Best Ash Vacuum – Cool and Hot Ash Vacuum Cleaners for Fireplaces, Pellet Stoves, and Grills

If you have a wood burning stove, pellet stove, or a fireplace at home, then you understand what a menace it is to get it cleaned up. If you dare clean it with the standard vacuum or a regular broom, chances are that you’ll destroy your tools, or worse yet, start a fire. If you manage to get most of the ash cleaned, the finer ash will be flying around your house long after. You don’t want that, right? Well, none of us do, and that’s why we decided to do in-depth research to determine the best ash vacuum brands in the industry, and, of course, selected five great models you can get today.

Before we get to our reviews, we need to cover some important safety information about fireplace ash vacuums and pellet stove ash vacuums. While many brands will call their products “hot ash vacuums” the reality is that there are none on the market that can really be used on hot burning coals or ash. More importantly, the ones that really are "hot" ash vacs, can only be used on warm ash — the name is a misnomer, they really should be called "warm ash vacuums". Among those, during our research we found that Powersmith ash vacuums and Cougar ash vacuums were the only ones that can be pick up warm ash with strong enough user ratings to make it to our top 5 list.

So, you may be wondering — Why should you get an ash vacuum cleaner if you can only use them on warm, cool, or cold ash?

While you could use a wet and dry vacuum if you are absolutely sure the ash is cool, ash vacuums are designed with heat resistant hoses and special filters to trap the fine ash dust. Additionally, having a separate vacuum for cleaning up ashes from your fireplace, pellet stove or grill, makes it easier to deal with the mess that these ashes make — something that most vacuum cleaners can’t handle without damage. Each of the ash vacs on our list is designed to do just that. We also want to give a shout out to TACKLIFE Ash Vacuums (a top new release on Amazon) and BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaners (which have a built in HEPA filter). Both are excellent options; we simply ran out of room.

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Tank Size
Cord Length
Good For
Our Top Choice
PowerSmith Cool and Hot Ash Vacuum
PowerSmith is manufacturer of creative solutions globally. They offer designs that portray innovation with a specific focus on affordability and convenience.
Quiet and powerful motor. Strong and durable metal construct. Removable and washable filter system.
Small capacity for some users.
3 gallons
10 Amp
16 ft
Warm and cold ash
Best Value
ShopVac Stove & Fireplace Ash Vacuum
Shop-Vac is known for high quality shop vacuums. They have been in the industry for more than 40 years and has a long history that is dotted with many creative innovations.
Powerful motor. Spotless cleaning; zero ash spewing. A long 7-ft hose.
Not recommended for very hot ashes.
5 gallons
Stainless steel
6.3 Amps
7 ft
Cold ash pick up
Dustless Cougar Fireplace Ash Vacuum
Dustless Technologies is USA-based brand known for delivering dust control solutions. The company attributes its innovation to a consistent focus on client satisfaction
Safe to use. Fire resistant metal. Quiet and powerful 6.3-amp motor.
Cannot handle very hot ash.
3 gallons
6 Amps
5 ft
Cool to warm fine ash
Snow Joe Cold Ash Vacuum Cleaner
Since 2004, Snow Joe has specialized in providing "winter" cleaning solutions. It has maintained a steady growth from the electric snow shovel to other manual and electrical tools.
Reusable filters. Large metallic canister from heat-resistant material.
Not very powerful suction capacity.
4.8 gallon
4.8 Amps
3.9 ft
Cold ash clean up
Costway Cold Ash Vacuum Cleaner
Costway takes pride in producing quality tools that meet consumer demands. It has now been about 10 years of growth as the company expands to Europe and the rest of the world.
A strong motor with a rating of 10 amps for utmost suction power. Strong casing made from fire resistant materials. Has non-stick HEPA media filters.
Can't be used on hot ashes
5 gallon
10 Amps
4 ft
Cold ash only

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What Is the Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner to Buy? Read Our Ash Vacuum Reviews!

While all ash vacuums are made with strong materials that can withstand heat, not all can guarantee you the durability you want. Some aren’t even built to handle really hot ash, like those you get after grilling some steaks. What we’re trying to say is that there are factors you need to consider in order to get the right ash vacuum. Our review provides you with crucial information, with the hope that your hassles will end today!

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Our Top Choice
The PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum is an example of convenient equipment built to last. You can clean cool and hot ash out of your fireplace, barbeque grill, pellet stove or wood stove and trap it into a 3-gallon canister. If you have a few more dollars to spare and want a larger cleaning capacity, you will love the PowerSmith 4 Gallon All In One Ash and Shop Vacuum.

PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum with Filter and Cleaning Kit - Clean Warm and Cool Ash from Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, and Grills


PowerSmith is a brainchild of Richpower Industries, whose mission involves delivering a wide variety of products to its customers.

The PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum is designed with the specific purpose of cleaning fireplaces, barbecue grills and wood stoves. It has a two-layer filter system that is fire resistant, washable and replaceable to keep the machine dust- and ash-free. You don’t need to worry about noise coming from this ash vacuum as it is equipped with a noise level of up to 79 db to allow you more control.

At this moment, the PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum has a price tag of $95.56, which is a total bargain considering the convenience of an extra cleaning and storage kit that comes with this Ash Vacuum.

Let’s take a look at some other features that make the PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum a must-have for your household.

  • Designed to filter out the finest dust particles with its well-crafted filter system
  • The metal canister on this ash vacuum cleaner has the capacity to hold up to 3 gallons of ash, giving you a bigger capacity for thorough cleaning
  • This ash vacuum is built for convenience with an on-board storage accessory, complemented by a carrying handle at the top
  • Powerful 10-amp motor that has noise levels of almost zero
  • If the ash vacuum gets blocked by dust, there is an air outlet that enables you to use a blower
  • Comes with a canister and a hose that are made of metal and are heat resistant to prevent any fire outbreaks
Best Value
The Shop-Vac® Ash Dry Vac is engineered to serve you for ages. Although it doesn’t handle extremely hot ashes well, it’s a convenient tool to clean cold ash from fireplaces. ShopVac is also known for it's quality wet and dry vacuums. The 4.5 peak horsepower All Around EZ Series Canister Vacuum is a popular choice.

ShopVac Corded Ash Vacuum Cleaner for Fireplaces, Pellet Stoves, Coal Stoves and Charcoal Grills


Shop-Vac prides itself as a leader in the making of wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Shop-Vac offers some of the best vacuum cleaners coupled by quality accessories that are dependable and easy to work with. For the toughest cleaning job, Shop-Vac vacuum cleaners are a must-have.

The Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 7-foot cord length that is designed to get rid of cool ashes from any fireplace. This ash vacuum will work well on your pellet stoves, wood stoves and BBQ grills.

You can get yourself the Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner and improve your cleaning experience with its maximum airflow of about 80CFM.

Let’s look at some other features that you should expect to have when you get this Ash Vacuum cleaner.

  • Comes with a stainless steel tank for a longer life span
  • Accessorized with tough metallic tools for better operation
  • Has a hose size of 1.5” diameter for maximum vacuuming
  • Also available is a thermal cut-off control for safety
  • Inside is a HEPA cartridge filter that does the work of filtering the ash
The Cougar Ash Vacuum is designed to be safe and durable with its fire resistant metallic build. It can handle cool, fine ash from BBQs, fireplaces and pellet stoves. If you burn a lot of wood, coal or charcoal, you may want to pick up an extra ash vacuum filter package.

Dustless Technologies Cougar Ash Vacuum – Made in USA, For Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Fireplaces, & BBQ, Available in 4 Colors


Dustless Technologies is a leading manufacturer of dust collection vacuums and other essential accessories that are used on a daily basis. The company has helped many people maintain a dust-free environment since 1988, while at the same time creating affordable and time-saving cleaning alternatives.

The Cougar Ash Vacuum is engineered with a metal construct that is essential as a safety and fire resistant component. It also comes with a steel nozzle hose that can resist a five-foot flame, not forgetting the amazing steel chamber with a 3-gallon capacity. The best part about this ash vacuum is that it is built to enable you to clean it without having to remove the lid. This makes Cougar Ash Vacuum an easy-to-maintain piece of equipment for daily use.

The Cougar Ash Vacuum is retailing at $262.95. Here are a couple of features in store for you:

  • This ash vacuum does the job quickly and quietly thanks to its powerful six-amp motor
  • No need to worry about constantly replacing the steel canister, as it can handle up to 3 gallons of ashes
  • Comes with a double filter that ensures quality vacuuming with no dust escaping
  • The Cougar Ash Vacuum is made for cool to warm fine ash, therefore not recommended for hot coals
  • Also available is a new and improved metal hose that is fire resistant

Amazon offers this item in different colors ranging from the winter scene (color above), to red, green and black. Be sure to check them out if you prefer a different color from the one featured here.

