Best Ammo Can Reviews 2023

An ammo can is a vital tool when it comes to safely depositing ammunition or other precious items. Whether you are a soldier on a mission or just a passionate collector, choosing an ammo can is important, because it might save your life on the battlefield. With rubber sealing and a steel exterior, an ammo can will be completely waterproof and airproof, thus, your belongings will be safe and easy to carry. We inspected multiple products and picked five models from some of the best ammo can brands on the market.
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Interior Size
Our Top Choice
U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Can
U.S. Military offers civilians access to the professional and official products used on the real battlefield by soldiers. Its products are also suitable for camping or other outdoors activities.
The Military Surplus Ammo Can is perfect for depositing military equipment or other survival accessories needed on the battlefield or just in leisure activities (camping).
One customer complained about receiving a damaged can, but this seems to be an isolated case.
11 x 5.6 x 6.75 inches
Rubber seal
Retractable handle
Best Value
MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Can
MTM is an American family-run business which has been an innovative player in the hunting and shooting sports markets since the 1968.
This can has a large storing capacity of 30 pounds, ideal for depositing both bulked and packed ammunition. It’s made of heavy duty polypropylene plastic.
One customer complained about the poor quality of the sealing system.
5.8x 11 x 7.2 inches
Polypropylene plastic
Black/Forest Green/Zombie
Dual-latching system
Large, foldable handle
Case Club 4 Pistol Ammo Can
Case Club is an American brand focused on creating unique carrying and shipping cases used in various industries: IT&C, military, healthcare and more.
This case has a lifetime warranty due to the extremely durable materials, which make it resistant to water, dust and damage.
One customer complained about the average quality of the interior foam.
14.9 x 12.1 x 9.6 inches
Polyethylene, polyurethane
Large polyurethane handle
Solid Tactical 50 Caliber Ammo Can
Solid Tactical is producing brand new and durable ammo cans for the U.S. Military. Their main focus is creating lightweight, durable products.
This is a premium product, with a strong steel construction and watertight sealing system. The product is available in 2 colors and includes desiccant packs.
One user complained about the unrefined aspect of the paint coating.
11 x 5.5 x 6.75 inches
Flat Green/Dark Earth
Rubber sealing
Metallic, foldable handle
Plano Field Ammo Box
Plano started as a business run by passionate outdoorsmen who craved better hunting and fishing equipment. Nowadays, it’s a renowned corporation in the case industries.
It has a large storage capacity squeezed into a small-sized box, ideal for depositing your ammunition in a smart and organized way.
One customer complained about the box not being air tight.
9.5 X 4.25 X 6 inches
Black/OD Green
Brass latch locker
Heavy-duty handle

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What is the Best Ammo Can?

An ammo can is a product that can help you move faster on the battlefield or keep your munitions more organized in your garage or basement. When buying such a product, you should pay attention to the type of sealing and to the type of handle the ammo box comes with. Let’s take a look at our five contenders.
Our Top Choice
The U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Can is a professional and long-lasting choice, suitable both for civils and military men. It prevents water and air infiltrations, making it ideal for storing maps, ammunition and other items essential for survival. If you’re interested in buying a can for depositing ammunition of a smaller caliber, check out the U.S. Military Surplus 30 Cal Ammo Can. With a rubber seal and closing system with tension clamp down, it’s completely waterproof.

U.S. Military Surplus.50 Cal Ammo Can – Air and Water Tight Rubber Gasket, Made in the USA

The U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Cans are original products made by the official producers of the U.S. Army. Meeting very strict requirements and meeting official standards, these Ammo Cans are useful not only on the battlefield, but also in camping activities or even inside the house. Graded from one to three based on the criteria of usage, some of the cans show signs of heavy usage (those from the third category) and others look brand new (the first category).

The U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Can is a long-lasting choice that will provide you with durability and efficiency. The inserted rubber gasket isolates the box against water and air. The retractable handle is ideal for smart storing.

