Best Area Rug Reviews 2023

It can be lovely to have nice, hard, shiny oak floors; but when winter comes, you will probably need something that keeps your feet warm, especially if you have kids. Getting the perfect rug can be very confusing because there are so many factors to consider. You have to think about how large your place is, cleaning methods, design, quality and many other factors. We have put together a list of the best rug brands to make it easier for you to find one that suits your taste and, of course, your budget. Although we featured only five rugs, the featured brands have many other rugs for you to check out.
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Our Top Choice
Safavieh California Shag Rug
Safavieh has been manufacturing high quality rugs for many years, and its California Shag Rug is one of its best. It is soft and has a rich color.
Affordable. Doesn’t leave foot imprints. Low maintenance cleaning. Available in 17 colors and 25 sizes.
Relatively short life span.
Shag collection
Large rectangular
Ultra-plush fabric; Polypropylene
Available in 25 different sizes
Available in 17 colors
Best Value
Persian-Rugs Swirl Area Rug
Persian-Rugs is a company with good taste in design as demonstrated in its Swirl Area Rug. This rug is a beautiful modern rug that adds a perfect finishing touch to any living room.
Vibrant color. Competitively priced.
Takes a while to lay flat.
Swirl design
Available in 10 different sizes
Available in 8 colors
Mohawk Home New Wave Area Rug
Mohawk Home is a trusted brand that is committed to protecting Mother Nature. Its New Wave Area Rug is made with natural fibers and is very colorful.
Vibrant colors. Threads don’t come loose.
Rugs are very thin.
Rainbow printed
100% nylon and latex
Available in 6 different sizes
Multi/Rainbow pattern
Feraghan/New City Wavy Circles Area Rug
Feraghan/New City has been producing quality rugs for many years. The Wavy Circles Area Rug has a casual eloquent style that adds beauty to any room.
Soft. Sophisticated décor.
Has no latex backing.
Modern wavy circles
50% wool; 50% olefin twisted yarn
Available in 10 different sizes
Home Dynamix Royalty Oval Rug
Home Dynamix has been working in the floor covering industry for over three decades and has produced a wide array of quality rugs. This rug is perfect for jazzing up any room.
Affordable. Bold colors.
Too thin.
Royalty Collection
100% heatset polypropylene yarn
Available in 21 different sizes
Available in 32 colors

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What is the Best Area Rug?

Now that you have an idea of what aspects to consider when purchasing an area rug, you can swiftly identify a rug that will fit your lifestyle and budget. We believe that these reviews will expose you to all you need to pick the perfect rug. However, if the recommended products do not suit your lifestyle, the brands we have selected have a wide array of high quality rugs, so keep clicking for the right model for you!
Our Top Choice
If you are looking for a rug to enhance your apartment décor, you should try Safavieh. It has a wide variety of rugs for you to pick from. Its California Shag Rug is a thick, exquisite rug which will be a great addition to your home. Want a round rug with a more detailed pattern? You can try the Safavieh Florida Shag Collection.

Safavieh The California Collection West Coast Style Shag Area Rug – Available in 17 Colors & 25 Sizes

Safavieh started over thirty years ago as an artisan family business, but now, it has developed into a high tech manufacturing and distribution company. It is very successful in the home furnishing industry as it combines high tech with unique designs. Its California Shag Rug is an example of this beautiful combination.

The Safavieh California Shag Rug is a soft area rug with an intense beige color. It adds to the feel of an entire room, and it is great for dining rooms and large living spaces. Other features include:
  • Power loomed for an authentic hand-knotted look
  • Crafted with enhanced polypropylene yarns for durability
  • Designed for low maintenance cleaning
  • Available in 17 colors and 25 sizes
With so many colors to choose from, it's likely you'll be able to find the right one to fit in with your current decor. However, if you want a total different style completely, Safavieh can do that too! Check out their Florida Shag Collection, Adirondack Collection and Monaco Collection for area rugs with personality. They've all got a unique design and come in all shapes and sizes!
Best Value
If you have children that run about a lot, getting a rug will be a great idea, and Persian-Rugs is a good place to start looking. Its Swirl Area Rug is comfortable and will provide the much-needed friction to keep your kids from falling. If you want a modern themed rug, you can get the Persian-Rugs Rug Modern Carpet.

