Best Atomic Clock — Always Keep Accurate Time with an Atomic Wall Clock or Atomic Alarm Clock

Can you imagine a world where everyone was on time, and everything flowed with machine-like precision? Well, that could be possible if we all got atomic clocks since they are designed to be accurate to the very second. Time is a precious commodity, and it is for this reason we took the liberty of looking at products from some of the best atomic clock brands, which will help your day flow smoothly. By the way, if you want to check out regular clocks too, we also have a reviews for those! You can find links to some of them below the quick comparison chart.

Before moving on to our chosen products, we wanted to let you know that we have a separate review for atomic travel clocks, if that's what you are looking for. Additionally, we need to give a shout out to one more brand that has a good selection, so much so that we decided to let you see what they have for yourself. Sharp Atomic Alarm Clocks are definitely worth checking out (we particularly love the Star Wars one, pictured below). And while we are at it, we decided to show you a few more of our favorites. Since variety is the spice of life!

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Our Top Choice
La Crosse Atomic Clock and Weather Station
La Crosse Technology started out in 1983 and has become a leading provider of reliable real-time weather solutions.
Wireless connectivity. Colored LCD display; smart weather indicator; self-sets atomic time; regular indoor and outdoor temperature updates
Less accurate humidity predictions
Digital desk and wall clock
8.3 x 1 x 5.5 in / 1 pound
Full color display
Battery and AC-powered
Reception indicators
Best Value
Marathon Atomic Desk Clock Alarm
Marathon is a veteran manufacturer of timing instruments, having made its first piece in 1904.
Large reading display; night amber backlight; legible comfort index; convenient snooze button; indoor temperature indicators
Backlight may be glaring for light-sensitive eyes
Digital desk clock
4.4 x 4.3 x 2.4 in / 0.6 pounds
Large display with backlight
Heat & comfort index
Sangean AM/FM Atomic Alarm Clock Radio
Sangean is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality and elegantly designed audio products.
Doubles as a clock and radio; 14 radio stations; sleep and nap timer with snooze function; dual clock LCD display
Alarm takes quite some time to set
Digital & analogue desk clock
10.8 x 9 x 6.4 in / 3.9 pounds
Monochrome display
Low battery indicator
AcuRite Jumbo Atomic Clock & Weather Station
AcuRite was founded in 1943 and is a leading provider of quality and accurate weather products to help you schedule your day
Self-calibrating forecasting; large LCD display; self-setting atomic timer; high accuracy; wireless weather sensor. Has mounting hole for wall display.
Needs a backlight
Digital desk or wall clock
4.8 x 0.9 x 1.6 in / 10.7 pounds
Monochrome or color display
Temperature icons
Ambient Weather Atomic Wall Clock
Arizona-based Ambient Weather has been providing people with monitoring devices to assist them in keeping track of the environment around them.
Radio-controlled timer; automatic time synch; settings for four time zones; silent movement
Isolated complaints of irregular time update
Analogue wall clock
14 x 14 x 2 in / 2.5 pounds
Monochrome display
Reception indicator

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From the accuracy level to the display type, choosing an ideal atomic clock requires you to pay attention to various factors. Let’s explore some more pointers regarding this.

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Our Top Choice
The La Crosse Technology Wireless Color Weather Station boasts a colored LCD display with a smart indicator that forecasts weather conditions in an accurate and precise manner. If you’d prefer a classic looking analog atomic clock, check out the La Crosse Outdoor Atomic Wall Clock that uses a radio signal to automatically set and includes a thermometer and hygrometer.

La Crosse Technology Wireless Atomic Wall Clock — Digital Color Forecast Station with Alerts, Tell Time and Monitor Indoor and Outdoor Weather


La Crosse Technology started out in 1983 as a one-man mobile business operated by the company’s president, Allan McCormick. From such humble beginnings, this company has risen to become a leading tech provider of weather stations and atomic clocks. They are on a mission to ensure that you get precise and accurate weather forecasts. You can wholly rely on their products to confidently plan your event or day since their technology is top-notch. This customer-focused brand values quality and appreciates that the accuracy of their products can make or break the company’s reputation.

Such knowledge has been integrated into their Wireless Color Weather Station that features colorful and attractive animations that show you the current weather conditions. The color-coded icons give you information on the current temperature, heat and humidity conditions. This weather station allows you to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen and comfortably monitor the readings as it hangs on the wall or rests on your desk.

