Best Au Gratin Pan Reviews 2023

If you’re a lover of cheese, and even more so a lover of potatoes, then you either already have an au gratin pan, or you need one. Au gratin dishes usually have a golden crust that’s like heaven for some people and considered the best part of the whole dish by many. To get you started on choosing the right au gratin pan for making the perfect au gratin dish, we’ve prepared a buying guide to help you find the best one for you and also reviewed five great affordable au gratin pans.
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Our Top Choice
All-Clad Stainless Steel Au Gratin Pan
All-Clad uses American workers and metals to manufacture high-quality cookware for people around the globe.
Gorgeous and durable design. Sturdy handles. Great heat distribution. Superb oven to table presentation. Versatile and does not flake.
Only available in one size.
Oval with loop handles
1.5 quarts
3 pounds
Stainless steel
Hand wash recommended
Best Value
Le Creuset Heritage Au Gratin Pan
Le Creuset is a trusted company that creates reliable, gorgeous, and colorful kitchenware at affordable prices.
Available in multiple sizes and colors. Multifunctional. Nice color and design. Durable. Easy to clean and maintain.
It was a bit smaller than a few users expected.
Oval with scalloped handles
1.7 quarts
3 pounds
Dishwasher safe
Mauviel M150B Copper Oval Pan
Mauviel comes from a long history in the copper industry. Chefs and culinary professionals everywhere use its products because of their unmatched quality.
Great oven to table presentation. Heats incredibly well. Strong and durable build. Lovely design. Nonreactive interior. Covered by a good warranty.
Unfortunately not dishwasher safe.
Oval with bronze handles
Not specified
2.8 pounds
Hand wash recommended
Anolon Vesta Oval Au Gratin Pan
Anolon has been around for decades. It manufactures and distributes gourmet kitchenware that’s great for any culinary enthusiast.
Works well for oven-to-table presentation. Versatile. Quality construction. Easy to clean. Works well with other Anolon products. Visually pleasing.
No dedicated non-stick coating.
Oval with curved handles
2 quarts
2.5 pounds
Dishwasher safe
Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Round Au Gratin Dish
Maxwell & Williams is a designer homeware brand that’s been around for decades. It gives you classy home items without a designer price tag.
Easy to clean. Multipurpose pan. Nice color. Non-stick coating making it great for baking. Super affordable. Quality build.
Size may be a bit small for some users.
Round with handles
1.5 quarts
7.2 ounces
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Au Gratin Pan?

We’ve covered all the wonderful things to look for in an au gratin pan, such as the size, the materials used to make it, how easy it is to clean, and so on. Let’s take a look at those five great au gratin pans we mentioned earlier to see what they have to offer.
Our Top Choice
The All-Clad Stainless Steel Au Gratin Pan is yet another great All-Clad product. It has a gorgeous stainless steel design, with an 18/10 stainless steel interior for an exceptional cooking surface. If you’re looking for other quality baking supplies, check out the All-Clad 7-Inch Oval Baker Cookware. It’s a two-piece set that’s more durable than traditional pots and works well for individual desserts.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Au Gratin Pan – Tri-Ply Construction

When you purchase a pot or a pan, you purchase it with the intention of having it for years, decades even. Many people can show you pots that their grandmothers have cooked in, and that they swear by to cook a signature family dish. It’s something that’s more than just metal; it’s a part of the family tradition. All-Clad is a brand that’s built on tradition and using American materials and workers to create top cookware for consumers worldwide.

Au gratin pans vary a lot in look and design, but the core materials determine whether your pan will last. The All-Clad Stainless Steel Au Gratin Pan is one that will definitely be around for years to come. The interior was made using 18/10 stainless steel to give you a superior cooking surface. This pan has a tri-ply/3-ply construction with a stainless steel bond to the aluminum core. This means excellent distribution of heat for an even and exact cooking temperature, so that whatever you're making comes out looking gorgeous on all sides.

This 12-inch au gratin pan has a traditional design with slow flared side walls. It also has two contoured stainless steel handles with stainless-steel rivets for a comfortable grip, so you can take your meals from the oven to the dining table with ease.

The All-Clad Stainless Steel Au Gratin Pan is broiler- and oven-safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also induction compatible, and has a well-polished cooking surface with a starburst finish that provides stick resistance and won’t react to food. You won’t have to worry about your cobbler or baked mac and cheese sticking, or having a metallic taste. This pan is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which is always a nice guarantee.
Best Value
The Le Creuset Heritage Au Gratin Pan is dishwasher safe. It has a distinct clay mixture that prevents scorching and maintains even temperatures. Another great piece of bakeware is the Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Dish, which is available in five colors and includes a matching lid.

