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An anemometer is one of those gadgets you don’t get by just choosing the sexiest or the cheapest model in a store. Why? Basically, there are lots of types, and you must first understand what kind you need even before you proceed to hit that “buy” button. There are some that need be mounted on a pole, others connected to a smartphone, and others that are handheld. To help you make an informed decision, we have done the research on your behalf, coming up with some of the best anemometer brands on the market to ensure you don’t regret your purchase. Read on and see what we are talking about.
Speed Range
Our Top Choice
PEAKMETER Digital Anemometer
For over 20 years PEAKMETER, under its parent company Shenzhen New Huayi Instrumental, has expanded tremendously.
Portable. Easy to use in dark areas. Gives accurate readings. Backlight display for better functionality.
A little bit pricey.
Digital handheld/fixed
0.8m/s – 40m/s
9V battery (not included)
6.6” x 1.6” x 3.3”/ 6.7 pounds
Backlight, USB port
Best Value
HoldPeak Digital Handheld Anemometer
HoldPeak focuses on quality and functionality in all its instruments. The HoldPeak HP-866B Digital Handheld Anemometer is built to give accurate wind measurements.
Backlight display. Extra functionality. Portable.
Display might be confusing at first because of two readings.
Digital handheld
0.3m/s – 30m/s (69mph MAX)
2 AAA batteries
6.5” x 1.5” x 3.4”/ 7.2 pounds
Built-in temperature regulator
Inspeed Magnetic Mount Anemometer
Inspeed is known to offer value and satisfaction in its manufacturing. The VORTEX STORM CHASER Anemometer offers more convenience with its visual vane option.
Has strong magnets. Easy to use. Accurate readings.
Expensive because of the high-end features.
Coin battery
8.1” x 5.5” x 5.5”
Aluminum mounting bracket
AAB Smartphone Anemometer
AAB smart tools are made to give solutions to professionals. The AAB ABM-100 Smartphone Anemometer is equipped to be intuitive and easy to use.
Easily portable. Easy to use. Gives accurate readings.
Only works with smartphones
Smartphone anemometer
1m/s – 56m/s
No battery needed
3.8” x 1” x 2”/ 5.6 pounds
App for iOS and Android phones
Proster Wind Speed Meter Gauge
For many years, Proster has been the go-to brand for accurate measuring and analyzing. The Proster Wind Speed Meter Gauge is built to last and performs in any condition.
Affordable. Functional. Accurate readings.
No recall function.
Digital handheld anemometer
0.4m/s – 30m/s
9V battery (included)
8.1” x 6.24” x 0.39”/ 10.4 pounds
Multi-unit switching

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How Do I Choose the Best Anemometer?

Anemometers are critical gadgets you’ll find in almost every weather station, right from the warm equatorial to the frigid Arctic regions. Don’t be fooled into thinking anemometers are the exclusive preserve of weathermen and research scientists. Wind speed is a clear indication of changing weather patterns like approaching storms, which is critical for pilots, climatologists, and engineers. As you prepare to go out sky diving, boat riding, or deep sea fishing, it’s paramount to keep tabs on the prevailing wind speeds and take charge of your safety. Remember to wear your GPS watch just in case you lose track of your location.

Choosing the right anemometer can be quite complicated. Every type comes with unique styles and functionalities, but the key factors and aspects to look out for include accuracy, portability, build quality, ease of reading, and method of powering.

The cheaper anemometer brands are propeller-based units, but you must precisely face the wind to obtain accurate readings. High-end units have propellers that are independent of the wind direction and give more accurate values. Many models require 9V batteries which are not included in the package, while others come with two AAA batteries that you can simply slot in and begin to operate. Models that don’t require batteries to operate are also available.

