Best Baby Bottle Reviews 2023

Baby bottles and feeding bottles are great for helping your little one get all the nutrients they need whilst also reducing colic and gas. With so many different designs available, you are sure to find the perfect style for your bundle of joy. The choice is up to you whether you want a portable, glass, or standard feeding bottle. Browse through our favorite products to find the best baby bottle for your little bundle of energy!
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Set Size
Best for
Our Top Choice
Munchkin LATCH™ Baby Bottle
Munchkin knows how difficult it can be being a parent sometimes, and therefore makes products to make parents’ lives slightly easier, evident in their Latch Baby Bottle.
Available in 7 sizes. Pack of 3. Natural design. Stage 1 and 2 nipples.
Can occasionally leak.
8 oz.
BPA Free
Babies and Newborns
Best Value
Philips Avent Infant Starter Set
Philips Avent use their extensive technological knowledge to create products that really make a difference, evident in their Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set.
Great set for new moms. Natural nipple design. Reduces colic.
Set may be a bit large for some parent’s needs.
5 Bottles,
9 oz. and 4 oz.
Anti Colic
Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles
Playtex understands how important your baby’s health and care is, and therefore creates products with your little one’s best interests in mind, evident in their Baby Ventaire Bottles.
Unique angled design. BPA-free. Reduces colic and air ingestion. Large size.
Replacement lids not available.
1 Bottle
9 oz.
BPA Free
Dr. Browns Original Baby Bottle
Dr. Brown’s has been creating baby products for over 20 years, and certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to your little ones, evident in their Original Newborn Feeding Set.
Accessories available. Available in 4 sizes. Large set. BPA-free.
Can be difficult to clean.
5 Bottles
8 oz. and 4 oz.
Polypropylene, Silicone
BPA Free
Newborns and Toddlers
Tommee Tippee First Feed Bottle
Tommee Tippee is a brand trusted by parents everywhere due to their intricate designs and attention to detail, evident in their Closer to Nature First Feed Bottle.
Microwave and dishwasher safe. BPA-free. Natural nipple design.
Shape can be a little difficult to hold.
1 Bottle
5 oz.
BPA Free

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What is the Best Baby Bottle?

After reading through our buying guide you should have a clear idea of the types of things to look out for when choosing the best baby bottle for you. Considering the capacity, pack size, material, safety and convenience of a bottle is all great, but the real winner comes when you match the most important features you want with the budget you can afford. Hopefully, once we take a more in depth look at our five featured products, you should be well on your way to you purchase! Let’s take a look.
Our Top Choice
We are big fans of Munchkin’s Latch Baby Bottles due to their natural design and the fact you get 3 in each set! If, however, you are after an ‘on-the-go’ bottle, then take a look at Munchkin’s Latch Transition Cup instead!

Munchkin LATCH™ BPA-Free Baby Bottle – Available in 4 or 8oz. & Different Pack Sizes

Munchkin creates innovative, modern and beautiful products for babies, children and toddlers that are designed specifically to make the lives of parents easier. Founded in 1991, Munchkin has over 7 offices worldwide and believes in making products that parents around the world love and trust.

We wanted to feature Munchkin’s Latch Baby Bottle due to its BPA-free design and the brand’s overall popularity. The bottles include two stage 1 nipples as well as one stage 2 nipple for when your little one gets a bit bigger. The bottles also have three sealing discs with the nipples themselves stretching and moving like a real breast to help your baby latch correctly and reduce colic. The valve in these bottles prevent air bubbles and therefore reduces gas with the pressure against the nipples releasing milk as your baby sucks. Not only this, Munchkin’s Latch Baby Bottles are the winners of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle chosen by moms!
Best Value
Philips Avent Infant Starter Set is the perfect choice for new moms everywhere with its extra bottle cleaner and Soothie Pacifier too! If, however, you are after a slightly smaller set then take a look at Philip’s Natural Polypropylene Bottle instead!

