Best Artificial Christmas Tree - Realistic Fake Christmas Trees with Stands on Sale for Holiday

Christmas is a time of the year reserved for hugs, tranquility and mutual understanding. Also, rampant deforestation. If you're not exactly the type of person to approve of cutting down scores upon scores of beautiful evergreen foliage, how about getting yourself an artificial Christmas tree instead! Read on to get our take on five of the best artificial trees out there!

If you've found yourself at a loss trying to figure out just what sort of Christmas tree you should get this year, don't worry, because we've been there too! With so many brands and types of artificial trees, it can get really difficult to pick the right one. Therefore, we've assembled a top 5 list of the best Christmas trees we could find. But before we get to our reviews, if you don't want to deal with stringing lights, we've also found some realistic fake Christmas trees that come pre-lit!

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Our Top Choice
Holiday Time Donner Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
Featuring an extra sturdy build and some rather realistic-looking leaves, this 7.5 feet high artificial tree from Holiday Time will be able to carry a lot of flashy decorations!
A company known for producing all kinds of decorations and accessories. A solid design. Tree stand included.
It can be used only indoors.
Donner Fir
56 x 56 x 90 inches
1310 branch tips
No warranty
Few other options
Best Value
Best Choice Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
Best Choice Products is delivering a fully-equipped artificial Christmas tree that's as plump 'n' fluffy as a squirrel's tail!
Versatile e-commerce retailer. Simple and stable design. Foldable steel stand. Divided into three sections.
The top section doesn't have hinges.
52 x 52 x 90 inches
1346 branch tips
60 day warranty
Several other options
Vickerman Sky Blue Fir Christmas Tree
Sporting a curious bluish tinge reminiscent of the elven steel from Lord of the Rings in the heat of the action, this Vickerman Christmas tree is embracing its artificiality to the fullest!
A wholesale retailer specializing in home decor products. A unique blue color. A wire foot pedal switch.
It doesn't seem as dense as some other models on this list.
Sky Blue Fir
52 x 52 x 90 inches
1634 PVC tips
10-year construction warranty
Many other options
Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Christmas Tree
As the product of a company dedicated to creating the perfect Christmas tree itself, this Classic Blue Spruce model comes quite near to that glorious natural ideal.
A leading Christmas tree-producing company. A full, plump design. Comes with a tree stand.
The tips are a bit rough - hence the complimentary gloves.
108 x 768 x 108 inches
4692 branch tips
5-year limited warranty
Many other options
National Tree Company Fir Tree
Petite and cheeky, this offer from the National Tree Company features a small artificial Christmas tree and a set of lights for a head start on decorating!
An experienced company producing artificial Christmas trees. A compact design. Includes spare bulbs and fuses.
The branches can be difficult to spread out when it's fresh out of the box.
18 x 18 x 24 inches
71 branch tips
No warranty
Many trees & decorations

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What is the Best Artificial Christmas Tree? Read our Review to Find Out

If you've ever celebrated Christmas, you may have already noticed that the most important thing about this cheerful festivity is - presents! And everyone knows that you need a Christmas tree for these boxes of surprise to magically appear. If you'd like to get yourself an evergreen tree, why not opt for an artificial one so that you can save both the environment AND not have to do hard manual labor in cutting a real one down! Check out our top 5 list and learn more.

Tall and proud, or short and stubby with some magnificent colors, artificial Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. The set up is easy, and it looks like the real thing once it's up and running, ehrm, standing! To help you pick the right one for you, we're delivering a top 5 list of the best Christmas trees we could find! (after a couple of intense sweaty browsing sessions, that is) See the details and choose away!

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Our Top Choice
Coming from a company well-known for their reasonably-priced festive pieces of equipment, the Holiday Time Artificial Christmas Tree is a simple and inexpensive solution for the upcoming Christmas season! If you prefer a smaller version, then the Indiana Spruce Artificial Tree might be a better choice for you. Need something smaller? Take a look at the Holiday Time 4 Foot Artificial Indiana Spruce X-mas Tree that comes pre-lit with clear lights.

Holiday Time Unlit 7.5' Donner Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


Christmas decorations, candles in jars, pans and kettles - you name it and chances are the Holiday Time crew is making it! The fact that their products are extremely budget-friendly is also a tremendous plus, appreciated by their many clients.

Since they work in cooperation with Walmart, the majority of their products can be found within some of its many departments. The same goes for their customer service: if you need to send some faulty ware back, you'll probably be looking for the local Walmart retailer.

