Best Artificial Tree Reviews 2023

If you are fascinated by artificial trees, then you must surely want the very best one! That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to bring succor to you by reviewing a great deal of brands and finally selecting these five best artificial tree brands. Do note that beyond these reviewed trees, these brands have other trees that might interest you as well. Feel free to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Arcadia Silk Plantation 4’ Topiary Trees
Arcadia Silk Plantation makes quality designs, and the Arcadia Silk Plantation 4’ Topiary Trees can serve as either indoor or outdoor décor for your pleasure.
Looks very real. Trees are full. Not skimpy.
Easily knocked over by wind.
Silk Tree
48 x 17.3 x 9.8 in, 21.8 lbs
Best Value
Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Tree
Nearly Natural truly makes nearly natural floral collections, and the Nearly Natural Ficus Tree looks lovely for all décor intents - home or office.
Looks so real. Well priced. Fantastic packaging.
It falls easily.
Silk Tree
Natural Trunks
35 x 35 x 72 in, 13 lbs
Silk Decor Boxwood Topiary Plant
Silk Décor delivers quality artificial flora. The Silk Décor Boxwood Topiary Plant is elegant and attractive and would beautify your home whether indoor or outdoor.
Looks natural. Well made. Great quality for the price.
Its leaves are fragile.
Silk Tree
48 x 18 x 18 in, 20.6 lbs
Green/two tone
Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree
Best Choice Products prides itself in selling high quality products at competitive prices. This tree stands 7.5ft tall and is a good fit for your outdoor décor at Christmas.
Looks full. Easy to set up. Well priced.
Top section does not have hinges.
Christmas Tree
Metal, PVC Needles
52 x 52 x 90 in, 25.4 lbs
General Foam Plastics Lit Palm Tree
General Foam Plastics delivers quality products at the best prices. The General Foam Plastics’ Lit Palm Tree is fanciful, especially for festive periods.
Easy to assemble. Doesn’t topple easily. The branches are decently full. Every single light works. Comes with a few extra lights.
Very short electric cord.
Palm Tree
25.5 x 15 x 60 in, 8.9 lbs
Green with clear lights

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What is the Best Artificial Tree?

Okay, having taken your time to go through the various aspects that you need to consider before purchasing an artificial tree, we can now go through our chosen reviews so you can select what’s best for you.
Our Top Choice
Arcadia Silk Plantation is committed to quality designs, and the Arcadia Silk Plantation 4’ Topiary Trees, for indoor and outdoor decoration, keeps you wowed. It has other similar products like the TWO Pre-potted 3’ Artificial Cedar Topiary Outdoor Indoor Tree that is pleasant to the eyes.

Arcadia Silk Plantation TWO Pre-potted 4' Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees in Plastic Pots

Arcadia Silk Plantation has over 15 years’ experience in the world of décor, and it has never failed to keep customers impressed. Being one of the largest wholesalers of artificial silk flowers, it has a variety of products that keep customers happy.

The Arcadia Silk Plantation 4’ Topiary Trees serves both indoor and outdoor décor purposes. It is neat and elegant. It is spiral shaped and all plastic.

If you're looking for something a little different, you're in luck! Arcadia Silk Plantation also have these great artificial trees to choose from:
  • Two 6' Artificial Yucca Trees - comes with 5 heads, but no pot
  • Two 6' Cycas Artificial Palm Trees - for a tropical feel
  • Three 6' Triple Head Artificial Trees - includes a bird nest, phoenix and yucca
With so many to choose from, there's bound to be one to compliment your home.
Best Value
Natural looking flora is what Nearly Natural does. The Nearly Natural Ficus Tree meets both home and office décor intent. If you don’t fancy this color, then you might love the Nearly Natural 4764 Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree that comes in an attractive pink color.

Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Tree in Green – Available in 2 Sizes

Nearly Natural has a global view of what natural flora is, and its years of experience and market research surely do give it a good edge in the artificial flora market. With a resolve to ensure customer satisfaction, it pays keen attention to nature and always delivers nearly natural looking flora.

The Nearly Natural Ficus Tree serves both home and office décor purposes. It is elegant and has strong branches. It comes with over 1000 leaves and natural trunks.

Nearly Natural has some other artificial trees, if you're on the market for something else check out the:
  • Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree
  • Paradise Artificial Palm Tree
  • Big Bamboo Silk Tree
There's plenty more where they came from! See for yourself.
Silk Décor is all about quality flora. The Silk Décor Boxwood Topiary Plant radiates natural beauty from a distance. You can also check out the 6' Areca Palm Tree x18 in Plastic Pot Green (Pack of 2) by Silk Décor, which is very easy to assemble.

Silk Decor 4-Feet Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Tree - Green/Two-tone

Silk Décor is committed to making the best natural-looking plants at the best prices. Its dedication to customer service is revealed in the keen attention it pays to quality and aesthetics.

The Silk Décor Boxwood Topiary Plant is of high quality, looks very natural and comes with triple ball topiary plus a plastic pot. This is just what you need for that natural looking decoration, whether indoor or outdoor. You would, however, need fairly deep heavy pots to put them in if you are using them in a windy environment.

Silk Decor have other styles of artificial trees too:
  • 6 Foot Phoenix Palm Tree - let's get tropical
  • 8 Foot Phoenix Palm Tree - in a pack of 2! Perfect for a themed party
Best Choice Products maintains product quality and elegant designs as seen in the Best Choice Product Artificial Christmas Tree that stands elegantly tall. Need to vary your options? Check out the Best Choice Products 7 FT Decorative Artificial Tree Bamboo Plant that is equally robust and elegant.

