Best Ant Farm Reviews 2023

Ant farms can be the perfect pet choice for entertainment and education. They are inexpensive, low-maintenance, and full of nature’s complexities. Although we may see ants occasionally, we rarely get an insight into their busy lives underground. An ant farm is a great way to learn more about them and their role in the environment in a fun and friendly way! We’ve chosen five of the best ant farm brands in the market with the hope that you will find one that suits you.
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Our Top Choice
Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue
Fascinations makes a variety of science and educational toys, including model building kits, science experiments, and ant farms.
The AntWorks Illuminated Blue Ant Farm is brightly lit. It's perfect for show-and-tell, or taking with you to amaze your friends and family.
Although novel, the blue ant food is not easily replaced or free like soil.
Best Value
Uncle Milton Jakku™ Ant Farm
Uncle Milton is a licensed manufacturer of toys and games from National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, and more!
The break-resistant and shatterproof case includes an online code to order live ants.
While otherwise futuristic, it would be nice if the colony was backlit.
Anthouse Sand Ant Farm
Anthouse specializes in ant farms and habitats for children, hobbyists, and scientists around the world.
The separate forage area with water, rocks, and terrain is everything you need for a colony.
The larger size takes up more space and may be too much for a young child.
Nature Gift Store Blue Gel Ant Habitat
Nature Gift Store is dedicated to inspiring a love for animals, plants, and our planet with a wide variety of pet kits and feeders.
The blue gel provides the nutrients and hydration for a full ant colony.
Although simple and easy to set up, it’s not designed for scientific experiments.
Tweber Ant Habitat Kit
Kaplan Toys makes a wide variety of toys for all ages, including ant farms and educational toys even for young children.
The small size and durable construction make this farm great for the budding scientist or traveling enthusiast.
Although it's portable, the size does limit colony population and space.

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What is the Best Ant Farm?

Ants are some of the most organized living organisms on earth, and possibly the universe. Unfortunately, unless you’re an outgoing individual who regularly spots anthills during hikes, you’re less likely to appreciate the complexity of these organisms. However, with an ant farm, you will have a front-row seat to observe the lives of these amazing insects. Given that you know the aspects to look for in the best ant farms in the market, let’s proceed to the review, confident that you will select one that meets your list of requirements.
Our Top Choice
The AntWorks Illuminated Blue Ant Farm is brightly lit with a clear, cool blue medium for your colony. Looking for a colorful alternative? Check out the Rainbow Ant Farm with Colored Sands!

Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue Ant Farm

Fascinations is a worldwide retailer and distributor of educational toys and games. From model sculpting kits to futuristic ant colonies, it has developed a reputation for quality products that teach and entertain. It has a wide variety of ant farms to choose from, and the Illuminated Blue Ant Farm is a great starter kit full of accessories and extras.

This farm is based on a NASA space shuttle experiment in 2003 that studied ants in zero-gravity environments. The clear blue ant food and LEDs are perfect for observation and education. The kit is large enough to grow a sizeable colony, but small enough to fit in a child’s room. It includes a neat book with facts about ants, a four-LED base with AC adapter, a clear acrylic habitat, and an order coupon for ants.
Best Value
The Jakku Ant Farm Science Kit is a Star Wars-themed colony with a Force Awakens desert style. Love science? Take a look at the Roly-Poly Playground by Uncle Milton!

Uncle Milton Jakku Ant Farm Science Kit

Uncle Milton is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of branded toys and games worldwide. From Star Wars to National Geographic, Uncle Milton has a wide variety of products for all ages. Its extensive line of educational toys includes ant farms and more. The Jakku Ant Farm Science Kit features graphics from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and an official Star Wars logo.

Jakku, the new Star Wars desert planet, is a perfect habitat for an ant colony. The ant farm includes a Jakku background for the tan sand and an escape-proof, break-resistant case. The sleek Star Wars case has a futuristic design, and the kit includes an online code for ordering harvester ants. The ants are included in the price, and ship in the mail.
The Anthouse Sand Ant Farm uses sand and natural terrain to create a realistic farm perfect for a growing colony. Looking for a more complex model for science? Check out the Sand Ant Farm Mini!

