Best Asian Hot Pot Reviews 2022

When shopping around for the perfect hot pot, it’s sometimes hard to decide which product is the best for you. With so many different styles from all across the globe, it can get confusing, not to mention a bit boring! That’s where we come in! To help you choose the ideal Asian hot pot, we have selected the best hot pot brands on the market today as well as a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for the different types of hot pot available to you and what different brands have to offer.
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Heat Source
Our Top Choice
Ancient Cookware Thai Clay Hot Pot
With its strong focus on delivering quality, authentic and beautiful products, it’s no surprise Ancient Cookware is a top choice for many. One of its best is the classic Thai Clay Hot Pot.
Authentic presentation and style. Can serve up to 4 people. Unglazed and food safe. Made from flavor-enhancing natural clay. Comes with pot, lid and burner. Available in different sizes.
Authentic, rustic design may mean there are some imperfections. Not dishwasher friendly.
Thai Hot Pot
Unglazed Clay
Charcoal or Solid Fuel (Sterno)
9.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches
2 Qt Capacity, Serves 2 - 4
Best Value
SwagDaddy Asian Hot Pot Starter Kit
SwagDaddy makes fun products that you will love to use. This is just the case for its Electric Hot Pot Starter Kit. With everything you need to start cooking the perfect Asian meal, there is no reason not to.
Vented glass cover. Comes with stainless steel strainers, chopsticks and seasoning packets. Heats up quickly. Non-stick rubber pads. High temperature silicone covers on handles. Dishwasher safe.
Not as authentic as other Asian hot pots.
Asian Electric Hot Pot
Pot, Strainers, Chopsticks
Electric 1400 watt element
12 x 12 x 8 inches
4 Liter Capacity
Crazy Korean Cooking Premium Large Stone Bowl with Lid
Crazy Korean Cooking is a brand after our own heart, and our stomachs for that matter. Take a look at its Large Korean Ceramic Stone Hot Pot Bowl for a better idea of what this great brand has to offer!
Lead, cadmium and arsenic-free. Made from glaze-fired fine clay. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.
Sudden temperature change can cause the bowl to crack. Do not use cold water in it while the bowl is hot.
Korean Stone Bowl Hot Pot
Use on stovetop, oven, microwave
7.8 x 7.8 x 3.2 inches
47.3 fl oz
Sonya Electric Mongolian Hot Pot With Divider
Sonya is a brand that is dedicated to bringing you the finest products to create high-quality, delicious food. This is particularly evident in Sonya’s Mongolian Style Electric Hot Pot.
Removable cooking pots for convenient use. Anti-skid feet for security. Internal divider so you can enjoy two different flavours at the same time.
Not dishwasher or microwave friendly.
Mongolian Style Electric Hot Pot
Stainless Steel
Electric 1500W Heating Element
14.7 x 14.4 x 8.8 inches
5 Liter Capacity
Wok Shop Stainless Steel Chinese Hot Pot
The Wok Shop is the go-to brand for anyone looking for authentic Asian products that create great tasting food. This is definitely the case for the brand's Chinese Stainless Steel Hot Pot.
Stainless steel. Easy-to-grasp porcelain handles. Portable. Traditional Chinese style.
Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
Chinese Style Hot Pot
Stainless Steel
Charcoal of Portable Butane Stove
12 In. Diameter, 9 In. Height
Serves up to 10 people (4 lbs)

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What is the Best Asian Hot Pot?

Fingers crossed, after reading through our buying guide you have figured out what type of Asian hot pot is most suitable to your needs as well as all the features you would like included in your new product. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to narrowing down your options and selecting the ideal hot pot for your next evening in with friends! So let’s get looking at our top 5 picks shall we?
Our Top Choice
We absolutely adored the rustic style and feel of Authentic Cookware’s traditional Thai Clay Hot Pot. If you are after something slightly larger, however, but still want that bona fide Thai feel, then check out Ancient Cookware’s Black Clay La Chamba Rounded Soup Pot, sure to get your tummy rumbling!

