Best Aquarium Stand Reviews 2020

To any fish hobbyist, an in-home aquarium is so much more than a place for your aquatic pets. It also functions as a piece of art or a room’s focal point. However, side tables or stacked milk crates aren’t the way you’d like to display your aquarium. You want something that will be practical for your tank and add to the surrounding’s décor. This is why we’ve compiled this list of what we believe are the best stands from five of the best aquarium stand brands in the market.
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Our Top Choice
Altra Furniture Flipper Aquarium Stand
Altra Furniture provides trendy yet environmentally responsible and incredibly affordable furnishings.
This tank stand can hold either 10- or 20-gallon tanks and the cubbies allow for displays. The cupboard can store your tank supplies.
Due to being delivered unassembled, there are reports of it being a bit tricky to assemble and being unsteady if not assembled correctly.
Flipping / Reversible Stand
15.7 x 25 x 28 in., 42 lbs.
10 to 20 gal.
Laminated MDF & particleboard
Best Value
Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand
Aqueon’s main priority is ensuring the well-being of your aquatic pets while providing beautiful products to display them in.
TThe rust-resistant base keeps the stand looking fresh, and it’s a piece of cake to assemble. It can hold up to two tanks.
There were reports of some manufacturer’s issues such as unnecessary metal pieces.
Dual Tank Stand
28.5 x 18.2 x 5 in., 15.5 lbs.
24 x 12 in. or 30 x 12 in tank
Metal base with wood panels
Black and brown
SC Aquariums Starfire Aquarium Stand
SC Aquariums takes pride in providing their customers with top quality aquariums and accessories to create beautiful homes for fish and other underwater pets.
This aquarium stand comes in black and cherry along with dual opening doors and a matching 50-gallon tank.
There isn’t a built-in lighting system included.
Stand and full system
Not Specified
50 gal.
Black or cherry
Imagitarium Brooklyn Aquarium Stand
Imagitarium by Petco takes care of all your essential aquatic animal needs, from decorative accessories to terrariums!
The adjustable feet allow for ideal alignment, and this design comes in a variety of sizes suitable for most aquariums.
There were isolated reports of not enough adjustable shelving.
36.5 x 18.5 x 29.5 in.
40 gal.
Steel black
Fluval Nano Stand
Fluval has created a reputation for innovation and performance, creating inspiring aquariums.
It can be used both horizontally and vertically and is available in a larger size that includes shelving.
It isn’t made of hardwood.
Nano Tank Stand
2.5 x 12.5 x 22 in.
7 gal.
Compressed fiber board/laminate

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What is the Best Aquarium Stand?

Buying an aquarium stand is a wise decision, as it makes both the house and the aquarium look more elegant. Since you’ve made up your mind to get an aquarium stand, we will give you a breakdown of the best aquariums stands for your home.
Our Top Choice
The Altra Flipper Aquarium Stand is versatile in terms of tank sizes and has a smart midnight black finish that will definitely add to your home’s décor. This stand is a great solution for someone who either can’t decide between tank sizes or wants to upgrade in the near future. However, if you’d prefer a larger size, we suggest taking a look at the Altra Furniture Harbor Aquarium Stand for 29-37 gallon aquariums.

Altra Furniture Flipper 10/20 Gallon Wood Aquarium Stand

Ameriwood Home, formerly known as Altra Furniture, is a company that provides an assortment of furniture to make your house a home. They aim to improve the comfort and lives of their customers by offering top quality products that meet their furnishing needs.

The Altra Flipper Aquarium Stand is an amazing choice for those who want the most out of their money as it’s able to switch from supporting a 10-gallon tank to supporting a 20-gallon tank. You won’t have to worry about upgrading your tank – all you’d have to do is flip the stand to accommodate your new tank! With two cubbies and a cupboard, you can spruce up this stand with your decorations while hiding your tank accessories. The tiered looks on the tops and bases have an elegant finish that will make it a lovely accent for any home.
Best Value
Say goodbye to ugly, boring aquarium stands and say hello to customization and style with reversible panels and multi-tank capabilities. If metal isn’t your cup of tea, take a gander at this wooden Aqueon Bow Stand.