Anthouse Sand Ant Farm (Anthill, Formicarium, Educational, Ants)

Anthouse is one of the most specialized companies featured here, and it makes a wide variety of ant farms for different purposes. Most of its ant farms are labeled and sold as “formicariums,” or specially designed vivariums primarily used by myrmecologists to study ant colonies and ant behavior. Perhaps predictably, the Anthouse ant farms are slightly more expensive, but they offer lab-grade scientific ant colonies that are truly above and beyond a simple toy.

Although seemingly complex, the Anthouse Sand Ant Farm is easy to set up and use, but full of complexity and high quality materials. Like a real ant nest, the sand is separate from the container area for foraging. Rocks, clay, and sand make the forage area natural for adventurous ants as they set out for food and water. The kit includes tools and instructions for easy setup of the acrylic formicarium. Ants must be ordered separately.
The Nature Gift Store Blue Gel Ant Habitat is a self-sustaining farm that provides food and water and includes ants! Learning more about nature? Nature Gift also has the Kids Worm Farm Observation Kit, a live worm farm!

Nature Gift Store Blue Gel Ant Habitat with FREE Certificate for 25 Ants (1 Tube Ants)

Nature Gift Store is a one-of-a-kind creator of pet kits, animal toys, and butterfly homes that truly focuses on wildlife preservation and an appreciation of nature. From the smallest ants to the most beautiful birds and butterflies, Nature Gift Store encourages children (and adults) to care for animals of all sizes and shapes - and even exotic plants! It has a wide variety of ant farms to choose from, as well as accessories and gel refills for your pet ants!

The Blue Gel Ant Habitat is simple, sturdy, and self-contained. The blue gel is specially engineered to be nutritious and hydrating, and provides everything your ants will need to thrive in a colony. The kit comes with the formicarium, gel, instructions, and a certificate for live ants to be shipped to your door. It's perfect for science fair projects. This ant farm is recommended for kids ages eight and up, or for anyone in interested in ant behavior and biology.
The Tunnel Town Ant Habitat Kit is a tiny home with wooden sides and break-resistant glass for kids ages five and up. Interested in insects? Check out the Kaplan Rainbow Nature Mini Insect House!

Tweber Tunnel Town Ant Habitat Kit - Reusable Habitat Kit

Tweber is a brand by Kaplan Toys that specializes in educational toys and games for children. The Tunnel Town Ant Habitat Kit is a simple but amazing introduction to the world of biology. Its simple construction, durable wood panels and break-resistant glass provide a safe environment that can be cleaned and reused for years. The kit includes a certificate for a shipment of live ants, tweezers, a water dropper (for feeding), an entry plug (to prevent escape), and an insect care guide. The portable size and shape make it perfect for younger children, and it’s rated for children age five and up (the youngest on the list)!

How Do I Choose the Best Ant Farm?

If you live in the urban concrete jungle, chances are that you don’t have first-hand experience with nature, and the only way you’re exposed to it is through National Geographic on your 4K LED TV. However, the world is full of amazing natural things and, in order to get a glimpse of them, you just have to make a conscious decision to exert yourself. Take the case of ants. These insects are some of the most advanced creatures on the globe.

Apart from being illustrious farmers (they farm aphids), ants rival humans when it comes to organization. However, unless you’re an outdoors person or can shrink yourself and walk into an anthill on an anthropological quest, chances are that you know very little about these insects. In order to appreciate the lives that ants live, investing in an ant hill is a good option. This product will allow you to see the movement and behavior of ants as well as appreciate the importance of organization.

Unless you live in a humorless society, expect some banter to fly your way due to your ant farm. However, you shouldn’t be dismayed as we’re all students of nature. After all, people who have an interest in astronomical objects invest in a telescope while biology enthusiasts dream of having their own microscope.