Le Creuset Heritage Au Gratin Pan with Non-Porous Enamel Finish - Available in 3 Sizes & 7 Colors

If you watch any cooking show, such as Chopped, Top Chef, or Hell’s Kitchen, you know that food is judged on its taste and appearance. Cooking is considered not only a way to feed the body, but also a form of creative expression. One brand that embraced this shift is Le Creuset. In fact, Le Creuset’s first flame-colored enameled cast iron cocotte, which debuted in 1925, is one of the ways the company took something viewed as dull and turned it into something functional and beautiful. Now, the company’s name conjures images of color and vibrant kitchenware that’s as reliable as it is colorful.

The Le Creuset Heritage Au Gratin Pan is an oval au gratin dish that’s made using high-fired stoneware. It's available in three different sizes: 1.7 quarts, 3.1 quarts, and 24 ounces. It also comes in different gorgeous colors, such as flame, cherry, Marseille, and more. This pan has a non-porous enamel finish with less than 1% porosity. This blocks the absorption of moisture, which can cause damage to the interior. Its enamel coating protects it against metalmarks and more. It’s also stain- and odor-resistant, ensuring that it looks and smells as fresh as the day you got it years later.

You can use your Le Creuset Heritage Au Gratin Pan in your freezer, microwave, oven, refrigerator, or even on your broiler. Cleaning up after a scrumptious meal is made easy, because this beauty is dishwasher safe. It’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees, and is made using a distinct clay mixture which produces an exceptionally dense material when heated. This prevents scorching and maintains even temperatures throughout the dish.

The pan's scalloped handles offer a trusted grip when you’re moving it from the oven to the table. Its bold color options work well with other Le Creuset products. If you know you’re a Le Creuset guy/girl, you won’t have to worry about this dish sticking out in your collection or on your table; it’ll fit right in.
The Mauviel M150B Au Gratin Pan is a 14-inch pan with a 1.5mm copper exterior for faster heating. It has bronze handles for easy transport from the oven to the table. If you want a great frying pan, consider the Mauviel M’Steel Black Steel Frying Pan. It’s available in five colors and can be used on all cooking surfaces.

Mauviel M150B 14-Inch Copper Oval Au Gratin Pan with 1.5mm Copper Exterior

Gourmet food has a rich history, no matter where you go. Each meal has a story behind it about how it was created. Food carries history and meaning. Mauviel understands this aspect of food. This company has grown since its inception in 1830 and now offers over 1000 products to professional chefs, budding chefs, and everyday people who appreciate fine cookware.

The Mauviel M150B Au Gratin Pan is a 14-inch oval pan that's excellent for preparing and serving mouthwatering meals that will have your family and guests singing your praises. Mauviel is known for its expert use of copper, which is evident with this au gratin pan. It has an efficient 1.5mm copper exterior that’s used to rapidly conduct heat for an improved cooking time. The interior has a non-reactive stainless lining that holds up even after heavy and frequent use, and is no hassle to clean.

You can take this pan straight from the oven to table with its beautiful bronze handles, which are held fast with stainless rivets for added durability. This au gratin pan is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and while hand washing is recommended to preserve its beauty, it’s a pan that can be the staple in anyone’s kitchen.
The Anolon Vesta Au Gratin Pan is a versatile oval pan made from stoneware. It has curved handles and tulip-flared rims for a nice grip. If you’re looking for a cookie sheet to make your signature chocolate chip cookies, get the Anolon Advanced Nonstick 11 x 17-Inch Cookie Sheet. It's available in both bronze and gray.

Anolon Vesta Oval Au Gratin Pan – 2 Quarts - Available in 2 Colors

Food is more than just nourishment and a source of energy. It’s a way for us to build connections, to celebrate accomplishments, to get over breakups (ice cream and chocolate should definitely be a food group), and more. Anolon knows this. Since its opening in 1989, it's created gourmet kitchenware that lets you make the food you love and share it with your loved ones.

The Anolon Vesta Au Gratin Pan is a two-quart pan made from high-caliber stoneware. It can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer, and can be washed in your dishwasher for easy cleaning. It’s available in Paprika Red and Cobalt Blue. This sleek baker has a solid color glaze finish. It has tastefully tapered walls that are complete with curved handles and tulip-flared rims, to give you ample room for potholder grip.

You can use this pan in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a great tool for preparing your favorite desserts, sides, and entrees, plus you can take it directly from oven to table to present your culinary creations in a stylish manner. What’s even better is that the Anolon Vesta Au Gratin Pan works with all of Anolon’s other culinary tools.
The Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Round Au Gratin Pan is a multipurpose pan made using high-grade stoneware. It’s dishwasher safe and great for using in the oven, on the stove or in the microwave. If you’re looking for a dedicated baker, try the Maxwell & Williams Basics Oven Chef Square Baker, which is made from high-quality porcelain.

Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Round Au Gratin Pan – Nonstick Xylan Coating

Everyone likes to feel fancy every now and again without emptying their bank accounts. We’re not all wealthy, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t appreciate the finer things in life, even on a budget. That’s what Maxwell & Williams is all about: giving you that designer, luxury homeware experience without the designer price tag.

The Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Round Au Gratin Pan is masterfully crafted using high-grade stoneware. It also features spodumene, which is a mineral used to flameproof the stoneware, making it multifunctional and an asset in any kitchen. You can use it in a microwave, on a stove, or in an oven.

This au gratin dish is great because it’s fireproof and can be used in multiple ways in the kitchen. It also has two layers of non-stick xylan coating, making it perfect for serving your signature lasagna, baking your favorite treats, and more. What makes it even better is that when you’re done, you can pop it in the dishwasher and go relax. After all, you deserve it after slaving over a hot oven.

How Do I Choose the Best Au Gratin Pan?

Au gratin dishes are delicious, scrumptious, and mouthwatering. One of the best ways to make a delicious and decadent au gratin dish is by using an au gratin pan. Your au gratin pan isn’t like casserole bakeware or a cake pan. These pans are built especially for dishes topped with delicious cheeses and breadcrumbs that’ll have your family and guests talking about it for days after they’ve swallowed their last bite.

Choosing the right au gratin pan isn’t necessarily difficult, but with so many options currently on the market, it’s good to have a helping hand to aid you in choosing the perfect au gratin pan. They vary a lot by size and material, and so the right one for you depends on multiple factors. We’ll cover all of those in our buying guide so you can choose the best au gratin pan to add to your culinary arsenal.
The price range for au gratin pans is quite large. On the low end, you can get one for about $20, and prices can go all the way up to $600. The two biggest factors that affect the price of your au gratin pan are its size and the materials used to make it.

You will find cheap au gratin pans on the market, but most times these pans are best avoided. Imagine you’re planning to make a delicious au gratin dish. You’ve done all the grocery shopping, researched your recipe and prepared yourself to make one of the best meals you’ve ever made. Now imagine you’ve done all of that only to have your cheap au gratin pan, that you thought you were getting a deal on, to fail you. That’s why it’s best to buy a good and affordable one, as it saves you time and money down the road.
Au gratin pans don’t offer many features such as other products. Sadly, there are no smart au gratin pans that could cook for us, but we can dream, right?

Here’s what you need to consider when buying an au gratin pan:
  • Size – Au gratin dishes are usually measured in quarts or ounces. The size you choose depends on what you’re making and how many people you plan on serving
  • Maintenance – If you’re a big fan of the dishwasher, get an au gratin pan that is dishwasher safe. If hand washing relaxes you, look for one that's hand wash recommended
  • Versatility – It’s always a good idea to get a pan that you can not only use in the oven, but also pop in the freezer or microwave. Pans built for oven to table presentation are great too
  • Aesthetic – You may want all your kitchenware to coordinate, and luckily most brands design all their products to look great together
  • Build – The materials used to make your au gratin pan will determine whether it lasts for a couple months or for years
Construction and Design
Au gratin pans are made using different types of materials such as aluminum, copper, enameled iron, glass, stainless steel, and stoneware. You can use your au gratin pan to cook your au gratin dish, or cook the dish in something else and then transfer it to your au gratin pan. If you’re going to use it to cook, the best options are copper, enameled iron, stoneware, aluminum and stainless steel, as these offer the best induction and are able to withstand high oven temperatures. If you want an au gratin pan/dish for presentation purposes only, then a glass au gratin pan/dish is a great option, though many of the other materials are built to go straight from the oven to the table and work as wonderful centerpieces.

Most au gratin pans are either round or oval, but there are also rectangular ones available. No shape is essentially better than the others, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. Most au gratin dishes also have handles for easy transport from the oven directly to the table. Some handles are made out of the same material as the dish, while others have silicone coatings, making them much safer to touch if you do so without oven mitts on. Haven’t we all accidentally touched a hot baking tin because we got a bit overexcited for the cake or cupcakes or cooking inside?
Performance and Ease of Use
When you’re using your au gratin dish, one of the worst things that could happen (besides the food burning) is having it stick to the bottom of the pan. This is why au gratin pans with nonstick interiors are preferable. If you’re going for a copper or stainless steel option, check that the metal won’t react with the food. The last thing you need is for the pan to give your gorgeous au gratin dish a metallic taste.

Many au gratin pans are machine washable, but many of the ones made from metals are often more suited for hand washing. Once you soak them for a bit, they’re usually quite easy to clean. Overall, au gratin pans are a great addition to the kitchen and are a great way to make tasty and sometimes quick dishes. In addition, many are freezer and microwave safe, making them perfect for leftovers.

Get the Best Au Gratin Pan of 2023!

Thanks for trusting us to help you choose a great au gratin pan. If you haven’t seen an option on our list that feels right to you, check out what else these five great brands have to offer. We made sure to do our homework, so we know they can be trusted.

Our Top Choice
All-Clad Stainless Steel Au Gratin Pan
Best Value
Le Creuset Heritage Au Gratin Pan
Mauviel M150B Copper Oval Pan
Anolon Vesta Oval Au Gratin Pan
Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Round Au Gratin Dish