Best Answering Machine Reviews 2023

Believe it or not, they still do make answering machines! You know, those things we used long before cell phones? An answering machine is useful when you use your phone for different businesses and still want to save and check out the messages you receive. Take a look at our top 5 choices coming from some of the best answering machine brands out there.
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Our Top Choice
Panasonic Expandable Cordless Answering Machine
Panasonic was launched in 1918 and creates things of value, which are innovative and built to last. Its cordless phones are particularly popular.
Caller ID lets you know who calls you. Call block memory with which you can block up to 60 numbers of unwanted callers.
It doesn’t have a headphones jack, but you can use it on speaker.
Includes 1 cordless handset
17 minutes
Ringer ID, call block and more
English and Spanish
Best Value
VTech Cordless Answering System
VTech was established back in 1976 and manufactures and sells high-quality consumer electronics that are also cost-effective.
Crystal clear conversations with it as it’s interference free; stores up to 50 calls. The menu is well-organized and easy to navigate.
It doesn’t feature caller announcer.
Includes 2 cordless handsets
14 minutes
Caller ID, call waiting and more
English, Spanish, French
Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine
Amplicom was founded in 2010 and manufactures corded phones, answering machines, and cordless phones which provide loud and clear experiences.
Volume is adjustable and can be set up in 6 languages. Features one-touch play back with pause setting. Easy to use by just about anyone.
It’s not compatible with hearing aids.
Just the answering machine
24 minutes
Playback, pause, skip and more
English, Spanish and 4 others
Bellsouth Tapeless Answering Machine
Bellsouth was founded in 1983, and it’s an American telecommunications company that provides telecommunication-related products.
Instant message retrieval, ring selector, and toll saver. Call screening so you can hear who the caller is before answering.
It’s available only in one color.
Just the answering machine
20 minutes
Skip, call break through and more
English, Spanish, French
AT&T Digital Answering System
AT&T is company with over 100 years’ experience on the market, which designs telephone products made of quality materials, and which are reliable and affordable.
Reliable performance and rapid access to messages. Works in 3 languages and permits remote access with toll saver.
It cannot be wall mounted but fits nicely on a desk.
Just the answering machine
60 minutes
Voice prompts, memos and more
English, Spanish, French

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What is the Best Answering Machine?

Before buying an answering machine, you should consider your needs. If you also need a phone, you should get an answering machine that comes with a cordless phone. If you prefer a stand-alone answering machine, get the traditional one. Be sure to find the one that has the right features for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Panasonic Cordless Answering Machine comes in 5 styles and has very good clarity. It has a 1.6-inch backlit display and an illuminated keypad. If you prefer a Bluetooth answering machine, check out the Panasonic Bluetooth Answering Machine, which is available with 4 or 5 handsets and has a dual keypad!

Panasonic Expandable Digital Cordless Answering System – Ringer ID, Call Block, Multiple Styles Available

Panasonic was first used as a brand which manufactured audio speakers. Today, it sells a wide range of products such as LCDs, DVDs, camcorders, phones, vacuum cleaners, shavers, digital cameras, laptops, and many others. Its products are durable, affordable, and have innovative designs. If you’re redecorating in the near future, you should check out its line of electronics as it has microwaves, ceiling mounted fans, and even baby monitors if you want to keep an eye on your baby when you’re not in the room.

The Panasonic Cordless Answering Machine is available in 5 styles, with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 cordless handsets and comes in champagne gold color. It’s easy to use by anyone and includes multiple functions. It features the Dect 6.0 Plus technology which provides enhanced quality and a longer range covered, together with a reliable signal.

Here are its main features:
  • Call-waiting caller ID
  • 1.6” high contrast display
  • Pre-programmed ringtones
  • Extended talk time
  • Records, retrieves, and stores voicemails
Best Value
The VTech Cordless Answering Machine is available in 4 styles. It features the DECT 6.0 digital technology and has a backlit display and keypad. If you want an answering machine which is compatible with hearing aids, see the Vtech Corded\/Cordless Answering Machine which can store up to 50 numbers and features caller ID and Call Waiting.

