Best Automatic Garage Door Opener Reviews 2023

Automatic garage door openers offer more than convenience; they offer safety too. Did you know that 50% of burglaries occur when the garage door is left open? Automatic garage door openers can help you keep your garage door closed. That's why we're presenting you with our thoroughly researched review of the top five brands of automatic openers and one highlighting a particular product from each. We also have a review on regular garage door openers if you're interested in those. If you don't find what you're looking for here, feel free to check out these brands for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Garage Butler Garage Door Opener and Closer
Garage Butler was invented more than 2 decades ago by Edmond inventor Jim Quintos.
Garage Butler is probably the only automatic garage opener that supports any garage with an opener/closer. It works independently without interfering with garage door’s safety features.
While Garage Butler has the edge over many other automatic garage door openers, its lack of smartphone connectivity is a big concern.
All Garage Door Systems
3-10-20-30-45 or 60 minutes
Not Needed
Not Supported
Darkness Door Closure
Best Value
Magic Closer Garage Door Opener
Just as you may have seen on TV, Magic Closer by Big Ideas Inc. is a game changer especially if you have been struggling with compatibility issues.
Magic Closer produces audio and visual signals before the garage door is closed. It is very simple to set up. No wiring, programming or syncing. Also, it has an impressive compatibility range.
Going by what Magic Closer is made to achieve, this is a smart pick for anyone. However, it lacks some advanced features like smartphone connectivity.
All Automatic Garage Openers
5, 15 Minutes and 6 hrs.
2 AA Batteries (Both Devices)
Not Supported
Audio and Lights Alerts
Chamberlain MyQ Internet Connectivity Kit
When it comes to convenience, DIY and budget-friendly garage door openers, Chamberlain is a brand you can trust without a shred of doubt
This garage door opener is very convenient in the opening, closing and monitoring of any compatible garage door opener. You'll also get alerts anytime the door is opened or closed.
The major downside of this unit is that it lacks the timer function, which comes in handy if you forget to close the garage door.
MyQ-Enabled Opener
No Delay Feature
Not Needed
Smartphone Connectivity
Real-time Alerts
Protectrix 18R Garage Door Opener
Protectrix is a distribution company by Excentual Enterprise, a renowned developer of advanced technologies and manufacturer of specialized consumer products.
Installing this device is a breeze. It will only take you 5 minutes, and you don't require any tools for assembling or wiring. It will also work well with any existing sensor systems.
If you’re judging this product based on what it is made to achieve, it successfully passes that test. The only downside is that it lacks advanced features such as smartphone compatibility.
Numeous Brand Openers
1 Minute – 4 Hrs.
9 Volts Alkaline Battery
No Connectivity
Audio and Light Alerts
LiftMaster Security+ Garage Door Opener and Closer
When it comes to home security, LiftMaster has become part of our lives for their incredible products. The brand is known for their garage door openers and gate operators.
When 888LM Security is paired with 828LM Internet Gateway, you’re able to control the garage door operator from your computer and other handheld devices.
if you have a garage door opener that meets 888LM Security specifications, you’ve nothing to worry; however, it won’t work with other garage door openers.
LiftMaster, Chamberlain (1998)
Programmed Minutes
No Batteries–Wired to the Opener
Time-to-Close, Lock Function

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What is the Best Automatic Garage Door Opener?

The best automatic garage door openers should offer convenience and security. You've learned what to look for in an automatic garage door opener from our guide; now let's look at the individual reviews.
Our Top Choice
Get the peace of mind you need and never worry even when you’re not sure if you did close your garage door with the bestselling Garage Butler, compatible with any garage door system. This 6-setting unit doesn't interfere with any security system on your garage door. Unlike many other garage door openers, it will prompt the door to close when it gets dark.

Garage Butler Automatic Garage Door Closer with Timer up to 60 Minutes

Garage Butler is a rare product in today’s market context. Why? The product success cannot be attributed to its manufacturer’s reputation. Despite being the only product from this manufacturer, it has conquered the market and won the hearts of many homeowners. Garage Butler automatically closes the garage door in case you forget. There is no peace of mind like when you will never have to worry again whether you left your garage open.

