Best Baby Bib Reviews 2023

You are shopping for your baby's clothes. You see this oh-so-cute outfit, and your first thought is that it will look adorable on your kid—until it gets covered in drool, dirt, and baby food, that is. You sigh and move on to a cheaper and not-as-great selection. We have good news for you. You can get that cute outfit and keep it clean. You just need a secret weapon: a baby bib! But not just any baby bib. You have to get one that actually keeps your child's clothes clean, or else you'll just end up with both dirty bibs and clothes. We have done a lot of research and compiled a list of the best baby bibs to help you reduce the time you spend doing laundry. The featured brands also have many other bibs you can check out.
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Age Range
Closure Type
Our Top Choice
Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs
Green Sprouts is a great nature-loving brand for baby bibs, and its Stay-Dry Bibs are of excellent quality. They are made with soft terry to keep your baby very comfortable.
Waterproof. PVC-free. Two outer absorbent layers and one inner waterproof layer.
Velcro scratches baby's skin. Colors bleed.
3-12 months
Adjustable hook-&-loop
Wash gentle and hang dry
Best Value
Dreambaby Pullover Bibs
Dreambaby is a principled baby bib manufacturer, and the Dreambaby Pullover Bibs, available in different colors, look good on kids. They have a simple design but are very effective.
Easy to clean. Affordable.
Not very strong.
Info NOT provided
Info NOT provided
Rinse clean
Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set
Matimati Baby is a trustworthy manufacturer of baby items and its Bandana Bib Set is very unique. It features stylish triangular bibs as opposed to traditional baby bibs.
Adjustable snaps instead of Velcro. Great unisex patterns.
Doesn't dry quickly.
3-24 months
2 snap closures
Machine washable
BabyBjorn Soft Bibs
BabyBjorn is an exceptional brand for baby accessories and the BabyBjorn Soft Bibs are extremely useful, being ideal for teething and drooling babies.
Easy to wash. Adjustable neckband.
Too hard.
4 months and above
Thermoplastic Elastomer
Adjustable neckband/Popper
Dishwater safe
Bumkins Disney Sleeved Bib
Bumkins is a trusted manufacturer of baby bibs, and its Disney Sleeved Bib is very efficient. It keeps the entire front area of your baby clean while eating or drooling.
Easy to clean. Waterproof. Materials used are child-safe.
Poor quality stitching.
6-24 months
Waterproof fabric
Adjustable tie closure
Machine washable

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What is the Best Baby Bib?

There are many great options available in the market, but what is the best for you as a person? For example, different bibs are better for younger or older kids. The features of each bib have been listed to help you pick the best option for you and your baby. Hopefully, after going through our buying guide, you have already decided on the ideal baby bib. Now, let’s have a look at our top five picks.
Our Top Choice
Tired of stained baby clothes? You should try Green Sprouts. Its Stay-Dry Bibs ensure that your baby's clothes stay fresh throughout the day. It has three layers that provide maximum protection. Need a smaller pack? You can try the Green Sprouts Wipe-Off Bibs.

Green Sprouts Stay Dry Infant Bibs – Available in 9 Colors (3 Pack, 5 Pack or 10 Pack) & 3 Age Ranges

Green Sprouts is committed to supporting holistic early child development through its care of the emotional, physical and mental development of the child. All its products are made from safe materials to promote natural health. The Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs is one of its great products.

The Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs is a comfortable bib designed with your baby's delicate skin in mind. It is suitable for machine washing and is best for children aged 3 months to 12 months. Other features include:
  • Two outer absorbent layers and one inner waterproof layer to protect your baby's clothes from drool and spit-up
  • Soft, knitted terry for comfort and protection of delicate skin
  • Adjustable Velcro hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off
  • PVC-free to reduce exposure to toxins
These bibs are available in 9 colors and 3 different pack sizes.
Best Value
Looking for cute and efficient baby items? Check out Dreambaby. It has a wide selection of colorful baby products. Its pull-over bibs are made to high ethical standards, so you can be sure of your baby's safety. You can also check out its Fun Monkey Baby Bibs.which are suitable for babies of 0-3years.

