Best Archery Target Reviews 2023

When it comes to picking an archery target, what exactly comes to your mind? Is it a target that is easy to set up, easily penetrable and removable? Do you have a preference for a target that’s meant for kids and adults or something suitable for both competitive sports and recreational use? We have spent many hours researching the best brands and have put together this review of our top five items from some of the best archery target brands as a guide to make your choice much easier.
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Targets size
No. of sides
Our Top Choice
Morell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Target
Morrell, a trusted name in the archery industry, delivers top quality in the Morell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Target.
Has 4 shooting sides. Easy arrow removal. Durable
Leaves residue on arrows. Color fades.
Bag target
6 bullseye
19 x 19 x 19 inches; 32 lbs
Best Value
Field Logic Block Genz Youth Archery Target
Field Logic is recognized internationally for its innovative products, and the Field Logic Block Genz Youth Archery Target lives up to expectations.
Easy arrow removal. Longer target life. Perfect for kids.
Edges come apart. Small target. Expensive.
Bag target
6 bullseye
16 x 17 x 7.5 inches; 5.6 lbs
Rinehart 18 in 1 Broadhead Archery Target
From the stables of Rhinehart Targets comes the incredibly life-like and uniquely designed Rinehart 18 in 1 Broadhead Archery Target.
Self healing foam. Eighteen targets in one. Durable.
Expensive. Hard to pull out arrow.
Bag Target
Info NOT provided
18 bullseye
2 lbs
Longbow Targets Arrowhead Target Face
When it comes to the world of archery, Longbow Targets is a top choice, and among its diverse products is the Longbow Targets Arrowhead Target Face.
Target paper is thick. Decent price. Super convenient.
Plain paper. Wrinkles easily.
Printed Paper
8, 20, 50, 200
1 bullseye
Info NOT provided
NXT Generation NXTITD – 3-D Deer Youth Target Inflatablee
NXT Generation is a brand synonymous with FUN, and the NXT Generation NXTITD – 3-D Deer Youth Target Inflatable provides ample opportunity for fun.
Inflatable. Can be used both in and outdoor. Deer stands 48” tall. Affordable
Can leak air. Not durable.
1 bullseye
18 x 36 x 48 inches; 1.5 lbs

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What is the Best Archery Target?

Have you been disappointed severely after picking an archery target? It could be due to limited knowledge on what to look for when choosing one. The reviews below will give you more details that should guide you in selecting the best for your particular need/situation.
Our Top Choice
The Morell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Target is every archer’s dream as it is a target that not only stops arrows with ease, but they can be pulled out with ease as well. Looking for something smaller or less expensive? The Morrell Yellow Jacket F\/P Bag Target is a sturdy two-sided archery target that might do the trick for you.

Morell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target – Cube Target with Four Shooting Sides

When it comes to quality products at the right price, Morrell targets are almost unrivalled. With over two decades of expertise, professionals believe that there is zero competition when it comes to archery targets that look better, last longer and provide more enjoyment for the shooter.

The Morell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Target is a beautifully crafted target, designed to stop speeds up to 400 FPS. The multiple target types on the sides of the cubes are very nice and keep you from getting bored from shooting the same picture all the time. There’s more to this target…
  • Patented Nucleus Center for unmatched durability
  • E-Z tote carrying handle
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Extended life target
  • Free standing
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Free stand
Best Value
The Block Genz Youth Archery Target is a category topper and represents the very latest in archery target technology that gives the consumer unmatched target life and performance. For an archery target that lets you practice your aim for deer hunting, check out the Field Logic Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target model 71000.

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target - Legendary Layered Technology

Field Logic boasts of numerous innovations that are designed specifically for the archery industry. When it comes to quality targets, consumers’ raves are unending.

