Best Angle Grinder – Single Speed and Variable Speed Corded and Cordless Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is an important piece of equipment on any construction site, service garage or metal fabrication shop due to its polishing, grinding, and cutting abilities. Other applications of this power tool include abrasive grinding, mortar removal, sanding, and blade sharpening.

Due to the versatility of this angle grinding tool, there’s a huge choice on the market. We've researched the top power tool brands, showcasing one product from each. Now to be fair, it wasn’t easy narrowing this down to just 5 brands. So, if you don’t find what you want, we recommend looking at Ryobi angle grinders, Metabo angle grinders (formerly Hitachi), Bosch angle grinders, and Tacklife angle grinders.

Before we get to the main event, there's one thing we want to point out. To compare “apples to apples”, all our featured products are corded, single speed angle grinders. However, within each review we included links to other options these reputable brands offer including variable speed angle grinders and cordless angle grinders. And to make things even easier for you, we’ve showcased a few of our favorites below.

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Our Top Choice
Dewalt DWE402K 4.5" Small Angle Grinder
Dewalt specializes in hand and power tools for manufacturing, construction and woodworking industries. Their 4.5” small angle grinder is made for tough job conditions.
Can cut almost anything! Useful even in tight places. Powerful, well designed and well built. Reputable brand. Easy to control.
Isolated complaints of troubles when removing the discs.
9.1 x 6.6 x 19.9” 4.6 lbs.
Best Value
Makita 9557PBX1 4.5" Small Angle Grinder
You can’t write the history of power tools without including Makita. Their 4-1/2” angle grinder is a compact tool but with an incredible output.
Ergonomic design. Compact and powerful. The motor is protected. Switches are strategically placed. Easy to handle. Allows for side handle installation.
Many users feel the 1-year warranty is a short one.
15 x 10 x 6”; 11.9 lbs.
Milwaukee 6088-30 7/9" Large Angle Grinder
Milwaukee is an industry-leading manufacturer of portable and heavy-duty electric power tools. Their 15 Amp, large angle grinder is ideal for the most challenging grinding jobs.
Trigger Grip - Lock On, Heavy duty. Easy controls. Uses both AC and DC sources of power. Adjustable handle. Sturdy and powerful. Exceptional warranty.
A bit expensive.
23.7 x9.8 x 7.2”; 17 lbs.
Porter Cable PC60TAG 4.5" Small Angle Grinder
Porter Cable is credited with inventing incredible power tools such as the first portable band saw. You can trust their angle grinders wholeheartedly!
Durable. Solidly built. Easy and fast guard removal. Great controls. Powerful speed. A user-friendly design. Multiple handle positions.
It is a bit loud.
13 x 4.7 x 5.3”; 7.7 lbs.
Black & Decker BDEG400 4.5" Mid-Size Angle Grinder
Black & Decker is a reputable name in power tools world. Their 6-Amp angle grinder is up for even the toughest grinding role, even in the tightest places!
Easy to maintain. Slim design. Durable. Side handles add to user’s comfort and ease of use. Multiple uses.
Isolated complaints of the grinder getting very hot.
12.5 x 5.2 x 4.6”; 4.8 lbs.

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What Are the Best Large and Small Angle Grinder Brands? Read Our Angle Grinder Reviews!

A good angle grinder should be powerful enough to efficiently and effectively perform all your cutting, grinding or polishing needs. If you’ve read our buying guide below, selecting an angle grinder with considerations to the right disc size and power will be less daunting.

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Our Top Choice
If you’re looking for an aggressive and versatile angle grinder, the Dewalt 4.5” angle grinder fits the bill. The unit has a 11 amp motor and delivers up to 11,000 rpm. You’ll also love the unit’s ergonomic body. Need more flexibility? The Dewalt DWE43240VS variable speed angle grinder not only offers different speeds, but it also takes either a 5" or 6" blade.

Dewalt Angle Grinder Tool - 4-1/2-Inch Blade, 11-Amp, Dust Ejection System, Available with Kit or Tool Only


Dewalt has been on the market for over 8 decades now. The company is known for engineering and building tough industrial pieces of machinery. That’s why today, it’s almost guaranteed that in any metalworking shop, construction site or auto garage, you’ll probably find a Dewalt power tool. Their angel grinders stand out for their power, as well as being equipped with the latest technology for reducing noise and dust removal.

From this world-renowned brand, we picked the 4.5” small angle grinder kit because of its power and the design. The unit’s low profile design makes it effective even in hard-to-reach areas. When you are using this power tool, you won’t struggle with dust, which is a normal problem when grinding. The Dewalt Dust Ejection Patented System prevents dust and debris from entering the tool, which increases the tool’s lifespan by mitigating destruction from particles. 