What else does this atomic timepiece have in store? Here’s more:

  • Indoor temperature settings in the range of 0°C - 50°C
  • Wireless sensor for outdoor temperatures and humidity
  • Transmits up to a range of 300 feet in an open space
  • Primary power display utilizes an AC adapter of 5 volts
  • 5 icons for various weather predictions
  • Temperature trend indicator and alert on high and low conditions for both inside and outside
  • Humidity trend indicator and alert on high and low conditions for both inside and outside
  • 12/24 hour format display that self-sets depending on the time zone
  • Displays minimum and maximum recorded values
  • Has an alarm with a 10-minute snooze
  • Has an outdoor index for heat

Are you good at assembling parts? Then you can set up this weather station yourself, but in case you don’t fancy putting parts together, expert setup is available. Also, if black is not your color, this atomic clock also comes in white.

Best Value
The Marathon Atomic Desk Clock boasts a large display with a backlight that allows you to check the time, date and existing weather conditions without much trouble. Are you looking for an atomic wall to take with you on the go? Consider the Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock which can be programmed for multiple time zones.

Marathon Atomic Alarm Clock with Heat and Comfort Index — Date and Indoor Temperature. Backlight, Snooze and Loud Alarm, Available in 3 Colors


Marathon started out using the name Weinsturm Watch in 1904 and then in 1939, one of the Wein brothers started making timing equipment for the military. So precise and accurate were the instruments that Marathon soon became a sought-after manufacturer of watches and the brand still lives up to its high standards. Their watches combine fine Swiss craftsmanship with military build to create masterpieces that will help you keep time wherever you are. Having one of their watches on your wrist will send a bold statement that you understand what elegance is.

With that in mind, the Marathon Atomic Desk Clock will help you keep track of time without missing a second. Its large digital display has an amber light that comes on when it’s dark. With such a feature, you will be in a position to tell what time it is even in a dark room – you won’t ever be late for an early morning meeting again!

Hold up! Here’s more:

  • Conveniently-placed snooze button
  • Self-sets and adjusts using radio frequencies
  • Legible comfort index as well as a heat index
  • Displays both indoor temperature and humidity readings
  • Durable and sturdily built

Not digging the white color? Brighten up your space with the blue version of this clock or even the black one. Or check out one of their many other options including many great jumbo atomic wall clocks!

The Sangean expertly crafted Am/Fm Tuning Radio Clock doubles as a radio and a clock with 14 radio stations to keep you entertained. Want a Bluetooth atomic alarm clock with a docking station for your iPod or iPhone? Take a look a the Sangean Digital Tuning Atomic Clock Radio.

Sangean RCR-3 AM/FM Atomic Digital and Analog Clock Radio — Easy-to-Read LCD Display, Available in White or Black


Sangean was established in 1974 and is one of the leading providers of audio products and other electronic appliances. This California-based company has a top-of-the-range factory with some of the latest technological innovations in the electronic industry. Their innovative spirit is unmatched while their quality is one of the best. For this reason, Sangean rightfully commands a loyal following round the world. Ask anyone at Sangean and they will tell you that consistent quality and exceptional customer service is what has kept this reputable brand going for years.

Such unmatched quality is evident in their Am/Fm Tuning Radio Clock that is designed to give you value for money since you get two products in one. First and foremost, it has a radio that boasts seven AM stations and seven FM stations, hence you can enjoy some music as you relax. In addition to this, it has two clocks on the front – one analog and the other digital. How can you be late with such a device near you? Not only will the radio tell you the time, but also a quick glimpse of either of the two clocks will do so.

Here are more features to look forward to once you get this radio/clock:

  • Legible LCD display
  • Its display timer is adjustable to any level of brightness
  • Has a nap and sleep timer that can be adjusted to your needs
  • Four-alarm system that uses the radio or a buzzer
  • Snooze button on the top
  • Has a port for inserting an auxiliary jack
The AcuRite Weather Station with Jumbo Color Display boasts self-calibrating technology that accurately forecasts weather conditions up to 24 hours, ensuring that that you can confidently plan your activities for this period. Need fewer features for your desktop alarm (and a lower cost)? Then the AcuRite Atomic Alarm Clock with date, day of week and temperature display may be perfect for you.

AcuRite 02081M Weather Station with Jumbo Display and Atomic Clock - Can Sit on Desk or Mount on Wall, Available with Color or Monochrome Display


AcuRite is part of the renowned Chaney Instrument Company, which has had a reputation for making precise time and weather appliances since the early 1940s. AcuRite boasts modern technology that helps you monitor different elements in your environment. The brand has one goal and that is to provide you with quality instruments to help you confidently schedule your day. With one of their affordable gadgets, you will be armed with adequate and reliable information regarding the weather conditions as well as the time.

The AcuRite Weather Station with Jumbo Color Display is one of their many top-notch products that are designed to keep you in touch with the existing weather conditions around you, as well as tell you the time so that you are not late for any of your activities. Its jumbo-sized LCD color display ensures that you can easily read it whether it’s hanging on a wall or propped on your desk. Included is a weather resistant wireless sensor that self-calibrates and gives you forecasts over a period of 12-24 hours.