As for the Christmas tree in question, the deal is quite simple: you get a full-sized artificial Christmas tree with a tough top to put your weighty star on, and a stable tree stand to support it all. The branch tips are fairly dense and look quite realistic! Of course, the downside would be that you can install this quality Christmas ware indoors only, but for a cost effective artificial Christmas Tree to make your home festive, it nails the job.

Here's a list of features for this Holiday Time Christmas tree:

  • 1310 Branch Tips
  • Extra sturdy tree top
  • Pre-attached hinged branch
  • Tree stand included
  • Solid metal construction

All in all, this a good-looking indoor Christmas tree substitute that looks could almost pass as the real deal! In addition, its far more practical to transport than hauling a two-tonne heavy plant from the nearby woods. If you're an environmentally-conscious person, an artificial tree is probably going to pique your interest better than a real one, as you can reuse it for many year to come.

Best Value
Bulky and with a myriad of branch tips, this Christmas entry comes from the Best Choice Products online business and mimics a real tree to a T! If you want a version that comes fully equipped with lights, then the Prelit Fir Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree may be the one for you!

Best Choice Products 7.5' Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand


Founded in the year of 2002 as exclusively an e-commerce retailer, Best Choice Products started off by selling pool tables online. Over the course of 14 years, however, the range of products they would sell on their platform expanded exponentially! Nowadays they feature over 1,400 entries divided across many distinct categories!

According to their official business philosophy, the number of products they sell on their site comes secondary to the most important thing which is: manufacturing, merchandising and selling high quality products at competitive prices! Not surprisingly, their customer service is another aspect of their company they're especially proud of.

As for the product we've chosen to feature on this here list, it comes equipped with a foldable steel stand that will support the bulky artificial tree well, no matter how many Christmas decorations you choose to install on it! It really is an attractive stand – you may find other things to display with it for the rest of the year. Other than that, the thickly-positioned branches are split into three sections for easier maneuvering during set-up and take-down.

Best Choice Products- the features of an artificial Christmas tree:

  • A metal hinged construction
  • Foldable steel stand
  • Easy-to-fluff branches
  • 1346 branch tips
  • Divided into three sections
  • Flamer-resistant
  • 60-day seller warranty

Coming from a Walmart-affiliated business producing various kinds of decorations and home utensils, the confidently-named Best Choice Products delivers a durable and realistic-looking Christmas tree at quite a reasonable price. Seems they've fulfilled their mission with this one!

Coming from a tough, serious retailer who deals in wholesale only, this bluish artificial Christmas tree can be a new refreshing take on the traditional version! If you still prefer the traditional-looking tree, then the Flocked Slim Utica Artificial Fir may be a better solution for you!

Vickerman 75' Sky Blue Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 750 Blue Lights, 1634 PVC Tips


Operating a massive company producing home decor items such as wreaths, garlands, tabletop decorations and artificial Christmas trees, the Vickerman crew is one enthusiastic manufacturer. For the most part, their line of work revolves around designing new items and reinventing the way a Christmas tree can be built. The result of these efforts over the years is an enviable collection of artificial trees including Vickerman red Christmas tree, Vickerman blue laser tree, Vickerman frosted angel, as well as Vickerman champagne laser 50CL! You name it, they've got a laser version of it!

Another important part of their business work flow is their high-performance delivery service, which will make sure that whatever artificial tree you choose to get yourself this Christmas, you get it quickly! Also, their customer service counts as another strong asset.

Swinging over to the matters of the Vickerman Sky Blue Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, scarcely a thing could be said that would surpass the descriptive force of the picture at hand. It's a Christmas tree, somehow blue, comes with the decorative lights as well. What's not to love?
The list of features of the Vickerman Christmas Tree:

  • 1634 PVC tips
  • Convenient on/off foot switch
  • Comes double-boxed
  • 750 mini lights
  • 5-year limited light warranty
  • 10-year construction limited warranty

Offering a full-sized representation of a Christmas tree, complete with a number of shiny incandescent lights not found in nature, this Vickerman might just be the one you'll choose to feature in your living room this year! Perfect for embracing a modern spin on Christmas.

Tall, wide, and with a rotund body, this Balsam Christmas tree will proudly man its proud place in your living room and look splendid doing it! If you need a smaller version, check out the White Spruce Premium!

Balsam Hill 9 Feet Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree - Includes a Tree Stand


Not so long ago, a man of leisure and festive Christmas spirit - Thomas Harman - experienced an inconvenience that would change the way he looked at Christmas trees forever! He discovered that an important family-member was allergic to them!