The Block Genz Youth Archery Target was designed specifically with the young archer in mind. It is intended for bows of 40 pounds of draw weight or less. The Genz features legendary open-layered technology, which makes for easy arrow removal and longer target life no matter what kind of arrow tip the shooter is using. Other features include:
  • Uses legendary layered technology
  • Long target life
  • High contrast design
  • Designed specifically for the youth archer
  • Tough and durable
Tried several targets and still not satisfied? The Rinehart 18 in 1 Broadhead Archery Target provides a shooting thrill for its users. For archers who want an animal shaped target, the Woodland Boar 3D Target is just one of the numerous options that Rinehart offers.

Rinehart Targets 18 - 1 Broadhead Target – Block Style Archery Target with 18 Sides, Full Year Guarantee

Rhinehart Targets is one of the leading companies when it comes to innovative products that are durable and can provide fun and enjoyment for the whole family. With the current expansion to their retail target line, Rhinehart continues to make waves.

The Rinehart 18 in 1 Broadhead Archery Target is a target that shows you its best side every time and is also one of the longest archery targets you can get. With 18 vivid target zones made from solid self-healing foam, it can take arrow after arrow without losing its shape and integrity. Other key features include:
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand elements
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • 18 sides
The Arrowhead Target Face by Longbow Targets is a perfect choice for when you want a target with quality paper that will leave you satisfied. Longbow Targets also offers 40 cm Archery 5 SPOT and 3 SPOT Vegas Targets. Both styles are available in your choice of 8, 20, 50 or 200 packs.

Longbow Targets Paper Arrowhead Target Face – Good for Archery and Guns, Variety of Sizes and Ring/Bulls Eye Options, Multi-Packs Available for Savings

Longbow Targets has many converts due to its longstanding traditional cores when it comes to archery. With an excellent customer service designed to go the extra mile, Longbow Targets continues to top the charts.

The Longbow Targets Arrowhead Target Face with its multiple colors and size packs is designed to develop your archery and shooting skills. The heavy paper targets are manufactured to the strict 40 and 80cm archery standards. The fun part is they can be used for dual purposes: gun and archery applications. Other features include…
  • Heavy duty papers
  • Sold in bulk
  • Multi colored rings
  • Can be easily carried around
  • Great size
  • 40cm targets are packaged in 8, 20, 50 and 200 packs
NXT Generation is a fast-growing sportsman retailer guaranteed to keep youngsters occupied with its different target range. This target gives children a great beginners’ experience in archery. Don’t want your young child practicing on an animal? The NXT Generation Log Target is another indoor outdoor youth target with a large bull’s-eye.

NXT Generation 3-D Inflatable Deer Target – Not for Real Arrows/Tips, Designed for use with NXT Generation Ammo, Indoor and Outdoor Practice/Beginner Target

With its unwavering focus on making a line of target ranges that aid the development of both motor skills and eye coordination in youngsters, NXT Generation continues to blaze the trail by creating unique products that never disappoint.

The NXT Generation NXTITD – 3-D Deer Youth Target Inflatable is a sturdy target that provides its users with maximum fun and enjoyment. The deer stands 48” tall, giving kids a wide target. It is great for both indoors and outdoors and can be counted on to wow users. Here are other key features:
  • Inflatable 8pt whitetail deer
  • 6” round hook and loop target area
  • Ideal for ages 5 and up
  • Not easily knocked down

How Do I Choose the Best Archery Target?

Don’t you just love how Ygritte (Jon Snow’s girlfriend) in Game of Thrones is perfect with her bow and arrow? If you love hunting, then you understand how important it is to get your shot right. Can you imagine, after hours of trekking through bushes and long nights out on the trail, going home empty handed due to missed shots? To be honest, aiming and successfully hitting your prey takes practice, and what better way to achieve this than by investing in archery target?

For thousands of years, archery has been part of combat, and love for the sport has grown tremendously. Perfecting your archery skills is critical, especially if you want to improve your hand-eye coordination. Some other benefits of archery include strengthening your arms, building your focus and getting some exercise. At first, hitting targets with your bow and arrow may appear hard but, with time, you will get a grip on it.