Let’s go through the consideration factors before we jump to our picks.
Anemometer prices vary widely depending on the features and functionalities. Generally, you will find a good quality anemometer from $20, but more advanced models will cost about $100 or more, inclusive of shipping charges. Although high cost models are always preferred, you’ll also find some cheap anemometers that still offer good functionalities and durability. Regardless of your budget, if you take into account these consideration factors, you will find the most suitable anemometer for your needs. Just ensure your pick offers quality, accuracy, portability, and ease of reading.
However, we don’t recommend the cheapest brands since the displays may be harder to read and some are very sensitive to wind direction. If you don’t have the expertise to navigate the winds and pick the correct positioning, go for high-end models which are independent of wind direction and offer better accuracy.
Anemometer might come with some common features, which is pretty obvious. However, there are unique features you should place your tabs on as you begin shopping for a good anemometer. Here’s a look at some of those features:

    There are two types of anemometers you can choose from, and it all depends on your budget and where you’re going to use it. Weather station anemometers are highly priced and will usually come with cups that spin when hit by a stream of air to generate a reading of wind speed. The device is mounted on a pole or set up on a console. The second type is the digital anemometer that again has several brands with various price ranges. The digital display makes reading quick and easy. They are designed to be handheld and incorporate a small fan that turns when hit by air and calculates the wind speed.
Battery power and range
    Anemometers will offer different ranges, which is something you need to look at, especially if you’re going to use it for long range shooting. In such a case, choose an anemometer with a longer range like 0-5,000 feet.
    Since most anemometer models are battery powered, it’s critical to consider batteries that will last for several days of continuous operation. Some models are designed with power saving modes so they only power on when the wind is blowing, hence saving on the battery life.
Accuracy Rating
    The quality of an anemometer is determined by its accuracy level, which is an indication of how accurate the displayed reading is. As a general rule of thumb, go for anemometer with accuracy ratings of ± 5%, or better.
Response and Wind Speed
    Wind speeds will usually fluctuate quickly within short time periods. It’s important for your equipment to offer fast response to these fluctuations and update the readings. A good anemometer should accommodate wind speed ranges between 0 and 100 mph.
Other Features
    There are numerous other features of importance like color, which affects thawing out when operating in icy areas (black color thaws faster than white). Also check on accessibility to clean-up, and resistance to electrical interference from sources like radio transmission.
Construction and Design
The material and construction parameters of the anemometer are contributing factors to the durability of the equipment. Since anemometers will be continuously used outdoors and exposed to harsh environmental conditions like rain and snow, the units must be rugged and sturdy enough to withstand these harsh weather conditions. Here’s a look at the design and construction of the two common types of anemometers:

Mechanical anemometers
    Usually, cup and vane anemometers operate on a mechanically rotating cup or vane on a hinge. These anemometers will not withstand ice and may quickly fail due to icing effect. However, you’ll find some high-end heated models of cup anemometer that can operate even during freezing weather conditions. Additionally, some models come with non-friction rotating parts and can last much longer than the traditional cup and vane anemometers.
Electronic anemometer
    Some of the simplest anemometers work more like electricity generators. Electronic anemometers still have small fans resembling the cups and propellers. As the wind blows, the fan spins and drives the miniature generator attached to the end. The generator connects to an electronic circuit that records an instant readout of the prevailing wind speed on the digital display.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now, let’s analyze the performance of various types of anemometers you’ll find in the market to help you make an informed choice:

Cup Anemometer
    A cup anemometer basically comprises of 3 or 4 cups arranged in a vertical axis. When the wind blows, the cups rotate and the wind speed is recorded through an integrated read switch. They are highly rugged and reliable since you don’t have to face the direction of the wind. A major drawback is that it won’t work well in icy conditions and it may not accurately record low velocities.
Vane Anemometers
    Vane anemometers work like cup anemometers, but the sensors are shaped like turbines or windmills. The anemometer has to be positioned parallel to the wind direction and rotates on a horizontal axis. Vane anemometers can withstand the harshest weather conditions and can measure very high wind speeds. However, to achieve accurate readings, you must position the instrument towards the wind source.
Hot Wire Anemometers
    These anemometers use a very thin wire that is electrically heated and cools down when the wind blows by. The current required to keep the wire at a constant temperature is then determined. Finally, the air velocity is calculated by converting the heat loss. Hot wire anemometers offer lower starting thresholds than vane and cup anemometers and also provide high levels of accuracy and quick response times. A notable downside is that large particles in the air may damage the instruments and it’s not appropriate in areas with rapid temperature fluctuations.
PitotTube Anemometers
    This unique anemometer first measures wind pressure before converting it into wind speed. It can handle extreme air temperatures and velocity. The sizes are small and can be easily fitted into duct work. However, it must be oriented towards the flow of wind and may not work well in areas with fluctuating wind flow.
Sonic Anemometers
    Finally, sonic anemometers provide the most advanced options in the market. The instrument uses ultrasound waves to measure wind velocity. It’s applicable in the aviation industry by tapping the sonic pulses between transducers at the time of flight. They offer profoundly fine resolutions of 20Hz or more. However, they are quite expensive and may only be appropriate for commercial applications.
In general, if you’re not going to use the anemometer in a weather station or for air traffic control, consider the easy-to-use digital anemometers which are battery-powered and can give accurate digital displays of wind speeds.

