Best Anti Vibration Glove Reviews 2023

Working with high-impact tools and machines that vibrate or have sharp edges and blades can damage hands, fingers and palms, causing fatigue and even carpel tunnel syndrome. Therefore, the need to protect your hands when working these kind of machine is all the more urgent. Since choosing a good pair of anti-vibration gloves can be difficult, we’ve researched five of the top anti-vibration glove models on the market, showcasing one from each to help you find a suitable pair.
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Our Top Choice
Ironclad Wrenchworx Vibration Impact Gloves
Ironclad was founded in 1997 to design gloves that can help professionals to protect their hands and improve their job performance.
Affordable, durable, ergonomic, great grip. Resistant to water and oil. Great job control. Feature sweat wipe. Machine washable.
The fingers and thumbs aren’t padded.
Velcro full finger gloves
Contour grip palm design
0.3 x 4 x 10 inches; 0.3 pounds
Nylon & spandex ®
Best Value
Impacto Blackmaxx Anti-Vibration Glove
Impacto is a company with a focus on manufacturing ergonomic protective solutions to enhance the comfort and safety of workers everywhere.
Affordable. Reduces impact and fatigue. Offer maximum dexterity. Seamless, durable and attractive. Available in 3 sizes.
Cotton knit is bound to attract dirt and stains quickly.
Full finger gloves
Anti-slash palm design
1 x 5 x 8 inches; 0.4 pounds
Kevlar & cotton
Cestus TrembleX-5 Anti Vibration Gloves
Inspired by Roman gladiators, Cestus was founded in 2010 to manufacture superior hand safety solutions for the modern worker.
Promote ventilation and full dexterity. Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Absorb sweat, fit snugly and offer strong grip.
A bit costly.
Fingerless gloves
Hexagonal memory gel design
0.5 x 5 x 10 inches; 0.3 pounds
Silicone & spandex
Mechanix Wear M-Pact Anti Vibration Gloves
Mechanix Wear was born in 1991 when the company designed its first glove to help protect the hands of professionals in motorsports.
Absorb and resist impact and offer comfort. Durable & machine-washable. Versatile for use in various fields. Protective knuckle guard.
Tags on the side can irritate your skin.
Full finger gloves
Thermoplastic rubber closure
1.2 x 5 x 12.2 inches; 0.3 pounds
Leather, synthetic, rubber
Superior Glove Vibrastop Anti Vibration Gloves
Superior Glove was founded in 1961 and is a leading North American manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of work gloves.
Dampen vibration, offer comfort and are highly affordable. Soft and pliable for easy use. Versatile for varied application.
Gloves offer no fingertip protection.
Half finger gloves
Vibrastop anti vibration design
0.8 x 4 x 5.8 inches; 0.5 pounds

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What is the Best Anti Vibration Glove?

Choose padded gloves with the capability to minimize and absorb shock and vibration energy, drawing it away from your hands. It’s also important to ensure that you pick the right size with adjustable straps for a well-fitted pair. Find out if one of our recommended anti-vibration gloves is what you need by reading on below.
Our Top Choice
The Ironclad Wrenchworx Vibration Impact Gloves feature gel padding to protect your palms and fingers from fatigue and any injuries that may result from operating power tools. If you want a glove you can use at night, as well as during the day, opt for the Ironclad Reflective Anti Vibration Gloves. They’re made from synthetic leather and nylon, and feature a Velcro wrist closure at the wrist for a secure fit.

Ironclad Wrenchworx Vibration Impact Anti Vibration Gloves with Gel Padding — Available in 6 Sizes

Ironclad is a pioneer in manufacturing impact gloves for use in various application areas. The company designs efficient, safe and effective task-specific gloves to enhance performance in various fields. It integrates premium materials with emerging technologies and innovations to come up with functional and attractive gloves. With categories ranging from skilled trades to military gloves, the company has you covered.