Success in archery is a combination of several factors, including smart selection of your tools of trade, such as your bow. In order to get the best archery target to perfect your skill, you need to consider your level in terms of the sport. For beginners, you may opt for bag targets, which give you room for playing around with your arrows. All in all, persistence and consistency toward hitting your archery target will definitely turn you into a refined archer, or even the best hunter out there!
I’m sure you are wondering how much it will cost to turn you into a fine archer. Well, the prices of archery targets vary immensely, with some costing as little as $5, while some can go for upwards of $140. Why the price variance? To start with, the type of target plays a major role in price determination. Paper targets and 3D targets are relatively cheap, compared to the more sophisticated fiber-filled and form-layered targets.

While getting the right product for your practice can be quite daunting, we would like to discourage you from getting some the cheap archery targets available on the market. From our research, we gathered that such targets are not durable, which makes you keep going back to the shops. A good archery target needs to comfortably withstand constant hits without getting destroyed.
Here are the important features to keep an eye on when shopping for the ideal archery target:
  • Type - The most common types are bag targets, foam block targets, printed paper targets and 3D targets.
  • Target Size - How big is the target? The bigger the target, the better the practice area, especially for beginners in the sport.
  • Package - Normally, you will find that the product package comes as one item that contains many pieces – particularly in the case of printed paper targets, which often include several papers.
  • Number of Sides - The number of bulls eyes is important because having only one may not provide the consistency required to perfect your skills.
  • Size/Weight - Some targets are portable, while others remain stationary. If you want to move your targets around, ensure that they are light enough.
Construction and Design
Understanding the types of archery targets out there will help you determine the most suitable for you. The following are the common designs of targets that you are likely to find:
  • Bag Targets – These are the most common, and you will find that majority of archers have practiced their skills on these. The beauty of these targets is that they easily stop an arrow, thanks to their fiber-filled interior. You can also easily remove your arrows when necessary. The reason these targets are loved is because you can repeatedly throw arrows at them without fear of damaging the target. You will find that these bag targets are easily destroyed by harsh weather elements if left in the field. However, more modern designs are made using weather-resistant.
  • Foam Block Targets – The beauty of these targets is that they are light in weight, which makes them easily portable. Removal of arrows when using these targets is fairly easy, and they are also quite economical. Instead of using force to stop the arrows, these targets use friction. However, a little drawback for these types of targets is that those using intense draw weights may have a hard time removing their arrows, since friction won’t stop the pinching on time.
  • 3D Targets – These are a favorite with hunters, since they come in a wide range of animal species, which makes them fun to practice on. Better yet, they may feature virtual images that can shed some light on where your arrow may hit, which helps build your skill further. They are quite easy to set up and are ideal to help you get in shape before the hunting season sets in.
Performance and Ease of Use
Getting the right archery target is important in enhancing your performance during practice. For maximum satisfaction, it’s important to understand the type of arrowheads you are using, since this will play a role in the determining the archery targets you get. For example, if you are using broadhead arrows, you will need to steer away from bag targets, since retrieving your arrows may be quite challenging.

Some archery targets require setting up, either in the field or your preferred location. Most come with simple instructions to guide you in the installation. If you are using bag targets, you may need to protect them from harsh weather elements that can damage them. For printed paper targets, you regularly need to replace them, especially when they become wrinkled, to allow for proper practice.

Get the Best Archery Target of 2023!

It is our hope that we have provided you with sufficient information to make your selection of the best archery target easier, eliminating any confusion or doubts you had before reading through. You can now proceed to Amazon and shop with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Morell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Target
Best Value
Field Logic Block Genz Youth Archery Target
Rinehart 18 in 1 Broadhead Archery Target
Longbow Targets Arrowhead Target Face
NXT Generation NXTITD – 3-D Deer Youth Target Inflatablee