Aqueon Forge Steel Aquarium Stand – Available in 2 Sizes

Aqueon was started by avid aquatic hobbyists and currently offers a massive array of aquariums and accessories. The first of their kind, their most important goal is the well-being of aquatic life.

We chose to feature the Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand because of how easily it can be customized to fit your home and personal style. Not only are the wood panels reversible from brown to black, but with both a bottom and top shelf you can fit not one but two aquariums per stand. It’s incredibly easy to set up and boasts a sturdy steel construction for extra stability. Don’t worry about tarnishing from spills or leaks, as it’s equipped with a powder-coated, rust-resistant finish. This stand is available is two different sizes.
Don’t bother going from place to place gathering all the accessories needed to start your dream aquarium when the Starfire Aquarium Stand comes with everything you need for both saltwater and freshwater. If you like the idea of purchasing a full aquarium system but need something larger, we recommend the SC Aquarium 66 Gallon full system as a great alternative.

SC Aquariums 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package 24x24x20" – Available in 2 Colors

SC Aquariums is a distributor of ideal equipment for your dream aquarium display. From tanks to filters, they have it all and ready to deliver right to your door!

SC Aquariums Starfire Aquarium Stand is a superb choice for anyone looking to get serious with their aquarium setup as it includes everything you need – just add water and fish! Don’t let the price put you off because you’d get far more than a stand. Features and accessories included with this product are:
  • Return loc lines
  • All of the necessary piping and tubes
  • Three-chamber pump
  • SCA-301 65-gallon skimmer
  • PH2500 utility return pump 
  • Filter media
  • Return pump
  • Saltwater ready
This aquarium stand is made of solid steel, making it suitable for holding a 40-gallon tank. The pristine black finish gives it a modern look. The Imagitarium Brooklyn Stand is great for large tanks, but if you don’t have a large tank and have a taste for classic design, we suggest looking at the Imagitarium Newport Wooden Aquarium Stand.

Imagitarium Brooklyn 40 Gallon Metal Tank Stand

Imagitarium is a line of products for aquatic animals, offered and sold at Petco. Some tems from this brand include gravel sifters, fish food, and filters.

The Imagitarium Brooklyn Aquarium Stand is a strong and sturdy product made of solid steel, which can support a 40-gallon tank. It’s available in a variety of sizes to suit your tank’s needs. The black finished steel has a sleek, modern feel that will give an edge to any room in your home. Its adjustable feet allow for ideal alignment and this stand will look magnificent with most aquariums and terrariums.
The affordable pricing, Nano tank compatibility, and stylish oak finish make this Fluval Nano aquarium stand a well-rounded winner for any fish hobbyist. If you’d prefer an upright-only aquarium stand with cabinets for your tank accessories, then we suggest taking a look at the espresso-colored Fluval Accent stand.

Fluval Nano Tank Stand in Natural Oak, 22 Inch

For over thirty-five years, fish enthusiasts have trusted and depended on Fluval, making them a world leader in aquatic products. They have a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced products such are their G series Filters which reflect their dedication to the industry.

We’ve chosen to feature the Fluval Nano Stand because of its affordable price and compatibility with Fluval Nano Aquarium tanks. It’s created with an oak finish for a beautiful, sturdy product which can be used horizontally or vertically. It’s easy to assemble and is great to help you show off your Nano Aquarium in your home. This stand can also be purchased in a larger size that allows for center panels to be used for shelves or dividers.

How Do I Choose the Best Aquarium Stand?

Just like a vase is to a flower, a frame to a picture and a key ring to your keys, so is an aquarium stand to an aquarium. Aside from having a beautiful aquarium with healthy fish in it, it is also important to have the best available stand in the market.

Imagine having a beautiful flower in a chipped, dirty, or unfashionable vase! At the same time, imagine having your beautiful Mercedes Benz keys attached to some dirty, old piece of plastic in place of a proper key holder! It does not look good, right? The same principle applies if you rest your aquarium on a crate of beer or some old furniture. It actually negates the whole experience of having an aquarium as the centerpiece of the house. As a rule, it is paramount to have a beautiful aquarium stand for absolute elegance in the home.

