Best Apple IPhone Reviews 2023

The iPhones from Apple are some of the most popular smartphones throughout the world. They are easy to use, attractive, sophisticated, and practical. We have selected five excellent iPhones in a mixture of price points, and we will talk about them in greater detail in this review. We also have a review of some of the best smartphones in 2017 if you are interested in seeing a few Android-enabled devices as well. In the meantime, let's see what today's iPhones can do!
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Our Top Choice
Apple iPhone 7 - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
The Apple iPhone 7 was released in September 2016 and it is one of the most innovative smartphones to date. It is water resistant and captures gorgeous pictures.
4K video recording. Available in different colors and memory sizes. Superb, crystal-clear display. Long battery life. 7MP frontal camera.
Isolated complaints that the home button is unresponsive sometimes.
4.7 inches, 750x1334 pixels
12MP back, 7MP front
32GB, 128GB or 256GB
Water resistant, quad-led flash
5 colors available
Best Value
Apple iPhone 6s - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
The Apple iPhone 6S comes with a sophisticated camera with dual-LED flash and a powerful processor. It incorporates numerous useful preinstalled applications and runs on iOS9.
Exquisite front camera. Attractive display with 3D Touch. Powerful GPU for a better graphical experience.
Isolated complaints that it gets hot when running games or certain applications.
4.7 inches, 750x1334 pixels
12MP back, 5MP front
16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB
6-core graphics, HDR, Apple Pay
4 colors available
Apple iPhone 5s - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
The Apple iPhone 5S is more affordable than its bigger brothers while still preserving many useful features, such as the fingerprint sensor, FullHD video recording and more.
Compact, lightweight, attractive, excellent for people with small hands. Available in 3 colors and 3 memory sizes. Crystal-clear display.
Some customers complained that the display is too small. In this case, go for the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.
4 inches, 640x1136 pixels
8MP back, 1.2MP front
16GB, 32GB or 64GB
Touch ID fingerprint sensor
3 colors available
Apple iPhone SE - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
The Apple iPhone SE has been specially designed for those who love small smartphones. It incorporates breathtaking technology, yet it remains compact and lightweight.
Available in 2 memory sizes and 4 color options. High-tech camera. Slo-mo recording possible. 4" IPS display. Excellent graphical experience.
Some complaints that it gets hot while gaming. This usually happens with very advanced smartphones.
4 inches, 640x1136 pixels
12MP back, 1.2MP front
16GB or 64GB
Apple Pay, Retina flash, 4K video
4 colors available
Apple iPhone 4S - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
The Apple iPhone 4S is still quite popular today, as it has decent features and a compact, lightweight design. This device comes with the Siri assistant and fits easily into your pocket.
Compact, lightweight and easy to operate. Unlocked. 16GB internal space. Fast Wi-Fi connectivity. Dual-core processor.
Doesn’t come with a lot of innovative features, but the price tag is much more affordable.
3.5 inches, 640x960 pixels
8MP back, VGA front
8GB or 16GB
Siri assistant, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Black or white

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What is the Best Apple IPhone?

All iPhones are attractive and practical, so, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which one you pick as long as it is a product made by Apple! If you have specific preferences, check out the following five models, and see which one fits your lifestyle the best.
Our Top Choice
The Apple iPhone 7 is fresh out of the oven and packs multiple attractive features. It is available with up to 256GB of memory and in several different colors. If you need a larger screen, then go for its bigger brother, the mighty Apple iPhone 7 Plus which has a screen of 5.5 inches.

Apple iPhone 7 US Unlocked 32GB Version, Available in 5 Colors, Multi Touch Display, 4.7" Screen Size

The iPhone 7 is one of the most advanced and sophisticated smartphones on the market, yet it preserves the classic Apple-style of high quality design and simplicity. This device comes with iCloud to improve its data safety and security.

