Best Army Boot Reviews 2023

Army boots are useful for a wide variety of activities, such as walking on rough terrain and working in the construction industry, as well as for police officers and military personnel. For this review, we picked five superb boots from some of the best army boots brands out there. Take a look at these five and see which one is most suitable for your needs and preferences.
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Our Top Choice
5.11 Men's Atac Side Zip Boots
5.11 specializes in tactical gear and innovative footwear and its products are built with the utmost precision and attention to details.
With a foam cushioning, a toe reinforcement, and an antibacterial wicking lining, these boots will keep you safe and offer all the comfort your feet require.
Some people would prefer a different height.
8 inches men's boots
Coyote brown or black
Leather and textile
Synthetic sole
YKK zipper
Best Value
Palladium Women's 'Pampa Tactical' Boots
Palladium designs footwear that will exceed your expectations due to their quality and comfort. This brand is renowned worldwide and it produces multiple types of boots.
With an optimal height and a rubber sole, these boots will keep you protected even in extreme weather conditions. Plus, they offer an EVA cushioned insole.
Need to be worn in before wearing for long periods to avoid any discomfort.
9 inches women's boots
3 colors available
Leather and ballistic nylon
Rubber sole
EVA cushioned footbed
Under Armour Men's Valsetz Tactical Boots
Under Armour was founded in 1996 and became known by creating a moisture-wicking fabric. Now it owns a clothing, footwear, and sports line.
Highly comfortable and resistant, this pair of boots was designed to keep your feet dry and to protect them.
Isolated complaints regarding durability.
7 inches men's boots
4 colors available
Fabric and synthetic
Synthetic sole
Bates Men's Tactical Sport Side Zip Boots
Bates is a leading footwear manufacturer which has focused on delivering practical shoes and boots since 1885.
Built to last, this pair of boots is highly resistant. Made from leather and fabric, they'll ensure full protection for your feet, while looking stylish.
Some complain about the boots being too rigid.
8 inches side zip boots
Black or sage
Leather and fabric
Rubber sole
Slip-resistant outsole
Maelstrom Women's Tactical Boots
Maelstrom manufactures dependable footwear designed with the latest technology and performance materials.
With a shock-absorbing midsole and a slip-resistant rubber outsole, these are boots that will fit perfectly and protect your feet.
There are some isolated complaints regarding their durability.
8 inches work boot with zipper
Black or tan
Leather and fabric
Rubber sole
Breathable lining

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What is the Best Army Boot?

When shopping for army boots, you need to pay attention to a few things. The materials are important; some options include leather or synthetic materials. The sole can also be made from rubber or from a synthetic material. There are plenty of color options to choose from as well.
Our Top Choice
The 5.11 8 Inches Men's Boots are designed with a YKK zipper hardware and a Shock Mitigation System. Plus, they are available in two colors and multiple sizes. If you're looking for a pair of military boots for women, take a look at the 5.11 Women's ATAC Boots which are available in a classic black color and multiple sizes.

5.11 ATAC Men's Boots - Made from Leather and Textile, Available in 2 Colors and Multiple Sizes

5.11 is a brand that knows everything there is to know about tactical gear and military-style footwear. This company designs durable and tear-resistant equipment that will allow you to do your job without worrying about anything else. Created with durability and functionality in mind, the 5.11 gear will last you a very long time, whether you're going for a backpack, footwear, or a shirt. This brand creates products that address the needs of professionals such as militaries or law enforcement, and meet the needs of everyday wear.

The ATAC 8 Inches Men's Boot is specially designed to provide you with the protection and comfort your feet need for the entire day. Built with an innovative moisture and antibacterial-wicking lining they'll keep you dry, while the rigid and resistant nylon construction will ensure that regardless of the terrain, you won't damage your toes or sprain an ankle. In addition, the cell foam cushioning and insole cushioning will boost the comfort. The two options available are textile and leather, so choose the right style for you and get moving! Similarly, these boots are available in 2 colors: coyote brown or black, and they also come in multiple sizes for you to choose from.

Before you go, take a look at some other professional products made by 5.11!
  • 5.11 Men's Taclite 6" Coyote Tactical Boot – smaller boots, but equally comfortable and resistant to wear and tear
  • 5.11 Men's Taclite 8" Boot – they have perforated foam padding for increased breathability
  • 5.11 Men's Range Master Waterproof Tactical Boot – besides a comfortable design, these boots also come with an OrthoLite insole
Don't forget that 5.11 covers both men and women gear, so if you have a female partner, these boots will make for the perfect gift!
Best Value
The Palladium Women's Pampa Tactical Boots come with a rubber sole and a full-size zipper, and in three different colors. These boots feature a rubber sole and are available in multiple sizes. If you'd prefer a men's version then go with the Palladium Men's Pampa Tactical Boots which are also available in 3 color options and in multiple sizes.