Best Choice Products 7.5' Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

Best Choice Product is committed to manufacturing and merchandising high quality products at competitive prices. Established in 2002, it has moved to selling quite a variety of products without compromising on quality.

The Best Choice Product Artificial Christmas Tree has a natural appearance and stands very tall. Following are some of its other features:
  • Comes with PVC needles
  • Is seasonal
  • Has lots of room for stringed lights
  • Easily fluffed body
If you're not on the market for a Christmas tree, then browse some other artificial trees from Best Choice Products. They also have a Decorative Prelit Palm Tree, Artificial Ficus Tree and an Artificial Bamboo Tree, all made to the same quality.
General Foam Plastics remains committed to manufacturing and designing quality products, and its Lit Palm Tree is elegant and good for festive seasons. It has other products including the General Foam Plastics 006198 Mk Bedford Pre-Lit Potted Artificial Christmas Tree, 4' Green, which is easy to clean.

General Foam Plastics Green Tropical Artificial Christmas Palm Tree with 150 Clear Lights – Available in 3 Sizes

Over the years, General Foam Plastics has remained loyal to its commitment to customer satisfaction by paying close attention to quality. It manufactures durable and elegant plastic flora for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The General Foam Plastics Lit Palm Tree is designed for indoor use and is made of PVC tip material. Its other features are:
  • 150 clear lights
  • Stand included
  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Clear-white lights
  • Metal and plastic frame material
This tree is also fire-retardant and UV-resistant. If you aren't into the tropical look for your garden or home, then check out these other artificial trees from General Foam Plastics. They've also got an Artificial Christmas Tree, Prelit Garland and Topiary Art Tree.

How Do I Choose the Best Artificial Tree?

It’s true, we all want our homes and living spaces dotted with green trees. But, remembering to water and take care of the trees is very stressful to many of us. Why stress yourself with watering, chopping, pruning and general maintenance of trees when there is an alternative? You can now make your interiors and exteriors green using artificial trees with a fraction of an effort.

While this is a personal decision, you might be surprised how artificial trees and artificial plants look so ‘real’ in your home. Artificial trees are available in a wide array of shapes, colors and sizes making it easy for you to choose the one that will easily blend with your color theme and home design.

Just like artificial flowers and Christmas trees, artificial trees are ideal for people who are allergic to live plants and flowers. These trees are made of non-living materials which, when properly taken care of, are free from dust and other substances that cause allergies.

However, just like real trees, artificial trees come in a wide variety of color, sizes, and styles. This means that while choosing a tree than will don your home or office space for ten years plus, you need to make informed decisions on certain aspects like height, width, color and other features. That’s why, we at TopProducts have created this guide to give you important tips on factors to consider while purchasing an artificial tree.
High-quality artificial trees retail between $50 and $200. The difference in pricing is due to various factors such as size, shape, color, material among others. For example, larger sized models come with a higher price tag than small or medium sized ones. Similarly, trees that have different shapes are pricier than the ones that are not shaped at all.

While there are cheap artificial trees in the market, it is important you check customer feedback before purchasing one. Most of them are made of low-quality materials that wear so fast forcing you to go back to the market soon than you had planned.
Before purchasing an artificial tree, you need to consider how solid the base is. Remember the tree should always remain upright and its stability can only be determined by the base. You do not want a tree that will keep on falling whenever there is wind.

Here are the important features to look for in an artificial tree:
  • What is the size of the tree?
  • What is the type of the tree?
  • Does it come in multiple color options?
  • What material makes the tree?
  • What care does the tree require?
Here’s a look at these features in details.
Construction and Design
Okay, so there’s not much to consider when it comes to the construction and design of your artificial tree. The main things would be type, size and material so let’s take a look at those in more detail.


There are a few different types of artificial trees that mimic the real-thing. The main types are palm, silk, Christmas and bonsai. Once you’ve decided which type of artificial tree you want, you can decide whether you want it to be more natural-looking or perhaps you want it shaped into a swirl, circle or geometric shape. All of these are possibilities when it comes to artificial trees.


Quite an easy factor to consider. All you need to do it work out where in your home or yard you want to put your tree and measure up! Don’t forget to take into consideration the amount of overall space it’ll take up with the branches and leaves too. If you’re getting a topiary tree it’ll take up less space than a natural-looking one.


Finally, you should consider which material is best for your tree. For a long time, almost all artificial trees were made form polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is cheap and durable. Unfortunately, PVC is not the greatest material to make a plant out of because it can actually be slightly toxic. That’s why recently, manufacturers have started making more realistic, less-toxic artificial trees using injection-molded polyethylene (PE).
Performance and Ease of Use
While most trees are ready to use, some require assembling. Look at how easy it will be to assemble the tree after purchasing. Can you assemble the tree or will you need the services of an expert? If an expert is needed, remember this will add into your bills and budget.

You also need to ask yourself how you will clean the tree. Will the plant need specialized ways of cleaning? If yes, will you be required to invite an expert to do it? Remember this will add into your bills or consume lots of time and energy. You’re better off with a tree that will not need specialized cleaning and maintenance.

You should also consider whether the quality of the tree will be affected by sunshine, rain, ice or other weather conditions. An artificial tree that can withstand any weather condition is highly recommended.

Get the Best Artificial Tree of 2023!

Having read these reviews, we believe you now have more confidence in selecting a good artificial tree. Visit Amazon and place your order.

Our Top Choice
Arcadia Silk Plantation 4’ Topiary Trees
Best Value
Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Tree
Silk Decor Boxwood Topiary Plant
Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree
General Foam Plastics Lit Palm Tree