What is the Best Anemometer?

Aside from type, you must consider factors such as ease of reading, portability, speed range, and power source. All these elements go a long way to ensure you get the precise wind measurements and accuracy you yearn for. With this great list at hand, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick an anemometer that suits your needs and know what the wind is like today!
Our Top Choice
The PEAKMETER MS6252A is a portable measuring instrument equipped with a large LCD display and backlight for functionality. If you have a couple of more dollars to spare, you can get the PEAKMETER MS6252B USB Digital Anemometer, another great digital anemometer with a USB port.
PEAKMETER Digital Anemometer Handheld Wind Speed Meter Gauge Air Volume Meter Backlight Air Velocity Measurement

PEAKMETER Anemometer MS6252A

The PEAKMETER brand is a brainchild of the Shenzhen New Huayi Instrumental Co., Ltd. The company is highly recognized for quality manufacturing. All the products from this company are designed to comply with international safety standards, making PEAKMETER stand out.

The PEAKMETER MS6252A Digital Anemometer is a handheld wind speed gauge that is not only portable, but gives maximum functionality. This anemometer is capable of delivering quality and accurate measurements even at professional levels. With a backlight air velocity display, you will be sure to get the precise measurements at any time of the day.

The PEAKMETER MS6252A Digital Anemometer currently retails at $38.99. This price is surely a good bargain considering you get to enjoy the following features:
  • Comfortable, easy to carry professional anemometer
  • Convenient as it can be used either as a fixed anemometer or a hand held one
  • In case you run out of battery, you will be able to recharge as it has a low battery indicator to remind you
  • Large LCD screen for multi-unit switching capability
  • The meter is built with the capacity for reading hold, maximum and minimum
Best Value
The HoldPeak HP-866B Digital Handheld Anemometer has an impressive wind speed range of 0.3-30m/s, with a maximum of 69mph, meaning that it can deliver accurate readings. If for any reason you feel that this model is big for you, the brand offers a pocket-sized digital anemometer ideal for pilots, shooters and hikers.
HoldPeak Digital Handheld Anemometer for Measuring Wind Speed, Temperature and Wind Chill with Backlight

HoldPeak Anemometer HP-866B

Over the years, HoldPeak has strived to grow from strength to strength as an established manufacturer in the international measuring industry. Its position in the industry as a manufacturer of technology has further been advanced by the accuracy of its products. It is true that its digital measuring instruments are not only globally recognized, but also known to be secure and functional.

The HoldPeak HP-866b digital Handheld Anemometer is a one of a kind instrument. It has the capacity of measuring both the speed and the temperature of wind with a backlight to help you see the measurements even in low light. This device also comes with a one-year warranty to cover you against any malfunction.

For a price tag of $22.99, you can get this instrument and begin using it today. There are also a couple of extra features that come with the HoldPeak HP-866b digital Handheld Anemometer that you can check out below.
  • Comes with a wind speed range of up to 69mph and a wind speed accuracy rate of 0.1dgts
  • For critical environmental conditions, the HoldPeak HP-866b digital Handheld Anemometer gives you fast measurements and analysis
  • You also get the wind speed temperature and wind chill display on the LCD screen
  • Convenient for a lanyard connection as it has a screw hole at the bottom
  • Also available is an adjustable built-in temperature regulator
The VORTEX STORM CHASER Magnetic Mount Anemometer is a unique model as it comes with cups and can be mounted using a magnet on a sheet metal. It comes with an aluminum bracket to help you mount it in case no sheet metal is available. If you want another good cup anemometer that’s pole-mounted, get the Pole Mount Anemometer by Inspeed.
Inspeed Vortex Storm Chaser Magnetic Mount Wind Meter Anemometer

Inspeed Anemometer Mag Mount

At the beginning, Inspeed was only focused on coming up with affordable speedometers for windsurfers, small boats and power boats. With time, demand grew, and the company went further to sell hundreds of gauges and anemometers. With unwavering focus and dedication to quality customer service and value delivery, the company has managed to spread its influence from Alaska to Brazil and even to Greece.