Here are a few additional benefits:
  • It’s ideal for depositing ammunition, knives, maps, water bottles and similar items
  • It’s easy to carry due to the light weight.
  • Ideal for .50 cal munitions, but you can store other types of ammo too
Best Value
The MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Can is the optimal choice for smart and safe depositing. Made of strong plastic and available in 3 colors, with strengthened sidewalls and a waterproof sealing system, it is perfect for storing ammunition in a dry and protective environment.. If you are looking for a product with a larger carrying capacity (up to 85 pounds) with a double carrying system, take a look at the MTM Ammo Crate Utility Box. Besides being water resistant, it’s also unsinkable.

MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can – 3 Colors Available, 30-Pounds Carrying Capacity, Made in USA

MTM is a family-run business created to design products for passionate hunters and shooting sports fans. The Minneman family is composed of active hunters, and they started the business to find solutions for the problems they faced during shooting and hunting activities. Nowadays, they produce a wide variety of shooting accessories, from target stands to ammo cans.

The MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Can is a wise and long-lasting investment which provides you with a dry and well-locked space for safely depositing ammunition. Made of strong polypropylene plastic with strengthened sidewalls, it can carry up to 30 pounds. Additionally, this product also features a dual locking system which prevent water infiltration. As a result, your munitions and other personal belongings will remain dry and undamaged. Lastly, we want to mention that this model is available in 3 different colors - black, forest green and zombie.
The Case Club 4 Pistol Case represents a professional choice for safely transporting pistols. This case is ideal for storing 4 pistols and 12 ammunition items in a waterproof and dustproof environment. On the other hand, if you need to store just 2 pistols, not 4, then we recommend the Case Club 2 Pistol Holder which is more compact and comes at a smaller price.

Case Club Waterproof 4 Pistol Case with Silica Gel – Airline Approved, Lifetime Warranty, 100% Waterproof

Case Club produces a wide range of storage and transportation cases which are distinguished by their custom foam technology. Designing interior structures that meet military standards, Case Club has as a mission to make the perfect case for each customer’s needs. Thus, they adapt to the requirements of the product that needs shipping or storing. With a special impact attenuating technology, their cases are used in many core industries.

The Case Club 4 Pistol Ammo Can is a professional and long-lasting investment, providing you a water and dust-proof space for safely depositing pistols and ammunition. With an interior made of closed cell foam and a smart, compact design, it can carry 4 pistols and 12 magazines.

Here are more details about this product.
  • It is waterproof, dustproof and resilient to heavy impact
  • This model is approved by airline companies
  • The product includes silica gel to prevent rusting
The Solid Tactical Metal Ammo Can is a professional choice because it is a product used in the U.S. Military. Made of strong steel, it is perfect for carrying ammunition or for long term storage and It is also available in 2 colors. If you are looking for a product designed for smaller caliber ammunition (30 cal.), take a look at the Solid Tactical Military Surplus Ammo Can. This can is ideal for storing anything, from ammunition to valuable belongings or tools.

Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Can - Military and Army All-Metal Box, Made in the USA, 2 Colors Available

Solid Tactical is an official supplier of the U.S. Military, producing ammo cans that fully meet the official standards of the army. Investing in innovation, efficiency and durability, it produces goods that pass through a long and precise testing process before being ready for sale. Everything is made using the highest quality materials and a special locking technology.

The Solid Tactical 50 Caliber Ammo Can is a long-lasting product, suitable both for storing and transporting ammunition on the battlefield. With a durable steel structure and a water tight lid, this can will safely store all your personal objects, keeping away external contaminants.

These are its main characteristics:
  • The lid is detachable
  • It is tested to be waterproof
  • It is available in 2 colors - flat dark earth and flat OD green
  • The product includes 3 desiccant packs
The Plano Field Ammo Box is the optimal choice for smart and safe depositing. Made for storing large quantities of ammunition in a small and easy to carry box, it has a heavy duty handle and it is also available in 2 colors. If you’re looking for a product with a larger carrying capacity and a double lateral locking system, consider the Plano Plastic Can. This model it’s also air tight due to sideways lockers.

