Best American Flag Reviews 2020

Every house and home should have an American flag. Whether you fly it on holidays or simply to express solidarity with hundreds of millions of Americans around the world, we've chosen the best American flag brands to share your pride and honor the sacrifices made for freedom and democracy. Keep in mind, these quality brands have other options if the one we featured doesn't meet your exact needs.
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Our Top Choice
Annin Tough-Tex US Flag
From humble beginnings in 1847 to the modern 100% American manufacturing it employs today, Annin takes pride in an American tradition, with nearly two centuries of dedication.
Crisp colors and reliable stitching. Designed to last. UV-resistant. Embodies a rich history. USA-made. Brass grommets.
This polyester flag may not be the perfect fit for a traditional look.
4 sizes available
Extra durable stitched fly end
Best Value
Grace Alley American Flag
Grace Alley stands by its pledge to quality, service, and value with a beautiful line of American flags made in the USA.
Traditional look of a cotton flag. UV protection with polyester. Affordable and versatile. Backed by a 1-year warranty.
Some situations call for a full polyester or nylon blend.
3 x 5 feet
70% polyester, 30% cotton
Four-point needle fly hem
Federal Flags Sewn Nylon American Flag
Federal Flags is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of flags for government, nautical, and commercial use.
Available in a multitude of sizes. Made with nylon for premier outdoor durability. Vivid colors. Fully sewn and embroidered. USA-made.
Some customers have mentioned that the embroidery blocks out the light shining through.
6 sizes available
Four-point needle fly hem
Rushmore Rose USA Premium American Flag
Rushmore Rose USA is a small, family-run company whose mission is to celebrate the American Flag with dignity, respect, and honor.
One-year manufacturer warranty. FMAA certification. All-nylon construction. Retains its color and shape in demanding conditions. Heavy-duty design.
Although built to last, the material is thin and slightly translucent.
3 sizes available
Nylon, polyester
Water-resistant, FMAA-certified
WindStrong American Hand Held Stick Flags
Founded to promote patriotism in Georgia, WindStrong has three generations of history creating beautiful American flags and has expanded internationally.
10-inch wooden flagpoles are strong and sturdy. Safety ball top prevents the flag from slipping off! Great for larger events. USA-made.
Some may want different sizes or quantities—which are also available!
Dyed cotton
4 x 6 inches, 10" wooden pole
Cotton, wood
Stopper prevents flag detachment

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What is the Best American Flag?

Now that we've learned about the symbolism and rich details required in a quality flag, let's take a closer look at some of the best American flags on the market!
Our Top Choice
Annin American flags are known for their history at the battles of Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, over the White House, and even on the moon. Its Tough-Tex American Flag speaks volumes. Looking to fly your flag proudly on a sturdy, partially rotating pole? Check out the Annin American Flag Pole!

Annin Tough-Tex American Flag with Sewn Stripes, Embroidered Stars and Brass Grommets - Available in Multiple Sizes

For over 160 years, Annin has been the premier manufacturer of American flags around the world. Annin has been a family-owned business since 1847, and it made the American flags that flew over the White House, were carried into the battle of Guadalcanal, and were planted at the top of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima. Today, Annin employs thousands within the United States to bring industry-leading technology into quality assurance, to make sure every Annin flag is built to honor the legacy and traditions of the United States.

Annin's Tough-Tex American Flags are created with a patented 2-polyester weave for durability and color preservation. Specifically designed for all-weather use, the Tough-Tex material will withstand extreme wind and UV exposure for large flags flying year-round. Available in multiple sizes, expertly embroidered stars and sewn stripes set this apart from your average flag, with two strong brass grommets that will keep your flag secured outside. A one-year warranty and beautiful display case are included with each flag, and there's no wonder that Annin is the brand of choice for the White House, U.S. Government, and military.
Best Value
Grace Alley’s 3x5 American Flag is created with a special blend of polyester and cotton to make a beautiful, durable flag designed to last. Need a pole for your flag? The Grace Alley Flagpole is perfect for holidays and everyday use, featuring wind and rust protection paired with a graceful white design!

Grace Alley 3x5 American Flag - 100% Made in the USA

Grace Alley is an American flag manufacturer based in the United States. Built by Americans and for Americans, Grace Alley is founded on the principles of service, quality, and value. It offers beautifully embroidered flags and printed banners for every occasion, and they're backed with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Grace Alley 3x5 American Flag is designed with a polyester header to be slid over a household flagpole. Designed with durable, double-stitched polyester and a four-point needle-fly hem, these printed flags are created with brass grommets for traditional flagpoles, as well. From baseball games to amber waves of grain, Grace Alley stands by its commitment to providing American flags for every occasion at an affordable price.
The Rushmore Rose USA Premium Embroidered American Flag carries on its tradition with heavy-duty grommets and quadruple-stitched hems. Looking for a traditionally cotton flag? Take a look at the Rushmore Rose USA Cotton Flag!

