Best Attic Fan Reviews 2023

A good attic fan helps to keep any building cool and comfortable by removing accumulated moisture and heat. Because it’s an important decision, we’ve searched out five of the best attic fan brands and highlighted one product from each brand. With these, you should be able to discover what works for you. Do also remember that each of the brands featured here has more attic fans than have been reviewed. You can always check them out if the ones featured do not match your taste.
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Cooling areas
Our Top Choice
Cool Attic Power Gable Ventilator Fan
Cool Attic produces powerful fans that come in different sizes and last long. This fan is sure to give your attic an airy atmosphere.
Cost-effective. Sturdy. Adjustable thermostat with built-in safety features.
Quite noisy.
Gable ventilator
1300 CFM
600-square feet
16 x 16 x 9 inches/12lbs
Best Value
Air Vent 24” Whole House Fan
Air Vent provides ventilation products that will “blow your mind away”, and keep your rooms cool. Its 24 Inch Attic & Whole House Fan circulates air the right way.
Durable. Cools quickly. Two-speed operation. Convenient pull-chain switch.
Quite noisy.
Direct drive
4500 CFM
1500 square feet
31.2 x 10.5 x 30.8 inches/34lbs
Natural Light Solar Attic Fan
Using renewable energy sources, Natural Light provides an energy-efficient way of cooling the home with its solar fans. The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is very energy efficient.
Solar-powered. Energy-efficient. Durable and sturdy. Easily installed.
Doesn’t always work at night-time. Quite expensive.
1628 CFM
2625-square feet
30 lbs
Brightwatts Premium Solar Attic Fan
For a more comfortable lifestyle, the hot air and moisture in your house need to go. Brightwatts provides strong fans that do this job efficiently just like this solar attic fan.
Great price. Sturdy unit designed to withstand harsh weather. Unit comes with a brushless motor.
May need extra instructions if your roof isn’t made from shingles.
Solar, brushless DC motor
Up to 1000 CFM
1200-square feet
27 x 27 x 12 inches/28lbs
Broan Gable Mount Ventilator
Broan makes products to remove the super-heated attic air in homes for maximum enjoyment. The 1600 CFM comes with a built-in adjustable thermostat.
Affordable. Sturdy and lasts long.
Unit is noisy.
Gable ventilator
1600 CFM
2280-square feet
1 x 1 x 1 inches /13lbs

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What is the Best Attic Fan?

It’s actually not that complex to shop for an attic fan when you’re armed with the right information. Now that you have a head start on factors to ponder while shopping for an attic fan, go through our reviews to find the features that best match your home size and budget.
Our Top Choice
Cool Attic has a lot to offer with its affordable yet sturdy attic fans, like the Power Gable Ventilator Fan made from galvanized steel. But if you’re looking for something for the whole house, we recommend the CX3012DDWT Direct Drive 2-Speed Whole House Fan with Shutter.

Cool Attic Power Gable Mount Attic Vent – Available in 3 Sizes

Cool Attic produces air delivery and air movement products that ensure the rooms in your home have an air of freshness.

If you want a powerful attic fan that delivers but doesn’t take too much from your pocket, the Cool Attic 1300 CFM Power Gable Mount Attic Vent is your go-to option. Made from galvanized steel, it will keep your attic cool.

Other features of this fan are:
  • Cools attics up to 1850 square feet
  • Adjustable thermostat with built-in safety features
  • 14-inch fan with 600-square-inch intake
  • Two-year warranty
  • 3.4-amp, 115-volt, 60-Hz thermally protected motor
  • 1300 CFM rating at 0.03 static pressure when used with model No. CX2121 automatic shutter
Best Value
Air Vent has once again outdone itself in the Air Vent Direct-Drive Whole-House Fans. This fan is a real beauty in the home and can be mounted without cutting an attic joist. If you’re looking for a smaller and less expensive attic fan, then try the Air Vent Inc. Gable Attic Ventilator 53315 Attic and Whole House Fans.

Air Vent Inc. 24 Inch Attic & Whole House Fan

Air Vent is devoted to making powerful ventilation machines for all types of places. With the latest research, Air Vent aims to keep enhancing its products to provide for its customers’ needs.

Highly rated on Amazon, the Direct-Drive Whole-House Fan is strong, durable and can be used in combination with air conditioners or in place of air conditioners in climates with mild summer times. Its other features include…
  • Sizes – 24” and 30”
  • Two-speed operation, with a convenient pull-chain switch
  • Heavy steel housing with powder-coated finish makes it extremely durable
  • Assembled wood frame simplifies installation
  • Durable and easy to use
Natural Light shows its innovation in its well-crafted, sturdy Roof Mounted Solar Attic Fan for Flat or Sloped Roofs. If you’re looking for a smaller fan that still does the job well, the Ultra Low-Profile 24-watt Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is a great alternative.

Natural Light Roof Mounted Solar Attic Fan for Flat or Sloped Roofs – 36 Watt – 25 Year Warranty

Natural Light brings to us eco-friendly fans that are only powered by sustainable energy and last a very long time.

The Roof-Mounted Solar Attic Fan is a great fan that is made of the highest quality materials and is top-rated by builders. This fan saves energy and is about the best quality built in the USA. This fan also features:
  • Protective animal screen
  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Easily installed as no wiring is required
  • Powerful, quiet motor with isolation bracket
  • 5-wing fan blade
  • Heavy-duty leakproof aluminum flashing
  • 25-year limited warranty on entire unit
  • Optional snap-on thermostat for use in colder climates
  • Can also be installed on sheds, barns, workshops, detached garages and lofts
  • Made from aluminum, stainless steel and glass
Brightwatts has a passion for making life easier. Just take a look at the Solar Gable Fan with high-impact tempered solar cell casings. If you want something bigger, then be sure to check out the Brightwatts Galvanized Steel Rust Prevention and High Efficiency Blades Solar Gable Attic Fan, Brushless DC Motor.