Let's find out some more interesting features about this iPhone.
  • 12MP camera that can shoot videos in 4K
  • Display has 4.7 inches and features IPS technology
  • The phone is completely water resistant
  • Home button is more sophisticated than ever, featuring tactile feedback
  • Processor powered by an A10 chip gives better performance and increased battery life
Best Value
The Apple iPhone 6S, released in September 2015, has remained a popular and attractive smartphone. It comes in different memory sizes and colors with a home button that is super-fast and accurate. If you would prefer it with a larger screen size, then go for the Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple iPhone 6S GSM Unlocked Smartphone wwith 4G LTE, 32GB, 12 MP Camera – Available in 4 Colors

The iPhone 6S from Apple is not the latest model, but it is still a fabulous piece of technology! This model comes with 3D Touch, an innovative feature that changes the way you interact with your smartphone. It is currently one of the most popular types of iPhones out there.

Here are the highlights of this device.
  • 4.7 inch IPS display is crystal-clear and it has a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels
  • Available in 4 colors and 4 different memory sizes
  • Powered by an A9 processor clocked at 1.84 GHz
  • 12MP camera records video in 4K and features HDR technology
  • Siri is available in 6S - improved and more sophisticated than in previous models
The Apple iPhone 5S is surprisingly powerful for such a compact device, an impressive little package that is available in 3 different colors and memory sizes. It has a super-fast fingerprint sensor and is capable of 1080p recording. If you love your device – and you will - then protect it from shocks and scratches using a leather case from Apple!

Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked Smartphone, Available in 3 Colors, 4" Display, 8MP Camera, Fingerprint Sensor

If your budget is a little smaller, but you still want to own an iPhone, then it would be a great idea to go for the iPhone 5S from Apple. This smartphone is still jam-packed with useful features and is guarded by a fingerprint sensor.

Let's explore the advantages of this model from Apple.
  • You can buy it in 3 different memory sizes and 3 colors
  • Features an 8MP rear camera that can record video in FullHD (1080p)
  • A7 processor assisted by an M7 chip produces an enhanced graphical experience
  • 4" screen has a resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels
  • Comes with 3.5mm jack and a built-in speaker
The Apple iPhone SE is one of the most sophisticated and powerful smartphone that features a 4 inch display. It is available in 2 memory options and 4 colors, an unassuming appearance which it will amaze you with what it can do. If you want to see on your TV what's on your iPhone SE, then get the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter as well.

Apple iPhone SE Unlocked Phone with 12MP iSight Camera, 4K Video Recording, Available in 4 Colors

Can you believe that a smartphone with a screen size of just 4 inches is capable of 4K video recording? This is just one of the tasks that the Apple iPhone SE is capable of. This phone preserves a compact and lightweight design, identical to the one of 5S model, yet it boasts performance figures comparable to those of an iPhone 6S.

Let's find out more about this surprisingly powerful iPhone.
  • Available in 4 different color options and 2 memory sizes
  • 4" display is LED backlit and features Multi Touch technology
  • 12MP camera can record video in 4K at 30fps or slo-mo video in 1080p at 120fps
  • Frontal camera has 1.2MP and it is great for taking selfies
  • Fingerprint sensor built-in the Home button
The Apple iPhone 4S is still going strong several years after its original release. Compact, lightweight and packed with tons of features, such as the Siri assistant, a dual-core processor, and an 8MP camera. If your budget is smaller, then go for the Apple iPhone 4S 8GB instead.

Apple iPhone 4S Unlocked Cellphone with 3.5 Inch Display, 8MP Camera, 16GB Memory

The last one in our list is the compact Apple iPhone 4S which is still quite popular, despite being originally released back in 2011. The operating system of this iPhone can be updated to a newer version and it has a long battery life.

Here are additional features related to this smartphone.
  • Equipped with an 8MP camera
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 3.5 inch display has a high-resolution for crystal-clear text and pictures
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi

How Do I Choose the Best Apple IPhone?

The world of smartphones has been completely revolutionized by the appearance of iPhones back in the beginning of this century. The creator of iPhones, Steve Jobs, wanted a simplistic, attractive, and practical digital companion that people could fit into their back pockets, and that’s how the iPhone was born. At first, everyone told Steve that it is impossible to create a fully functional smartphone with a single physical button, but his perseverance (or some might call it stubbornness) was huge, and it eventually paid off. Nowadays, you can go for a regular smartphone or a Samsung smartphone (Apple's main competitor), but having an iPhone will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Better still, pair it with a beautiful iPad and all your digital needs are fulfilled!