If you operate heavy equipment or use power tools, the Ironclad Wrenchworx Vibration Impact Gloves are what you need to protect your fingers and palms. Since these types of equipment produce high impact vibrations that can easily damage your hands, you need some serious protection, which is exactly what these gloves will give you.

Built with non-compressible and ergonomic gel palm pads to absorb excess energy, these gloves are meant to prevent injuries and fatigue. With the gloves’ contour grip palm design, you can gain better control and dexterity as you’re able to grip your tool firmly without slipping.

The palms of the gloves are treated with Dupont Teflon so you don’t have to worry about your gloves getting stained with oil, grease or moistened with water or sweat. The hybrid cuff system is built into the gloves to ensure you’re not just able to fit your hands in them, but can also remove them fast and safely after completing your job.

That your anti-vibration gloves should be mighty durable goes without saying, which is why these gloves are enhanced with Clarino non-slip reinforcements so you can use them for many years. There’s also the need for anti-vibration gloves to fit and be positioned correctly, so these Ironclad gloves come with a TPR cuff puller to properly position them in no time at all.

Need to wipe sweat off your face without leaving your work position? These gloves also feature terry cloth on the back of the thumbs for convenient use.

Here are a few other Ironclad anti vibration gloves you might like:
  • Ironclad Redline Anti Vibration Gloves — large, black with red lines
  • Ironclad Heatworx Heavy Duty Anti Vibration Gloves — medium, black
  • Ironclad Cut Resistant Anti Vibration Gloves — extra-large, black/gray
Best Value
The Impacto Blackmaxx-Blade Anti-Vibration Gloves are built to protect your palm and fingers when using tools or machines with sharp edges or blades. Opt for the Impacto Anti Impact Glove in blue and yellow if you prefer open finger design in your gloves. They’re padded to minimize vibrations and impact for optimal dexterity while the grain leather used provides protection from abrasion and great grip.

Impacto Blackmaxx-Blade Anti-Slash Anti-Vibration Glove for Impact & Pneumatic Tools

Impacto is aware that repetitive movements, vibrations and impact in work environments can hamper the safety of workers. By manufacturing premium products to improve the safety of workers, Impacto also helps companies to reduce costs related to worker compensations. With a base in 140 countries, the company designs protective clothing and gear in ergonomic designs to meet safety needs in various industries and work settings. It also offers employee training on workplace safety.

Blackmaxx-Blade Anti-Vibration Gloves are built to protect your palm and fingers when using tools or machines with sharp edges or blades. Metals, sharp edges, glass and rocks can easily cut your hands or even chop off your fingers. With the right protective gear, you can work peacefully, knowing that your vital body organs are well-protected.

The gloves are partly (40%) made from seamlessly-knitted cotton to keep your palms and fingers comfortable. Whereas 60% of the gloves is made from Kevlar material, the palm area is coated with black chloroprene for the protection your fingers and palms need from sharp blades and edges. Moreover, vibrations are minimized and cushioned using encapsulated air to deliver maximum dexterity.

By using these gloves you can work your entire shift without tiring out your arms, hands or shoulders. The vibration energy from the tools and machines is absorbed by the gloves and dissipated away from your hands. You can also find these gloves in half, quarter, fingerless and full finger designs.

Here are a few other Impacto anti vibration gloves to consider:
  • Impacto Mechanic’s Air Anti Vibration Gloves — black, different design
  • Impacto High Visibility Mechanic’s Air Anti Vibration Gloves — Colored, reflective, orange/black
  • Impacto Carpal Tunn Anti Vibration Gloves — half finger design
The Cestus TrembleX-5 Anti Vibration Gloves offer the shock absorption and grip control you need to realize full dexterity when using equipment and tools on your job site. If you want a pair of professional grade anti-vibration gloves, opt for the Cestus Tremblex Pro Anti Vibration Gloves. They both resist cuts and offer protection from light impact collisions and come in a full-finger design.