Hold up! It gets better. Here’s more:

  • An accurate atomic timer that sets and updates itself using radio frequencies
  • Gives you temperature readings both inside and outside in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • The wireless sensor has a wide transmission range of up to 100 meters
  • The wireless sensor has an indicator to show the signal strength
  • Includes a feature for Daylight Saving Time
  • The brightness of the LCD display is adjustable
  • Records the highest and lowest temperatures for a particular day
  • The wireless sensor comes with a hanger for easy mounting
  • Sturdily built to last a long time
  • Includes an instruction manual for easy setup
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Well, if you are not feeling the colorful display in this design, you may choose the monochrome display version of this amazing atomic clock.

The Ambient Weather Atomic Wall Clock has a radio-controlled timer meaning that you may never need to reset it since it automatically synchronizes time. Would you prefer an atomic clock for your desk or nightstand? The Ambient Weather Clearview Radio Controlled Projection Clock tells both time and the indoor temperature.

Ambient Weather White & Black Atomic Wall Clock – Radio Controlled Clock Never Needs Resetting, Accurate to the Second


Ambient Weather is a veteran in selling weather and other environmental instruments that are designed to help you get on with your day. The brand is loved by consumers globally due to their amazingly high-quality products at incredibly low prices. It’s with good reason that the company has been named among the fastest-growing privately owned companies for a period of over four years. One thing that makes the company stand out is its strategic partnership with tech companies to incorporate modern software in their products.

True to Ambient Weather’s dedication to quality, their Atomic Wall Clock is not just any ordinary clock that will be hanging on your wall. Boasting a radio-controlled timer, this atomic clock updates its time readings using radio frequencies which increase its accuracy. Isn’t it amazing that once you set the time on this clock, you may never need to reset it again?

Here’s more to this amazing clock:

  • Accommodates four time zones
  • Has a wide diameter of 14 inches, making it legible
  • Has a daylight saving feature that automatically updates itself
  • Its hands are very light, allowing them to silently move round the clock
  • It’s battery-powered, using one AA battery that’s not included
  • Attempts to synchronize automatically several times during the day
  • Due to its lightweight hands, its battery life is extended
  • Has a reset button that works manually
  • An atomic timer that overrides manually

Not digging this radio-controlled style? Not to worry, this clock also comes in an elegant Quartz style as well.

Best Atomic Clock Buying Guide — What to Look for in a Atomic Wall Clock or Atomic Alarm Clock

There’s an adage that goes, ‘If you don’t plan, you plan to fail’. By the time you go to bed each day, it’s always wise to quickly flash through the day’s happenings and check whether you have utilized every second of it. But how many times do things start going south from the moment you open your eyes? From waking up late to finding the coffee maker broken and, in your hurry to leave the house, your laptop slips and sleeps for good! To add insult to injury, rain starts pouring and you were sure it was going to be a sunny day. To avoid such chaos and derailments, it’s wise to invest in an atomic clock.

Atomic clocks are loved for their accuracy since they utilize electro-magnetic frequencies in order to set the time. In this way, these clocks rarely gain or lose a second, ensuring precise timekeeping for a long time. In addition to that, modern atomic clocks double as weather stations, designed to keep you posted on existing weather conditions in your environment. Unlike an alarm clock that just gives you the time, an atomic timer can give you the weather forecast to help you schedule your day.

When shopping for the best atomic clock, it’s important to consider the accuracy of the gadget, the display, as well as the time zone settings. In the case that it doubles as a weather station, the forecasts need to be accurate and correlate with the existing environmental conditions. All in all, having an atomic clock hanging on your wall or propped on your desk will sure bring order to your day!

Video: How an Atomic Clock Works

The Use of Atomic Clocks in GPS. | Courtesy of engineerguy

They say that ‘time is money,’ but we say that an atomic clock doesn’t have to put a dent in your pocket. With a price range between $10 and $110, you are in a position to acquire a decent clock that will help bring order to your day. Within this range, you will get a clock that’s accurate and has a legible display to tell you the time. One factor that makes the price vary is the addition of a weather station to the clock. Of course, there are high-end clocks that come with sensors and self-calibrating technology, but you will need to pay a little above this range for such features.

In our research, we also came across cheap atomic clocks that we believe are not worth your time. Not only do they stall after a short period of time but they also have reduced accuracy. Even if you are on a tight budget, we would advise you not to waste your time and money on such pieces.