To combat this unfortunate situation and being a determined fellow, Thomas went on to sketch out his very own artificial tree-producing business, a bustling place with traditional values where Christmas trees would be produced in all shapes and sizes. For all the people willing to enjoy their beauty, they would even be delivered in 2 to 5 business days. The name of the company is Balsam Hill artificial Christmas trees and decorations - the rest is history.

The Classic Blue Spruce model we've decided to feature on this list comes fully equipped with 100% PVC classic needles, 4,692 of them to be exact. Another advantage to getting yourself one of these trees is that it comes with a storage bag, so you can pack it up safely once the Christmas season is over and redeploy it next year!

Here's a list of features of this Balsam Hill Christmas Tree:

  • 100% PVC plastic needles
  • Composed of 4,692 branch tips
  • Tree stand
  • Storage bag
  • Cotton gloves
  • 5-year tree & foliage limited warranty

All things considered, this artificial take on a tall traditional evergreen tree will make your Christmas just as special as the real deal would, while being considerably more convenient, too!

If you've been planning to send someone a Christmas tree as a gift lately and that person doesn't necessarily have much space in their house, this little tabletop solution from National Tree Company may be perfect! For a full-sized version, check out the 9 foot tall Dunhill Fir Tree with 750 lights!

National Tree Majestic Fir Tree in Burgundy Cloth Bag with 35 Clear Lights, 24-Inch


'A Family Company With Roots 3 Generations Deep', reads the ornamented welcoming message of the National Tree Company as you enter their official website. Sure enough, they've been quite busy during this lengthy time period. For over 60 years, they've been one of the leading businesses in the field of importing and wholesaling artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

Recently, their rich and versatile product line expanded to include sets for the other Seasons, effectively making the National Tree Company a factory producing foliage-like decorations for a range of different occasions taking place all-year-round! Easter, Halloween, and Independence Day are some of the holidays that are now also covered with their themed packages.

As for their Christmas tree that we've decided to show to you on this list, it comes in the shape of a tiny little fir. Despite its size, it manages to contain 71 branch tips and house 35 UL-listed clear lights. What's more, if one of the lights goes off, the other ones will continue shining as if nothing has happened!

National tree company Fir Tree- list of features:

  • Light string features BULB-LOCK
  • Non-allergenic
  • Burgundy cloth bag house
  • 71 branch tips
  • 35 pre-strung clear lights

Petite and with a special burgundy pouch to store it, this little artificial fir from the National Tree Company looks positively regal! Also, its size enables it to be quite easily packed, so if you wanted to send someone a Christmas-themed gift, this little plastic sprout can be a great solution!

How to Choose the Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree with a Stand on Sale

The beauty of an artificial Christmas tree lies in its ability to be whatever color, shape, and size it wants to be without being accused of GMO-ness and inbreeding too often! That being said, owning a real thing does come with a special sort of aura around it, but by the looks of things, in recent years more and more people are choosing artificial versions of this crucial Christmas prop over the real deal. There are several reasons why this has become a trend all of a sudden. For starters, real evergreen trees can be a drag to move about as they can be quite heavy and bulky, making installation a bit of a chore.

Another thing would be that you can reuse an artificial tree a year later. Unlike a real tree, which will start wilting after a certain period of time, an artificial one is totally immune to the natural process! The third reason revolves around its looks. While many people like the traditional look and feel of the real deal, there's been a shift towards the exotic and even cheeky in the recent years when it comes to Christmas decorations. So, if you want to be edgy with your festivities, it's either painting your tree in some trendy colors or getting an artificial one which would carry them 'more naturally' oddly enough! Whether its blue, white, or even golden, artificial versions of our beloved Christmas trees can carry the spirit of Christmas in new and unexpected ways.

Once you've paired your tree up with a fancy topper which you can find in our Best Christmas Tree Topper Review, you've got yourself a winning combination your family's going to love. Also, getting yourself a pair of Christmas stockings and a flashy combination of tree lights can be a great way to build an atmosphere of a modern-day Christmas celebrating family! Not to mention that an artificial tree will be considerably more convenient when it comes to setting it up and transporting it around. Some of the models are even manufactured in several pieces so that you can put it all together on the spot, rather than dragging the whole thing across your living room. All in all, an artificial Christmas tree is definitely an option worth taking into consideration. Hopefully, this review can help you make up your mind if you haven't already.