The Snow Joe 4.8 Gallon Ash Vacuum is designed to pick up cold ash from fireplaces, BBQs and pellet stoves. It comes with a 4-amp power motor, which is enough to suction even the finest of the ashes. If you want a more powerful ash vacuum, perhaps one with a 5-amp motor, check out the Snow Joe Heavy Duty Ash Vacuum.

Snow Joe 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp Ash Vacuum - Designed for Cold Ash Pickup from Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and BBQ Grills


Snow Joe develops and designs innovative, high-quality outdoor equipment that helps keep the environment clean. Over the years it has lived up to its promise, continuing to search for more incredible innovations that make cleaning easy.

The Snow Joe 4.8-Gallon Ash Vacuum ASHJ201 is engineered for picking up cold ash from fire pits, pellet stoves and even wood stoves. This tool is convenient for keeping your breathing spaces at home or the office dust free. With an easy to operate design, all you have to do is to insert the aluminum nozzle into the pile of cold ash and experience the power of the 4-amp motor at work. This ash vacuum has up to 500W of air suction power with air flow of up to 42.4 cubic feet per meter.

Additionally, the Snow Joe 4.8-Gallon Ash Vacuum ASHJ201 also comes with easy ash removal thanks to the self-contained bag feature. It retails at around $79.99, which is a fair price considering the functionality that it provides.

Let’s look at what make this ash vacuum stand out from the rest:

  • Comes with a stop switch for safety, preventing operation without a well fitted filter
  • Has a metallic storage tank that is fireproof, thus ensuring safety
  • Equipped for good storage and maintenance thanks to the blockage inspection and an inbuilt hose organizer
  • Comes with a handle to make the ash vacuum easy to carry
  • There is a basket wire filter that acts as protection to the dust filter for finer filtration
  • You also get a full two-year warranty that covers this ash vacuum
The Costway 5.3 Gallon Ash Vacuum features a large gallon tank capacity to allow for maximum convenience. You can use it to clean fine ashes in fireplaces, smokers and fire pits, provided the ash is cold. Need a smaller cordless ash vacuum? Check out this 3.5 gallon Portable Ash Collector Vacuum with metal lined hose.

Costway 5 Gallon Ash Vacuum For Fireplaces, Fire pits, Bar B Que, and Smokers


Since 2008, Costway has been providing quality and affordable products to its customers across the globe. In North America alone, the company has managed to build a strong reputation and is looking to do the same in other regions, including Europe and Asia.

The Costway 5.3 Gallon Ash Vacuum cleaner is designed for easy carrying and extended durability. You can use it to vacuum BBQs, fire pits, and even fireplaces. For reinforced protection of the motor, there is a non-stick HEPA filter and an aluminum nozzle that gives this ash vacuum a very stable performance.

Retailing at around $69.99, this ash vacuum cleaner comes with a number of features. Some of them include:

  • Flexible metal pipe for better performance
  • Carry handle for easy maneuvering
  • Features a 5.3-gallon tank for easy vacuuming
  • Has a simple industrial build that works on smokers, fire pits, and barbecues

Best Pellet Stove and Fireplace Ash Vacuum Guide – What to Look for in a Hot Ash Vacuum

Picture this: you’re having some guests over on a sunny afternoon. Your barbecue grill doesn’t disappoint you. The steaks and sausages from the grill are scrumptious and everyone is happy. When the sun sets, it’s time to have some chit chat over the fireplace, as everyone sips that nice wine or liquor from your home bar. Everything goes as planned, until the time to clean up comes.

You realize how much work you have to get the place cleaned up. Well, you start with the dishes and scrub every part of the floor, but the problem arises when you go to clean the fireplace or barbecue. The hot ash just won’t go. Your regular vacuum cleaner can’t take the heat. Well, if you need to keep your pellet stove, heat stove, grill, or fireplace clean, you have to get a tool that will absorb even the tiniest particles of the dust.

This is where an ash vacuum comes in handy. It comes with a thermo hose made of rubber-coated steel that makes it heat-resistant. The nozzle is made to take the heat as well, considering that it’s made of metal. The whole design of an ash vacuum, generally, is meant to offer thorough cleaning on areas with ash.

So, before we can look at our picks, let’s first understand the various things that you should consider before you embark on the shopping process.