Rushmore Rose USA Premium Embroidered American Flag - Available in 3 Sizes!

Rushmore Rose USA is a family-owned company whose mission is to create American flags that honor our heritage and history. Its founding principles are dignity, respect, and honor, and it’s received certification from the Flag Manufacturer's Association of America for upholding its quality and integrity. Every flag is constructed here in the United States, and its flags include a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The nylon construction makes its Premium American Flag light and agile in the wind, with quadruple-stitched seams to prevent tears or frayed ends. The nylon is also dyed and resistant to UV radiation and water damage—perfect for all-weather flying year-round or even just special cases during the holidays. The reinforced polyester header and brass grommets make this a versatile solution for every flagpole, and it's available in a variety of sizes.
Perfect for classrooms, fundraisers, and events, the WindStrong American Hand Held Stick Flags with Safety Ball Top and wooden handles are a great way to celebrate America! Need a larger option? Check out the WindStrong 6x9 Inch American Handheld Flags!

WindStrong American Hand Held Stick Flags with Safety Ball Top

Every classroom and event for Labor Day and Independence Day can benefit from handheld flags, and WindStrong is the largest manufacturer of handheld American flags in the United States. Born from humble beginnings by an innovative veteran in Georgia, it’s since expanded worldwide. Best of all, each flag is made carefully in America!

Its American Hand Held Stick Flags consist of a cotton flag, 10-inch wooden pole, and brass-painted wooden stopper at the top to prevent the flag from becoming detached. Said flag is also designed to be relatively sturdy, so no matter the event, you can be sure of handing out a quality item. Some customers even use these versatile flags for decoration purposes—you certainly can’t go wrong when you choose to purchase these flexible and durable hand held flags! There are even multiple sizes available in quantities of 25, 50, and 100.

How Do I Choose the Best American Flag?

Perhaps the most recognizable flag in the world, the United States of America and American Flag represent freedom, democracy, and opportunity to billions around the world. Flying the American Flag is a statement of pride and solidarity. An acknowledgement of the sacrifices made for the freedom and opportunity we enjoy.

From the House of Representatives, "The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun." We have thirteen stripes to represent the founding colonies and 50 stars to represent each State. Every color, carefully selected, represents different virtues. Red for valor and bravery. White for purity and virtue. Blue for justice, vigilance, and leadership.

When looking for the best American flag for your needs, it's important to understand the terminology. Banners are designed to slide onto a pole with a pole sleeve, and flags have grommets to be lashed onto a flagpole. Grommets are holes in material sewn in to be used for function or form. While buying an American flag doesn't have to be complicated, making the right choice can leave you with a flag you're proud to fly for a lifetime. Whether you're relaxing in your pool or grilling with friends, a quality American flag can express your patriotism. Just get a good extension ladder and fly it high in your home!
The main factor distinguishing pricing for American flags is the manufacturing source, followed by quality and size. Indoor flags and smaller sizes are usually the most affordable, with some even going for as low as $20. Quality manufacturing with authentically embroidered (instead of printed) stars, extra stitching for reinforcement, and brass grommets create beautiful finishing touches that are tastefully designed and durable for even the windiest days. These may cost more, say around $200, but are ultimately worth it. While it may be tempting to buy a cheap American flag, it's always better to buy a flag that can fly proudly, rain or shine, for years to come.
The best American flags will be finely crafted and embroidered with beautiful colors, durable materials, and backed up by a guarantee. Some include special features such as display cases or flag pole kits. Others still may include a rope header or spare grommets.
Construction and Design
For products sold within America, domestic manufacturing usually means a tighter integration into the design and quality assurance processes—so you may see that most American flags are produced here in the U.S. for this reason! Because the American flag can be flown rain or shine, construction and design quality is crucial for longevity. When you're shopping for a flag, look for reinforced stitching and brass grommets to keep your flag secured and untattered.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, you want to consider the longevity and vibrancy of your flag. Materials such as polyester and nylon are the most resilient to fading, and will keep their bright colors longer over time despite UV radiation, humidity, and the occasional storm. They're also lighter, which means they fly more easily in the wind. Cotton, on the other hand, requires the most upkeep, but it's the traditional material for U.S. flags used for memorial purposes and in official capacities. If you buy a cotton flag (or a cotton blend), make sure you bring it in quickly when it starts to rain and dry it to prevent mildew.

Get the Best American Flag of 2020!

We hope you've found a flag you can count on and picked the best flag possible for your purposes! Whether you're flying it high in windy conditions or keeping it fresh for holidays and special occasions, a beautiful American flag is a home essential for millions of families around the world.

Our Top Choice
Annin Tough-Tex US Flag
Best Value
Grace Alley American Flag
Federal Flags Sewn Nylon American Flag
Rushmore Rose USA Premium American Flag
WindStrong American Hand Held Stick Flags