Cestus Vibration Series TrembleX-5 Anti Vibration Gloves — Available in 4 Sizes

Cestus designs premium hand-protection solutions based on the highest standards for thumb and finger dexterity and performance. The company attributes the durability and comfort of its range of gloves to ergonomic seam construction and use of patented materials only available to Cestus. With distinct designs for different industries, the company is always enhancing its designs to overcome emerging safety challenges for enhanced hand safety in work places. The gloves are then tested for functionality and performance in real-life scenarios before being made available to customers.

The Cestus TrembleX-5 Anti Vibration Gloves come in a fingerless design to offer full dexterity to your thumbs and fingers for proper ventilation. At the back of the thumb, there’s a breathable terry cloth to absorb sweat off your hands; you can also use it to wipe sweat off your brow. With these gloves, you’re protected from the carpal tunnel syndrome and hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) as the Hexagonal Memory Gel absorbs shock and energy from vibrations.

The gloves have silicone surfaces, meaning you can firmly grip onto your tool or machine without your palms slipping off. Thanks to the Form-Fitting Spandex, the gloves won’t just snugly fit your hands, but also allow your palms and fingers to breathe freely. Secure the adjustable wrist strap firmly to ensure the gloves don’t loosen or come off while you’re working.

Recommended for hand-washing, these gloves feature padded knuckles for added comfort. You can also be sure that your pair of gloves is protected against flexing damages, ozone, sun rays and other harsh weather conditions because they contain neoprene polychloroprene. Choose from medium, large, extra large and 2X-large sizes.

Here are a few other Cestus anti-vibration gloves you might like:
  • Cestus Deep II Gel Oil & Gas Anti Vibration Gloves — large, black/orange
  • Cestus Pro Series Polychloroplene Turbinator Windproof Anti Vibration Gloves — black
  • Cestus M Turbinator Anti Vibration Gloves — medium, green/black
The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Anti Vibration Gloves are designed for the full protection of your hands, fingers and palms from fatigue and injuries. Want some more cost-effective dexterity gloves? Opt for the Mechanix Wear Specialty High Dexterity Anti Vibration Gloves in an hourglass finger design for minimal overlap of materials.

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Anti Vibration Gloves — Available in 10 Colors & 6 Sizes

Mechanix Wear expanded its customer base from just the motorsports industry to cover construction workers, mechanics, law enforcement and military officers and trade professionals. The company is committed to designing innovative and advanced hand protection solutions based on leading material technology, anatomical designs and modern testing standards. With each pair of gloves, Mechanix guarantees customers safe and clean hands coupled with faster and better performance.

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Anti Vibration Gloves offer protection for your finger tips using the Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle by absorbing impact through a secure wrist fit. The knuckle guard also minimizes injuries related to pinching and impacts. Whether you want a pair of gloves to use in construction, automotive, towing and transportation, maintenance and repair, DIY home improvement or operation of heavy equipment, these gloves have you covered.

Your index finger and thumb are supported for enhanced resistance to abrasion while working thanks to the inner dual-layer construction for fingertips. When there’s high vibration and aggression, the high-impact energy gets absorbed and dissipated through your palms by the gloves’ D30 palm padding. Whereas the Armortex panel is responsible for supporting your palms, the Form-Fitting TrekDry material ensures that your hands are comfortable and cool through its breathable padding.

The synthetic leather used on these gloves is strong. Easily clean them in your washing machine to ensure they’re clean before storage.

Here are a few other Mechanix Wear anti-vibration gloves you might like:
  • Mechanix Wear Covert Anti Vibration Gloves — medium, black, pro
  • Mechanix Wear Coyote Anti Vibration Gloves — small, black/beige, pro
  • Mechanix Wear FastFit Anti Vibration Gloves — elastic cuff, black/gray, stretch panels
The Superior Glove Vibrastop Anti Vibration Gloves come in a half-finger design to protect your hands and improve their grip when operating heavy equipment. Prefer polymer padded gloves with an elastic wrist for snugly fitting anti-vibration gloves? Opt for the Superior Vibrastop Nylon Full Finger Anti Vibration Gloves with seamless lines and fingertip protection.