Dreambaby 4 Pack Terry Cloth Pullover Infant Bibs – Available in 3 Designs

Dreambaby is a child care brand that is internationally recognized in over 100 countries. Its head office is located in Sydney, Australia and it has offices in New Zealand, UK and USA. The Dreambaby Pull-Over Bibs is one of its high quality products.

The Dreambaby Pull-Over Bibs are a set of four durable terry cloth baby bibs. Each bib features a different farm design of either owls or whales. One size fits most so it can be used as your baby grows, and it is made from durable cotton/polyester for easy cleaning.
Tired of covering your baby's entire outfit to protect his clothes? Matimati Baby has got you covered. Its Bandana Bib Set is stylishly designed to enhance your baby's outfit; not cover it completely. Want something more feminine? Check out the Matimati Bandana Drool Bibs for girls.

Matimati Baby 4-Pack Super Absorbent Drool Bandana Bibs (Arrows & Triangles)

The idea of Matimati Baby was conceived when a young mother found herself constantly battling with her baby's excessive drooling. It is a family-owned business that makes bandana drool bibs. The Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set is a unique and efficient set of drool bibs.

The Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set is a set of stylish yet functional drool bibs. The bibs have natural patterns that look great on boys and girls. Other features that make this bib set so popular among moms include:
  • The front is made of 100% soft organic cotton, and the back is made of polyester fleece for absorbency
  • Adjustable nickel-free snaps provide different sizing as your baby grows
  • No Velcro so that your baby's delicate skin is protected
  • Doesn't cover your baby's outfit, instead embellishes it
Looking for great baby accessories? From carriers to cradles, BabyBjorn has them all. Its baby bibs are designed to be functional, and the BabyBjorn Soft Bibs are just what you need for feeding your baby. If you want something suitable for a carrier, you can check out the BabyBjorn Bib for Baby Carrier.

BabyBjorn Soft Plastic Bib & Spill Pocket – Available in 13 Colors

BabyBjorn is a Swedish family-owned business started in 1961. It is currently located in 50 countries throughout the world with its headquarters in Stockholm. It has a mission to develop functional and safe products for young children.

The BabyBjorn Soft Bibs is a set of two baby bibs; one green, one yellow. It is designed to catch food that misses your baby's mouth while feeding. Its other features include:
  • A deep spill pocket to catch food
  • Can be simply rinsed for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable neckband to fit your growing child
  • Made with BPA-plastics that are safe for your baby to chew on
Want gorgeous baby accessories? You should try Bumkins. Its baby products are themed with our children's favorite animations like from Disney. This sleeved bib is a favorite of many babies and their moms. Need something smaller? You can give the Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib a try.

Bumkins Disney Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib – Available in 12 Designs/Colors

Bumkins is a company that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. It has in-house designers who work tirelessly to create unique designs and practical products that can be enjoyed by children and their parents.

The Bumkins Sleeved Bib is a waterproof, long-sleeved bib with Disney-themed designs. It is suitable for babies from 6-24 months and is comfortable and durable. Following are some of this bib’s other features…
  • Adjustable tie closure for continued use as your baby grows
  • Waterproof to keep your baby dry always
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate and lead free to ensure your baby's safety

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Bib?

The day has finally come. After an extended maternity leave, you are ready to go back to work as your baby is no longer solely dependent on breast milk. You prep yourself and gather all the material you need to take with you to your workplace. Since there is no one at home, you have to carry the toddler with you to your office, albeit in a baby stroller.

Both of you have to look smart and presentable, so you both don immaculate outfits. Afterwards, you proceed to the dining table for your breakfast. A mother always puts her child first, so you start by feeding the young one. All goes well at the beginning as your prince gulps down the tasty baby food. Then suddenly, without warning, the baby starts drooling and spitting all over, messing up both of your clean clothes. To make matters worse, time is not on your side. Moreover, you do not want to show up late and make a wrong impression at your workplace after such a long break.

