Best ATV Tire Reviews 2023

When it comes to building up your perfect ATV configuration, so to speak, a tough set of tires is a valuable asset that can mean the difference between an adventurous and leisurely ride and making it big on the Youtube list of best fails 2017 (MUST WATCH)! To help you out, we've made a top 5 list of the best ATV tire models you can currently find on the market. Read on, and make a confident choice!
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Speed Rating
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size
Our Top Choice
Kenda Bear Claw
Coming from a true powerhouse in the auto tire industry, the Bear Claw is just about the best tire for your all-terrain vehicle.
Deep and long treads. 6-ply construction. Functions at extremely low temperatures.
The lugs are too short to be for heavy duty mud driving.
ATV all-terrain
Up to 50 mph
494 lbs.
12 inches
Best Value
Carlisle AT ATV tire
Superb tire for mud and general rough terrain, the Carlisle All Trail ATV tire is the way to go for any ATV or special equipment vehicle.
Wide and stable. Fine traction. Good handling. Long life span.
The tires aren’t as thick as we would like.
All trail
Up to 50 mph
715 lbs.
8 inches
Wanda P356 Tires
Introducing Wanda P356, the one and only race-grade tire. Superb make and excellent traction mark these tires, as they sit atop the tire industry undisputed.
Excellent traction, manufactured for GNCC and AMA sanctioned. Deep lugs for better control while breaking
All trail
Up to 50 mph
205 lbs.
Not Specified
9 inches
For big time mud riding, we present the ITP Mud Lite. The traction it provides and the durability it sports will surely make it a number one pick for anyone looking for good shoes for their baby.
Superb traction on loose terrain. Deep treads and 6-ply nylon.
The tire is heavy – takes two people to install it properly.
All trail
Not Specified
330 lbs.
10 inches
Maxxis MS06 Razr Blade
For sand trekkers, Maxxis Razr M06 is the name of the game. With its special shape and superb blades, you won’t even feel a difference while driving in sand – it will be a nice, smooth ride through the country side.
Blades offer perfect traction on sand. Rounded design prevents sinking. Great control while cornering and reduced radius.
The nylon isn’t overly thick.
Sand terrain
149 mph
240 lbs.
9 inches

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What is the Best ATV Tire?

An ATV is only going to be as good as the tires it rides on, so picking up a brand new set is never an easy choice even for the sweatiest connoisseurs of sportsmanship and off-roadery let alone a rookie! Worry not, however, as the TopProducts crew once again comes to the rescue! If you've decided to get yourself a set of new tires for some rugged off-road sessions, read our top 5 picks, choose the ones you like the best, and get rollin'!
Our Top Choice
Snow, mud, dirt—there is nothing this tire can’t handle. Thanks to its resilient build and its excellent performance in harsh environments, the Bear Claw has topped the charts ever since its inception in 2007. If you require cheaper product, we’ve got you covered. For a very affordable price, you can get yourself the Kenda Scorpion K290 – a superb alternative for the K299.

Kenda K299 Bear Claw ATV Tire

For an ATV there is sparsely a better tire than the Bear Claw. Coming from a true veteran of the pneumatic tire industry, the Kenda Rubber Industrial Company (founded in 1962), the Bear Claw is built to handle anything you can throw at it. Kenda prides themselves on their long tradition, and they have more than enough top-notch products to stand as testimony of their excellence.

As for the tire itself, it’s been created for maximum traction and improved steering. It is 8 inches wide and this gives it superb stability, effectively improving the angle at which your vehicle can turn. The tire has been fitted with marvelous treads, which add to traction significantly as they dig into the ground and provide more friction. The treads are longer and deeper than any other brand, rated to ¾ of an inch.