Superior Glove Works Vibrastop Anti Vibration Gloves — Available in 3 Sizes

Superior Glove boasts at least 2500 glove styles ranging from sleeves to string-knit gloves, among other innovative variations. As the most flexible and vertically-integrated glove manufacturer based in North America, the company has all the labor, state-of-the-art technologies, machines and processes and testing laboratories needed to deliver premium hand protection gloves. It also uses high quality materials to make inventive, functional and appealing gloves.

The Superior Glove Vibrastop Anti Vibration Gloves come in a half finger design, which means your fingertips aren’t protected and thus you can only use the gloves in the recommended application areas. Padded with polymer to dampen high-impact vibration, these gloves offer protection for your palms and the base of your fingers.

For optimal performance and minimal effect of vibration on your hands, use these gloves when undertaking maintenance jobs, repetitive impact work, or using grinding, pneumatic or sanding tools. They’re available in medium, extra large and large sizes to choose from.

Here are a few other Superior Glove anti vibration gloves for your consideration:
  • Superior Glove Lumberworks Chainsaw Anti Vibration Gloves — cut resistant, green/black
  • Superior Glove Endura Oilbloc Goatskin Anti Vibration Gloves — large, orange
  • Superior Glove Leather Surge Extrication Anti Vibration Gloves — large, yellow/black

How Do I Choose the Best Anti Vibration Glove?

Work that involves the use of power tools can mean a great risk of injury to your arms and hands. High impact tools such as jackhammers and pneumatic tools can create a lot of vibration and can therefore cause injuries such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and carpal tunnel syndrome. You can avoid these sorts of things by using anti-vibration gloves, even if you’re working with tools that heavily impact your arms.

These handy gloves, if you’ll forgive the pun, help to reduce the shock and the vibrations from the tools as they’re eventually passed on to the central nervous system, which may actually cause irreversible damage such as the aforementioned HAVS. Anybody using power saws, power drills, grinders, sanders, high-impact wrenches, jackhammers and other heavy tools must use anti-vibration gloves if they want to be safe from any potential accidents or long-term effects.

Choosing the best anti-vibration gloves is therefore highly important to maintain your health. The gloves should also be used with machines that already have anti-vibration technology in them for maximum safety. Anti-vibration gloves also allow you to get a good grip on the machine being operated, allowing you to improve your performance while at the same time protecting yourself.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to work for a lot longer if there’s not a lot of impact getting to your hands and causing fatigue almost instantly. With the use of anti-vibration gloves, you’re able to avoid accidents that could occur due to your hands getting tired. A good pair of anti-vibration gloves also offer comfort and flexibility when you’re working.

This is a review of various types of anti-vibration gloves, which include both fingerless and full finger gloves. After picking the type of anti-vibration gloves you want, we hope that this guide can help you make an informed decision on what’s best for you.
The price of a pair of anti-vibration gloves depends largely on their design and the quality of materials used. The gloves are made to manage certain degree of shock and vibration using different kinds of technology. The features on the gloves are also a big determinant of the functionality of the glove and therefore the price as well.

Cheap anti-vibration gloves should be avoided because they’re not able to dampen the high impact from the tools you use. They also don’t last too long, and often cannot maintain the comfort levels required while using high impact tools. Go for gloves that offer you high quality because it’s your health at risk. You may also want to look at gloves that you can use for a long time. You’ll find good quality anti-vibration gloves in a price range of $15 to $150.
The most important features of anti-vibration gloves are those that help dampen shock received by your arms. The gloves should be highly padded to ensure that all the shock is absorbed. The palm surface should also be able to provide a good grip on the tools. Some gloves also use certain gels to help absorb vibration energy. It’s important to know what to look for in a pair of anti-vibration gloves before purchasing one.