Provided your garage door mechanism has a working closer/opener, Garage Butler will work for you. The best thing is that it won’t interfere with the operations of any garage door security system. For instance, if you have installed an infrared safety circuit, it will continue without hitches. Installation is a breeze too, as no expertise is needed. You only need some basic tools.

After installing the Garage Butler, take 5 minutes; you will then set the delay time. It has one of the best pre-determined settings with 6 options: 3-10-15-20-30-45-60 minutes. After the time lapses, it will beep for 30 seconds, and if you don't close the door within that time, the door will automatically close. The recommended delay time should be short, but when you want the door to remain open longer, like during a garage sale or when warming your car, you can choose a longer delay time. If you want the door to remain open for more than an hour, just click the hold button.

Another dealmaker in Garage Butler is that it will automatically close when it gets dark, except when the unit is off.
Best Value
Magic Closer is an automatic garage door opener compatible with any automatic garage. It works independently and doesn't require any wiring. Its other incredible features include visible and audible signals to enhance safety, while the 3 pre-selected timer options become handy if you accidentally leave the door open.

Magic Closer Automatic Garage Door Closer with 3 Timer Settings

Big Ideas Inc. is the brand behind Magic Closer, an automatic garage door closer that has stamped its authority in the garage door opener’s market. The product’s uniqueness is that it is compatible with ANY automatic garage door opener brand.

Installation is easy as there is no wiring, syncing or programming with the garage door system. It utilizes a smart sensor, which detects any slight opening on the garage door. In case the door is open, it will use a radio frequency signal to communicate with the wall button panel. It is sold as two battery-powered devices, a receiver and a smart sensor.

There are three delay settings: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 6 hours for when you want the door to remain open for a longer time. When it is about to close the door, it produces an audio and visual signal. It also stands out, as it doesn't interfere with the door’s functionalities, which the manufacturers may have installed. It will also work well with any other interface, technology, and devices, such as infrared beam sensors installed on the door. If you have several garage doors, you can install a Magic Closer in each of them, and they won't interfere with each other.

In cases where Magic Closer is not able to close the door, either because of an obstruction in the garage door path or within the sensor path, it will attempt a second time, and when it fails, it illuminates all buttons as an alert.
With this kit, you will remotely control any MyQ-enabled garage door opener and any other MyQ-enabled accessory using a smartphone. If you’re interested in only monitoring the status of your garage door, check this Chamberlain Door Monitor with a sensor to send an alert signal to its monitor, which makes it flash when the door is open.

Chamberlain Internet/Smartphone Connectivity Kit for Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain is a renowned American brand, known for their garage door openers. The company has been on the market for over 7 decades now and is credited for setting the trend after developing the pioneer garage door opener with built-in Wi-Fi feature. Over the years, they have leveraged technology, and today they have a wide range of home control products, remotes and garage door openers. And did you know that the Chamberlain Group owns LiftMaster? The only difference between their garage door openers is that Chamberlain manufactures DIY (do-it-yourself) garage door openers, while LiftMaster’s garage door openers are for professional installers.

From Chamberlain garage door openers, we picked the MyQ Internet Connectivity Kit for its advanced features, easy setup, and convenience. With this automatic garage door opener, you'll close, open and monitor a Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener from your smartphone. Apart from the comfort and convenience, remote controlling gives you peace of mind when you're not sure if the garage door is closed.

It is only compatible with MyQ accessories and MyQ-enabled garage door openers. The MyQ app is provided free and is available for Android and Apple devices, including iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

Apart from controlling the garage door, you can use your smartphone to control your home lighting, provided you have the Chamberlain MyQ Light Controls, which is sold separately.

Probably the biggest edge in this garage door opener is the automated alerts it sends anytime the door is opened or closed. For convenience, you can customize the alert settings. Installation is a breeze too. There is also mobile website functionality if you have other devices connected to it.