Palladium Women's Basic Textile Combat Boots - Available in 3 Colors

Although it started as a company that manufactured aircraft tires in 1920, Palladium changed its product line in 1947 and started creating durable footwear. Nowadays, this brand sells over one million pairs of boots each year and has numerous happy buyers all around the world. They've diversified their footwear to appeal to a new generation and have succeeded by combining practicality with a stylish design.

Easy to put on or to take off thanks to a full size zipper, The Palladium Women's Pampa Tactical Combat Boots were created to be there for you every step of the way. Made from leather and ballistic nylon, they'll ensure that your feet are well-protected, while giving them breathability and comfort due to the soft material they are made from. Now with a cushioned insole, you'll have no problems walking around all day long! Plus, Palladium designed them in 3 colors: black, brindle brown, and olive drab, so pick the one you like best! Don’t forget that these boots are also available in multiple sizes as well.

Here are some more amazing footwear models made by Palladium!
  • Palladium Men's Pallabrouse Chukka Boot – These come in multiple color choices and are perfect for spending a day in the park
  • Palladium Women's Aventure Ankle Bootie – With a more feminine style, you'll definitely love this model
  • Palladium Baggy Zipper 10H -3 Boot (Little Kid) - Palladium also designs footwear for kids, so take a look for your little ones
The Men's Valsetz Tactical Boots from Under Armour are made from a combo of fabric and synthetic materials, and are water-resistant with a Moisture Transport System. They are also available in 4 colors and multiple sizes. If you'd like to see a women's model, take a look at the Under Armour Women's Valsetz Boots which are also available in multiple colors and sizes.

Under Armour Men's UA Valsetz 7" Tactical Boots - Available in 4 Colors and Multiple Sizes

Under Armour was launched from a basement in 1996. In the beginning, the owner wanted to create a quality fabric that would be moisture-wicking and comfortable for his team players. 20 years later, this company has extended its line of products to incorporate not only clothing items, but also footwear, sports items, and accessories. Their buyers are almost always 100% satisfied and you can find a wide range of Under Armour products on Amazon.

The Under Armour Men's UA Valsetz 7" Tactical Boots were specially created to offer support and protection not only to your feet, but also to your ankles. With a practical design, Under Armour has succeeded in producing a pair of boots that not only looks great, but features a Signature Moisture Transport System that will keep your feet dry, even in extreme temperatures. These boots are available in 4 colors including desert sand and black, and come in multiple sizes.

If you'd like to see some other footwear designed by this great company, take a look!
  • Under Armour Men's SpeedFit Hike Boots – These are awesome if you're a runner
  • Under Armour Men's UA Jungle Rat Boots – You can find them in various colors
  • Under Armour Men's UA Micro G? Speed Swift Black/Black/Black Sneaker 14 D (M) - If you're going for an everyday casual wear
The Bates Men's Tactical Sport Boots have a lightweight cement construction, a rubber sole, and a breathable lining. These boots are highly durable and come in two colors and multiple sizes With a similar look, you can find a women's version, such as the Bates Women's USport Boots which are made from leather and synthetic materials and available in multiple colors.

Bates Men's Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boots - Made from Leather, 2 Colors and Multiple Sizes Available

Bates is based in the U.S. and produces footwear for militaries, public safety officers, and civilians. They not only design boots and shoes, but strive to offer the best products that are specially designed to meet the requirements of an industry or line of work. Founded in 1885, Bates has come a long way, and year by year it diversifies, evolves, and innovates by combining top-of-the-line technology with practicality.

The Bates Men's Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot will offer protection for your feet and support to your ankles. Due to a mix of leather and nylon, you'll be able to have a full range of motion. They are available in black or sage and come with a lightweight cement construction and slip-resistant outsole, so that you'll do your job without worrying about the weather conditions or terrain. These boots are available in multiple sizes starting from 7D(M) US up to 9.5 3E US.

Check out other boots made by Bates that were just too cool not to present!
  • Bates Men's GX-8 Comp Toe Side Zip Work Boot – These come in 6 different color options
  • Bates Men's 8 Inch Strike Side Zip Waterproof Tactical Boot – If you were looking for waterproof boots, look no further!
  • Bates Women's 5 Inches Enforcer Ultralit Sport Boot – These are resistant and can be found in sizes between 6 and 9,5
The Maelstrom Women's 8 Inch Boots have a moisture-wicking lining for breathability, a cement construction, and are still lightweight and comfortable. They are available in 2 colors as well as multiple sizes. If you want to buy a pair of army boots for your husband or boyfriend then you can go for the Maelstrom Men's Tactical Boots which are available in black or tan colors and feature a rubber sole.