Good stands complement aquariums. Buying the best stand for a decorative and functional aquarium will magnify the interior design of your home and highlight the aquarium as the focal point.

The stand can support a lizard aquarium or a fish tank. If you already have a fish tank with a well fitted pump, then a good aquarium stand is the next step. In addition, to improve the functionality of your fish tank, it is important to look for the best filter in the market that will fit your aquarium. That said, showcasing your aquarium does not necessarily mean that the stand has to be expensive or complicated. There are simple stands, classic, and elegant ones. Below are some of the major aspects you should consider when buying an aquarium stand.
Aquarium stands are fairly inexpensive. The prices mostly depend on the material that is used to make the stand. Glass stands are usually more expensive than wooden ones. Nonetheless, the price will range from about $40 to $800. This, however, does not mean that the prices cannot go higher than that. You might need to dig a little deeper for the more modern and popular brands.

As for the cheaper aquarium stands, the size might be a little small for your liking, and the material and construction might not be strong enough to safely support your aquarium. This means you should be prepared to spend a little more to get your desired stand.
If you happen to be a fish enthusiast, here are some aspects of the aquarium stand that you should watch out for:
  • Type and Design -Depending on your taste, you can get an adjustable, reversible or a nano stand.
  • Size -Take into account the size of your aquarium to get an indication of the size of stand you should look for.
  • Capacity -The capacity of your stand should correspond to the number of gallons that your aquarium can hold. Good stands can hold from 6 to 60 gallons.
  • Materials -Depending on the weight of your fish tank, along with your aesthetic preferences, you can choose from wood, steel, or other materials.
  • Color -Match the color of the stand to the color of your decor or fish tank.
Construction and Design
You should look at a product from different perspectives before buying it. Apart from price, there is a lot to look for in a product. For example, you should not ignore type and style. Below is a comprehensive list of these vital aspects:
  • Flipping/Reversible Stand- Some aquarium stands can be switched from a 10-gallon stand to a 20-gallon stand to suit your needs.
  • Dual Tank Stand- With a dual tank stand, you can actually have two aquariums on a single stand. This saves you space in the room.
  • Stand and Full System- Why buy a stand and an aquarium separately? Some aquarium stands are fitted with an aquarium on top. While they might be relatively pricey, a match is guaranteed.
  • Modern/Adjustable- Some aquarium stands are flexible, making assembly easier.
  • Nano Tank Stand- Depending on the size of your aquarium, you can always use it vertically or horizontally; meaning that you can use any side of the stand.
People have different tastes and preferences. Most people consider color when buying a product. Like other products, aquarium stands come in different colors including brown, oak, black or cherry. Besides, you need to select a stand that matches your aquarium.

Sometimes I wish everything was made to last forever. It makes sense to buy a product that lasts. Aquarium stands are made with different durable materials including steel and wood. Also, some stands are carefully fitted with wood panels, making them more durable.
Performance and Ease of Use
Capacity is at the heart of a stand’s performance. The higher the capacity, the bigger the workload it can handle. In this case, it is important to note the capacity of the fish tank in question before deciding on the stand. If you are considering increasing the size of your aquarium in the future, you might need to select an aquarium stand that is bigger than your present one.

At times, you might need to move your aquarium. That is a good reason to find a portable aquarium stand. Aquarium stands come in different sizes and weights. If you get a lighter one, you can move them from one point to another within your home or office.

Whereas some aquarium stands are fixed with screws to the aquarium, others are not. Depending on your selection, all aquarium stands are easy to handle.

Get the Best Aquarium Stand of 2020!

We hope that after reading our review you have a better understanding of the types of aquarium stands available to you, whether you are a new or veteran fish hobbyist!

Our Top Choice
Altra Furniture Flipper Aquarium Stand
Best Value
Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand
SC Aquariums Starfire Aquarium Stand
Imagitarium Brooklyn Aquarium Stand
Fluval Nano Stand