On purchase, you get a 1-year warranty, the Internet Gateway, power cord, LCD wall control unit, Ethernet cable, and a free app. There are no monthly charges attached to the system.
Avoid any worries of whether you did close your garage door by investing in this Protectrix Automatic Closer, with a delay time of between 1 to 4 minutes, and an alarm and audio alerts before closure. If you have a garage door with purple learn buttons, check this Protectrix DP3 Automatic Garage Door Opener, without wiring connections.

Protectrix 18R Garage Door Timer Automatic Opener and Closer

Protectrix is a marketing and distribution company by Excentual Enterprises. The company is known for developing specialized products for consumer and industry markets, like 3D printing, MEMS sensors, robotics, automation and remote sensing, among others.

From their automatic garage door openers, we picked the Protectrix 18R Garage Door Automatic Closer, particularly for its ease of installation and compatibility. Unlike other models that take almost an hour to install, you'll just need 5 minutes to install Protectrix. No tools are required, and there is no wiring.

Just like any other automatic garage door opener, this 9V battery-powered unit will automatically close the door if it detects that the door has stayed open for too long. How fast the door is closed depends on how you set the delay settings of between 1 minute and 4 hours.

If the door is not closed within the delay time, 18R Automatic Closer will send a signal to the door closer to close it down. Before closing down, there will be a visual signal and an audible alarm as an alert. If you don’t close it within 30 seconds, the door will automatically close down.

Here is what else you can expect from this unit:
  • If you have any safety sensors installed on your door, it will work well with all of them
  • When the battery is low, there will be a flash and a single audible beep after every minute
  • If you want to keep the door open for a whole day, like for when you're having a garage sale, just disable it
  • Works best installed on the inner, upper side of the door
  • This unit utilizes a tilt sensor when identifying the position of the door
  • It works well with many garage doors openers in GA+, (()) AND S+ category
  • It doesn't work with Wayne Dalton, Craftsman, Sears, LiftMaster and Chamberlain doors (for the last 3 brands, you need the DP3 model from the same manufacturer)
  • The battery life is estimated to be around 2 years, depending on the temperature, humidity and how frequently it closes the door
  • It will only work with garage doors that are parallel to the ground
Do you have a garage door brand that Protectrix don't support, and you badly need a Protectrix closer? They can customize one for you.
If you have a Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman or a LiftMaster garage door opener built after 1998 and you’re looking for an automatic garage door opener, this is a great pick for you. If you’re looking for garage door opener compatible with LifeMaster Security+ Gate Operators, Garage Door Openers and Commercial Door Operators, check this LifeMaster 371LM.

LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 MyQ Wall Control – Connects to any LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Sears Craftsman Door Opener after 1998

LiftMaster is known for their wide array of products all aimed at enhancing security both in residential and commercial buildings. The brand is known for their garage door openers, commercial door operators, telephone entry systems, and buildings access control products. Their products are designed to fit and serve any lifestyle and come in the latest technologies.

From LiftMaster, we picked the 888LM Security made to make home access easier and to give users control for their garage door. Apart from controlling the garage door opener, you can use this device to control gate operators and home lights from anywhere using your computer or smartphone through the 828LM Internet Gateway, which is sold separately.

888LM MyQ Security works with Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman and LiftMaster garage door openers, provided it was manufactured after 1998. These garage door openers have purple and red orange learn buttons. This unit will not work on the newest garage door openers that have a yellow antenna and learn button.

Thanks to the Time-to-Close feature, 888LM will close your door after the pre-programmed time. You’ll also love 888LM for its easy installation. Just replace the existing control panel and connect the two wires at the back of the door. After installation, your wireless keypad and remote controls will continue working normally.

888LM is equipped with motion sensors that turn the lights on the garage door opener on when any motion is sensed. It also has a 150 degrees sensing angle and an adjustable light timer, which you use to set after how long the opener lights should go off after opening or closing the garage door. And finally, when you’re away, the system will lock the outside remote controls.

How Do I Choose the Best Automatic Garage Door Opener?

