Best Alligator Statue Reviews 2023

Alligator statues are every bit as fun and mischievous as they are practical. They could give those crazy birds a run or equally scare your beady old neighbor who just won’t mind her business. Anyway, whatever you need it for, one thing is certain – you need a great one so you don’t spoil the trick. We did some extensive research and rounded up five of the best alligator statues we could find in the market, and of course, in usual Top Products style, all are from some of the best brands in the field. If you’re ready, grab our hands and let’s walk you through the valley of the shadow of life-like gators! Don’t forget that these brands have more alligator statues beside the ones we featured.
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Our Top Choice
Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Alligator
Manufacturers and designers of some of the best pond care products and aeration windmills in North America, Outdoor Water Solutions is an excellent brand that offers great service.
Attaches to airstone housing bucket. Allows for convenient cleaning and adjustment of diffusers. Ultra-realistic. Reflective red eyes. Scares away predators. Cord to keep in place.
Eyes are actually decal.
Outdoor; pond
Real-life look; head only
28 x 6 x 4 inches; 1.4 pounds
Airstone marker
Best Value
Atlantic Collectables Realistic Alligator Statue
To earn your trust and patronage, Atlantic Collectables aims to always offer the best online purchasing experience by offering excellent customer service and competitive prices.
Made of designer, composite Polyresin. Hand painted for outdoor use. Partially handcrafted and hand polished for a super-realistic look. Large dimensions ideal for a good scare.
Paint might chip outdoors if not UV coated.
Outdoor; garden
Real-life look; full
21 x 9.5 x 4.8 inches; 5.7 pounds
Composite resin; polished
Guest shock
Design Toscano The Agitated Alligator Statue
Offering specialty home and garden decors with exclusive designs, Design Toscano supplies its customers with unique pieces that can hardly be found anywhere else.
Hand-cast using real crushed stone. Bound with high-quality, designer resin. Hand painted for minute detailing. Realistic statue wards off predators and scares humans too.
Size is a bit small for a few.
Outdoor; garden
Real-life look; full
37 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches; 10 pounds
Resin/crushed stone; hand-painted
Guest shock
Deco 79 Polystone Alligator Decor
Deco 79 is a first-class manufacturer of a wide variety of quality decorative sculptures that add that touch of class and character to your living or office space.
Crafted from Polystone (dense, furniture-grade resin). Lightweight but durable. With an antique bronze finish. Intricately detailed and scares off predators and humans alike.
Isolated complaints about fragility.
Outdoor; garden
Life size; full
37 x 13 x 8 inches; 12.8 pounds
Guest shock
TJB Inc Alligator Head Decoy
When it comes to creating picturesque and scenic landscape environments for your home or business, you can trust TJB, Inc. for an excellent job nicely done, and in record time too!
Floats with a lifelike motion on water. Realistic and life-sized head decoy. Reflective, red eyes. Made of durable, urethane foam. Painted with UV-resistant paint.
Hasn’t been shown to work for Mallard ducks.
Outdoor; pond
Real-life look; head only
22.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches
Urethane foam; UV-resistant
Decoration; scares birds

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What is the Best Alligator Statue?

We’re sure you’re better informed on alligator statues, and all that you need to know before making a purchase. You’re now ready to check out the reviews. Don’t worry, we promise never to leave your side *winks*.
Our Top Choice
Seeking ways to conveniently mark your airstone or diffuser? Then get the Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Alligator Airstone Marker. It attaches to either of them and allows you to change and adjust them easily. Or, you could get this marker that’s made of urethane foam, looks ultra-realistic, scares away predators and equally marks diffusers: the Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Gator JR.

Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Alligator Airstone Marker – Attaches to Airstone/Diffuser Bucket

From excellent leadership to adept hands, and from cutting-edge technology to well-equipped facilities, Outdoor Water Solutions, Inc. boasts almost everything needed to offer top-notch products and services to its customers, and this it does without holding back. An industry leader, this brand manufactures various quality products for windmill aeration and pond care. Some of these products include: windmill accessories, electric aerators, fish feeders, airstone diffusers, and more. Based in Springdale, Arkansas, Outdoor Water Solutions stands out as one of the best sources of these products in North America.

The Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Alligator Airstone Marker deserves a gold star for smartness. Apparently, its makers do not just give outdoor water solutions, they give smart ones. This marker is an impressive two-in-one statue that does a little more than scare the predators away.

It can be used in your pond to mark your diffuser or airstone. How much relief do you feel already? So, instead of going through all the trouble looking for where you kept the airstone, why not just mark it? Seems commonsensical, yeah?

