Best Arcade Basketball Game Reviews – Indoor Basketball Shooting Game Arcade Systems for Adults, Teens, and Kids

You’ll agree with us that playing games at the arcade is one of the most memorable moments of one’s childhood. Well, your family can also experience such moments by adding an arcade basketball game to your game room. We at Top Products realize that shopping for ideal gaming equipment can be a cumbersome affair. For this reason, we have gone to great lengths and brought you products from some of the best arcade basketball game brands that will transform your home into a fun-filled zone!

For our featured products, we chose indoor basketball shooting game arcade systems that would be perfect for any basement, game room or man cave. While they are not meant to be left outside, you can also use them outdoors. Further down in this article, we also showcase 4 of our favorite over the door style indoor basketball shooting games — perfect for those of you with a smaller space but want an electronic basketball rim that keeps score.

Size-wise, the products we reviewed are adults, teens, and big kids, but many of our featured brands also have kid’s arcade basketball games too. However, there are also brands who specialize in kid’s basketball games. So if that’s what you are looking for, we wanted to show you some of our favorites to save you time.

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No. of balls
Our Top Choice
Double Hoop Shot Basketball Arcade Game
SHAQ, through Tri-Great USA, seeks to provide sports lovers with modern sporting goods that include the latest technology.
Both traditional and online gaming; easy set-up; heavy-duty metallic build; durable materials; includes four balls for non-stop play
Favorable for indoor games only; set-up requires more than one person
Double shot
48 x 22 x 4 in/ 36 pounds
4 basketballs
Electronic scoring
2 players
Best Value
Redline Alley-Oop Single Shootout Arcade Game
Redline is a leading distributor of quality recreational goods, sturdily built to provide you with exceptional service.
Easy-to-connect frame for quick set-up; powder-coated steel frame; sturdily built
Only allows one player, which is a bit limiting
Single shot game
81 x 81 x 26.75 in/ 26 pounds
2 basketballs
Electronic scoring
1 player
Lifetime Double Shot Basketball Arcade Game
Lifetime started back in 1986 with the aim of manufacturing quality and long-lasting products geared toward enjoying memorable moments.
Top-notch infrared scoring sensors; durable steel construction; adjustable nylon ramp; arcade-style electronic buzzers; folds up for storage
May be a bit pricey due to top-notch features
Double shot
49 x 28 x 4.5 in/ 87 pounds
7 basketballs
Infrared optical scoring
2 players
Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Double Shot Basketball
Eastpoint Sports is a family-oriented brand dedicated to offering you quality recreational products at the best possible price.
Sturdily built metallic frame; tough return net; up to eight different game modes; LED arcade-style scoreboard; durable metallic hoops
Requires constant replacement of batteries
Double shot
49.5 x 5 x 27 in/ 68.3 pounds
8 basketballs
LED electronic scoring
1-4 players
MD Sports 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game
MD Sports is a leading manufacturer of recreational products designed for both indoor and outdoor fun.
Energy-packed with stadium sound effects; easy set-up design; folds up for convenient storage; allows eight different game options
LED scoreboard may malfunction during intense play
Double shot
81 x 43 x 80.5 in/ 33.5 pounds
3 basketballs
LED electronic scoring
2 players

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What Is the Best Basketball Shooting Game Arcade? Read Our Arcade Basketball Game Reviews!

Thus far, you are probably aware that the strength of the frame and the nature of the scoring system are essential factors to consider when shopping. Let’s continue looking at some more features that will help you land the best arcade basketball game you can. But before we do, if you are tight on space, we wanted to show you our top picks for over the door style basketball arcade games. They are also perfect for die-hard ballers who want to continue the fun in other rooms!

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Our Top Choice
The Hoop Shot Cyber Basketball Arcade is a state-of-the-art gaming apparatus with an online application that allows you to play and share results on social media platforms. Need something smaller and less expensive for the kids? The Sportcraft Indoor Basketball Arcade Game takes 10 minutes to assemble the first time. It also folds for easy storage and only takes a few minutes to set up for shooting time!

EZ Fold Indoor Dual Basketball Game - Basketball Shooting Game Arcade for 2 Players with LED Scoring and Arcade Sounds


Shaquille O’Neal is among the best NBA players and is a master of the game. Consequently, he has a complete line of sporting goods which are marketed by Tri-Great USA, which is a reputable company with over 40 years of experience. This company has strategically partnered with certified and creditworthy brands to provide consumers with quality merchandise. One such brand is SHAQ, whose dependability on the court is reflected in his products.