Not only that, but the tire has been built to avoid damage. A sturdy tire saves lives, but Kenda makes sure you don’t even get into an accident. The tires have guards that protect them from dents and dings which can really ruin your tire, and even make them unusable.
Here are the features in a bullet-list form for your reading convenience:
  • Deeper and longer threads for better traction
  • Built in guards to protect against dings, dents and other damage
  • 8-inch wide for better stability
  • Center lugs fit into any kind of tread
  • Lugs always stay in the center of revolution axis
  • Six plies for added durability
  • Able to perform at extremely low temperatures
Plainly and simply, this is an awesome tire. Coming from a powerhouse, Kenda Bear Claw provides supreme traction, thus proving why it is called a bear claw. With this tire, you’ll have no fear taking on the worst cross country can throw at it.
Best Value
A superb tire from Carlisle, the AT ATV 22X is a model you need for your baby. Superb traction and unparalleled durability are just one of the many traits for this product, pushing it to the top of the ladder. But if you’re looking for something more, we’ve got a Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV tire – a true goliath among tires, size, quality and price wise. Truly, you just can’t go wrong with Carlisle.

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 24X12-12

As a global manufacturer with a superb pedigree, Carlisle is a company with a lot to prove to its customers. Luckily, Carlisle continuously proves that they are the absolute best at what they do, and their tires are always top of the line. Carlisle AT ATV tire is one of those top-of-the-line products, and it is made especially for deep mud ventures, with its unrivaled traction and durability.

The tire is made to be quite wide and, thus, quite stable. This, in turn, provides your vehicle with the handling and maneuverability it needs to tackle the great outdoors. The tire also improves the cornering radius of your vehicle and increase traction greatly, which is especially important when facing loose footing. Its treads are 0.56 inches deep, which is a fair depth rating. The tire is rated B and weighs 20.6 pounds. The tire is very sturdy and is rated at 4 plies.

But the talk about this tire doesn’t stop here. The tire is one of the most ubiquitous tires on the market. It comes in all sizes and shapes, and, because of that, can easily fit on any and all vehicles. It can be used on ATVs, golf carts, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, side-by-side vehicles, UTVs and other specialty equipment.
And now, here’s a short list of main points for your reading convenience:
  • Ubiquitous tire, viable on many vehicles
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Very stable, providing plenty of traction and improving handling
  • 0.56 inch deep treads
  • 4-plies
  • B-speed rated tire
All in all, this is a superb piece for your vehicle. Its stability and long life span will surely amaze you, and, more importantly, it will be worth every buck you spend on it. So, don’t hold back, and buy yourself a Carlisle.
Coming from a well-established company, Wanda P356 is a tire with a pedigree. It has all the characteristics of a wonderful tire, perfectly suited for all terrains and many types of vehicles. Alternatively, you can go for another Wanda model, equal in quality and performance, the Wanda ATV/UTV 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 tires. These tires are similar in make, and similar in price too.

Sport ATV Tires 21x7-10 Front & 20x11-9 Rear /4PR - 10075/10085

Like we said, Wanda P356 is a tire with a pedigree. It is a product of the Tianjin Wanda Tyre Group, Co. This is a company that produces high-end tires, and, as a result is growing at an insane pace. The manufacturer relies on innovation, hard work and constant customer feedback in order to produce the best tires possible. This is the very reason the tires always deal as if tailored exactly for your vehicle.

This particular tire has been made specifically for GNCC, the Grand National Cross Country race. This being said, the tire is a perfect cross country tool. Its dynamic pattern really digs into the ground, providing unrivaled traction. Indeed, the tires know no bounds, and the heavy 4-ply nylon is supremely sturdy and virtually impossible to puncture.

On other note, the tires greatly improve the handling of the vehicle. The lugs have been placed especially deep, which, in turn makes them more stable. This also allows the vehicle to respond better when breaking, be it on tarmac or in the mud and dirt.
But enough of that—here’s a short list of features for you to quickly skim through.
  • A product of a well-known company
  • Built for GNCC and AMA sanctioned
  • Super sturdy, 4-ply nylon
  • Dynamic pattern for better traction
  • Deep and long treads
  • Deeply set lugs for better handling and responsiveness when breaking
All in all, there is no better tire for the off-road. I mean, come on—this is a tire made for cross-country racing. And it is soft enough and sturdy enough to be suited for tarmac. Indeed, there are no hiccups when Wanda is concerned.
A superb tire for superb riders, the ITP MUD LITE is the way to go for anyone wanting to enjoy a bit of mud and dirt. The tire’s superb traction will disallow you from ever getting stuck. And if you’re not up for these beasties, you can go for the ITP Sand Star tires – they are slightly less expensive, and much lighter, which are traits that will likely appeal to you.