And what’s even better is that this alligator marker comes with ropes, which you can use to adjust the airstone housing/diffuser bucket however you want it. No stress! It also means cleaning will be a lot breezier.

And of course, it remains an alligator statue, and with its realistic look and reflective red eyes, all predators (like the Blue Herons and co) will run for dear life without stopping to check if it’s real or fake.

To keep your statue in place, its eyelets come with a cord which you can use to secure your “gator” to the bottom. So that it can maintain that quiet, menacing poise of a real-life gator.

It’s lightweight and durable, and its paint does not flake, as promised by the manufacturers. So, do you love this statue or what? Get it now before stock runs out!
Best Value
The Atlantic Collectables Realistic Alligator Garden Statue offers a mischievous alternative to boring doorbells. Its super-real looks will elicit a scream from your visitors that even your doorbell can’t beat for volume! Or, how about this more affordable statue in the form of an ancient alligator skull? Check out the Atlantic Collectables Ancient Alligator Skeleton Skull Garden Statue.

Atlantic Collectables Realistic Alligator Garden Statue - Realistic Enough To Scare Humans

Offering some of the best-quality products money can buy, Atlantic Collectables (now known as Ebros Gift Promise) is an online store which customers love to patronize. This is largely because the brand also greatly desires this patronage and, therefore, conducts its business with a high sense of professionalism, without ever forgetting the place of world-class service. Over there, a premium is placed on communication and customers are followed-up with throughout the transaction phase and even afterwards. Coupling this with unbeatable prices, it’s easy to see why so many have come to fall in love with this brand.

The Atlantic Collectables Realistic Alligator Garden Statue is fun, mischievous and scary. Get your visitors to scream when they see this lifelike alligator in front of your door. It comes with large dimensions: 21 inches long, and 4.75 inches tall! Quite lifelike, yeah?

Made of Polyresin, this guy comes solid, with all the details needed to make your gator look as real as possible. It comes painted just like a real gator, and is great for use outdoors. But if you want to keep it inside, fine by the gator, it still works.

Note though, that the manufacturers would have you UV coat it if you intend to use it outdoors, so the paint doesn’t get discolored or chipped.

With an eye for detail, this brand made the statue hand crafted. So no, some machine didn’t just mass produce this statue and then start forcing it down our throats. This piece is unique and intricately designed for a good scare, whether for the predators or for your friends and neighbors.

Does this statue rock or what? Why not put your money where we all know your mischievous mind is?!
Here’s one impressive piece for your swamp: the Design Toscano Agitated Alligator Swamp Statue. There’s a high level of attention here, from casting in real crushed stone to hand painting for a more realistic look. If you’d prefer something larger, this statue is five inches wider and comes piped, making it usable as a water fountain: the Design Toscano Crotchety Crocodile Spitting Statue.

Design Toscano The Agitated Alligator Swamp Statue – Cast In Real Crushed Stone and Hand Painted

Design Toscano is a brand totally given to detail, and will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that details are factored into its pieces, even to the minutest bit. A primary way it gets this done is by traveling down to the original sources of these pieces to get first-hand information, which it then reflects in the replica to be made. This tedious but rewarding process, therefore, affords customers the advantage of a plethora of various, unique options that can hardly be found elsewhere. Its culture of paying attention isn’t limited to manufacturing processes alone; it also extends to other areas, such as delivery and customer service. Indeed, this brand gets a gold star for quality products and service delivery.

There’s no reason the Design Toscano Agitated Alligator Swamp Statue will not impress you. The eye for detail is simply amazing! First off, it is made of real crushed stone and then bonded with high-quality resin.

This is great because it makes this guy doable anywhere: outdoors or indoors. It’s beautiful enough to stay as a decorative piece in your home, if you’re so inclined, and yet intimidating enough to stay outdoors.

This statue is also painted by hand, which allows for real intricate and minute detailing. Every nuance, every stroke, every line of paint is a deliberate attempt to get this statue to resemble a real alligator as closely as possible. There’s literally no stone left unturned here.

And of course, if it comes with all these features, you can be sure that it will scare the heck out of those birds and other predators. One look and its fight or flight. There’s no fighting this gator, baby!

You know you like this piece. Go on and get it already!
Are you looking for a realistic, yet attractive, alligator statue that scares? Then check out the Deco 79 Polystone Alligator Décor. With its antique bronze finish, this statue looks every bit as attractive as it is realistic. Or would you rather try something different? Then see this statue with a metal construction and a glossy, silver finish. It’s also more affordable: The Deco 79 Captivating Alligator.

