa thermostats, but they're a waste of time and resources. You do not want to buy a cheap thermostat, as it will start giving you issues from day one.
Whether you’re getting a thermostat upgrade or installing a new one, there are options you might want to consider before deciding on which Alexa thermostat to get. The following are features you should look for:
  • Compatibility
  • Programmability
  • Remote access
  • Energy saving
  • Remote sensors
  • Extras
This list will guide your decision on the features that you consider important in an Alexa thermostat. As you read on, you will learn how these features affect the usefulness of a thermostat.
Construction and Design
Most homes in the US use some form of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. There are single, two-stage, and for heating systems, three-stage functions. When buying an Alexa thermostat, it is important to check that it is compatible with your already existing system. There are models of smart thermostats that are compatible with as many as four heat and three cool functions, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a thermostat that is compatible.

When you have determined which Alexa thermostat will work with your existing system, you can now start thinking of how to program it. The way to get the best result is to consider your lifestyle. Do you stay home at particular periods? What is the temperature of your location like? Does the house get empty at regular intervals? These are examples of questions you need to clarify to know your programming needs. The questions will vary widely, of course, depending on each individual. How you program your thermostat can significantly reduce your yearly energy costs, while you might notice no real difference if you don’t program it correctly. Most Alexa thermostats are easy and straightforward to program, with their user-friendly interfaces.

Lots of Alexa thermostat models can accommodate complex schedules that will suit even unpredictable lifestyles. There are some that will let you set a schedule from Monday to Friday, and then set a different plan for weekends. This is ideal for people who go out during the week and stay home for the weekend. Some other thermostats let you set your preferred options, but you can still make manual changes (perhaps if you have guests) and it will revert to your prior setting later. Some even go further by giving you the option to set multiple temperatures within a 24-hour time frame, while still having different programs for each day of the week. There is a particular brand that literally learns your preferred settings and saves it as a schedule you can continue using.

When remote sensing hardware is placed in a room, the thermostat detects the temperature of the room and adjusts it according to the ideal temperature you have set. That way you can adjust the temperature of different rooms in your home, rather than just the room where the thermostat is installed. Some remote sensing thermostats can actually tell when you’re home, so they can adjust the temperature according to your needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the most critical factors to consider in the performance of Alexa thermostats is the energy saving feature. This is not just to save the environment (which is quite important) but to save money, by reducing energy consumption. Almost every brand that makes Alexa thermostats pays serious attention to the energy saving capacity. Programmable Alexa thermostats, and those models that learn your preference, can help you save a lot of money over time. There are some models that will even create reports that show you how much energy you’re consuming, and enlighten you on how you can manage the system better.

Most Alexa thermostats have remote access. Thermostats that are capable of remote access are Wi-Fi-enabled. You can use your smartphone, tablet, and sometimes a laptop to access an app associated with your thermostat and make any change you want. Remote access can also help you save energy cost in certain cases.

There are many other characteristics you will find on Alexa thermostats:
  • Auto change: There are some thermostats that auto-switch from cooling to heating and vice versa, which is especially useful for times where the weather changes sharply.

  • Touchscreens: These are the points of interaction between you and your thermostat. Some models have full-color screens. Most models have user-friendly interfaces and varying screen sizes.

  • Instant savings: Some thermostats calculate your savings as you adjust the temperature. Others notify you when you are using energy saving schedules.

  • Exterior temperature: Some Alexa thermostats display the current temperature on the outside, while others that will give you a forecast.

  • Filter and maintenance alerts: Some thermostats signal you as a reminder to change air filters and run maintenance for your system.

  • Humidity sensor: These sensors notify you of the humidity level in your home. This is especially ideal for homes that have dehumidifiers installed with their HVAC systems.

Get the Best Alexa Thermostat of 2023!

After seeing our review, we hope you have sufficient information to make an informed purchase. If you still haven’t made up your mind, go check out other variants available from the trusted brands we featured. You might find the best Alexa thermostat for you.

Our Top Choice
Honeywell Smart Touch Screen Thermostat
Best Value
Venstar Residential Alexa Thermostat
Ecobee 3 Thermostat with Sensor
Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat
Trane Z-Wave Alexa Thermostat