Best Ankle Weight Reviews 2023

Get gorgeous, strong leg muscles with a great pair of ankle weights. If you’ve been working out for a while, then you know that doing the same old routine day after day just won’t cut it. You want to surprise your body (this is called muscle confusion) by coming at muscles from new angles, and changing your reps and rate of speed for continued gains. Enter the ankle weight! Helping you build muscle stamina and endurance while increasing your calorie burn, ankle weights are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to giving you that extra fitness edge. Finally, for multi-purpose use you may want to wear your ankle weights around the wrist, or even possibly around the waist. That’s where our selections come in. We have checked out the ankle weights customers are most satisfied with that deliver on these important features, including models with various price points and weight capacity.
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Our Top Choice
All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights
All Pro has been in the biz of producing wearable weights and fitness products for a long time, and they are still keeping customers satisfied with their 10lbs Adjustable Ankle Weights.
Well made so they won’t tear or fall apart. Adjustable ankle weight that allows you to increase/reduce the amount of weight added to each ankle as you see fit.
The velcro strap is adjustable, but if you have very small ankles you will probably need to wear these over a pair of thick socks or pants.
5, 10, 20, or 40 lb. sets
Durable nylon
Adjustable weight
Cushion foam for comfort
Best Value
Nayoya Wellness Ankle Weight 3 lb. Set
From a company that is making innovative products to enhance your lifestyle, Nayoya ankle weights are the perfect choice for small-medium builds for toning and rehabilitation.
Well made yet inexpensive. Designed to be worn comfortably at the ankle or wrist. Can get wet for water workouts.
Only available in 3 pound set, 1 1/2 pound for each ankle
3 lb. set
Ankle or wrist
Fixed weight
Can wear for water workouts
Kiefer Ankle Weights for Aquatic/Dry Land
Kiefer is a company that specializes in performance gear for swimmers and high-quality wearable weights, such as these Ankle Weights for water or dry land.
Connect the weights to make a weighted belt. Great for aquatic use. Wide design for better weight distribution.
Fixed weight, so must buy additional sets to increase weight. Design is slightly bulky for a wrist weight.
2, 3, 5, 7.5, or 10 lb. sets
Ankle & Wrist
Fixed weight
Connect for belt/Wet or dry
TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Weight Set
These are comfortable, wearable weights designed by TheraBand, who make products to assist in physical therapy; enhance strength, balance, and range of motion.
Easily identifiable color coded sets. Comfortable terry cloth interior. Adjustable straps. Reflective trim to keep users safe while exercising outdoors at night.
Fixed weight, need to purchase more than one set for incremental resistance.
2, 3, and 5 lb. sets
Ankle & wrist
Reflective safety trim
EB Brands Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights
Valeo products by EB Brands were originally designed for Olympic athletes. Their Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights encompass many tools for strength building.
Weights are designed to be worn at the ankle or wrist. Removable 1/2 lb. weights are designed to increase or decrease weight as you like.
Some finger dexterity required to slide sandbag weights in and out of sleeves.
5, 10, or 20 lb. sets
Ankle & wrist
Durable nylon
Metal D-ring closure

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What is the Best Ankle Weight?

It’s very important when selecting an ankle weight that it doesn’t impinge your movement in any way. You want a firm, but comfortable fit from ankle weights that are secure, durable, and won’t shift or come off during workouts. Also consider equal weight distribution, and how much total weight you’re looking for.

Finally, for multi-purpose use you may want to wear your ankle weights around the wrist, or possibly around the waist. That’s where our wide selection of the best ankle weights comes in. We’ve checked out the ankle weights customers are most satisfied with. They deliver on these important features like models with various price points and weight capacity.
Our Top Choice
Mobilize your strength building equipment with wearable weights from All Pro, including ankle, wrist, and aquatic weights. All Pro ankle weights come in sets ranging from 5-40 total pounds. While we have chosen to highlight the 10 lb. set, if you’re a beginner, you may prefer the 5 lb. option.

All Pro Ankle Weights, 10lbs or 5lbs per Ankle - Adjustable in 1/2 lb. Increments

All Pro produces quality fitness products designed by a former Occupational Therapist to provide endurance and strength gains while allowing a free-flow of movement. These ankle weights are adjustable so your body can slowly adapt. You can start out light, fitting the slender weight bars that come in 1/2 lb. increments into the individual pockets one at a time, adding weight as the weeks progress and your body adapts.

The well-stitched separate pockets hold each weight bar securely, and are placed in such a way that they don’t impede ankle movement. This pair of ankle weights from All Pro has built in padding that ensures there is no abrasion against the ankle or Achilles tendon.