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 24x11-10

In ITP, Advanced Traction Technology is the name of the game. For 30 years this dedicated manufacturer devoted themselves toward achieving excellence. The way they did it is through analysis of the market, clever designs, and constant feedback from their customers and testers. It also helps that all of the designers ride as well, which enables them to create better tires more suited to you.

And that is how the Mud Lite was created. A perfectly crafted tire, the Mud Lite presents the perfect balance between toughness required for the cross country riding, and softness and sturdiness for tarmac and level surfaces. The product features deep treads (3/4 of an inch) for increased traction and control on loose footing. The product also has a super tough hide – a 6-ply nylon prevents any punctures and damage.

On another note, the tire is also made viable for riding on tarmac. It has been made to produce as few vibrations as possible to facilitate smooth sailing over hard and level surfaces. It has also been made with damage resistant rubber, so as to avoid excessive wear and tear.
So, let’s see a short list of features making up this wonderful tire.
  • Very sturdy tire, able on take on both tarmac, and mud and dirt
  • Deep treads meant to provide as much traction as possible
  • 6-ply nylon protects against punctures and damage
  • Applicable to various vehicles and ATVs
  • Provides excellent traction on loose footing
And, there you have it, one of the best tires on the market. With its sturdy build and superb traction, you will have a hard time finding a better and more suitable all-terrain tire.
You want to take your quad for a ride across a desert? Think nothing of it, as Razr Sand tires are the perfect tool that will enable you to sail smoothly across the loosest of terrains. With its blades and circular design, these tires will have you practically sail across sandy surfaces. And if you don’t like these, you can try out the M917 Bighorn tires – an all-terrain alternative to Razrs.

Maxxis MS06 Razrblade ATV Left Rear Tire Sand 20X11-8

When talking about powerhouses and veterans of the auto tire industry, you cannot go without mentioning Maxxis. This manufacturer was founded in 1967, and since then they have become a valued vendor in over 180 countries. With the right mindset and endless striving for perfection, they created the ultimate sand tire – the Razrblade M06.

This tire has superb treads that, like blades of a spade, dig deep into the sand. This, coupled with a rounded design, allows these tires to sail easily across sand, as they offer maximum traction due to all the surface area touching down on the ground. The treads also allow splendid handling capabilities, effectively reducing the turning radius of the vehicle, while still providing enough stability not to topple over.

In addition, the tire’s center also adds to the traction and cornering. The tire has a two-ply nylon, which isn’t all that thick, but, since the tires have been built especially for sand, there is no real danger that you will be hitting a hard exterior that might puncture it.
Sentence with a variation of “here are the features….” – no blank line between them
  • Superior sand tire from a well-established and veteran manufacturer
  • V shaped and ling blades grab the surface, allowing for unparalleled traction
  • The rounded design allows the tire to virtually float on the sand
  • The tires aren’t overly thick, but a two ply nylon is more than enough to safeguard from punctures
  • Provides excellent control while cornering. Reduces turning radius
All in all, for loose terrain like sand, the Razr has no match. Its unique design provides you with superior traction on the sand, and very few tires can match these tires’ performance. So stop your searching right here and give these beauties a try.

How Do I Choose the Best ATV Tire?

If you’re one of those people who love their car and think of it more as a baby than an object, then we’re sure you’ve kitted it out with the latest car speakers, seat covers and probably given it a new lick of paint to make sure it’s looking as good as new. Another important thing to look after is the tires and if you've ever had the pleasure of purchasing yourself a new set of ATV tires, you may have already noticed just how tricky this seemingly simple process can get. A variety of factors may play an important role on your final choice, so it's always a good idea to do a little bit of homework before you officially make the purchase. Also, since these essential quad parts aren't cheap, getting it right on the first try can save you a lot of money and effort.

