Best Automotive Battery Cable Reviews 2023

Every automobile owner worries about having drained batteries. This may be as a result of heavy use of electronic vehicle components or other reasons. But then you need not worry! We have taken time to review numerous quality battery jumper cables in the market which make it easy to boost batteries. We have short-listed the best automotive battery cables (based on our research) with their products to make selection very easy. Please, note that the featured brands have other amazing cables that might interest you. Feel free to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge
Cartman is known to manufacture quality cables for boosting batteries when drained. The Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge is user friendly and highly effective.
Easy to store. Comfortable to use. Well designed.
Springs in the clamps are weak.
16 feet
T-Prene coating; low temperature
Plier like; Copper coated aluminum
Best Value
Performance Tool Jump Leads
Performance Tool prides itself as the top leading battery booster manufacturer. The Performance Tool (W1673) 20' 4-Gauge Jumper Cable is ideal for heavy duty vehicles.
It is long. Suitable for heavy duty vehicles. Flexible.
Takes quite a bit of room in the trunk.
20 feet
Deluxe; rubber coating; no tangle
Peg like clamps; rubber coating
Energizer Battery Jumper Cables
Energizer is an innovative brand providing power solutions to meet customer demand. The ENB130 is a professional series that boosts all types of vehicles. It’s a heavy duty cable.
Thick cables for fast charging. Long - up to 25 feet.
It is heavy.
30 feet
Heavy duty copper clad aluminum
Pliers like; PVC coated
Coleman Cable Heavy Duty Battery Booster
Coleman Cable’s products come from a deep culture of innovation, and this battery booster cable is suitable for charging all kinds of vehicles.
Charges all types of vehicles. Sturdy clamps. Durable.
Not thick enough.
25 feet
Ultra heavy duty
Parrot jaw clamp, rubber coated
OxGord Jumper Cables with Case
OxGord is well known to be a manufacturer of reliable cables. The OxGord Jumper Cables come with a case and perform well.
Lightweight. Easy storage. Well designed. It has a carrier.
Not too solid case.
25 feet
Heavy duty; tangle free
Stapler like; rubber coated handle

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What is the Best Automotive Battery Cable?

While going through these reviews, bear in mind the kind of features you would want for your cable - length, thickness etc. With this guide, you will be able to choose what exactly suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Cartman is committed to the delivery of not just quality products, but safe ones as well. The Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge is suitable for cars, trucks and SUVs. You can also check out the Cartman Booster Cables in Carry Bag, 6 Gauge 16 Feet Jump Cable with UL listed if you are looking for lighter, shorter and more affordable cable.

CartmanAuto Battery Cable 4 Gauge – Available in 3 Sizes

Cartman delivers high customer satisfaction through innovative and quality products. Its products offer great value for money.

The Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft will boost your vehicle batteries easily. Here are some of its features:
  • It transfers powers up to 12-24 volts
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Well designed
  • Up to 20 feet long
Best Value
Performance Tool is dedicated to ensuring high customer satisfaction through quality products that are renowned for high performance. The Performance Tool (W1673) 20' 4-Gauge Jumper Cable eliminates the need for a bumper to bumper scene. You can also check out Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe Roadside Assistance Kit to tow and jump your cars.

Performance Tool Jumper Cable – Available in 8 Styles

Performance Tool is dedicated to the development of quality products, and it is one brand that gives you the tools you need to give life to drained automobile batteries. The Performance Tool exemplifies what this brand stands for.

The Performance Tool (W1673) 20' 4-Gauge Jumper Cable has different colors to differentiate the positive cable from the negative cable. The cable is adequately long and comes with heavy duty copper jaw clamps. It has 4-gauge cable which is very suitable for heavy duty use.
Energizer is one of the largest manufacturers of primary batteries and has built quite a reputation as a top solution provider for everything relating to batteries. The ENB130 is a product that enables a boost of up to 800 amps. You can also check out the Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables 20 Ft Booster – a cheaper alternative.

Energizer Booster Jump Start Cables – Available in 4 Sizes with 1 or 2 Gauge

Energizer is a global leader in the battery industry, providing quality products and full power solutions with its innovations. It continues to meet huge customer demands across the globe. Its special 4-gauge booster cable is a driver’s delight.

The ENB130 is a cable that allows you to access another vehicle's battery no matter how far away it is parked. With a 30-foot-long cable, it can get to wherever the vehicle is. They are thick cables which make fast charging of dead batteries possible. It is suitable for charging every type of vehicle.
Coleman Cable produces cables that are very durable. The Coleman Cable 08862 25' Ultra-Heavy-Duty Truck and Auto Battery Booster Cables is a 2-gauge cable with a water resistant jacket. You can also check out Coleman Cable 08660 Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Auto Battery Booster Cables with Polar Glo-Watt Clamps (20 Feet) if you need a cheaper model.

Coleman CableUltra-Heavy-Duty Truck and Auto Battery Booster Cables – Available in 4 Sizes & 2 Styles

Coleman has been in the business of providing quality products that are reliable and durable. It is committed to giving customers good value for their money.

The Coleman Cable 08862 25' Ultra-Heavy-Duty Truck and Auto Battery Booster Cable is a 2- gauge cable that starts all kinds of vehicles and trucks. Its length of 25 feet makes it convenient to use with other vehicles even when they are not packed close to each other. It is flexible and its durability is assured with a water resistant jacket
OxGord leads the market in quality and reliable cables. The OxGord Booster Cable is reliable. You can also check out OxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra Long 12 Feet Heavy Duty Super Power Booster Starter Commercial Grade Jumper Cables which is shorter and ideal for emergency use.

OxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra Long 25-Feet Jumper Cables with Carry Case Bag

OxGord has built a reputation for unparalleled customer satisfaction through the consistent production of long-lasting and quality products which are also affordable.

The OxGord Booster Cable a well-designed, 4-10-gauge cable that works great for different kinds of vehicles. It comes with a case for easy carriage and an instructional manual for ease of use, especially for the first time user. It boosts batteries up to 500amps.

How Do I Choose the Best Automotive Battery Cable?

Your week-long trip to the farmhouse is over, and you just started prepping for the journey back to the city. You are somewhat hesitant, knowing that a cumbersome work schedule awaits you upon your arrival in town. On the other hand, your kids are jovial, as they had previously been bored of the uneventful rural landscape. Half-heartedly, you indulge in the packing process.

Once every item needed is in place and the luggage has been double-checked to ensure nothing is amiss, you wave goodbye to the caretaker and proceed to the vehicle. After taking off the car cover, you put the key into the ignition but alas! The car cannot start! You dismiss the first failure as a normal shortcoming and decide to give it a second shot. That too fails. Then a third, a fourth, and a fifth… until you give up, realizing that something must be wrong with the engine system.

The obvious first place to check would be the battery, which powers up the ignition system. After a quick inspection, you find out that, to your surprise, the battery has been drained, leaving it incapable of starting the vehicle. Questions flood your mind. How could this be possible? Who could have used your battery? A mischievous smile from your children answers your questions. Those little devils! I knew it was them – you tell yourself. You begin to piece up the puzzle then remember the blaring music played outdoors the previous nights. That must have been when the poor battery was exhausted.

Without a doubt, you’d want to scold the kids. But the urgency of the situation tramples this desire, forcing you to look for a quick solution. In the absence of a jump-starter, you are forced to ‘borrow’ power from a secondary source (another vehicle’s battery). The farm tractor would act as the source, with the only requirement being a connecting cable. With help from the caretaker, you randomly pick up wires, hoping they will get the job done. At the initial attempt, the wire is “fried.” However, after a series of false starts, you finally get a breakthrough. The engine starts.

Such experiences often remain indelible. Just like it is obligatory to have a tire repair kit at all times, it is essential that you have an appropriate jumping cable within reaching distance. With it, you will have no hassles when your battery runs out, even in the middle of nowhere, provided you have a secondary power source.

Cables are part of the complex automotive electronics, so it can be challenging for a layman to identify the appropriate variant to suit his needs. You need not worry, as we have you covered this. Our automobile expert team scoured through the various options available in the market and compiled the list featuring the best of the selection. After reading our guide, you will be well acquainted with the jumper cables.
When coming up with a budget for a jumper cable, you should keep in mind that the length and amperage will have a huge bearing on the cost. Additionally, the gauge as well as the metal used in making the cable will impact the price. Typically, longer cables mean higher prices. Similarly, those with lower gauges are costlier, as they have shorter charging turnaround times.

In the market, jumper cables go for modest prices, starting from $17. High-end variants are costly, going for up to $90. You will find a multitude of cheap automotive battery cables on the market, but we do not recommend them. Cheap models do not offer you value for your money. They are made from inferior material and are not practical, specifically when carrying out heavy duty jobs. Thus, for versatility, it will serve you well to go for the premium, as they boast of multiple features.
The specifications of jumper cables give a hint of what to expect regarding performance, at least on paper. Hence, it is fundamental to assess the features to ascertain whether they fit the billing.

So, what exactly do you look for when shopping for a jumping cable?
  • Length- This determines how far the cable can reach.
  • Gauge-This relates to the thickness of the wire used. The higher the gauge (numerically), the thinner the wire.
  • Cable-What material is the coating made of? It may be suited for either heavy or light duties.
  • Clamps– How are the clamps designed? What are they made of?
  • Amperage-This impacts on the amount of current that can flow through the cables at a time.
Assessing performance ensues after assessing the specifications.
Construction and Design
It is imperative that the cables be long enough. Shorter cables have a myriad of limitations, with the foremost being the need to have the power source in close proximity while jumpstarting. This is significantly inconvenient, especially when the power is sourced from another vehicle, since a distance must be maintained between the two. Contrariwise, a longer cable offers you the freedom of connecting power sources over longer distances.

The gauge of the cable is another vital specification. A lower gauge means a thicker wire, hence more current transmitted at a time. As a result, cables with lower gauges charge faster than those with higher gauge values. This saves time and, by extension, fuel if you are relying on a secondary vehicle.
Performance and Ease of Use
To avoid short-circuiting, a majority of manufacturers are designating different colors to the clamps with red being positive and black representing the negative terminal. Another safety measure is the cable insulation which, in addition to preventing electrocution, also acts as a water-proofing mechanism.

Some models integrate T-prene coating, which makes them insusceptible to extremely low temperatures. This is expedient, particularly if you live in an area with a harsh winter season.

Get the Best Automotive Battery Cable of 2023!

We believe you have taken your time to go through these reviews and are better informed on how to make the choice of an automotive battery cable. You may want to place that order now that you are well informed.

Our Top Choice
Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge
Best Value
Performance Tool Jump Leads
Energizer Battery Jumper Cables
Coleman Cable Heavy Duty Battery Booster
OxGord Jumper Cables with Case