Video: Christmas Tree Decorating | Watch This before You Decorate Your Tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree. | Courtesy of The Kinwoven Home - Live Your Style

When it comes to organizing your Christmas tree budget, the question of real vs fake is often the one that first comes up. While there are many different price ranges for these festive plants (or representations of them), most people would agree that artificial ones are more convenient, easier to set up and last longer on the whole. So, since our review is about artificial trees, we'll concentrate on the features that make up a price of a typical artificial model. So, the size of the tree is obviously going to be a factor when it comes to its price, but there are also some more subtle details that you should pay attention to when buying one of them. The number of tips, for example, dictates how dense and realistic a tree is going to look. The more tips there are, the more 'natural' an artificial tree will feel. Other than that, resistance to fire and additional features such as premade decorations can also add to the overall price, but chances are that the increases in cost are well justified.


If you've already decided to get onboard the environmentally friendly/cheeky/convenient artificial Christmas tree bandwagon, you should know that there are certain features you should pay attention to, lest you end up with a highly-flammable rarely-tipped PVC mass of horrors that's only roughly in the shape of a tree!

These are the properties to look out for when buying an artificial Christmas tree:

  • The Number of PVC Tips
  • Height and Diameter
  • Material of Choice (PVC or something else)
  • Whether it Comes with Decorations
  • Whether There is a Tree Stand Included
  • Storage Bags
  • Warranty on Foliage

Some manufacturers offer separate warranties for the foliage and the tree itself, so be prepared for that.

Construction and Design

As we have previously mentioned, one of the most important aspects of an artificial Christmas tree is how many tips it has. The number of tips matters because the more tips there are attached to the branches, the better that tree will look once it's all set up. Also, the artificial nature of this festive prop allows it to be manufactured in several pieces, which can be a lifesaver if you've got narrow doorways in your home and you can't be bothered to drag a full-size tree all over your house. To wrap up this section, the basic design of these trees is often enhanced with a number of interesting additions, such as Christmas lights, storage bags, as well as a tree stand, which is typically an obligatory feature with these products!


Video: How It's Made: Artificial Christmas Trees

Learn how artificial Christmas trees are made. | Courtesy of Science Channel
Performance and Ease of Use

This is the department where an artificial piece of greenery, whiteness, or yellowness (you name the color), really gets to shine in its best light! Setting up one of these Christmas tree substitutes is usually an easy process. Since they typically come in several pieces, all you need to do is to position the parts one on top of the other (like you would with a snowman), make sure your brand new construction is stable, and Bob's your uncle- you've got yourself a Christmas tree of festivity and family joy for years to come! When it comes to maintenance, there isn't really much that you need to do. As long as you don't spill something all over it, you're pretty much safe and free of chores for the entire Christmas season. Once it's over, just pack it along with your other props, and store it away somewhere for the next year!

Get the Best Artificial Christmas Tree of 2023!

Modern-day artificial Christmas trees are an environmentally-friendly convenience that many people nowadays are choosing over the conventional ones. For the record, presents DO appear beneath them! (Our TopReviews team has double-checked that.) We hope you’ve learned something about artificial Christmas trees from our review of some of the best available, but if not, you can always browse through the rest of our Christmas-themed reviews to find something you like better!

Our Top Choice
Holiday Time Donner Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
Best Value
Best Choice Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
Vickerman Sky Blue Fir Christmas Tree
Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Christmas Tree
National Tree Company Fir Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree FAQs

What is the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree?
The best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree is now. Don’t wait for a few weeks to Christmas when the prices for artificial trees are likely to go high.
What is the best artificial Christmas tree?
The best artificial Christmas tree is one that is light and easy to install in your home. Since it never dries, an artificial tree will remain usable for years to come. Apart from being affordable, the tree should be made from PVC and be of the right height. It should also come with the right decorations and include a stand, storage bags, and PVC tips. Finally, make sure that its design is both appealing and easy to use. Check out our buying guide to help with your decision.
How to flock an artificial Christmas tree?
You can flock a Christmas tree using a special flocking powder. Start by spraying the tree with water followed by the flocking powder. Once you are through, let it sit to dry. Alternatively, you may use a flocking spray, which doesn’t include spraying with water.
How to fluff an artificial Christmas tree?
To fluff an artificial Christmas tree, start by disguising the trunk by wrapping it with a thin garland. After that, you should patiently shape the tree, moving from one branch to another. The correct position of the branches is parallel to the floor. You may want to check the packaging box to see the right way of shaping the branches. Now, stand at a distance and check if the tree is fluffy enough.
How to shape an artificial Christmas tree?
Shaping an artificial tree begins with assembling it in the room where you wish to display it. Once you are done, straighten out the branches starting from the base, and steadily move to the top. To make it look natural, bend some branches upwards and others sideways. Check that the tree is in its best possible shape. If it isn’t, repeat some of the steps above.