You start over again, only for the munchkin to disappoint you again. Well, you cannot blame him as the entire act is involuntary. Back to the baby changing table, it is. By the time you are able to control him, you are already late and you have changed clothes at least three times. And if that’s not enough, you will have to wash them as well.

For many parents, this isn’t surprising as they have experienced it at some point. No matter how delectable the diet is, a considerable portion of it will always end up on the clothes. So how can you avert such scenarios? The solution is to invest in a baby bib. It will not prevent the messing up, but at least the dirt will not get on the baby’s clothes or skin. This is important because, according to medical experts, fluids are among the predisposing factors for rashes among infants. Also, bibs ease the nuisance caused by regular washing of food-stained clothes.

A mother is always proud if her baby is clean, thus a baby bib is paramount. However, identifying the perfect fit is a mind-boggling challenge for most parents. The market offers numerous options, all of which can be a bit confusing. We browsed through the various options and came up with an exhaustive guide revealing the crème de la crème. Stick to this guide, and you will be able to get the best pick the next time you go shopping.
A popular maxim in the business world is that the price dictates what you get. The baby bib market is no different. The fine details are what set the prices apart in this category. These include size, material, and adjustability. Bigger and adjustable bibs are costly since they accommodate broader age ranges.

As mentioned above, bibs have a narrow price range falling between $12 and $18. The cheap bibs can get the job done, but they also come with limitations including, but not limited to, size and adjustability. For the optimum results, prospective buyers should opt for durable bibs which may cost a bit more but are worth the price.
Before you acquire a baby bib, you should look out for what it has to offer. The following are some of the main features of common baby bibs currently in the market:
  • Type- Some bibs are sleeved, and some are pullovers. And some of them may be waterproof as>
  • Age Range-This specifies the age limits suitable for the baby bib.
  • Material-This is what the fabric is made of. Majority of bibs are made of either cotton or polyester.
  • Closure Type–This determines how the bib is secured on the baby’s body.
  • Care- How can the bib be cleaned? Is it suitable for machine or hand washing?
Construction and Design
Bibs come in different designs and sizes with the most common ones being feeding, drool, and long-sleeved bibs. Feeding bibs are most suited for meal times since they cover the baby’s chest and prevent food from dirtying his or her outfit. On the other hand, drool bibs are appropriate after eating as they inhibit any fluid or food particles dripping from the child’s mouth from messing up the clothes. Long-sleeved bibs are appropriate for older babies who can feed themselves.

Most of the bib’s fabrics are made of a combination of cotton and polyester. Cotton is normally placed on the front as it is easy to clean as well as comfortable. Polyester is typically used on the backside, primarily due to its water proofing capabilities. Since food consists of fluids, in addition to cotton being permeable, there is a need for a material that can stop the liquids from soiling the infant’s clothes. Hence, the use of polyester which is a non-absorbent fabric. A notably absent material is PVC, which many manufacturers desist from using due to its adverse effects on children.
Performance and Ease of Use
It is no secret that babies are experts at messing up clean things. For this reason, their clothing needs to be easily washable. Luckily, the modern bibs are not only easy to clean but also give you a variety of ways to do so. Most of them can be cleaned using hands or washing machines. And, in some cases, they can be washed in the dishwasher.

While almost all bibs have a specified age range, it is not confined to a small number of months. This is made possible by the integration of adjustable hooks and loops that allow different sizing of the apparel. The adjustability of bibs eases the process of wearing them.

Get the Best Baby Bib of 2023!

We believe these reviews have helped you make the right choice for a baby bib. So, don't hesitate to get that bib. Now you can finally get that outfit for your cute baby and spend less time doing laundry.

Our Top Choice
Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs
Best Value
Dreambaby Pullover Bibs
Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set
BabyBjorn Soft Bibs
Bumkins Disney Sleeved Bib