Persian-Rugs Swirl Design Contemporary Area Rug – Available in 8 Colors & 10 Sizes/Shapes

Persian-Rugs has a comprehensive selection of elegant modern rugs to improve the décor of any room. Its rugs are finely crafted and are available in many shapes, sizes, materials, color schemes and designs.

The Persian-Rugs Swirl Area Rug is a beautiful, round area rug that adds genuine elegance and style to your home. It is affordable and refined. Some other features of this rug include:
  • High quality polypropylene for durability
  • Stain resistant for low maintenance
  • Soft to guarantee comfort
  • Available in 8 colors and 10 sizes/shapes
Persian-Rugs also has other styles of rugs, if these ones don't tickle your fancy. Check out their Moroccan Trellis Area Rug, Abstract Modern Area Rug, Blue Patterned Area Rug and more!
Do you have an imperfection in your floor that you want to cover? Or you just want to enhance the beauty of your space? Mohawk Home has a lot of products to help you. Its New Wave Area Rug is a colorful way to cover that unsightly stain or enhance your home’s beauty. Want another pattern? Check out the Mohawk Home Artifact Panel Rug.

Mohawk Home New Wave Rainbow Printed Rug – Available in 6 Sizes

Mohawk Home is a leader in the manufacture of flooring accessories. It has a vast assortment of chic, colorful rugs that will pull any room together. One of such rugs is its New Wave Area Rug.

The Mohawk Home New Wave Area Rug is an 8”x10” striped rainbow printed rug. It is best spot cleaned with a solution of mild detergent and water or cleaned professionally. It can also be vacuum cleaned for easy maintenance. Being 100% nylon, it can be put in a dryer. This exquisite rug is also available in 6 different sizes.

If you're not into the rainbow rug, that's okay. Here's some other area rugs from Mohawk:
  • Aurora Radiance Area Rug
  • Strata Eroded Color Printed Area Rug
  • Exploded Medallions Woven Rug
They've got so many patterns and colors to choose from, there's bound to be one to suit your style.
If you are a fan of walking around barefoot, you should get a rug. Feraghan/New City has many great rugs for you to pick from. Its Wavy Circles Area Rug is soft and feels amazingly silky on your feet. It’s also great for the cold. Not really what you want? You can check out the Feraghan\/New City Traditional Persian Area Rug.

Feraghan/New City Contemporary Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug – Available in 10 Sizes & 2 Shapes

Feraghan/New City has many floor accessories and all of them are of excellent quality. The Wavy Circles Area Rug is one of such.

The Feraghan/New City Wavy Circles Area Rug is a stylish 8”x10” contemporary area rug. It adds that much-needed splash of life to any dull room. Following are some of its other features…
  • Made of 50% wool and 50% heatset olefin twisted yarn for a great feel
  • No fringe for clean design
  • Stain resistant for easy maintenance
  • Available in 10 size and 2 shapes
This is a fantastic statement piece area rug, however, Feraghan/New City have a lot of other choice. Check out their:
  • Kids Playful Circle Rug
  • Contemporary Modern Flowers Rug
  • Traditional Isfahan Persian Wool Rug
Their range is very diverse, and should offer a rug for everyone!
Your furniture absorbs echoes; but what if that isn't enough? Not to worry. Home Dynamix has the solution. Its Royalty Oval Rug is a stylish way to get rid of that annoying echo and liven up your space. Don't really like an oval rug? You can check out the Home Dynamix Royalty Multicolor Area Rug.

Home Dynamix Royalty Collection Oval Area Rugs – Available in 32 Colors & 21 Sizes

Home Dynamix was established in 1986 in New Jersey as a rug importer business, and it has expanded to a one-stop shop for rugs, mats, et cetera. Its vision is centered on highly-designed and quality products, great retailer relationships and competitive pricing.

The Home Dynamix Royalty Oval Rug a 31'×50' area rug with intricate designs in lush colors. It can be used in dining rooms, sitting rooms, passages and many other rooms.
This rug, made from 100% heatset polypropylene yarn for a soft feel, is also durable and easy to clean. It is also stain and fade resistant, thereby enhancing its durability.

