Best Artificial Plant Reviews 2023

Do you want an artificial plant that can be used in your office or home? Do you also want realistic, long-lasting foliage that requires zero maintenance? We are here to assist you. We’ve been hard at work researching five of the best artificial plant brands around and have featured one option from each. Of course, you can check out more from these brands if the one we’ve selected isn’t right for you. And don’t forget to take a peek at our artificial tree review if you want to go all out with the zero-maintenance décor!
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Our Top Choice
Vickerman 4 Foot Capensia Bush
Vickerman is a brand that deals in quality seasonal decorations. It offers lots of realistic looking foliage, and the 4' Capensia Bush in Square Willow is definitely a list topper.
Needs little fluffing when unpacked. Great value. Lifelike.
Tips easily. Unsymmetrical.
Everyday bush
30 × 30 × 48 inches; 7lbs
Info NOT provided
Square willow
Best Value
MyGift Mini Succulent Plants
With a commitment to providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, MyGift presents the natural-looking Three Potted Artificial Mini Succulent Plants.
Looks real. Great for any space. Affordable.
Breaks easily. Prone to scratches.
Mini succulent
PVC and Porcelain
4.5 × 4.5 × 7 inches; 1.5lbs
Info NOT provided
Nearly Natural Agave Plant
Nearly Natural’s dedication and attention to simple details is behind the innovation of the Agave w/Black Planter that brings nature into your home.
Pre-assembled. Long-lasting. Realistic foliage.
Not shiny. Detaches easily.
Agave with Black Pot
Info NOT provided
30 × 17 × 17 inches; 6.7lbs
6 × 9.5 inch black planter
IKEA Artificial Potted Plant
IKEA started with the dream of providing a range of home furnishing products that are affordable to many people, and the FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant is living up to this dream.
Lifelike. Cleans easily. Sleek look. Affordable.
Poor base. Quite small.
Wheat grass
7.75 × 5.5 inches; 0.44lbs
Info NOT provided
Polyprop Concrete; Polyethylene
uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plants
Uxcell is a leading factory-direct, e-Commerce platform. With several artificial plants in the market, the Uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plant beautifies your aquarium nicely.
Beautiful. Can stand in water. Affordable.
Has a smell. Base rusts easily. Small.
Aquarium decor
1.3 × 0.8 inches; 0.08lbs
Info NOT provided

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What is the Best Artificial Plant?

Okay guys; now you know all the things you need to consider, it’s time to delve into our selection of artificial plants. We have not tried to find the very best that money can buy, and have instead opted for a range of plants in different price ranges, to try and ensure you find the right one for you, your tastes and your budget.
Our Top Choice
Vickerman, known for high quality décor, has the Vickerman 4 Foot Capensia Bush that comes in a square willow pot. This artificial plant has realistic foliage that is uniquely designed to bring life into any room. If you are looking for an equally good artificial plant with a different kind of bush, we suggest the beautiful Vickerman 4-Feet Artificial Natural Ficus Bush.

Vickerman 4' Artificial Capensia Bush – Available in 3 Different Pots

Vickerman is a brand associated with high quality décor. Founded in 1940, the Vickerman Company has established itself as an innovative company that is totally dedicated to exceeding its customers’ expectations

The Vickerman 4 Foot Capensia Bush is a long-lasting artificial plant that is totally affordable. It comes fixed in a square willow container, giving it all the balance it needs. You can place it anywhere you deem fit and it instantly adds life to the room. Some of this plant’s other features include:
  • Over 900 leaves that vary in shade
  • Real, natural wood trunks from the USA
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Maintenance free
If what you want is a beautiful artificial plant then the Capensia Bush could be your ideal match. Alternatively, if you were looking for something else check out the Artificial Mango Bush, Artificial Fiscus Tree or the Artificial Golden Birch Bush!
Best Value
MyGift has outdone itself in the Three Potted Artificial Mini Succulent Plants. This artificial plant is a top option when it comes to brightening your home or work space in a modern way. Another way to achieve this is by buying the White Ceramic Rope Hanging Planter Set, which can hang four flower pots or plant containers of your choice.

MyGift Potted Artificial Mini Succulent Plants, Set of 3

The MyGift brand boasts of a great selection of products that keep customers happy. For many years, it has continued to work directly with manufacturers to supply high value artificial plants to customers looking for lush home decorations at a reasonable price with guaranteed quality.