Ancient Cookware Large Thai Clay Hot Pot

Ancient Cookware prides itself on its wide knowledge of cuisine from all across the world. This is a brand that is passionate about food, authentic preparation and ultimately bringing people together. It sells traditional cookware from the likes of Thailand, Columbia and Morocco, just to name a few. If you are after authenticity at meal times then look no further than Ancient Cookware. Since the majority of its products are made from natural materials, you won’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals such as BPA interfering with the taste of your delicious home-cooked meals.

The Ancient Cookware Thai Clay Hot Pot presents and cooks foods such as curries and soups beautifully. With its 2-quart capacity serving up to 4 people, this is the perfect product for a fun and sociable, sit-down meal with friends and family. The unglazed clay used on this hot pot not only makes the product durable but acts as a flavour enhancer too. Make sure to wash and dry this product thoroughly, however, as its moisture, although great for food, is not so hot for mould. That’s one flavour you don’t want to be adding to your soups and curries.

Simply put this hot pot over charcoal or solid fuel and fill it up with any aromatic broth your tummy desires. Add a variety of vegetables, meats, noodles and anything else you fancy once the water is boiling. This particular set comes with the pot, lid and burner, everything you need to start hot potting straight away.
Best Value
SwagDaddy’s Deluxe Asian Electric Hot Pot has everything you need to enjoy a feast fit for a king! If, however, you are after a product that is more portable, check out Swag Daddy’s Outdoor Asian Hot Pot Starter Kit to enjoy Asian soups and curries wherever, whenever!

SwagDaddy Deluxe Asian Electric Hot Pot Starter Kit With Non Stick Divided Pot. Includes Hot Pot, Strainers, Chopsticks And Seasoning Packets

SwagDaddy is a brand for anyone looking for something just a little bit different. Although the brand advertises itself as providing all things "guy" related, we think women everywhere will enjoy their products just as much. (With a whole section designated to pizza items, how can women not love this brand?) SwagDaddy tests all its products itself and only provides merchandise it trusts and believes in, meaning you can rest easy knowing your product will only be of the highest quality.

SwagDaddy’s Asian Hot Pot Starter Kit includes a die-cast aluminium divided hot pot with a vented glass cover, 4 stainless steel strainers, 10 pairs of melamine chopsticks AND two packs of Sichuan flavour hot pot seasoning. That's some serious bang for your buck! This product is also safer to use when compared to other gas stove or burner products, not to mention a lot easier to clean.The hot pot itself has a large 4-liter capacity, meaning you can feed the whole family PLUS friends. Its non-stick surface, non-slip rubber pads and high temperature silicone handle covers prevent any annoying spillages and nasty accidents, perfect for the more accident-prone of us out there. This handy little product can also withstand temperatures of up to 248 °F for up to 5 minutes and 170°F for longer cooking periods. Although it's not as traditional as other hot pots on the market, its sleek design and glossy finish more than makes up for that. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

Make sure to check out SwagDaddy’s other kitchenware and outdoor cooking products for all your cooking needs!
Crazy Korean Cooking’s Large Stone Bowl is a firm favorite of ours due to its gorgeous design and authenticity, and the fact it is part of such a large collection! If, however, you are after something a little bit different in your Asian home cooking appliances, then check out the brand's E-Jen Fermentation & Storage Container. It's perfect for those Kim Chi lovers out there!

Crazy Korean Cooking Large Korean Stone Bowl Sizzling Hot Pot With Lid-Premium Ceramic. Available in smaller and larger sizes

With such an obvious passion for creating delicious Korean foods, it’s no surprise Crazy Korean Cooking has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The brand stresses that it "would not sell anything that we would not use ourselves." This is demonstrated by the fact that it won't use lead, cadmium, arsenic or any other nasty chemicals. Crazy Korean Cooking is all about offering beautiful products that will enhance the flavour of your food and your mood while cooking. The main aim of the company is to help you create authentic Korean dishes. And if you are still not convinced about this brand, it helps out local charities too.