Plano Molding Planto Tactical Custom Ammo Can – Water Tight, Available in 2 Colors

Plano arose from the passion of outdoorsmen. Continuously striving for perfection and developing more innovative storage devices, Plano is among the market leaders in outdoor accessories. From ammo cans to fishing boxes and medical transport cases, Plano has a long tradition of fulfilling customer needs.

The last one in our list is the Plano Field Ammo Box which provides a great example of compactness and smart design, having a large capacity in a small box. The interior is divided to allow you to prioritize the deposited ammunition. The box has a one side locker which makes it water tight. It is also available in 2 colors – black and OD green. Best of all, this box doesn’t even look like and ammo can, so you can safely transport your munitions around when you go hunting without raising any suspicions. The box can also hold your survival knives or similar accessories which are usually useful for an outdoorsy person.

How Do I Choose the Best Ammo Can?

Ammunition is really sensitive, and this is why you should protect it properly. In order to make sure it’s away from heat, chemicals and moisture, it's good to consider getting an ammo can that will allow you to safely deposit your ammunition and other personal items.

Most ammo cans are able to store bulk or boxed ammunition, and are constructed of heavy-duty materials that resist tough weather conditions. They're also waterproof and dust proof, so you can be sure your precious items will be safe and sound. If you have more ammo than can fit in the can, you can also use a tactical vest that features multiple pockets, where you can store ammo and other personal documents.

Safety is a priority so, if you find yourself in dangerous situations, it's good to have with you a tactical pen that can be used in various situations and a survival knife that is efficient and can cut very tough surfaces.
Ammo cans generally range between about $15 and $120, depending on their features and the materials they’re made of. If you have a smaller budget, you can get a waterproof ammo can that is made of plastic and can carry around 30 pounds of ammo.

If you have a larger budget and want to invest in a high-quality ammo can, you can get one that also holds pistols and comes with a lifetime warranty for around $120.

As safety is a priority, it’s better to stay away from cheap ammo cans, because they can be dangerous and won’t protect your ammunition properly.
Ammo cans are really useful for safe transport and storage of ammunition. They feature a durable construction and are an essential part of any hunter's gear. However, choosing a quality ammo can is sometimes difficult, and this is why we'll give you a few key features to look for when picking one.

Here you have them:
  • Dimensions - There are plenty of dimensions available when it comes to ammo cans. It's important to pick the one that can store all the ammo you need.
  • Material - Ammo cans are made of durable materials, and you can choose from steel, polyethylene, polyurethane and more.
  • Protection - Most ammo cans feature protection on the interior. Here, you can choose from waterproof, rustproof and airproof ammo boxes.
  • Handle - The handle of the chosen ammo box is also important, and it must be made of heavy-duty materials and offer a good grip.
Construction and Design
Ammo cans should be used to store bulk or boxed ammo, and they are either made of steel or reinforced plastic.

Steel ammo cans are extremely sturdy and durable and can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure. They can hold ammo without breaking and are tough enough to resist almost any weather condition. Steel is also UV and fire resistant, which plastic is not. Similarly, steel is also oil resistant, which eliminates many risks.

Plastic ammo cans still offer a few advantages. They're noncorrosive and won't rust or wear down. They're great for those of you who live in humid climates. Another advantage that plastic ammo cans have is that they can't be found with a metal detector.
Performance and Ease of Use
Apart from being used to store ammunition, ammo boxes are also great to keep your guns locked up. So, if you're traveling through a state where you have to keep your pistols locked up, an ammo can will keep them safe and secure.

There are multiple possibilities of faulty ammo affecting your hunting game, so it's always good to consider getting an ammo box that will protect it and keep it properly stored.

If you have an ammo can to store your ammunition and guns, you'll have no problem conquering anything that you'll encounter.

Get the Best Ammo Can of 2023!

If you want to simplify your mission on the battlefield, choosing an efficient ammo can is the first step in smartly depositing ammunition, maps and other needed items. Pick your favorite ammo and start depositing safely!!

Our Top Choice
U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Can
Best Value
MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Can
Case Club 4 Pistol Ammo Can
Solid Tactical 50 Caliber Ammo Can
Plano Field Ammo Box