It's a nice feeling to not have to leave your car, walk all the way to your garage (it's not much of a distance, we know, but there are days when it feels like a 100 meter walk), fiddle with the locks, handles, and stuff, open it, then walk all the way back to your car again before proceeding to drive in and repeat the entire process again; it really is a nice feeling and we're entitled to bask in it while sending a prayer of thanks heavenwards for the inventor of automatic garage door openers.

Automatic garage door openers (aka automatic garage door closers) pack a lot more features than regular garage door openers. They can be programmed to close, lock, turn security lights on and off, and do some other interesting stuff. Another major advantage of installing one of these openers is that they add another layer of security to our homes and properties. You may put the steering lock on your car before retiring for the night, but if you forget to lock the garage doors, you may as well kiss bye bye to your beloved ride and other precious tools stashed inside the garage. Okay, you may have installed a car alarm and the above scenario can be ruled out in your case, but you have to agree that there is a level of convenience that comes with using automatic garage door openers. Just as you don't have to actually be in your car to start it when you have a remote car starter, you don't have to leave your car to open your garage door - a great thing if you ever have to dodge the paparazzi.

We know that lifestyles, garage doors, and budgets are different, so we'll leave the decision of which automatic garage door opener you should get up to you. We do hope our guide will be of help to you as you make that decision though.
It's going to be quite the sight when your garage door gets stuck midway into its grand opening, especially if you've got someone with you on whom you're trying to make an impression. It's a good thing such occurrences are avoidable by doing the little things like patronizing reputable brands, researching before buying, and avoiding cheap automatic garage door openers like they were all ten of the old testament plagues combined. Automatic garage door openers can be sold for as low as $24 to as high as $100 and, depending on the features you're looking for, you should be able to find a great one within that price range.
Another sure way to avoid the scene described in the last paragraph is by knowing what features automatic garage door closers or openers (whichever nomenclature suits your fancy) have and how one affects the functioning of the garage openers. So here is a list of some important features to watch out for:
  • Compatibility
  • Timer
  • Battery
  • Connectivity
  • Alarm
Construction and Design
Whatever automatic garage door opener you're looking at should be compatible with your garage door and any other technology you already have, like security systems and the functionality of pre-installed garage doors. It would be heartbreaking to have to get rid of a perfectly functional setup simply because there is a compatibility problem. So find out what garage door opener brands the automatic you've set your sights on is designed to work with; find out if it's designed to complement your security systems and stuff like that.

There is also the issue of internet and Bluetooth connectivity, these make an automatic opener able to do much more than open and close garage doors. With connectivity like this, you get notified whenever your garage door opens, closes or fails to close. You can also remotely operate your garage doors from anywhere, in addition to remotely monitoring them.
Performance and Ease of Use
The power source for these devices should also be given ample consideration. While some of them come with their own batteries, others are designed to be connected to and draw their power from garage door openers that you already have. The choice is up to you, and we haven't found any to be more superior to the others. The batteries on the battery-powered models are built to last long (for years actually), and the models that rely on the garage door openers for power will run as long as they are being supplied with enough juice.

Take note of the timer settings in these automatic openers. The timer allows you to delay the closure of the garage doors for a pre-determined amount of time. So, depending on how often you'll be moving through those doors and the kind of activity you've got going on in there, you can set the timer to suit your needs.

Automatic garage door openers are built with alerts that will draw your attention to different situations that concern your garage door and its functionality. While some employ beeps, others employ lights, and still others combine the two. When the doors fail to close as programmed, when the batteries are running low, or when it's ready to close the doors, you should get an alert. The type, frequency, and duration of the alert is entirely up to you.

Get the Best Automatic Garage Door Opener of 2023!

And that is it! We suggest you get one as this will help you make sure that garage door is closed.

Our Top Choice
Garage Butler Garage Door Opener and Closer
Best Value
Magic Closer Garage Door Opener
Chamberlain MyQ Internet Connectivity Kit
Protectrix 18R Garage Door Opener
LiftMaster Security+ Garage Door Opener and Closer