The SHAQ Hoop Shot Cyber Basketball Arcade is an futuristic game that combines both the traditional way of shooting hoops and the more modern gaming style of playing online. Do you ever play so well that you wish to let the whole world know that you are an exceptional hoops shooter? Well, that’s the idea behind this game. Better yet, you can challenge fellow opponents online and find out who can match Shaq’s exceptional basketball skills!

Here’s more about this innovative arcade basketball game:

  • A patented locking system for easy assembly and storage
  • Includes four basketballs for quick play
  • Return net made of durable polyester fabric
  • Includes a selfie stick that attaches to the sides to capture gaming moments
  • The conventional game accommodates two competitive players
  • Has a heavy-duty frame made of steel with 1.25-inch tube diameter
  • The PC backboard is made of sturdy material
  • Includes a ball pump with an inflating needle
  • Has a built-in cell phone holder for greater convenience
  • Allows numerous game modes, both online and offline

Not digging the PC backboard? Not to worry since the backboard can also be made of MDF with a tube of 1.25 inches or 0.875 inches.

Best Value
The Redline Alley-Oop Single Shootout Arcade Basketball Game has a quick-connect frame that easily sets up in less than five minutes, allowing you unlimited indoor fun. Want a two hoop indoor basketball arcade game for shooting contests? The Lanos Electronic Basketball Arcade Game has 8 different scoring modes for single and double play. It’s also designed to look like a wooden b’ball court!

Redline Alley-Oop Single Basketball Shootout - Indoor Basketball Arcade Game with Quick Connect Easy-to-Assemble Fold-up Design Frame


Redline is a trusted name in providing leisure goods that are geared toward enjoying sporting activities. Renowned for creating innovative bikes, Redline is a force to reckon with in the sporting world. Their products are loved for being creative and dependable while in use. With their reasonable prices, you are guaranteed to get value for every penny, since the team at Redline strives to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

The Alley-Oop Single Shootout Arcade Basketball Game allows you to enjoy a game of hoops from the comfort of your home. Its compact size doesn’t eat up too much space, hence it can be situated even in a small place. Whether you are having some friends over or you want to have some fun moments with family, this arcade-style gaming equipment will allow you to do just that.

So, what features can you expect once you purchase this basketball game? Here they are:

  • Easy-to-connect frame for quick set-up
  • Assembly takes less than five minutes
  • Has an electronic scoring system with a timer
  • Magnetic scoring design ensures accuracy of scores
  • The light frame allows for easy storage even when space is limited
  • Allows only one player per game
  • Includes two basketballs that are made of good-quality material
  • Powered by both electricity and batteries
  • Recommended for players above ten years
  • Utilizes a power voltage of 110-220 volts
The Lifetime Double Shot Arcade Game features infrared scoring sensors and is perfect for having a dual shooting match since it allows both players to simultaneously play on either side. We also recommend the Franklin Sports Over the Door Basketball Hoop for other rooms, so you can play any time. It’s slam dunk approved and shatter resistant.

Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game – Adjustable Height Basketball Shooting Game with Digital Scoreboard, 12 Game Options


Utah-based Lifetime brand started out in a garage back in 1986 and, just like the name, the company is all about providing you with products that will serve you for life. From a father’s passion to build his family the ideal basketball hoop, Lifetime was born. From that humble background, the company has grown remarkably and now employs around 1500 people spread out across the globe. Founded on the pillars of innovation and quality, this brand has managed to create a niche for itself in the manufacture of kayaks, picnic tables and other recreational products.

Lifetime is all about creating long-lasting memories through fun and games, which is what having the Double Shot Arcade Basketball Hoops Game in your home will help achieve. This fun-filled hoops game is perfect for dual shooting since it allows players to play from either side with sufficient elbow room due to its wide backboard. You will definitely appreciate competing using this arcade-style basketball game since it’s filled with innovative features that are convenient, user-friendly and a sure value for your money.

Such features include:

  • Infrared optics that act as scoring sensors, allowing fast and precise play
  • Electronic buzzers that create an arcade-style environment
  • Sturdily built steel construction that’s powder-coated to prevent rusting
  • Strong nylon ramp whose straps are adjustable
  • Easily folds up for safe storage
  • Push pins that allow ramp to be folded and locked on the side
  • Backboard is adjustable and is made of good-quality fiber
  • Seven quality mini-basketballs, and comes with a pump too
  • Two rims measuring 12 inches and strong mesh nets
  • Uses both electric and battery power
  • A finish that doesn’t rust, scratch, peel or crack
The Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Double Shot Basketball boasts a sturdily built metal frame and an extra-strong return net, all geared to withstand intense play. Need a premium quality, commercial grade arcade basketball game? Check out the Pop-A-Shot Official PRO Dual Shot or the Pop-A-Shot Official PRO Single Shot basketball shooting game!