Deco 79 Polystone Alligator Décor with Attractive Antique Bronze Finish

From start to finish, Deco 79 is professional about its manufacturing processes, ensuring that none of the decorative sculpture pieces it distributes are without that touch of class. With such assurance, you can be confident that whatever piece purchased from this brand always stands out and gets people asking where it came from. Prices are quite competitive at this brand, as it tries to make sure that there’s something for everyone; lifestyle or budget regardless. Aside from offering a wide variety at affordable prices, Deco 79 also makes an effort to assist the customer in decision making, following up throughout the shopping experience, and assisting promptly with any challenge that might arise.

Why do we love the Deco 79 Polystone Alligator Décor? Because it’s scary and beautiful all at once!

This beautiful piece comes with an attractive, antique bronze finish that works for two major reasons. First, it tells us that this statue is going to last. The bronze finish will keep the color almost as good as new, season in, season out. And it also makes the gator so beautiful – just to us though, the birds don’t care for any of that. A gator remains a gator.

Because it’s crafted from Polystone, this statue is sure to last you a good while, but be careful though – it could be a bit fragile, especially in the hands of a klutz. Also, the statue is super lightweight, which allows you ease in unpacking it from the box and into the pond or pool, or wherever you wish to set it up.

Now, while you sit back and relax in your house, which you paid for with your money and shouldn’t have to share with some miscreants known as predators (or busy body neighbors), your “gator” can mount guard and nothing will come close to your quarters anymore. Your statue will mark your territory with its terrifying look and you can now raise your fish in peace.

Isn’t that what you’ve been asking for? Well, now you got it. Order!
The TJB, Inc. Alligator Head Decoy will make even its owner do a double-take when they see this life-sized alligator replica floating with lifelike motion in their pool! It’s even got scary, reflective, red eyes to boot! Or, for an even scarier look, you can get this head decoy that’s six inches larger, and floats with a lifelike motion. See the TBJ Inc 28inch Alligator Head Decoy.

TJB Inc Alligator Head Decoy and Pond Float with Reflective Red Eyes

TJB, Inc. has been in the landscaping business since 1976, so we wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that it has a wealth of experience and can, without doubt, deliver on some of the most amazing landscaping jobs ever seen. You don’t need to take our word for it; log on to its site and see several jobs completed by this brand, and you’ll see why customers keep coming back to them. In fact, its jobs are so amazing that it’s been featured in man trade magazines and even had its CEO, Ted J Greiner, on the local ABC station (WNTH-8), where he spent several years as the “Garden Guru.” So, if there’s one brand you can trust on all things landscaping and environs, it’s definitely TJB, Inc.

For a piece this affordable, the TJB, Inc. Alligator Head Decoy definitely works wonders. It boasts too many features to be this affordable.

First, it floats freely with a lifelike motion. So imagine you’ve even bought this statue and you go strolling out one night and then you pass by the pool, cos that’s the most scenic part of the house at that time. And then something catches your peripheral vision in the pool. Something is floating around. It’s large and black, with red eyes and gosh, it’s moving! You can taste your blood in your mouth and, before you sit back and recollect how you used this same decoy to make your neighbor jump this afternoon after the package arrived and you set it up, you’ll be running for dear life, arms flailing in the air. This, honey, is how realistic this thing looks.

Made from polyurethane foam, this statue is lightweight and, therefore, not inconvenient to take out of the box to its home. And it’s also already UV coated, so let the sun bring whatever, your gator will keep looking as good as new for as long as, well… as long as.

Finally, guess what? You can use this head decoy as a kickboard, albeit a scary one. Tip: when you want some alone time in the pool and they just won’t let you, use this as your kickboard and, before they gather enough boldness to come and check out if it’s real, you’d have, at least, had a few moment’s respite *winks*.

So you’re getting this gator… sorry, gator head decoy, right?

How Do I Choose the Best Alligator Statue?

There are many different ways people go about adding a unique or personal touch to their outdoors. Some are quite necessary, like fixing an address plaque; others are more whimsical like setting up wind chimes, yet some could be as practical as putting up a faux ivy fence, while others can be gator statues. Yep. Gators.

Whoever thought of the gator decoy is a genius for so many obvious reasons. We’re pretty sure you’re yet to meet someone – animal or human – who is not scared of a gator or a croc. Okay, aside from those crazy guys on National Geographic. The rest of us normal human beings with a healthy dose of instinctive fear dread them. Those things eat humans!

And that’s why they work!

You know one thing we really love about alligator statues? It’s how they can be highly functional and practical on the one hand, and then in one breath be downright silly and mischievous. It’s amazing!

Listen to this: if you own a koi pond or something of the sort, like a swimming pool for instance, and you rear fish, you most definitely have a sworn enemy in Blue Herons, geese and the likes. So, imagine a real-life gator just decided to take up residence in your pond or pool. Your guess is as good as ours; it’s bye-bye to birdie. Not one will dare!