Philips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set

Philips is the leading health technology brand in the world, focusing on improving people’s health and lifestyles. Their advanced technology and consumer insights mean that Philips delivers integrated solutions that their customers adore. With an extensive range of products, you will be hard-pressed not to find something you love.

We wanted to feature Philips Infant Starter Set due to the brand’s popularity as a whole and the fact this particular product is a great starter set for new moms everywhere. The set comes with 3 4-oz. bottles as well as 2 9-oz. bottles, a bottle brush, formula dispenser AND 1 Soothie Pacifier too! The natural nipple shape of these bottles makes it easy for your baby to drink and is great for combining with breastfeeding too. The nipples’ soft, wide-shaped design means it is easier for your little one to latch on naturally while their anti-colic twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort.
Playtex’s Ventaire Bottles are ideal for preventing colic and gas when it comes to your little one’s feeding time due to their unique technology and design. If, however, you are after a standard nursing bottle instead, then check out Playtex’s Premium Nurser Bottles—they come with drop-in liners, too!

Playtex Ventaire Advanced Wide - 9 Ounce Bottles

Playtex believes that you should give your baby the best right from the start, and that is why they only produce products of the highest quality. With everything new parents will ever need, you can rest easy knowing your little ones are in a safe pair of hands. Whether you are looking for baby bottles, pacifiers or diaper genies, Playtex is the brand for you!

We wanted to feature Playtex’s Ventaire Baby Bottles due to the brand’s popularity and the fact they have received such great reviews online too! The Ventaire bottle’s unique design reduces colic as well as air ingestion through the bottle’s bottom vent. The angled design of this product promotes upright feeding, which has been recommended by pediatricians to prevent ear infections. These bottles also have a micro channel vent that keeps air at the back of the bottle as your little one drinks, which allows for a natural, gas-free feeding.
We are big fans of Dr. Brown’s Original Baby Feeding Bottles due to their intricate design that is intended to make feeding time as natural as possible. If, however, you are after a more fun design in your bottles, then take a look at Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Girl Pack instead!

Dr. Browns Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set – Other Bottle Preparation Products Available

Created in 1996, Dr. Brown’s is the only baby bottle to feature an internal vent system that not only reduces colic but spit-up, burping and gas too. They do this by eliminating negative pressure as well as air bubbles whilst also preserving vitamins A, C and E too! If you are after a brand that aims to care for your little one as well as providing high-quality products, then look no further than Dr. Brown’s.

We wanted to feature Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set due to its great reviews online and the fact it’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. The positive pressure flow in these bottles allows for vacuum-free feeding that is similar to breastfeeding, making for a more natural feed. This product also reduces feeding problems such as colic, spit-up, burping and gas to ensure your little one stays healthy and happy! The bottles also remove any air from the milk whilst making sure the milk maintains essential vitamins.
We love Tommee Tippee’s First Feed Bottle due to its well thought-out technology specifically designed for littler babies. If, however, you are after a slightly larger set, then take a look at Tommee Tippee’s Closer To Nature Fiesta Bottle instead!

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature First Feed Bottle, 5 Ounce, 1 Count

Tommee Tippee has a HUGE variety of products that range from feeding, changing, monitoring, caring, soothing and weaning! They believe that great products shouldn’t cost the earth and that is why Tommee Tippee’s products are some of the most affordably priced on the market today.

We wanted to feature Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature First Feed Bottle due to the brand’s popularity and the products’ great reviews online too! This product is easy to clean and fill and is even microwave and dishwasher safe, too. Their light design makes them easy to hold with the bottle specifically developed for premature babies and first newborn bottle feeds. The extra slow flow nipple is ideal for babies who are transitioning to bottle feeding or perhaps find standard bottle nipples too fast.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Bottle?