Brightwatts Premium Solar Attic Fan, Ultra Efficient Brushless DC Motor, Rust Protective Material – Available in 2 Sizes

With great Amazon ratings for all its products, Brightwatts delivers a combination of quality products and great customer service.

The Premium Solar Attic Fan from Brightwatts aims to provide your home with the best possible comfort by removing excess heat in your attic and reducing energy usage. Other features of this solar-powered fan you should note include:
  • High efficiency polysilicon solar panel with angle bracket
  • Rust-protected galvanized steel construction
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Venting capacity
  • Up to 1000 CFM in a building up to 1200 sq. feet
  • 25-foot solar panel power cord
  • Adjustable bracket to ensure best sun placement
Broan is a great brand that highlights its advanced technology through the Gable Mount Ventilator 14” diameter steel blade specifically designed for maximum air movement. But if you’re on a budget, you can check out the Broan 353 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator, 1020 CFM.

Broan Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator – 1600 CFM

The Broan brand is an Amazon Best Seller because it makes great products that are reasonably priced. Customers love this brand for its consistency in all its products.

The Gable Mount Ventilator is one of the easiest models to install in your home by yourself. The fan blades, shaped to scoop out air, make the attic feel like the outdoors, which is a great feature of this fan. Some of its other features:
  • Mounting brackets for simplified installation
  • Galvanized steel housing, ribbed for additional strength
  • Thermally protected, permanently lubricated motor
  • 1600 CFM for attics reaching 2280 sq. feet
  • Quiet, high-performance operation for inside-the-attic applications

How Do I Choose the Best Attic Fan?

Have you ever been into your attic, especially during the summer? If you have, then you know how hot it can become. It’s like walking into a dry sauna! And if you think this is how it’s supposed to be, then you need some Attic Fan 101. In summer, the temperature in your attic can go as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat circulates in your house, making it uncomfortable or even uninhabitable. Installing an attic fan helps push the hot air out while drawing in the cooler air from outside. This circulation of air can significantly lower your house temperature.

An attic fan can also help you to save on electricity bills. When there is proper circulation of air in your house, you will use your ceiling fan and ventilation fan less often. In addition, you’re less likely to use your dehumidifier, as the proper circulation of air can reduce musty smells in the house.

Constant heating of the roofing materials makes them susceptible to breaking down. An attic fan that regulates the temperature in your attic can prolong the life of your roof. But choosing an attic fan can be a difficult task. That’s why we at Topproducts are providing some important factors to consider before purchasing one.
When it comes to keeping your home safe and comfortable, price shouldn’t be a major concern. Even on a budget, though, you can still get an attic fan that meets your needs. High-quality attic fans are priced between $200 and $500.

Baffled by the huge price difference? It’s all due to different features. For instance, to pay more for fans that are solar powered and less for electric models. Similarly, fans that can cool large areas come with higher price tags than those that cool smaller areas.

While there are cheap attic fans out there, keep in mind they might not offer you quality service. Concentrate on the value and not the price, and you’ll make a long-term investment.
When looking for an attic fan, it is important to know its type. Is it solar or electric powered? If electricity bills are a concern, we advise you go for a solar powered fan. However, you need to consider whether a solar-powered model will work well in your area, especially during the winter.

Here are other important features to look for in an attic fan:
  • What’s the maximum space that the fan can cool?
  • What’s the size of the fan?
  • Is the fan energy-efficient?
  • What’s the fan’s voltage capacity?
  • Is it noisy while working?
  • What material is it made of?
  • Does it come with a warranty?
Let’s now look at these features in detail.
Construction and Design
It can be cumbersome to install a fan. That’s why it is important to check the fan’s size before purchasing to avoid damaging your walls while installing. Go for a fan that will easily fit in the available ventilation spaces in your walls. Be sure to measure these spaces before shopping.

Similarly, you’re better off with a fan that will give you value for money. You need a fan that will serve you for many years. In this case, consider steel models, as they will save you from rust and constant repairs.
Performance and Ease of Use
Be sure to get a model large enough to cool all corners of your house. You don’t need a fan that will only cool half of your attic!

The efficiency of the fan depends on the fan’s voltage capacity. Attic fans that are solar-powered can have low voltage volumes (depending on whether they come with their own solar panels), while electric fans come with high voltage capacity of between 100 and 120 volts. A model whose total voltage lies between 100 and 120 volts should be fine for you. Particularly efficient attic fans will have an energy star indicating that they’ll give you lower electricity bills.

Consider the noise level of the fan. Attic fans can be loud when working, especially the larger models, but there are models that work quietly. Noise level might not be a major concern if you’re not near your attic, or if your house is multi-storied. For a rough benchmark, 50 to 60 decibels is the noise level produced by a refrigerator while working. If you can tolerate that, then noise shouldn’t be an issue.

When you’re considering the material an attic fan is made of, steel fans will have a longer life than those made of other materials, and they won’t rust.

Finally, check whether the fan comes with a warranty, just in case of any manufacturer’s fault.

Get the Best Attic Fan of 2023!

After reading through, we hope you’ve found something that fits you like a glove. And if you haven’t, that’s perfectly okay. These products aren’t all these brands have to offer, so there’s still something out there for you which you can find on Amazon.

Our Top Choice
Cool Attic Power Gable Ventilator Fan
Best Value
Air Vent 24” Whole House Fan
Natural Light Solar Attic Fan
Brightwatts Premium Solar Attic Fan
Broan Gable Mount Ventilator