To start with, possibly the most important feature of an ATV tire is its thread pattern. More precisely, the kind of lugs and their height, width and positioning is what you want to take a closer look at. Their alignment directly determines how they'll behave on different surfaces. For example, widened lugs are perfect for soft and squishy surfaces, as the extra space you get between them allows a better grip – essential for mud, or any unstable surface for that matter. If the mud is particularly deep and sticky, however, tall and additionally-widened lugs may be a better overall solution, as it will allow your quad to slash through the surface without getting stuck every couple of meters. For stiff surfaces with not much squishiness going on, so to speak, stubby and tight lugs often prove best. Additionally, many people choose to equip their quad with different kinds of tires for their front and back wheels, so they reap the benefits of two different styles at once!

Tires are typically made as radial or bias models. The differences between these two go as follows: First, radial ATV tires are somewhat tougher, and perform well at higher speeds and under heavier. Also, they're usually more difficult to puncture that the bias tires and can survive some abuse, as they wear down slower. Unsurprisingly, they come at a price, but you’ll see where your money went. As for bias ATV tires, perhaps their greatest asset is their price, which is typically lower than radial models. Still, their ability to absorb rough terrain, light weight and longevity make them a solution worth taking into consideration!
As with pretty much all equipment related to extreme sports, the price can be an important factor in determining whether you go for a certain brand or not. As we have already mentioned, the choice between radial vs bias is going to play a major role when it comes to price. Radial tires are typically more expensive, but they do offer better features overall. If you're working on a smaller budget, a set of bias tires can also do one hell of a job, especially if you manage to find a set that perfectly fits your needs.

Aside from this important difference, the question of size can also be an important factor in a tire's price, with larger tires being, naturally, more expensive. All in all, as the market for ATV tires is rather sizeable and well-developed nowadays, you'll be able to find what you're looking for, and at a reasonable price, too.
Since ATVs carry you over a variety of terrains, a proper pair of tires is a must, so you can avoid falling off your beloved quad too much.

Here is a list of the most important features to look into if you're about to get yourself a set of ATV tires:
  • The Right Threads for Intended Terrain
  • The Spacing of the Lugs
  • A Tire's Size
  • The Number of Plies
  • Radial vs Bias
  • Good Longevity
  • Can it be Mounted on other Vehicles as well
  • Speed Rating

Depending on how fast you intend to go (especially regarding the top speed of your quad), you might want to take your time to deliberate on the speed rating.
Construction and Design
As we have already mentioned, an ATV tire's construction is a matter that mainly revolves around its threads and what effect their positioning has on your ride. Wide threads typically perform better on squishy surfaces while taller, narrower tires perform well in deep and sticky surfaces where there's not much to cling to, like mud. Of course, spacing of the lugs as well as the number of plies that goes into construction of each individual tire is also going to play an important role in the tire's performance on and off track, as well as its longevity. Softer tires will grip better but wear down faster. All things considered, you should aim to get a set of tires that matches the type of surface you're going to ride on.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since what we're talking about here are sets of ATV tires, we'd say it's pretty safe to assert that installation is not going to be much of a problem. Maintenance even less so! Once you've change your old tires with new ones, the entire maintenance you can do is to try not to get them punctured prematurely. Other than that, washing them after a particularly messy ride through areas thick in mud should do the trick just fine.

Perhaps the only maintenance-like activity you may need to do when it comes to these tires is to occasionally inflate or deflate them. Deflating can sometimes help prevent punctures if there are a lot of pointy objects strewn around the surface, and also improve stability (at the cost of speed).

So there you have it, an ATV tire is a piece of equipment you should look into before you buy it. Once you've made your purchase, you're pretty much good to go!

Get the Best ATV Tire of 2023!

Off-road surfaces can be quite unforgiving at times, and you want to equip yourself with some high-quality tires beforehand. We hope our article has helped you decide the best tires for your needs. Remember, the brands featured also sell many other options. Time to get out there and make the most of your ATV!

Our Top Choice
Kenda Bear Claw
Best Value
Carlisle AT ATV tire
Wanda P356 Tires
Maxxis MS06 Razr Blade