Video: Uses of Ash From Grilling

What to do with Ash After Grilling. | Courtesy of HomeSteadHow

Ash vacuums are generally affordable, as you can get a good quality one for around $70. However, don’t be surprised to find some models priced as much as $270, especially those by big brands in the market. What mainly affect the price are the features that the ash vacuum incorporates. You’ll find that models with more suction power will cost more, and models with bigger tank sizes might also cost a premium compared to those with a small task, say about 3 gallons.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, we suggest that you settle for the fairly priced models or the high-end ones, and not the really cheap ash vacuums. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be cleaning hot ash, and you must be careful not to burn yourself. You won’t want to go with a model that comes with poor construction or fewer features, promising to do the job but falling short of expectations.


An ash vacuum is very different from the vacuum you use in your home. It comes with some special features to ensure it cleans ash and cleans it well! To help you get the right one, we’ve compiled a list of features that you should keep in mind before you make your purchase.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Tank size – What’s the capacity of the tank? Is it 3 gallons or 5 gallons? Basically, the bigger the tank size, the better since it will hold lots of ash before it needs to be emptied.
  • Multiple cleaning – There are many places where you can find ash, but you’ll find that some ash vacuums are meant to clean certain areas, and not others. Versatility is a key point here. Get an option that cleans all you need it to. If you can, get an option that makes it a breeze to clean barbeques, pellet and wood stoves, as well as fireplaces.
  • Portability – Getting ash cleaned up is a hard job itself, so you don’t want a machine that makes the job any more difficult. Get a model that’s easy to carry, allowing you to clean conveniently.
  • Cord length – How far is your wall socket from the fireplace? Is your stove conveniently placed near a power source? Consider getting an ash vacuum with a cord long enough to reach the areas you intend to clean. You’ll find models with cord length ranging from around 3 feet to 16 feet.
Construction and Design

A standard vacuum is made of cloth bags or liners and plastic components, which are very sensitive to heat. Using this machine to clean the ash in your fireplace will cause the components to melt, if not set ablaze. Don’t risk burning your home down or injuring yourself; get an ash vacuum with the right materials to handle the job.

The material and build is an important factor when it comes to these machines. In fact, the materials used play a major role in determining if the ash vacuum can handle cool, warm, or slightly hot ash. Models with a stainless steel or metal build do a good job, handling fairly hot to warm ash. On the other hand, the aluminum counterparts are made to handle cool ash.

Video: Vacuuming Ash From Fireplace

How to Use an Ash Vacuum. | Courtesy of Henry Hoover Fun
Performance and Ease of Use

The filtration system is perhaps one of the most important features that determine how well an ash vacuum works. That’s right – you’ll find that models with double filtration systems have more power, doing a more thorough job than their counterparts with just a single filtration system.

If you’ve used vacuums before, you know that these machines can be really loud. Well, it’s not any different with ash vacuums. There are models that are painfully loud and there are others that are super quiet! We recommend that you get a model that operates silently or produces less noise – one that you can even use when your kids are taking a nap. It’ll be a great bonus.

Generally, ash vacuums are designed to be easy to use. Most of them can clean in and around your fireplace as well as enclosed compartments with no extra effort. Just as mentioned above, make sure you get a portable option. But if you want a larger one, at least ensure it comes with a wheeled base for easier maneuverability.

Get the Best Ash Vacuum of 2023!

We promised to offer you essential information to help you get the right ash vacuum, and we’ve done just that! If you haven’t found the right one for your needs, go ahead and check out other options these brands have to offer. We chose only reputable names in the market, so quality is guaranteed. It’s time you kept your home spotless!

Our Top Choice
PowerSmith Cool and Hot Ash Vacuum
Best Value
ShopVac Stove & Fireplace Ash Vacuum
Dustless Cougar Fireplace Ash Vacuum
Snow Joe Cold Ash Vacuum Cleaner
Costway Cold Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Ash Vacuum FAQs

What is an ash vacuum?
An ash vacuum is an appliance for cleaning wood stoves, outdoor grills, and fireplaces. It easily removes the ash without spreading particles all over the place. Since they might encounter hot ash, they are made to resist the heat.
What is the best hot ash vacuum?
The best hot ash vacuum has a thermos hose with rubber-coated steel to resist the heat. For that reason, you can use it to clean areas with ash that hasn’t quite cooled down. We have reviewed several models. Check it out!
Where to buy an ash vacuum?
You can buy an ash vacuum straight from Amazon, the largest online retailer in terms of a variety of products and affordable prices. If you are looking for an ash vacuum to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.