We chose to feature the Large Korean Stone Bowl Hot Pot, as we loved its authentic feel and the fact it comes in a variety of different sizes depending on who you are entertaining. You can buy just the one, or buy the whole collection for a Korean feast! The practicality of this product is also a huge plus. You can cook directly on a stovetop, in the oven, or even shove it in the microwave when you are feeling particularly lazy. When you're finished, you can simply plop it into the dishwasher with no fear of damaging this durable product. Unlike similar bowls made from natural stone, this product is more sanitary and far easier to clean as it's made from fine clay ceramic. The bowl is not permeable to water and remains breathable, so it has a much longer shelf life than other stone products. The even distribution of heat this ceramic bowl creates when cooking also improves the flavor of your food, keeping it sizzling and hot.

Look at Crazy Korean Cooking’s other collections and products, as well as the other stone bowls in this collection, to create the perfect Korean banquet for you and your friends!
We loved the Mongolian feel of the Shabu Shabu Electric Hot Pot by Sonya and the fact it is so simple to use! If, however, you are after something even MORE high tech, then take a look at Sonya’s Bonus Pack Electric Ceramic Slow Cooker.

Sonya Shabu Shabu Mongolian Electric Hot Pot With Divider

Sonya is a brand that specialise in more modern electric style hot pots. As this is an Asian brand, it knows exactly what your hot pot will need in order to create wonderful Asian-style food. Its products are electric, so they are simple to use, quick and efficient, getting to high temperatures fast in order to cook your food perfectly!

The Sonya Shabu Shabu Electric Mongolian Hot Pot has an attractive design and comes with a divider. The Mongolian style of this hot pot is also slightly different from other products we have featured so far and really stood out due to its easy to use electric design. Due to the large 1500W power, food is cooked faster, which is good news for everyone. Its removable cooking pots also make this product extremely convenient for home use. Our favorite feature in this particular style of hot pot was its anti-skid feet. No more spills means less mess and more time enjoying your wonderful home-cooked meal!

How Do I Choose the Best Asian Hot Pot?

These days, Asian hot pots are quickly becoming the trendiest way to prepare food at home due to their easy-to-use, healthy cooking techniques. Hot pots are specially designed to cook a range of Asian inspired foods right at the comfort of your dining table. The hot pot itself is filled with stock and kept simmering away whilst you and your dinner guests place ingredients such as thinly sliced meats, noodles and leafy vegetables into the pot.

With a cooking method similar to a slow cooker, the meats, veggies, tofu or dumplings are cooked slowly in a flavorful broth for a taste sensation that is sure to knock your socks off! Many people have chosen to adopt this new style of cooking due to its DIY methods and the fact you get to cook AND eat your meal whilst chatting away to the ones you love. Just make sure you have enough tongs for everyone to fish out their goodies first!

Before you go rushing off and purchasing any old hot pot, however, there are a few things you may want to consider before making your selection. Firstly, Asian hot pots come in two different designs, electric and manual. Electric hot pots are more modern in design and therefore need to be plugged into a socket or outlet to work. Traditional hot pots, however, are more simplistic and work by placing the pot over charcoal or solid fuel. The type of hot pot you choose will depend on whether or not you have a socket nearby your dining area and how quickly you want the product to heat up.

If you don’t have a socket nearby but still like the idea of an electric hot pot then keep an eye out for products that use a Butane stove instead. Electric hot pots cook far more quickly than traditional Asian hot pots and are much simpler to use (and less messy too). As electric hot pots are often made from stainless steel, however, they don’t tend to flavor your meals as well as clay or ceramic pots. If you are a fan of tradition and authentic flavors then a manual, clay, Asian hot pot may be more to your liking.

Another factor to consider before making your purchase is how large the pot should be to meet your needs. This is going to depend entirely on the size of your dining and table area as well as how many people will be using the product. The sizes of Asian hot pots vary dramatically so it may be a good idea to measure your table beforehand to ensure you have enough space. Remember that you will also need enough space for dinnerware, flatware and all of your ingredients.