The VORTEX STORM CHASER ™ MAGNETIC MOUNT ANEMOMETER is an easy-to-use instrument that can be used anywhere as long as it’s properly mounted. This anemometer will give you accurate readings on the wind speed, helping you avoid making rough estimations.

For a price of just $98, you can get the VORTEX STORM CHASER ™ MAGNETIC MOUNT ANEMOMETER and enjoy some of its features as listed below.
  • Comes with a visual vane option that lets you see the direction of the blowing wind
  • Has a 3-cup rotor reed switch that gives 1 pulse per rotation for accurate sensitivity
  • Also included is a wind sensor
  • Two heavy duty magnets that also include a mounting bracket
The AAB ABM-100 Smartphone Anemometer is designed to work with all kinds of smartphones, allowing you to get accurate readings of the wind speed. If you like this model but wouldn’t mind getting one that supports Bluetooth connectivity at a higher price, we suggest you go for AAB ABM-200 Airflow and Environmental Meter Bluetooth.
AAB Smartphone Anemometer - Measures Volume and Velocity

AAB Anemometer ABM-100

For a long time, AAB has been on the forefront in producing amazing smartphone-connected tools. These affordable and easy-to-use accessories have gone beyond providing accurate readings and have been designed to improve control and analysis even by professionals. This company designs solutions that professionals can apply to their daily measuring and accuracy problems during work.

The AAB ABM-100 Smartphone Anemometer measures both speed and volume of wind, giving you the convenience of two features in one device. For a price tag of about $37.31, you can grab yourself this device and start getting accurate wind speed and volume readings right from your smart phone.

Here are more reasons you want to get this anemometer today:
  • Specifically designed for professionals in the HVAC industry
  • Gives quick and easy conversions of air speed to air volume for more accuracy
  • Comes in a small design for easy portability
  • Generates detailed impressive reports
  • Works well with iPhone and android devices
The Proster Wind Speed Meter Gauge is a portable digital anemometer equipped with a backlight to allow you to collect data even at night. It comes with a battery and auto shut-off feature for more functionality. If you want a slightly cheaper model with a thermometer, check out the Proster Digital Anemometer Thermometer. You might just love it!
Proster Anemometer Portable Wind Speed Air Volume Measuring Meter with Backlight for Weather Data Collection and Outdoors Sports

Proster Anemometer PSTTL145US

Proster products are manufactured to satisfy a wide range of requests in the science and technology space. The company ensures that everything it makes is made to meet strict standards as required in the respective industries.

The Proster Wind Speed Meter Gauge is one of a kind anemometer as it is made with a large LCD display to ensure you don’t miss a single reading. It also features a backlight, meaning that you can use it any time of the day or night. If you prefer to have it on a fixed place, it offers that option, as well as handheld option for windsurfers and other professionals.

Besides the fact that this anemometer is affordable and portable, here are more features that make it a hard-to-beat deal:
  • Backlight to help you read data even in dark environments
  • Comes with a 9V battery to keep you going without the need to replace
  • Features low battery indicator as well as auto power off

Get the Best Anemometer of 2017!

Our team at TopProducts has invested considerable time to ensure you have access to relevant information regarding anemometers so you make an informed choice. It’s our hope you did just that and got yourself a great model that will guarantee accurate measurements. But, you can still consider other models from these brands depending on your specific needs and budget. It’s time to do it like a pro!

Our Top Choice
PEAKMETER Digital Anemometer
Best Value
HoldPeak Digital Handheld Anemometer
Inspeed Magnetic Mount Anemometer
AAB Smartphone Anemometer
Proster Wind Speed Meter Gauge