It’s all right to confuse a weather station with an atomic clock because, more often than not, both are usually combined into one. Here are some key features to have in mind when shopping for an atomic clock:

  • Type -The clock can either be digital or analog and, in some cases, combine both styles. It can also be a wall clock, desk clock or even allow both methods of display.
  • Size -The size you need depends on where you want the clock placed. If you want a wall clock, ensure that it’s large enough to be legible while mounted. For a desk atomic clock, the size should be just compact enough to fit on your desk without eating up too much space.
  • Display - Is the display colorful or monochromatic? Is the display large enough for you to easily take your readings? Is the screen an LCD? Does the clock have a backlight?
  • Power -Atomic clocks are powered using batteries or electricity and, in some instances, both. For battery-powered clocks, the batteries may be included or you may have to buy them separately.
  • Icons -Does the atomic clock have any indicators such as a low-battery indicator or a signal strength icon? Are the icons easy to interpret?
Construction and Design

Atomic clocks are designed to utilize electro-magnetic frequencies to set the time. The clocks display the time either using the analog method (with hands) or the digital method. For the analog clocks, the hands are designed to be light in weight in order for them to move silently. The more common digital clocks often have an LCD screen which acts as the display. The screen can have colorful animations that update you on the environmental settings. A backlight can also be present, which lights up when the room is dark so that you can read the clock.

Most modern atomic clocks have incorporated weather stations into their designs, which complements the time-keeping aspect of the gadget. The weather stations constantly monitor the temperature, humidity and even the heat settings around you. They then transmit this information and display it on the screen. It’s worth noting that not all atomic clocks give you weather forecasts. In some cases, the clocks have a built-in radio that keeps you entertained. Speaking of built-in radios, it’s common to find atomic clocks that utilize radio frequencies to set the time and even have a daylight saving feature that updates itself.

Video: How to Set the Time on an Atomic Clock

Adjusting the Time Settings in an Atomic Clock. | Courtesy of stevenofpa
Performance and Ease of Use

The performance of an atomic clock really depends on how accurate and precise the given time is. Since atomic clocks utilize frequencies, more often than not they have a high level of accuracy. If the clock also doubles as a weather station, it’s important that the forecasts given are close or spot-on to the environmental conditions.

Most manufacturers provide you with an easy guide with instructions on how to set up various features in the clock, such as the alarm. If the clock is battery-powered, you need to ensure that you change the batteries when they run low. For clocks that need mounting, you will find screws to help you easily hang them on the wall. You don’t need to worry about resetting the clock because the beauty of atomic timers is that you rarely need to reset the time!

Get the Best Atomic Clock of 2023!

That’s it! Hopefully, you are better informed and won’t hesitate to get the best atomic clock the market has to offer. Better yet, we hope that you have spotted that ideal atomic clock here. No? Well, these expert brands have other options for you that will make every second of your day count!

Our Top Choice
La Crosse Atomic Clock and Weather Station
Best Value
Marathon Atomic Desk Clock Alarm
Sangean AM/FM Atomic Alarm Clock Radio
AcuRite Jumbo Atomic Clock & Weather Station
Ambient Weather Atomic Wall Clock

Atomic Clock FAQs

What is an atomic clock?
An atomic clock is one that provides the most accurate reading of the time. It uses hyperfine transition frequency in an atom’s electromagnetic spectrum to determine the time in its most precise sense. Atomic clocks were designed for use in GPS systems, television broadcast, and distribution of international time. Check out our review on atomic clocks for more details.
How does an atomic clock work?
An atomic clock works by relying on the atomic resonance frequencies, which are incredibly consistent in Cesium. It, therefore, provides more accurate time than other clock systems such as the quartz. In an atom, oscillation frequencies depend on the mass of its nucleus, gravity, and electrostatic “spring.” They work the same way regardless of whether they are Cesium atomic clocks, hydrogen atomic clocks, and rubidium atomic clocks. However, Cesium atomic clocks are the most accurate.
How to set an atomic clock?
How you set an atomic clock depends on whether it is analog or digital. Even though the clock can automatically set time, you have to manually set it if your time zone falls outside ET, CT, MT, and PT. Press the manual button, which is on the back of the device, until it attains the right time. You can then place it on the window until it finds the WWVB signal. Once it does, it will automatically adjust itself to the right time. If it is a digital atomic clock, ensure it has properly adjusted the time zone. Once that’s over, the hour digit will start flashing, necessitating you to press + until you land at the right hour. Then press SET to maintain it at that time. Follow through the same process with the minute digits, date, month, weekday, temperature, and the 12/24 hour time format. If you have a SkyScan clock, it will set itself to give you an accurate time.
Why is my atomic clock wrong?
Your atomic clock could be wrong by several hours due to the wrong time zone setting. While some atomic clocks may allow you to select any time zone, you need a clock that always displays the right time zone.