Eastpoint Sports Heavy Duty Deluxe Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game


At Eastpoint Sports, family fun comes first, which is evident in their recreational products. With vast experience in providing quality and reasonably priced goods, this brand is loved by numerous households. Their products reflect fun, quality and total value for your money. Whether you want to enjoy a game of foosball with friends or just play air hockey, Eastpoint Sports has got you covered. This brand’s dedicated team works endlessly to ensure that you never miss out on family fun!

The Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Double Shot Basketball Game is designed to transform your game room into a fun arcade in a matter of seconds. This basketball arcade game allows you to play eight different modes that you can enjoy either alone or with family and friends. Whether you want a one-on-one or a four-person tournament, this deluxe product will accommodate that. Regardless of the player’s age or skill set, one is bound to have fun competitively or casually when shooting hoops in this game.

Here are more features of this basketball arcade game:

  • Electronic LED scoreboard with arcade-style sounds
  • Sturdily built metallic frame that measures 1.5 inches
  • Extra-strong return nets that withstand intense play
  • Easy set-up design that folds up for convenient storage
  • Dual-height assembly, allowing it to fit into any room
  • Heavy-duty metallic hoops that accommodate arcade-like play

Transform your home into a fun-filled arcade by buying the Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Double Shot Basketball today!

  • Includes seven quality basketballs and a pump for easy maintenance
  • Accommodates 1-4 players, making it ideal for entertaining guests
  • Superbly designed for arcade-style basketball gaming experience
The MD Sports 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game is an arcade-style gaming experience with an electronic scoreboard and stadium sound effects to cheer you on as you shoot hoops. Need an indoor basketball arcade game for kids? The BESTKID BALL Indoor Basketball Game is our top pick. It’s a premium double shot basketball arcade game that’s kid sized so it won’t take up a lot of space.

MD Sports 2-Player Foldable Arcade Basketball Game - Basketball Shooting Game Arcade Features 8 Different Game Options


MD Sports is a brand dedicated to creating fun products for use by all members of the family. The brand strives to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards. Their accommodative prices have endeared them to families around the globe who loyally purchase their products. The two primary principles that guide MD Sports are creative fun designs and innovation in all their products.

The MD Sports 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game is designed with unlimited family fun in mind. This double-shot basketball game gives you a well-deserved break from your gym routine by allowing you to exercise in a fun and arcade-style manner. With features similar to an arcade experience, you and your loved ones will create some memorable moments in your family’s game room.

So what are the exact features of this arcade basketball game? Here they are:

  • An electronic MDF scoreboard to keep track of your game
  • Allows eight different gaming options
  • Has stadium-like sound effects to cheer you on
  • Easily folds up for convenient storage
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Includes three basketballs and inflating pump
  • Durable steel frame and side rims

Best Indoor Basketball Arcade Game Guide – What to Look for When Shopping for a Basketball Shooting Game Arcade

Remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait for summer in order to go fishing with your dad or join your grandma at her summer home? Our childhoods are filled with incredible memories, some of which we will forever cherish. One such memory is saving up your lunch money for a whole month and then blowing it at the arcade on a Saturday afternoon, playing all kinds of games with your pals. Well, your kids don’t have to go through such hustle since there are now arcade-style basketball games that will give them a similar experience right at home.

Arcade basketball games are designed to allow you shoot hoops in your family game room and share happy moments with family and friends. Just like foosball or air hockey, this game is designed for casual or competitive indoor play. It’s also an ideal way to bond with your loved ones. It’s also loved because it gives you a break from strenuous activities in the gym since you get to exercise in a fun way.

When in the market for the best arcade basketball game, it’s important to consider several things, such as its design, the material used to construct the game, the scoring system as well as the set-up procedure. In most cases, enough basketballs are provided to keep the game fast-paced. You may find that some of these products have sound effects and lights geared toward creating that arcade atmosphere. Getting one of these games will not only put a smile on your family’s face but will also help you create lifelong memories with them!