With an ant farm, you’ll be able to dispel some of the beliefs you’ve previously held about these insects. For example, you’ll confirm that ants are not gym rats who are regular users of anabolic steroids and are, instead, naturally strong.
If you’re looking to bring a little bit of nature into your home by getting an ant farm, price should not be a hindrance as there are affordable options on our list that will do the job. That said, in order to get the best experience, it’s important to steer clear of cheap ant houses as some may be too small, thereby limiting your colony’ population.

The price of an ant farm ranges from around $15 to $125, with the differences being accounted for by features as well as accessories. For example, an ant farm that comes with extras such as a magnifying glass will cost you more than one that does not. Similarly, an ant farm that has LED illumination is more expensive than one that depends on an external light source.
A good ant farm will help you gain basic knowledge about the physiology, behavior, and reproductive activities of ants. Some of the features to examine when purchasing one include:
  • Illumination - This feature allows you to study the ants more accurately.
  • Break Resistance - At home, your ant farm is subject to being knocked down by kids playing or your pet chasing imaginary or real prey.
  • Ant Coupon - Now that you have your ant farm, how easy is it to fill with ants?
  • Replication of Natural Habitat - Your ant farm should mirror the conditions that ants live under in their natural environment.
  • Size - The size of the ant farm determines the colony’s population.
  • Ease of Setting Up - Given that you’re highly unlikely to be familiar with an ant farm before purchasing one, it helps a lot if it’s easy to put up.
Construction and Design
There are a few key elements to consider when buying an ant farm. The main ones are size, break resistance and illumination. Let’s take a look at those in detail, shall we?


The main reason we purchase ant farms is to study ants. It, therefore, helps a lot if you can see them clearly. Unfortunately, some brands do not have any backlighting, which makes studying the insects a nightmare, particularly if the room is dark. With a LED-illuminated ant farm, you will never have to strain your eyes trying to figure out whether your favorite large-headed ant won another battle against a rival.

Break Resistance

Another aspect that’s important to look for when selecting an ant farm is whether it’s break-resistant. Most ant farms are made of glass to make viewing easy. However, a home environment is not particularly friendly to glass items, especially if you have an active pet or energetic ankle-biters. At one point, someone is going to drop your ant farm. It, therefore, helps if yours is constructed of a glass that’s break-resistant. By purchasing our selected products, you’ll never have to worry about sweeping up the remains of what was once your ant farm.


Size is also a crucial element to consider when buying an ant farm. If you’re a budding scientist who prefers to carry your ant farm with you wherever you go, a small one is what you need. However, if you’re interested in doing experiments on the ants as well as studying their behavior, a large ant farm that can support an entire colony will serve you well.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now it’s time for us to take a look at the performance of ant farms as well as how easy they are the use and set up.

Ant Coupons

The little secret about ant farms is that when you purchase one, it doesn’t come with ants. Instead, you have to go out and look for some yourself. If you live in a flat in the city where the chances of coming across an ant hill are effectively zero, the only option left is buying some. Some of our selected brands have eased this process by offering ant coupons that you can cash in in exchange of ants, thereby enabling you to start a colony.

Natural Habitat

Like with all other living organisms, you can only gain reliable information about ants if you observe them in their natural habitat. It, therefore, helps if your ant farm can replicate these natural conditions. Some of these features may include rocks and a separate forage area, which imitate a natural setting.

Ease of Setting Up

Finally, an ant farm should be easy to put together. Scouring the Internet or watching countless YouTube videos in search of ways to set up your ant farm is a tedious endeavor that takes away the enthusiasm of owning an ant farm. Fortunately, some of our selected products come with a simple instruction booklet that makes the process easy.

Get the Best Ant Farm of 2023!

One thing we can all agree on is that the world is becoming more urban with each passing day. Precious time that was spent outdoors is now wasted traversing malls, frequenting fast food joints, and playing video games. Oh, how we’ve lost touch with the natural world! With an ant hill, however, you have an opportunity to bring nature into your house. So, go ahead and choose one of our featured ant farms or browse through other options our featured brands have.

Our Top Choice
Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue
Best Value
Uncle Milton Jakku™ Ant Farm
Anthouse Sand Ant Farm
Nature Gift Store Blue Gel Ant Habitat
Tweber Ant Habitat Kit