Home Dynamix have got lots of other area rugs to choose from, if this one doesn't suit you or your home. Check them out:
  • Catalina Drop-Stitched Contemporary Rug
  • Premium Collection Area Rug Runner - with attractive swirl design
  • Ariana Collection - 3 Piece Area Rug Set
So, with all these options, don't throw Home Dynamix under the bus until you've checked out their other designs!

How Do I Choose the Best Area Rug?

Area rugs can make a whole difference regarding how you view your living areas. Rugs are more than just something to walk on. We literarily live on them. They are designed to make you comfortable and should allow you to draw inspiration from them on how to design your room. Rugs should do more than just cover your floor; they should make your room lively. The type of the rug that dons your living space should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Just like a bathroom rug makes a bathroom lively, an area rug breathes life into a living space. There are various aspects that you should consider before purchasing a rug. First, check your color theme. You don’t want a rug that will not blend with your flowers, plants or chairs. Go for a rug that easily blends with other items in the room. Area rugs do not have lots of features; therefore, the product purchase should mostly be guided by your lifestyle, taste and preference. However, we strongly recommend that you measure your room first before going to the market. Rugs come in different sizes, so make sure the rug you choose comfortably fits your room. Keep in mind that the larger the rug, the higher the price tag. The most important aspect to consider while buying an area rug is whether or not it will be pleasing to you whenever you have a glance at it.
How much should you use for a rug? Well, a good quality area rug will cost you from as low as $50 to as high as $400. The amount of money to spend on an area rug depends on several factors such as size, material, and shape. For instance, expect to pay more for large-sized rugs compared to smaller rugs. Similarly, cotton and wool-made rugs come with a higher price tag than polypropylene models.

During our research, we identified cheap area rugs. However, be aware that these rugs are mostly made of low-quality materials and do not last for long. You don’t want to be constantly going back to the market to look for a replacement.
Area rugs come with a huge array of features, and the one you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences, tastes and budget. However, material is an important feature to look out for. If you’re looking for a rug that will last long, we suggest that you go for nylon or polypropylene-made models as they stand the test of time. However, if you’re after comfort, cotton and wool-made rugs are a good choice as well.

Here are some other important features to look for:
  • Is it non-slip?
  • Is it machine washable?
  • What is the shape?
  • Does it come in multiple colors?
  • Is it available in different sizes?
Let’s now take a more in-depth look into these aspects.
Construction and Design
You want to check the shape of the rug. Rugs come in three major shapes: rectangular, oval and round. Depending on the look you want to realize, you must get the right shape. You should also ask yourself whether the shape will cover your intended space.

Size is another important aspect to consider. Determine the dimensions of the room or area you want covered before purchasing a rug. You don’t want a rug that will leave large patches of the area uncovered. Keep your furniture arrangement in mind before purchasing a rug.

Look at the color options and determine whether the available colors will blend with your color theme. Ask yourself whether the color scheme you choose will make it easy to design the room or area. Make sure you have a strong preference for certain colors as this will help inspire you once you set your eyes on the rug.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before purchasing an area rug, it is important you find out if it is non-slip. This feature will prevent the rug from moving around when you stand on it. This will help in preventing any accidents—especially when children are involved.

Another thing you want to consider is whether or not the rug is machine washable. Let’s face it, you’ll spend most of the time stepping on the rug, at times with dirty feet or shoes, making hand washing very tedious for you. Hence, we suggest you choose a model that is machine washable as it will make it easier to take care of the rug. However, if you select a rug that is only hand washable, then ensure you regularly clean it and give it enough time to dry before returning it to your area. You don’t want a rug that will bring bad odor in the room if it does not dry well.

Get the Best Area Rug of 2023!

Haven’t gotten a rug that matches your décor? Worry not, these brands have a large selection of rugs and sizes. All you need to do is browse through. Once you’ve found the features you desire, pick your preferred rug and embellish your home!

Our Top Choice
Safavieh California Shag Rug
Best Value
Persian-Rugs Swirl Area Rug
Mohawk Home New Wave Area Rug
Feraghan/New City Wavy Circles Area Rug
Home Dynamix Royalty Oval Rug