Maelstrom Women's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Work Boots - Includes Zippers, 2 Colors Available

Maelstrom designs tactical clothes and footwear in order to offer its clients the best protection possible, especially when the times get rough. Each one of their boots is manufactured with an oil-resistant outsole that will prevent you from slipping, and lightweight materials that will give you the ultimate breathability, while allowing you to move with ease.

With a lightweight cement construction and a shock-absorbing midsole, the Maelstrom Women's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot will give you protection, while the nylon material and the moisture-wicking lining will give you comfort. With a YKK Zipper that will last longer than other zippers and a fast closure, you'll put them on in seconds and know that regardless of what the day will bring, you'll be prepared. Rest assured that they come in black and tan colors, so go with the one you like best!

We couldn't resist not presenting some other Maelstrom models. Take a look!
  • Maelstrom TAC FORCE Men's 8'' Coyote Brown Boots – With a removable cushion insert sole
  • Maelstrom Men's LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot – They'll provide you with extra comfort due to the padded collar
  • Maelstrom COMMANDO 9" Mil Spec Military Combat Boot – This pair of boots meets 100% military specifications

How Do I Choose the Best Army Boot?

If you're looking for a rugged, strong and built-to-last pair of boots, consider army boots. They offer your feet maximum comfort, and allow you to work and train without any pain. They're also of great help in situations such as tromping through mud or even swimming, because they keep your feet dry and safe.

Most army boots offer the wearer excellent features that are especially designed to keep the feet comfortable in any conditions. They also offer plenty of protection, and are great for those of you who work outdoors and need a durable pair of boots.

Choosing the right shoes is always important if you want to feel great throughout the day. Everyone knows that sore and blistered feet are quite annoying, and this is why is good to always get high-quality shoes and boots. Whether you're looking for women's combat boots or men's combat boots, it's good to look for sturdy, waterproof materials that will protect you from different weather conditions. If you're working in rough conditions, it's good to get a pair of steel toe cap work boots that will protect your feet from hazards, such as falling objects or live electrical wires.
The price of army boots depends on the construction materials used and their overall design and features. For instance, stylish women's army boots, made of leather and fabric with oil-resistant rubber outsoles, cost around $65. If you're looking for a pair of high-end army boots, you can expect to pay around $150 for army boots made of genuine leather and ballistic nylon, that offer you comfort and protection.

It's good to ignore cheap army boots. They're made of inferior materials and won’t offer you protection and comfort in all weather conditions.
When choosing the right pair of army boots, it's important to keep in mind some key features that you should look for. They include:
  • Type: There are multiple types of army boots, such as standard army boots, jump army boots, tanker army boots, and more. Get the ones that work best for you.
  • Size: It's important to pick the right size for your feet, so that you'll feel comfortable in your army boots in all conditions.
  • Color: Most army boots come in dark colors, as they're made for all weather conditions. If you like black or brown, you'll be happy to find out most of these boots are manufactured in these colors.
  • Upper material: The uppers of army boots can be made of full-grain leather, split-grain leather, nubuck leather, or synthetics. Of course, if you go for full-grain leather, it will cost you a bit more.
  • Outsoles material: Always check the material of the outsoles. They should be resistant to different industrial substances, durable, and lightweight.
Construction and Design
There are different qualities you should pay attention to when choosing a good pair of army boots. The uppers should be made of quality materials, as they affect the boot's weight, durability, and breathability. For example, full-grain leather is really resistant to abrasions and water, while uppers made of synthetics wear out much faster.

The midsoles of your army boots are also important, as they can determine the overall stiffness of the boots. Most of them are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyurethane.

You should also consider the heel break of the boot, the lug patterns that offer better traction, and the toe protection, which is usually made of steel or composite.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are many types of army boots on the market for both men and women, and it's important to pick the ones that are suitable for the specific environment you intend to use them in.

One of the most important aspects of army boots is their fit. After you've chosen the pair you like, always wear socks for a comfortable fit. The army boots should also give you a bit of room in the front, so your feet won't swell over the course of the day.

Get the Best Army Boot of 2023!

Whether you are working in a tough environment or traveling in rough terrain, army boots are specially designed to keep you safe, warm, and comfortable. Also, as you can see, they are not that expensive, and they can take a lot of wear and tear, so you can use them for years to come! Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice
5.11 Men's Atac Side Zip Boots
Best Value
Palladium Women's 'Pampa Tactical' Boots
Under Armour Men's Valsetz Tactical Boots
Bates Men's Tactical Sport Side Zip Boots
Maelstrom Women's Tactical Boots