Asian hot pots can also serve anywhere between 4 and 10 people depending on their capacity. If you are having a big get-together with friends then you may want to opt for products that have a 5 to 6 liter capacity. If, however, you are just cooking for yourself and your family then a smaller 2 liter capacity should suffice.
The cost of your Asian hot pot will depend on a variety of factors. Most Asian hot pots will set you back between $45 and $125 depending on the style of the product, the material from which the pot is made from and the capacity of the hot pot. Products at the higher end of this scale tend to be of the electric variety as they are easier to use, less messy and don’t require the purchase of charcoal or solid fuel. Electric hot pots also tend to be much larger in size and therefore have a greater capacity. That isn’t to say, however, that traditional hot pots don’t work as well; they are just more suited to a smaller, more intimate dinner setting. Cheaper Asian hot pots are available ($30 or lower) but be aware that these products won’t be electric, will be much smaller in size and likely to be flimsier in design.
The features you will want included in your new Asian hot pot will depend entirely on your own personal preferences as well as how much space you have available. There are a few handy features we recommend keeping an eye out for, however, to ensure you choose the best possible product for you!

Here are the important features to look out for…
  • Vented Glass Cover
  • Chopsticks/Strainers
  • Non-Slip Rubber Pads
  • Silicone Handles
Construction and Design
When searching for your ideal Asian hot pot we recommend keeping an eye out for products that include a vented glass cover. Although this is only really a feature you can expect to find with electric hot pots, you will want to make sure your clay hot pot also has a lid for cooking. A ventilated glass lid will allow you to cover up your meal for a speedier cooking time as well as keeping the food free of pests. The benefit of the lid being made from glass is that it allows you to keep an eye on your meal as it simmers away to prevent overcooking.

Another useful feature we recommend looking for in your new product is a hot pot that includes both chopsticks and strainers. This will prevent you from having to go out and buy these products separately and means you can pretty much start cooking straight away! Plus, finding strainers and chopsticks can sometimes be a difficult task.

One particular feature that is a great idea to look out for is a hot pot that includes non-stick rubber pads at the bottom of the product. This will prevent the pot from slipping and sliding around during use and add a level of safety and security to meal times. As you will be cooking with flames and boiling water we highly recommend selecting products with this feature.

Finally, if you have opted for an electric style hot pot then you may want to look for products that include silicone handles. As most electric hot pots are made from stainless steel, they can get to high temperatures VERY quickly. Therefore, if you need to move the product or open the lid it is a good idea to have a product with silicone handles for safety.
Performance and Ease of Use
Care of your Asian hot pot depends on the type of product you have selected. If you have opted for a traditional hot pot, then simply hand wash the pot in soapy water after use. You will want to make sure that you give the pot a good scrub as clay can sometimes be difficult to clean. You will also want to make sure that you dry the product properly once washed as damp clay is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Make sure that the charcoal or solid fuel you have used to light the product is completely out before throwing the ash away. We recommend pouring water over the fuel before removing it to ensure it is well and truly out. If you have opted for an electric hot pot, the cleaning process is much simpler. As these hot pots are made from stainless steel some of them are actually dishwasher friendly…hoorah! For those that aren’t, however, simply take the product apart and hand wash the main bowl area in hot, soapy water. Make sure the product is switched off first though!

Get the Best Asian Hot Pot of 2022!

By now you should have a better understanding of what you are looking for in your new hot pot cooker. If the featured products we have chosen don’t quite appeal to you, just take a look at the other products offered by our chosen brands and find the cooker that is right for you! What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Our Top Choice
Ancient Cookware Thai Clay Hot Pot
Best Value
SwagDaddy Asian Hot Pot Starter Kit
Crazy Korean Cooking Premium Large Stone Bowl with Lid
Sonya Electric Mongolian Hot Pot With Divider
Wok Shop Stainless Steel Chinese Hot Pot