The MyGift Potted Artificial Mini Succulent Plants is great for any space. Whether it’s windowsill in your kitchen or the counter in your bathroom, it is sure to brighten the place up, no matter the size. The dark brown ceramic pots fit in beautifully with any décor. Furthermore, the striking, distinctive shapes of these artificial plants make them ideal decorative accents and conversation piece. Following are more reasons to buy this artificial plant include:
  • Made of PVC and porcelain
  • Set of 3 small, artificial succulent plants
  • Maintenance free
  • Zero water intensive
If you like the look of these potted plants, but they aren't exactly what you were looking for, then have a look at MyGift's Set of 4 Modern Cube Artificial Plants, Purple Silk Artificial Phalaenopsis or their Purple Blossom Bonsai Tree! They've got tons more to choose from.
Consistent with Near Natural’s commitment to innovation, the green-colored Nearly Natural Agave Plant comes complete with a beautiful black planter, which makes it an ideal accent gift piece for both home and office. Also ideal as a fine gift is the Boston Fern with Wicker Decorative Silk Plant.

Nearly Natural Agave Plant with Black Planter, Green

As industry pioneers, Nearly Natural is the first artificial floral company to hire head designers with years of experience in the live plant industry. Priding itself in a mission to provide exceptional products that exceed the expectations of its customers at great prices, Nearly Natural travels around the globe twice a year in search of the best products available in the market today.

The Agave with Black Planter is a luscious green artificial plant that looks almost real. Standing 30" high, with an array of bold, spiny leaves pointing in all directions, this plant looks like you've babied it for years. With a weight and depth of 17” each, this artificial plant can sit on any large surface area, brightening it up instantly. Here are the top features of this Agave Plant:
  • 58 leaves that create a realistic look
  • Natural-looking base
  • Zero water needed
  • Long-lasting leaves that can withstand any element
Thinking of gifting someone an artificial plant that looks so real? Try the Nearly Natural Agave Plant.

Nearly Natural have a lot of plants to choose from. Check out their Mixed Greens with Anthurium, Decorative Silk Plant or the Fiscus Silk Tree. Maybe one of those would suit your home better?
IKEA’s commitment to delivering plants that stay fresh all year around has led to the IKEA Artificial Potted Plant, standing 7.75 inches tall. This lifelike plant can be used to literally beautify any open space. If you prefer a rose plant, the IKEA Fejka Artificial Potted Plant Small Yellow Rose Plant is another artificial plant from IKEA that is pocket friendly.

IKEA Fejka Artificial Potted Plant, Wheat Grass, 7.75 Inch

IKEA is a value-driven company with a passion for life at home. Every product it creates enforces the idea of making the home a better and beautiful place. Working hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for its ever growing customers is IKEA’s way of remaining relevant always.

The IKEA Artificial Potted Plant is an elegant looking artificial plant that stands at 7.75 inches. Designed in a way that makes it look real, it is perfect if you can't have a live plant, but still desperately crave the beauty of nature. The following features increase the rationale for considering the FEJKA Plant:
  • Lifelike artificial plant that looks fresh year after year
  • Easily cleaned with a dry cloth
  • Water and maintenance free
  • All parts of the plant are made of polyethylene, making it eco-friendly
Although we think this is a great artificial plant from IKEA, it might not be the right one for you. If so, why not browse their other plants such as their Artificial Thyme, Potted House Bamboo or the Small Yellow Rose Plant. One of those would surely go lovely in your home, right?
Uxcell makes beautiful artificial aquarium plants, and the Fish Tank Aquarium Emulational Water Plant, 3.5 inches high, is a lifelike plastic plant decoration that can make your fish tank look even more beautiful. Looking for something higher? The Uxcell Fish Tank Green Plastic Artificial Plant, 10.6-inch-high, is a great alternative.

uxcell Aquarium Aquascaping Artificial Plants Tank Decor 20cm – Available in 11 Styles

Uxcell’s reputation for delivering unique products keeps soaring. A solid team of dedicated professional managers and staff has been developing and operating this online store platform, keeping it up with the ever changing market.

The Uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plant is a lifelike plastic plant decoration that is sure to make your fish tank look great. Designed with a ceramic base, standing in water is made easy, adding natural beauty to any aquarium. There’s more to this aquarium artificial plant:
  • Non-toxic, making it safe for aquatic life
  • Made of plastic so it is easy to clean
  • 2 pieces green aquarium décor plant
  • Fade resistant, keeping it fresh for a long time
Uxcell are not a one trick pony, they have a ton of other aquarium artificial plants to choose from including the Florescent Coral Plant, Fake Plant Leaves and Hot Pink and Green Grass. Your little fish would love swimming among any of these; or all of them!

How Do I Choose the Best Artificial Plant?

We all agree that nothing makes a home vibrant and lively like flowers, trees and plants, even more so in the winter season. While we adore them, maintaining live plants is not only hard, but expensive. With many people busy with their schedules, who has enough time to take care of a bunch of plants and flowers in the house? You can save yourself the hassle and stress while still enhancing your décor with artificial plants, artificial flowers and artificial trees. Irrespective of whether you’re enhancing the look of your home, office or other open spaces, artificial plants are your right companion.

Just like an artificial Christmas tree, artificial plants are available in a wide array of colors and you can easily choose the one that blends with your décor. Going for your favorite color might prove to be beneficial in the long-run as most of your items are likely to blend easily with the plant.

Artificial plants offer a breath of fresh air to dull and dark spaces, making you feel calm and relaxed. The best part is that no matter how awful you are at taking care of plants, you can’t go wrong with these ones! You’re assured that your spaces will remain awesome for years to come.

While they look good in a shop, choosing the right artificial plant may not be easy. There are various factors to consider. However, worry not, we got you covered! Read through the guide for factors you need to consider before purchasing that worthless delight.
How much should you spend on an artificial plant? Well, the answer to this question is dependent on various factors. While conducting the research, we identified that the average price for a quality artificial plant is between $15 and $60. However, don’t be shocked when you come across one that is highly priced, especially if it comes from Japan.

One factor that determines the price is the size of the plant. Generally, expect to pay more for large plants and less for small ones. Sometimes, plants that are available in multiple colors, styles or other options may be more expensive as they have more choice.

During our research, we came across cheap artificial plants but we did not include them in our review. We realized that these cheap artificial plants are prone to breakages and scratches. We figured you don’t want to waste your hard-earned dollars on items that will not last long.
One of the most important features to consider is type. Artificial plants come in different types like succulent, bush or grass. You need to consider the type that will improve the design and the look of your space or room.

Here are other important features to look for while purchasing an artificial plant:
  • Size (will the artificial plant fit in the intended space?)
  • Is it available in multiple colors?
  • Will the construction material guarantee durability?
  • How will you take care of the plant?
  • How is the pot made?
Let’s look into these features in details.
Construction and Design
Before purchasing an artificial plant, you need to consider the material used to make it. There are various materials used in making of plastic plants such as silk, plastic, polyethylene or ceramic. If you’re looking for longevity, we suggest that you go for plastic models. However, if you do not mind about durability, any other material will be ok with you.

You also need to consider the color of your plant. Check whether the plant you’re about to purchase will blend with your room’s color theme. It is important to choose a color that will excite and inspire you as the plant is supposed to ignite your room or home. You can never go wrong with your favorite color.

Check the size of the plant and determine whether it will fit in your available space. It is important to measure your available space before going to the market as this will help you to get the right size for the available space.

Look at the design and material of the pot. Is the base wide enough for stability? You do not want an artificial plant that will keep falling from its place. Ensure the pot’s material does not break easily or is susceptible to scratches especially if you have little kids.
Performance and Ease of Use
Artificial plants do not require too much caring. However, you need to check how easy it will be to clean the plant. Does it need special means to clean it or it can be cleaned using normal water? We advice for the one that does not need lots of attention or effort when it comes to maintenance.

You should also consider whether certain aspects like lighting and water affect the health of your artificial plant. You don’t want to get some artificial plants to go in your kitchen only to learn they can’t be placed on the window sill in the sun!

Get the Best Artificial Plant of 2023!

Now that you’ve taken time and gone through our review, we can only hope that we have given you enough information to pick an artificial plant that is affordable and satisfies your unique taste. If the ones we have featured do not meet your expectations, these brands stock a wide range of other products too. Well, what are you waiting for, go and shop ‘til you drop!

Our Top Choice
Vickerman 4 Foot Capensia Bush
Best Value
MyGift Mini Succulent Plants
Nearly Natural Agave Plant
IKEA Artificial Potted Plant
uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plants