The design of these ankle weights includes the following features:
  • Cushion flaps that keep the weights secure and protect your ankles
  • One size fits all with adjustable velcro strap
  • Contour-Foam cushion that is designed to protect your ankle and achilles tendon from harm
  • Touch fastener closure
  • Weights that can be added in increments
  • Designed to provide freedom of movement during workouts
  • Great for strength gains, muscle endurance, or rehabilitation
All Pro produces a range of ankle weights to suit your needs. Choices include: 5 lb set (2 1/2 lbs per ankle), 10 lb set (5 lbs per ankle), 20 lb set (10 lbs per ankle), or 40 lb set (20 lbs per ankle)
Best Value
Nayoya makes a variety of products to enhance your body and lifestyle. Their ankle weights have a wide following of satisfied customers. Another great wearable weight to tone your shoulders and improve upper body endurance for workouts like MMA and boxing are these well designed Nayoya Weighted Gloves - 1 pound each glove.

Nayoya Wellness Ankle or Wrist Weights 3 lb. Set - Carry Pouch Included

Nayoya is an interesting company that began their journey into fitness and wellness products a few years ago with development of the Accupressure mat, designed to release energy by activating accupressure points without the costly treatments involved with hiring a professional. Since then they have expanded into products ranging from strength training to massage to enhance your overall wellbeing.

As an accoutrement to your strength training routine and a great rehab tool for injured knees or leg muscles they have developed these ankle weights. The soft neoprene material is padded and comfortable to wear, adding 1 1/2 pounds to each ankle for a total of 3 pounds included in the set.

Here is more detail about this product:
  • Designed to wear at the ankle or on the wrist
  • The padded enclosure extends to 3 inches to distribute the weight comfortably at the wrist or ankle
  • Designed with high quality materials
  • Moisture and sweat absorbent
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Carry pouch included to contain them when not in use
  • Made of neoprene material and can be used for water workouts
  • Easy to put on
  • Fits firmly in place and comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable velcro strap for a perfect fit
Kiefer will take your workouts to the next level. Whether you want to use these wearable weights in the water or on dry land, you will find improvements in muscle strength and endurance. Another great fit for your workouts from these aquatic experts is this pair of Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells.

Kiefer Ankle & Wrist Weights - Connect for Weighted Belt - 2, 3, 5, 7.5, or 10 lb. Sets

Experts in aquatic swim gear, Kiefer has designed ankle weights ranging from 2 pounds to 10 pounds per set. Designed with secure stitching in a neoprene material to be worn at the ankle, wrist or waist for multiple uses, you can apply this purchase to a plethora of exercises.

One of the most interesting design features is that you can connect each band to form a weighted belt, which can be used for various strength training applications including water polo drills. Colors range from dark blue to light blue, red, purple, or black and are color coded to reflect the total weight of each band for easy reference.

A well-established brand in the industry for fitness and aquatic products, let’s take a look at the features of these wearable weights:
  • Soft and durable design
  • Weights are encased in neoprene material for aquatic use
  • Clip each ankle weight together to make a weighted belt
  • Velcro buckle fits snugly to your body for a perfect fit
  • Great for water aerobics or water polo
  • Wide band design so weight is evenly distributed
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Excellent tool for rehabilitation and physical therapy
Kiefer makes these ankle weights in a range of sizes, pick the right set to meet your needs or get multiple sets to increase your stamina over time. Choices include: 2 lb set (1 lb each), 3 lb set (1.5 lb each), 5 lb set (2.5 lbs each), 7.5 lb set (3.75 lbs each), or 10 lb set (5 lbs each).
These ankle & wrist weights are a great addition to any fitness or rehabilitation program. TheraBand makes a variety of products that build strength and improve balance. Another great choice is this TheraBand Balance Board for rehab, improved posture, balance and stability training.

TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Cuff Weight Sets - Color Coded Sets Total 2, 3, or 5lbs

Theraband began manufacturing products for physical therapists to use in their rehabilitation programs in 1975. In keeping with producing goods that provide progressive resistance, their fitness and rehab tools deliver better balance & stability, range of motion, and improve strength through resistance training.

These ankle and wrist weights are color coded for easy reference and progression over the weeks. The red set are 1 pound each, the green are 1 1/2 pounds each, and the blue are 2 1/2 pounds each. Well made in weight increments that enhance muscle strengthening and rehabilitation without undue stress to joints or connective tissue, they are a great tool for fitness programs.

Here are some features of these ankle & wrist weights:
  • Adjustable strap to provide a snug custom fit
  • Neoprene exterior
  • Terrycloth interior is soft and comfortable against skin
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Aids in strength training
  • Assists in balance and stabilization exercises
  • Ideal for home exercise programs
  • Great for physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and occupational therapists
The Valeo line of fitness products by EB Brand covers a wide range of tools to build strength and overall fitness. Whether you want a wearable ankle weight to tone your muscles or this Valeo Resistance Tube Kit to expand your exercise regimen anywhere you go, Valeo has many options to choose from.