VTech Cordless Answering System - Caller ID/Call Waiting, Backlit Keyboard and Display, 4 Styles Available

VTech was founded almost 35 years ago and its mission is to create cost-effective and innovative consumer electronics and to distribute them worldwide for its customers. It developed the first fully digital 900 MHz cordless phone in 1992. Apart from answering machines, this brand also sells phones, baby care products, senior phones, doorbell phones, business phones, and wireless monitoring systems. Its wide range of products is formed of quality electronics that are easy to use and built to last.

The VTech Cordless Answering Machine is easy to use by anyone, and is available together with 1, 2, 3, or 4 handsets. It is available in silver color and has rechargeable batteries. It utilizes the last available frequency band which provides quality voice and sound.

Check out its main features:
  • Up to 14 minutes recording time
  • Any key answer
  • Trilingual prompts in French, English, and Spanish
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Compatible with hearing aids
The Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine works with analog phone lines and has 40 db. amplification. It also has large buttons and flash memory. If you’re looking for an answering machine that also has a handset, check out the PowerTel Answering Machine, which has 11 minutes of recording time and adjustable volume!

Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine - Tone, Volume & Message Speed Control, 40db Amplification

Amplicom commercializes amplified phones for a living. Its products feature large buttons and display, and also multiple options for emergency situations. Apart from answering machines, this brand also sells alarm clocks, cordless phones, wrist shakers, induction neck loops, and many other interesting telephone-related accessories. If you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, you should check out their vibrating alarm clock that comes in multiple colors and has a compact design.

The Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine is easy to use as you just have to plug the power adapter into the back of it and the other end into a wall socket. After that, turn the power on and it’s ready to use. It saves the day of the week and the time, every time.

See its characteristics:
  • Custom greeting can be recorded
  • Ring delay setup
  • Compatible with headsets
  • Adjustable message speed
  • Adjustable message tone
The Bellsouth Tapeless Answering Machine features a 3-digit security code and multiple remote features such as “skip any message” and “battery backup”. If you prefer a different design, check out the Bellsouth 1129 Answering Machine which gives you access to most features from an outside phone and has a ring selector!

Bellsouth Tapeless Answering Machine – 3 Digit Security Code and Multiple Remote Features

With over 30 years’ experience on the market, BellSouth was part of the old AT&T which was a popular brand in the past. Apart from answering machines, this brand also sells walkie talkies, caller IDs, corded and cordless telephones, and other telephone-related accessories. If you’re a professional and you need to communicate easily with your partner, you should check out the two-way communicators from Bellsouth with are affordable, palm-sized, and easy to use.

The Bellsouth Tapeless Answering Machine is easy to use and tapeless. It has instant message retrieval and offers the time and date of any message you receive. In order to simplify the use of it, it has a voice menu and prompts.

See more details about it:
  • Ring selector
  • Room monitor
  • Call break-through
  • Toll saver
  • Outgoing messages change
The AT&T Digital Answering Machine has a sleek design and it’s Energy-Star certified. It has a reliable digital answering system and message guard memory. If you’re looking for an answering machine that also offers a cordless handset, check out the AT&T answering system that has an easy-to-read LCD, backlit keys, and can record up to 14 minutes of messages!

AT&T Digital Answering System - Time and Day Stamp, Energy-Star Certified, Speed Playback Control

AT&T has existed since the invention of the telephone and was initially established by Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Its mission is to connect people with their loved ones no matter where they live or work. This company constantly innovates in order to serve its customers better every time. Apart from answering machines, AT&T also sells carrier cell phones, cordless and corded telephones, and other telephone-related accessories such as microsims, vehicle chargers, microphones, headsets, and more.

The AT&T Digital Answering Machine records multiple outgoing announcements and the messages you receive on a microchip. It features a time and day stamp and has adjustable volume. It’s easy to use with large and labeled buttons.

Here are its main features:
  • Voice prompts
  • Audible message alert
  • Adjustable speed playback
  • Message counter
  • Memo recording

How Do I Choose the Best Answering Machine?

While phone providers offer their customers automatic voice mail services, some people still enjoy having an answering machine in their house to have full control of their phone answering.