Here are the features to look out for in anti vibration gloves:
  • Padding on the palm and knuckles for comfort
  • Mesh for increased breathability
  • Back hand protection and cloth for wiping sweat
  • Adjustable strap to secure the glove to your wrists
  • Vibration dampening capability
  • Pods on the palms for better grip
  • Tested and proven to work
With a good pair of anti-vibration gloves, you can work peacefully knowing that your hands are protected from the harmful effects of the vibration caused by high impact tools.
Construction and Design
Type — Anti-vibration gloves can be categorized into two types: the fingerless, half, three-quarter gloves and those with full fingers. The fingerless ones have protection for the palm, letting the fingers stay free. The type to use depends largely on the kind of tool that you’ll be operating.

If you need your fingers to be free while using a given tool and only have protection for the palms, then a fingerless anti-vibration glove will do the job. These are great when working on a motorcycle because they let you get into tighter spaces while still protecting the bulk of your hands. However, if you’re working with high impact tools, you need to ensure that the entire hand is protected.

Design — The design of anti-vibration gloves has evolved overtime and continues to change as the manufacturers aim to provide the best gloves on the market. The changes have seen the use of different materials and varying degrees of padding on the gloves. They’ve also added different textures on the gloves to increase your grip on tools.

The design changes also ensure that you get maximum comfort while using the gloves. There are so many different designs available to meet the different needs of users, so choose a design suitable for your job.

Size — Anti-vibration gloves come in different sizes to fit different sizes of hands. Men’s gloves start from 7 inches for the smallest size all the way up to 11 inches. On the other hand, women’s gloves start from 6 inches to 8 inches for the maximum size. This is the circumference of the palm of your hand. Measure your palm size using a tape measure to determine the exact size of the glove that you need. We advise you to get gloves that fit snugly, but not tight or oversize.

Material — Most manufacturers use different kinds of materials on the anti-vibration gloves to serve different functions. The materials used most by manufacturers include leather, cotton, Kevlar, polyester, spandex, nylon and mesh fabric. These materials are the most favorable because they allow the glove to be washable, robust, durable, breathable and flexible.

Any specific glove is usually made using more than one material, giving the gloves their high functionality. For instance, the mesh fabric makes certain gloves highly breathable.

Color — Anti-vibration gloves also come in different colors. Cool, dark colors are the best because they conceal dirt and stains. However, reflective anti-vibration gloves are usually brightly colored for use not just during the day, but also at night for increased visibility.
Performance and Ease of Use
The ability of anti-vibration gloves to dampen and absorb shock and vibration depends on the padding material used. The most common padding materials are gel, foam and air packets. You should choose the gloves that use gel as the padding material. This is because air packets can break while foam wears off. Gel, on the other hand, lasts for a long time and can absorb a lot of shock.

The gloves also offer back hand protection to ensure that you’re protected in case your hand is subjected to any other risk. The straps on the gloves offer support for the wrists while securing the gloves firmly on your hands so that they won’t slip out while you work. For the greatest security and peace of mind, buy gloves certified by the relevant bodies such as ISO or American National Standards Institute, ANSI.

The certifications confirm that the gloves can really offer you anti-vibration protection. Certifications are given based on some regulations and standards set out by the certifying bodies. Consider getting a glove that’s easily washable either by machine or hand as you prefer. Good anti-vibration gloves should be breathable to reduce sweating and maintain a favorable temperature inside the gloves.

Get the Best Anti Vibration Glove of 2023!

Whether you’re a mason, a construction worker, a carpenter or even an auto mechanic, there’s a perfect pair of anti-vibration gloves out there that’ll make your job both easier and safer. We hope that this review was helpful and you found a fitting pair of anti-vibration gloves for your specific area of application. In case you need something else, check out our other glove reviews.

Our Top Choice
Ironclad Wrenchworx Vibration Impact Gloves
Best Value
Impacto Blackmaxx Anti-Vibration Glove
Cestus TrembleX-5 Anti Vibration Gloves
Mechanix Wear M-Pact Anti Vibration Gloves
Superior Glove Vibrastop Anti Vibration Gloves