Keep reading this guide if you are interested in buying an Apple iPhone for you or for someone you love. We are going to cover a couple of technical details without sounding too geeky, and hopefully by the end of this article you'll know exactly what iPhone you want.
The word in town is that Apple iPhones are relatively expensive, but that’s just half the story. The question is, would you pay a fair price for a very advanced product equipped with the latest technology? If the answer is yes then you know that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover and paying between approximately $50 and $750 for an iPhone is not a bad deal. The price of an iPhone is influenced by the model you are choosing, its internal memory, and, of course, color.

For example, an iPhone 7 with a memory of 256GB in rose gold color would definitely cost more than the 5S model with an internal memory of 16GB (remember that iPhones don’t accept memory cards). For older models, you will probably go for a refurbished version which is still usable, with the added benefit that the price is considerably lower. However, don’t make the mistake of settling for excessively cheap Apple iPhones (usually much less than $50) because they are almost always fake and unreliable.
Buying an iPhone is as simple as buying a regular smartphone, but if you don’t know much about these gadgets, here are a couple of characteristics you need to keep in mind.
  • Color - Since Apple iPhones are specifically designed to be beautiful as well as functional, the color you pick will significantly influence how much you will love your iPhone in the future!
  • Display - More recent models have larger displays, around five inches in size. Older models have smaller displays, usually up to four inches.
  • Camera - The story is similar here as newer models have improved cameras with the ability of recording video in 4K. If you love to snap pictures, go for a more recent model.
  • Memory - This is another important aspect as the internal memory is all that you get with an iPhone, so if you record videos often or want to have all the music with you, go for a model with a larger internal memory. Of course, there are also cloud options for you (where you can store more data for a fixed monthly price), but that’s another story.
We are aware that picking an iPhone is never an easy task as all of them are attractive and functional, but try to do your best. Is shooting high-quality photos an important aspect for you? Do you want a large screen for watching YouTube videos and movies? Do you need a lot of space because you take a lot of pictures regularly? Answer these questions and then you will know which iPhone is the best for you.
Construction and Design
Apple iPhones are some of the most attractive and beautiful smartphones out there because they have a symmetrical design and are manufactured from a blend of eye-catching materials such as aluminum, glass, and so on. We have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like the design of an iPhone! Starting with the 5S model, iPhones have a fingerprint sensor which gets increasingly more accurate and faster as new models are released. This enables you to unlock your iPhone using your finger and even pay for goodies through certified services and apps online.

The display of an iPhone has always been the strong point of this gadget as it is always crystal clear and colorful. Starting with the 6S model, the display is also sensitive to how much pressure you apply. If you tap gently, you activate an option; if you press the same spot harder, you activate other options. This function is called 3D touch, and it is highly popular among iPhone users.

When it comes to cameras, we are not going to get into too many details as we are not expert photographers. However, you should know that the engineers at Apple have always equipped their models with state-of-the-art digital cameras. The compact and lightweight iPhone SE shoots in 4K which is an amazing feat for such a small phone. Lastly, starting with the 5S model, you can take advantage of the convenient USB-C cable which connects to your iPhone for charging and data transfer in any position.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using an Apple iPhone is a simplistic, yet exciting experience because it only has one button (except for those for volume of course). Through the touch screen, you can control everything with a single hand. This allows you to text, call, and browse the internet while you do other things such as eating. Buying an Apple iPhone also gives you access to the broad App Store which contains thousands of useful applications including news, GPS, and maps systems. Feel free to explore this new Apple world. We are sure that you will completely fall in love with your Apple iPhone!

Get the Best Apple IPhone of 2023!

We hope you enjoyed this review on some of the best Apple iPhones out there, and you have already spotted your favorite model. The late Steve Jobs did a wonderful job creating these digital masterpieces, and, frankly, each and every one of us deserves one. So which one would you pick?

Our Top Choice
Apple iPhone 7 - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
Best Value
Apple iPhone 6s - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
Apple iPhone 5s - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
Apple iPhone SE - Unlocked Apple Smartphone
Apple iPhone 4S - Unlocked Apple Smartphone