Let’s highlight other features of this grinder from Dewalt;

  • Epoxy coated motor for protection
  • Jam-pot design providing a precise gear alignment
  • Keyless adjustable guard
  • Auto shut-off brush feature, when brush need replacement
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • 1 year, free service and 3 months money back guarantee
  • An ergonomic easy to control body
  • Multiple grip options
  • The side handles have a rubber over-mold
  • Reduced noise and vibration when being used
Best Value
Perform all your polishing, grinding and cutting tasks effortlessly and efficiently using the Makita 4-1/2” angle grinder. The grinder has a labyrinth construction, which secures the bearings and the motor from dust and debris. Need a variable speed angle grinder? The Makita 9566CV 6-Inch Angle Grinder has a powerful 12 amp motor and features Super Joint System technology to help prevent gear damage caused by accidental wheel binding.

Makita Paddle Switch Cut-Off Angle Grinder - 4-1/2" Blade, Labyrinth Construction Seals, Ergonomic Handle and Paddle


Makita is a world-renowned brand that has been on the power tools market for almost one century, which is no mean feat. Apart from power tools, its other product lines include, LXT, power gardens, accessories and MT series. A closer look at the power tools reveals that the company has a wide range of tools targeting both handymen and professional constructors.

From this brand, we decided to feature their 4-1/2 Inch angle grinder, which has a 7.5A motor and solid construction. In addition to its power, this grinder stands out for its ease of use. For example, the grinder has a large paddle switch, which is easy to implement, even during operation. To conserve energy and heat, the grinders coiled wires are thick, reducing the amount of heat loss. During the time of our research, the grinder’s retail price as recommended by the manufacturer was $79.

It’s not just about construction and ease of use. Here are the other features in this unit;

  • AC/DC power supply
  • Paddle grinder switch type and angle grinder
  • Metal gear housing
  • Has side handles and a blade guard safety feature
  • For continuous operations, there is a lock on/off feature
  • Zig-zig varnish seals for armature protection
  • Aluminum casing
  • Barrel grip with a small circumference
  • Strategically placed switches
  • 1 year limited warranty

The grinder we've featured has a case, but if you don't want the case, you can select the tool only option.

If you are looking for an angle grinder for tough jobs, look no further, the Milwaukee large angle grinder is there for you. The 15-amp motor is designed to provide enough power even for the toughest grinding jobs on concrete and metal. Want a lightweight, compact and cordless angle grinder? Check the Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel 4.5"/5" angle grinder. It works with any REDLITHIUM XC5.0 battery pack and features a burst resistant guard.

Milwaukee Angle Grinder Tool with Trigger Grip Lock - 7" to 9" Pad, Heavy Duty 15 Amp 4.2 HP Motor with High Overload Protection


For over 9 decades now, Milwaukee has been manufacturing power tools, hand tools, instruments and accessories, such as cutting, drilling, and fastening. The brand’s commitment to offering advanced trade solutions that provide unmatched durability and enable productivity is evident in their products.

Milwaukee understands what an angle grinder means to the do-it-yourself enthusiast or anyone involved in tuckpointing, construction, and metalworking. That’s why the brand has a wide range of angle grinders, which you can use in sharpening, cutting, grinding or polishing in your workspace.

From this brand, we were particularly impressed by the 7"/9" large angle grinder. The unit has an optimal wheel speed of 6,000 rpm, for upmost material removal. The 4.2 HP motor is strong enough even for the toughest grinding jobs and has a high overload protection.

That’s not all, here are other striking features from this angle grinder:

  • External brush doors
  • A soft grip main handle
  • 120 volts DC/AC
  • 8 inches, 2 wire cord type
  • Double insulation construction
  • Has a burst resistant guard
  • Adjustable handles
  • Multi port exhaust system
  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Impressive 5 years warranty
If you’re looking for an angle grinder that has the best combination of weight, durability, and ease of use, then go for Porter Cable 4-1/2” unit. This grinder has a durable and powerful 6 Amp motor that doesn't disappoint and side handles which make for greater controls. Prefer a cordless angle grinder? The Porter-Cable 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool has a high-performance 8,500 RPM motor, a spindle lock and an adjustable position side handle.

Porter Cable PC60TAG Cut-Off Tool Angle Grinder - 4-1/2-Inch Pad, 3 Position Side Handle, High-Performance 6 Amp 11,000 RPM Motor,


Power Cable genuinely deserves some bit of credit in the development, innovations, and growth in the power tool industry. For example, they developed the first portable saw band, helical drive circular saw and portable belt sander – and have we said they are 1 century old? That's why when they claim that they are a trendsetter, we can't refute it.

From this brand, what stood out in the angle grinders collection is the 6 amps, 4-1/2” angle grinder, which delivers up to 11,000 rpm. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber or a contractor looking for a high performing grinder with an ergonomic designfor easy controls and enhanced safety, this grinder will fit the bill. At the time of this review, this grinder’s retail price was suggested by the manufacturer at $36.39.