Video: Electronic Arcade Basketball Game

How to Play an Electronic Arcade Basketball Game. | Courtesy of HeyThatsMike

Creating an arcade atmosphere doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Within a price range of around $45 to $320, you will be a position to get a well-built and dependable arcade basketball game. There are various factors that affect the price of these games, such as the material used to construct them – games made using metallic frames tend to cost a bit more compared to their plastic counterparts. It’s worth noting that there are high-end basketball games that provide an enhanced arcade experience and even have electronic buzzers and built-in cameras to build up the game’s momentum.

That said, it’s not uncommon to be on a tight budget, especially when you want to purchase a variety of games for your game room. Well, you will find cheap arcade basketball games that we discourage you from buying in order to spare you any disappointments. Such games tend to be flimsily constructed with weak frames and sub-standard return nets that will make your gaming experience cumbersome. Since you have one shot at creating lifetime memories with your kids, ensure that you make every second count!


There are numerous providers of arcade-style basketball games and it’s essential to have a clue on what makes one product way ahead of others in the market. Here are some important features to look out for when out shopping for an arcade basketball game:

  • Type - The two common types of basketball games are those that only allow for single shots and those that allow double shots. Your choice will depend on whether you want to be competitive or just want a laid-back gaming experience.
  • Size - It’s important to consider the dimensions of the product to ensure that you get the ideal size that will comfortably fit in your gaming room without swallowing up all the space.
  • Number of balls - The majority of products include at least one basketball in their packages and some provide up to eight balls. The more the basketballs, the more fast-paced and enjoyable the game is.
  • Scoring -A scoreboard is a necessary addition so that you can easily keep track of the game. Even better when there’s LED scoring and a timer to bring the full arcade experience to the game.
  • Players - There are games designed to accommodate one player at a time while others allow up to four players. Of course the more players allowed, the merrier the game is.
Construction and Design

The most common design of an arcade basketball game is one with a backboard and an attached return net that gently slopes toward where the player stands to shoot the balls. The backboard can be made of MDF and often has a scoring board and hoops. An electronic LED scoring system is a common feature in these games, although you can still get by without it. The importance of a scoreboard and a timer is to build up the game and increase competitiveness.

Depending on the design of the game, there can be single, double or even triple hoops. The more hoops, the better, but it will depend on how much space you have available. The basketball game can have a metallic or plastic frame but all that matters is that the frame is sturdily built to hold firm even during intense play. The return net is also an important feature of the arcade basketball game and is often made of fabric such as polyester or strong nylon.

Manufacturers often provide you with basketballs, the number of which may vary from one brand to another. The essential thing is that the balls are of good quality and are adequate enough to keep the game going. Some designs have incorporated an online application to help enrich your gaming experience. With technological advances happening by the day, games have not been left behind. Can you picture a game which you can play conventionally or online with virtual basketballers? Amazing!

Video: Arcade Basketball Challenge

Fun Arcade Basketball Challenge. | Courtesy of
Performance and Ease of Use

The performance of an arcade basketball game depends on how well it allows you to shoot hoops without inconvenience. In many games, the more players, the merrier, and such is the case with this indoor game. Keeping track of the score is important and most of these games have an efficient scoring system that will keep the game running efficiently.

Assembling this game is pretty easy and manufacturers often provide a manual which you can follow. There are also YouTube videos to assist you with set-up. Some designs have a fast set-up procedure while others may require you to seek a helping hand for efficient assembly. In case you need to store the game, some products are made to easily fold up for convenient storage.

Get the Best Arcade Basketball Game of 2023!

Now that you have made it to the end of this review, it’s our sincere hope that you are better equipped to purchase the best arcade basketball game for your recreational needs. In the event that you didn’t find a perfect match in the products featured herein, feel free to explore more options from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
Double Hoop Shot Basketball Arcade Game
Best Value
Redline Alley-Oop Single Shootout Arcade Game
Lifetime Double Shot Basketball Arcade Game
Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Double Shot Basketball
MD Sports 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game

Arcade Basketball Game FAQs

What is an arcade basketball game?
An arcade basketball game is a miniaturized device for playing at home with family members. It includes a hoop and several balls for continuous play. Check out our review on the best arcade basketball games.
How to win a basketball arcade game?
To win a basketball arcade game, you need to score the highest number of points than your opponent.
How to assemble an arcade hoops basketball game?
You can assemble an arcade hoops basketball game using the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Since arcade basketball games come in different models, you have to follow the instructions to the letter.