And when you just want to have a good laugh (Halloween would be a good time), you could use a gator statue to scare the heck out of your visitors. It’s all in good humor, so you don’t need to feel bad about it. Just make sure your visitor isn’t paranoid – depending on how realistic your gator is, it could end a little differently than you planned… and not in a good way either...

If you’re going to get a great alligator statue that the birdies won’t have chemistry with, such that they come around more often to visit (you get the point, don’t you?), you will need to know a few things about these pieces. And we will be discussing that shortly. Stick around and we won’t spare any detail.
You can get an alligator statue for a wide range of prices: about $20 to $100 plus. The material used to make the statue in question is a big determining factor in the cost of an alligator statue. For example, you should expect that a statue made of stone will cost significantly more than something made of polyurethane foam. Also, some statues come as just head decoys – these ones cost less, understandably.

Please, when you come across cheap alligator statues outside this review (cos we didn’t review them, and you will come across them), resist the temptation to buy. The reason is this: most of them are not well detailed, and you know that once a birdie or a person suspects a peep, you’ve blown the entire cover. And for those that will be keeping their statues in water or outdoors, if you don’t get something solid, get a piggy bank and start saving up, cos you’ll be getting these every other month. So you see, “cheap alligator statue” isn’t exactly cheap after all.
To the untrained eye, all alligator statues look the same, but there’s nothing further from the truth. Although getting a good alligator statue is pretty easy if you don’t know what to look out for, you could, just as easily, also get the wrong one. Here are a few features to look out for:
  • Material
  • Color and Detail
  • Size
  • Purpose
  • Care and Maintenance
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Alligator statues can be made of different materials, from Polyresin, to metal, to Polystone, to polyurethane foam, or even real crushed stone. Let’s discuss each briefly.

Polyresin: This is commonly used to make different kinds of figurines and statues. It is quite sturdy but also allows for intricacy. Statues made of Polyresin can feature a great deal of detailing due to the nature of the material.

Polystone: This is a combination of two different materials, as you might guess. Those two materials are Polyresin and powdered stone. Because of the stone additives, the material has a weightier, porcelain feel and is, therefore, quite durable. Another good thing about Polystone is that it gives the paint job a sharp finish.

Polyurethane foam: It is quite flexible and lightweight, compared to the others, but not quite as durable.

Metal: Statues that are made of metal have to be finished properly; else, they’ll rust. And even when finished, especially if they are to be kept outdoors, check regularly to ensure that they haven’t begun to deteriorate under the elements.

Crushed stone: These are the most expensive, most durable, and also the most fragile (and yes, the weightiest, we forgot to add). You have to take extra care with a crushed stone statue. Most are actually used more for decorative purposes, understandably.

Alligator statues come in dull colors, understandably, because we have to stay as close to nature as possible. Those that come in other colors like, say, silver, are not often used as decoys. So, if you have pesky birdies disturbing you, you want to go for the traditional gator colors: black, dark grey, brown, and the likes; just stay as close to nature as possible.

Look out for the detailing too. As we did for color, we also want to stay as close to nature as possible, perhaps even more. Birds of prey have quite good eyesight, and if your decoy is weak, they’ll know and your fish are bye-bye. You might get away with it with the ducks and geese, but generally, it’s best to go for a well-detailed statue, especially if the plan also involves scaring friends.

Alligator statues are classified by length, and you can have various kinds. Some are only a foot; others are nearly full-length (adult alligators span between 8 and 14 feet in length). It really depends on what you want. If you want the whole six feet, that’s fine. Most, however, go for 28 to 36 inches. But then, it’s up to you.
Performance and Ease of Use
Depending on the reason for which you need your alligator statue, there are different kinds to choose from. If you need it to ward off birds and predators, then you know you have to go large, especially on the head part. And it has to be as realistic as possible. Details are a really big deal. The eyes too, preferably red, so that the birds can see them from afar and skedaddle.

If it’s just for décor, then that’s entirely up to you to decide. Whatever suits you will work.

Also, if your statue is going to be outdoors, or in the water, constantly check the finish after a while, to be sure it’s not getting chipped or discolored. In fact, when you get it, if it’s not already stated by the manufacturer to be UV coated, then do that yourself. The elements play a big role in the deterioration of your statue.

Get the Best Alligator Statue of 2023!

Now that you’ve spotted the one, go ahead and make that purchase!

Our Top Choice
Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Alligator
Best Value
Atlantic Collectables Realistic Alligator Statue
Design Toscano The Agitated Alligator Statue
Deco 79 Polystone Alligator Decor
TJB Inc Alligator Head Decoy