Check out the other features in this impressive grinder.

  • Cast metal gear for tool longevity and jobsite durability
  • Toll-free change guard
  • A spindle lock feature
  • A soft grip handle
  • Sold with grinding guards
  • A durable 6-amps motor
  • 6 feet cord
  • 120V voltage
  • 3 years limited warranty, 3 months money back guarantee, and 1 year grinder free service

The unit we featured here is sold as grinder only on Amazon. Other packages available include grinder with the cutting wheel or a grinder with a hand planner.

The 4.5 Inches 6.5A Angle Grinder is ideal for almost any sharpening, grinding and surface preparation tasks. Featuring a metal gear for durability and an adjustable side handle for more control and comfort. Want more power without having to go big? The BLACK+DECKER G950 Angle Grinder has an 8.5 Amp motor and many of the same great features as the BDEG400 but the handle grip is actually smaller.

Black & Decker Angle Grinder Tool - 4.5 Inches, 6.5 Amp 10,000 RPM Motor, 5/8”-11” Spindle Range, 3 Position Handle


Very few companies get to celebrate being on the market for over 100 years. This is despite the great recessions, technological changes, and advancements as well as cutthroat competition. Black and Decker is one such lucky and deserving companies. The brand produces high-quality power tools, cleaning equipment, garden tools and appliances.

When reviewing this brand, we picked the 6A 4.5 Inches angle grinder because of its durability and the enhanced control. It is also worth noting that the brand has only two angle grinders. The grinder’s metal gear case assures you a longer life, while the spindle lock permits easy accessory changes. Our research shows that you can own this grinder at just $26.99.

Below are other features of this grinder:

  • 3-position handle on the grinders side
  • A spindle lock
  • 5/8” – 11” spindle size range
  • 120V voltage
  • Narrow body
  • Lock on/off switch setting
  • Ideal for 5 different use
  • 2 years warranty

Angle Grinder Buying Guide – Single Speed or Variable Speed Angle Grinder? Large or Small? Corded or Cordless?

We owe the ancient Egyptians a truckload of gratitude for creating the ‘lathe’ – the first recognized power tool. Because of them, we now have more than 100 power tools that are used in the industries, construction sites and even in homes and gardens. From power sanders and fast cutting chainsaws to washing machines and powerful leaf blowers, the importance of power tools to this generation cannot be overemphasized. Now we've covered the gratitude, let’s focus on one of the most important power tools ever invented – the angle grinder.

An angle grinder is a power tool that can be used for grinding, polishing and cutting. It’s found applications on construction sites, and in service garages, workshops and even shops where auto body repairs are carried out. In the home, it can be used to remove unwanted material from something, sanding and even blade sharpening. Unlike a hand plane that can be described as a hand tool, the angle grinder can be powered by either electricity, gas or compressed air. This is a huge advantage over hand knives, pliers and cutters.

There are numerous brands and models of angle grinders and to avoid complicating issues for yourself, you should know the project the unit would be used on before purchasing one. DIY and home projects require small and portable angle grinders while professional projects require larger angle grinders capable of executing the job at hand. There are several factors that may affect the power generated by the grinder and they include the disc size, amp and speed rating. These factors must be carefully considered before making a purchase to avoid buying the wrong angle grinder.

Now you know a bit about angle grinders, you can also visit our review of the best power grinders available. There's not much difference – only that a power grinder encompasses more tasks. No matter the choice you make, you can rest assured that all your grinding, cutting and polishing needs will be taken care of.

Video: What is an Angle Grinder

What is an Angle Grinder Used For?. | Courtesy of Jon Peters – Longview Woodworking

As with most power tools, the higher the power, the higher the cost. That’s not to say an angle is expensive, but there are different factors that may affect the cost. The type of angle grinder being considered plays a huge role in how much it will cost. A gas powered or compressed air-powered angle grinder costs more than the angle grinder that can be powered by battery or AC wall outlets. Also, depending on the brand and model, an angle grinder with a larger disc size and motor power will cost more than one with a smaller size and power.

With considerations to the above factors and their effect on the cost of an angle grinder, the temptation to settle for a cheap angle grinder is increased. That would be a dangerous risk not worth undertaking because such angle grinders are not powerful and durable enough.

There are efficient, powerful and low profile designed angle grinders that cost between $50 and $300.