Pediatricians often recommend six months of exclusive breastfeeding to newborns. While it is the unquestionable desire of every mother to afford their babies this treatment, circumstances often make this feat unachievable. The modern world simply demands too much of humans to make staying on the sidelines for six months possible. Food giants have come to the rescue, developing a wide assortment of baby formulas and baby foods. None of them trumps what breast milk has to offer nutrition-wise. However, they are all viable options.

While choosing formula might be difficult, choosing the right bottle will be even more difficult. Not only will you have to fork out money on a baby bottle, but you will also have to consider the different features baby bottles offer. Baby bottles are specifically designed to ease the feeding of babies. Their tip is fitted with an imitation of the nipple, which the baby sucks when consuming the bottle’s contents. The bottles are also firmly tightened to ensure minimum spillage during feeding.

Experts will tell you that the baby product niche is flooded with a variety of products. Hence, finding a bottle to place the squash from your juicer into may be a bigger challenge than you think. Thankfully, we researched the market and put up this great guide that provides a detailed, step-by-step process on how to choose the best baby bottle. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be well on your way towards purchasing the baby bottle that is right for you and your little one.
When planning on buying a product, you ought to know what it is going to cost. This is no different regarding baby bottles, which come in different prices. The disparities are caused by several aspects including size, material, and capacity. Size and capacity are directly proportional to the price; the bigger the bottle, the higher the cost. Regarding material, silicone bottles cost more than plastic ones since they are more durable.

Our bottles of choice range from as little as $7 all the way up to $43. We tried all of them, with the cheap baby bottles giving no competition to the high-end alternatives.
There are certain prerequisites that ought to be evaluated before investing in any baby bottle. Such features are what determine the suitability of the bottle. Therefore, when purchasing a bottle, you should check for the following:
  • Set Size–This is the number of bottles given in a single purchase.
  • Capacity– How much can the bottle carry when full?
  • Material– It may be made of plastic, polypropylene, or silicone.
  • Safety– What measures have been put in place to ensure it does not harm the baby?
  • Suitability– Who was meant to use the bottle? Is it designed for newborns, toddlers, or all babies?
Construction and Design
The material used to design a bottle is one of its most important aspects. Plastic is favored by many manufacturers, primarily because it’s cheap and lightweight. However, plastic usually deteriorates quickly as opposed to other materials, so it will require regular replacements. If you want a similarly light but more durable alternative, a silicone bottle would be best. Silicone bottles, however, come at a higher price, but it is well-deserved, given their sturdiness. Another upside that should make you opt for silicone is its incredibly soft texture as opposed to plastic which may feel rigid at times.

In any matter regarding human food, safety is paramount. Baby bottles should also not be left behind in implementing these measures. Thus, the bottle should be air tight. This ensures that the baby does not ingest air while feeding from the bottle. In turn, this prevents ailments such as colic and burping that are often associated with stomach gas.
Performance and Ease of Use
When buying a bottle, we recommend going for the ones that offer multiple pieces per set. Babies are known for making a mess, so having many bottles could be useful when you want to replace a dirty bottle. Additionally, with several bottles, you will already have replacements in case one piece gets broken or destroyed.

Since they are meant for babies, the nipples should mimic the mother’s breast as closely as possible. This makes it easy for the baby during the transition. Thankfully, modern bottles put that into consideration. They even go on to provide different-sized nipples, which can be used across broader age ranges. Moreover, some brands uniquely design their bottles to ensure continuous upright feeding of the baby.

Get the Best Baby Bottle of 2023!

By now you should have a better feel for what type of products are available to you as well as what type of feeding sets different brands have to offer. If you aren’t a fan of the particular product we have decided to feature, don’t panic. All of our brands have a huge selection of feeding sets to choose from; simply browse through their other feeding products to find the right one for you and your child. We hope this guide has helped you pick the ideal baby bottle for your bundle of joy.

Our Top Choice
Munchkin LATCH™ Baby Bottle
Best Value
Philips Avent Infant Starter Set
Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles
Dr. Browns Original Baby Bottle
Tommee Tippee First Feed Bottle