You can choose between cordless phones with a built-in answering machines or standalone answering machines. Both have their respected advantages. If you have hearing or visual problems, you'll also be able to find amplified phones with integrated answering machines.

Even in the age of smartphones, many people still use home phones that require an answering machine to have their voice messages saved. They’re easy to use and can record up to 60 minutes of messages, letting you listen to multiple messages from your loved ones or business partners.
For this guide, we only took the answering machines that had multiple features and great quality into consideration. The price range for such products is somewhere around $15 to $80.

Answering machines are especially designed to record your voice messages with clarity. They also have other features like tone control, message speed control, an LED message counter, and more. Of course, more features means higher cost. Whether it’s a cordless answering system or not affects the price as well because this means it includes a home phone.

However, for around $15 you'll be able to find a stand alone answering machine that will display the time and will record any outgoing announcements or incoming messages.

We also came across a few cheap answering machines, but we advise you not to consider them as they usually have very small recording time and are not very practical.
Choosing the perfect answering machine boils down to your personal needs. Do you also need a phone or just an answering machine? Would you like an answering machine that connects to multiple lines? Does it have the right combination of features to connect it to your phone?

Here’s a short list of the most important features to look for when purchasing an answering machine:
  • Type - As we said, there are two types of answering machines: stand-alone or built-in. Stand alone answering machines can be used without a handset and usually offer more recording space than the ones with phone systems.
  • Battery backup - Answering machines that rely on electricity to save messages might lose them when the power goes out. It's a good idea to choose an answering machine that also works on batteries so you won't lose any messages.
  • Message storage space - This feature is quite important because it allows you to receive multiple messages at once without losing them due to lack of storage space. It’s good to choose an answering machine that has over 30 minutes of recording time. This way, if you don't have time to clear the messages, you won't run out of room to receive new ones.
  • Remote access - If you don't want to miss any important messages, it's smart to choose an answering machine that allows you to access it remotely. With this, you'll be able to listen to your messages even when you're not physically near the answering machine.
  • Timestamps - The answering machine you're getting should feature timestamps. The device will tell you the date and time that a message or call was received through these timestamps.
  • Extra Features - You should also look for additional features like caller ID, speakerphone, a message counter, a room monitor, toll saver, ring select, and others.
Now that you know what features to look for when searching for answering machines, let’s move further and see what the design and construction aspects of answering machines are.
Construction and Design
The two main types of answering machines are the stand-alone ones and the built in answering system ones.

Stand alone answering machines are devices that are separate from phones. If you choose one of these, you'll have to connect it to your phone line for it to answer after a couple of rings. It’ll let you listen, organize, reply, and delete your messages without using the phone's handset. Stand alone answering machines have a larger storage space and show you how many messages are recorded. You'll be able to find stand alone amplified answering machines that work with analog or digital phone lines. If you don't need an answering system with all the bells and whistles, it’s best to go with a stand-alone answering machine. These are easy to use and will do exactly what they say: answer the phone and take messages.

You'll also come across telephones that have built-in answering machines. If you don't have a phone already, you can choose one of these since it’ll give you an all-inclusive device. If you go down this path, you'll have to listen to the messages using the handset on the phone. Built-in answering systems usually have quite the downside – they have a limited storage space of 15 - 20 minutes. This obviously isn’t useful for people who get many calls and messages.
Performance and Ease of Use
Answering machines, whether they’re stand-alone units or built-in answering systems, are easy to use. They usually feature large labeled buttons and do what they’re supposed to. Some models feature a backlit keypad letting you see them in the dark, too!

If you use a home phone and you're looking for an answering machine, it’s useful to consider the features we've detailed above. This way, you'll make the right decision and you'll find an answering machine suitable for your needs. Don’t go for features you won’t use.

Get the Best Answering Machine of 2023!

As you can see, some answering machines can be set up in 3 languages, others in 6. Some have adjustable volume and others allows you to use them with headsets. It’s important to get the right one because we don’t believe you’ll be changing it anytime soon.

Our Top Choice
Panasonic Expandable Cordless Answering Machine
Best Value
VTech Cordless Answering System
Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine
Bellsouth Tapeless Answering Machine
AT&T Digital Answering System