One huge mistake people tend to make while purchasing an angle grinder is thinking that all angle grinders are the same. It is a very wrong notion and if care is not taken, the tendency to buy the wrong angle grinder is increased. To avoid such mistakes, it’s important to determine your needs before making a purchase. These needs will in turn determine what features the angle grinder should have. However, here are the most important features to consider before purchasing an angle grinder:

  • Angle grinder type
  • Disc size
  • Motor power
  • Speed ratings
  • Comfort
  • Dust management
  • Safety features
Construction and Design

Usually, angle grinders are classified according to their power source. Based on this classification, angle grinders can be described as either electric (AC or DC), gas or compressed air-powered (pneumatic). Amongst these 3 types, the electric powered angle grinders are the most common. The power in this case can either be derived from a battery or wall outlet. It’s not suitable for heavy duty application and has been mostly used by do-it-yourselfers for basic applications. Angle grinders that are gas powered are more powerful than electric ones and have found great use on construction sites. It is, however, more expensive and difficult to use. Lastly, the pneumatic angle grinder, which is also as expensive as those powered by gas, can be found in auto and metal fabrication shops. It is powered by compressed air and cannot be used for DIY use.

As a rule, an increase in the size of an angle grinder’s disc automatically leads to an increase in power. A DIY angle grinder user may not require as much power as a pro on a construction site. The sizes of the disc vary greatly, with the most common being 230mm (9 inches) and 115mm (4.5 inches). However, it’s important to note that pneumatic grinders usually have smaller discs but they are more powerful and precise than other conventional angle grinders. Since the disc size affects the power generated, you should also know that the speed at which it rotates is important. This refers to the speed rating. When powered, an angle grinder’s disc can create from 5000-10000 rpm (revolutions per minute). While this speed is sufficient for any cutting, polishing and grinding task, it can also pose an injury threat if not handled carefully.

When it comes to the power generated by angle grinders, we are referring to the amp, wattage and voltage ratings. For the power rating, there are grinders with ranges from 500 to 2500 watts. As for voltage rating, you can choose between 110V and 230V AC, while for current rating, you could for a unit with amp rating from 4-15 amps. When considering the amp ratings, please note that they are directly proportionate to the power yield. What this means is that an angle grinder with a 4-amp rating will yield less power than one with a 15-amp rating. However, grinders for household use don’t require as much amp rating as an angle grinder for construction sites or professional projects.

Video: How to Use an Angle Grinder

Using an Angle Grinder. | Courtesy of WeldFever
Performance and Ease of Use

The size and weight of an angle grinder impacts the level of operational comfort. Because of the many brands and models of angle grinders, it would take more than a day to list all the dimensions and weights! However, if your intention is DIY use, a smaller unit weighing less than 10 pounds will be sufficient. To increase the level of comfort, it’s also advisable to get an angle grinder with an anti-vibration handle. This allows the user to hold it for a longer time, without feeling the kickbacks as much. For industrial and commercial purposes, however, a larger unit will work better. Also, an angle grinder with a dust management feature in place is helpful. Such a feature increases the ease of working and prevents you from having a dust problem.

An angle grinder, like all power tools, can pose a serious injury threat if handled carelessly. Hence, it’s imperative for users to be fully acquainted with the safety precautions and capabilities of the angle grinder before using it. When not in use, unplugging the angle grinder is the ideal thing to do, to avoid any mishap. When in use, ensure the safety guard is always used. Lastly, a face mask, eye shield, sleeves that are long enough and thick work gloves should be worn before performing any operation involving the angle grinder. After successful completion of the task at hand, unplug the power tool, and store in a safe place.

Get the Best Angle Grinder of 2022!

We hope you’ve successfully identified a brand that meets your grinding, polishing and cutting needs. If so, you can now shop confidently, knowing the angle grinders above are from some of the best brands available.

Our Top Choice
Dewalt DWE402K 4.5" Small Angle Grinder
Best Value
Makita 9557PBX1 4.5" Small Angle Grinder
Milwaukee 6088-30 7/9" Large Angle Grinder
Porter Cable PC60TAG 4.5" Small Angle Grinder
Black & Decker BDEG400 4.5" Mid-Size Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder FAQs

What is an angle grinder?
An angle grinder is a tool that grinds metal and cuts tiles, pavers, and stucco. It can also sharpen and multiple polish types of surfaces.
What is an angle grinder used for?
An angle grinder is used for grinding metals, cutting tiles, stucco, and pavers. You can also use it to sharpen implements and polish different types of surfaces.
How to use an angle grinder?
Before you start using an angle grinder, ensure you clean the surface using a wire brush. You can use the device to cut bolts, bars, and rods. First, connect the angle grinder to an electric outlet, turn it on, and use it to cut your material type.
How to grind concrete with an angle grinder?
To grind concrete with an angle grinder, first, clean the floor by cleaning or wiping it. After connecting the dust shroud to the angle grinder, attach the vacuum nozzle to the shroud’s vacuum adapter. Now release the hounds and start smoothing the concrete surface.
How to cut the cast iron pipe with an angle grinder?
You can cut the cast iron pipe with an angle grinder by first fitting the grinding wheel with a diamond wheel or cutoff disc. After marking the pipe part, you want to cut, place the pipe on a workbench, clamp it securely, and start cutting the pipe.