EB Brands Valeo Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights - Sets Range from 5-20lbs

The parent company, EB Brands, manufactures a wide assortment of products across multiple platforms. These ankle & wrist weights are part of a line called Valeo that produces high quality fitness products.

The total weight for the set we have highlighted is 5 pounds, adjustable in 1/2 pound increments. The adjustable weight comes in slender sand bags that slip into tightly knit sleeves to increase or decrease weight as you desire. You can tone your shoulder and arm muscles by wearing them on your wrists, or build core strength and leg muscles by wearing them at the ankle.

Let’s take a look at the features:
  • Built with a metal D-ring enclosure to adjust the fit
  • Comfortable padding to avoid chafing
  • One size fits most people
  • 1/2 pound weight packs are removable for advancing resistance over time
  • Wide design of 3.75 inches to distribute weight over a larger area
  • Adds to calorie burn during aerobic activities
These weights come in sets that total 5, 10, or 20 pounds to suit your strength profile.

How Do I Choose the Best Ankle Weight?

If you want to get in tip-top shape, little things mean a lot. Your classic bicep curls will give you some nice muscles to show off, so if you need a pair of adjustable dumbbells, we’ve got a review on those too; but muscle stamina requires a slightly different technique. If you want to prep for a fitness competition like the Tough Mudder, or go for a long trek, a pair of ankle weights will give you that edge you need in lower-body strength. Some ankle weights also double as wrist weights too – or you can get a pair of ankle weights and hand weights for twice the edge. As you build your arsenal of strength-enhancing weapons, you may want a neat place to store all your fitness gear. Be sure to check out our review on the best weight racks too.
When it comes to price, the range is generally under $100. Cheap ankle weights might be flimsy and uncomfortable, so spend a few extra dollars on a good pair. You can expect to spend about $20-$30 on a nice pair of ankle weights, with some adjustable models that offer greater versatility running as high as $80. Some things that affect the price include incremental weight adjustments and waterproof material.
When it comes to walking or running, a comfortable pair of ankle weights is crucial. If you can find a pair you like that’s adjustable for a snug fit, that’s an important factor to look out for.

Other important factors include:
  • Padding for added comfort
  • The ability to increase or decrease the weight
  • Easy to put on/remove
  • Construction materials
  • Storage bag/case that comes with purchase
  • Weight of each ankle weight
  • Color options
  • Versatility
Now let’s check out the construction and design options…
Construction and Design
There are two types of ankle weights, fixed weight and adjustable weight. Ambitious athletes may want to go with an adjustable weight. If you’re a weekend warrior who just wants to add a little boost to your workout, you don’t want to add much weight around your ankles anyway. Adding a lot of weight to your ankles can throw off your balance and body composition, so 1-3 pounds is plenty and a fixed ankle weight may be the right choice for you.

Ankle weights can be made with different materials like neoprene or nylon. You want the fabrics to stretch a bit so the ankle weights will have some “give” to them and flow with you as you exercise. Neoprene is great if you sweat a lot or are looking for ankle weights to use in the water. Most secure with a Velcro strap to make them more adjustable.

The source of the weight generally comes from small bars or sand bags. Some adjustable weight models have little slots where you can insert or remove these small bars or sand bags, giving you a variety of weight options in one set of ankle weights.
Performance and Ease of Use
Comfort is king if you want to use your ankle weights on a regular basis. Look for a pair with good weight distribution and extra cushion/padding for a great pair of comfortable ankle weights. Terrycloth can also add to the comfort factor, as it’s soft against the skin and helps absorb moisture. If you’re going to get really wet, then choose neoprene rather than nylon for the best performance.

A wide band can help distribute the weight better. Adjustable ankle weights that allow you to increase or decrease the weight can be economical. Fixed ankle weights have the benefit of a more equal weight distribution – the choice is yours.

If you’re looking for versatility, some ankle weights work well as wrist weights too. There are even some models that can be linked together to create a weighted water belt for those who engage in competitive water sports. Let’s look at a few of the best ankle weights with a variety of these features, so you can pick the right set for you…

Get the Best Ankle Weight of 2023!

Spice up your fitness routine by incorporating ankle weights. Jump start your leg muscles that have plateaued in strength gains due to too much consistency in your workout. If this is your first pair, we recommend you start with a lighter weight and be cautious with your application of ankle weights to your workouts. Sprinting up a hiking trail with these on may add too much stress to your joints. Instead, consider incorporating them into stable strength training exercises to build muscle strength and stamina. As you get more familiar with its effects on your body, you can expand your application of this strength building fitness tool.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought, allowing you to choose the ankle weights that suit you best. Whichever you choose, you know you’ll be getting a quality product from some of the best ankle weight brands around.

Our Top Choice
All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights
Best Value
Nayoya Wellness Ankle Weight 3 lb. Set
Kiefer Ankle Weights for Aquatic/Dry Land
TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Weight Set
EB Brands Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights