Best Baby Carrier Reviews 2022

As a parent, the safety of your little one is your biggest concern. You also need assurance they’re as comfortable as they can be. To do that, you need a baby carrier that not only feels great for your child but also doesn’t punish your body. This review takes a closer look at 5 of the best baby carrier brands for your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier
Ergobaby is a top American brand that specializes in the development and production of baby carriers. The Ergobaby 360 is a comfortable baby carrier that helps your baby sit in a comfortable position.
Bucket seat. Secure Velcro strap.
The Velcro is uncomfortable for some users.
36 months/ 7- 33 lbs
Cotton & Velcro
Frog-leg/infant insert
4 positions
Sleeping hood
Best Value
BabyBjörn Baby Carrier
BabyBjörn is a Swedish business with a large presence for developing all things for babies. The BabyBjorn Original is a rehash of a 1973 classic made to make mother and baby closer.
Approved by pediatricians. Hazard and allergen-free material. Color coded straps.
Lacks pockets.
Adjstable straps
2 position
Asjustbale neck support
Deuter Comfort II Carrier
Deuter is a German company with a rich history of manufacturing carrying accessories. The Deuter Comfort 2 is an exceptional child carrier that is ideal for travel.
VariFlex System. Optional Sunroof accessory. Front and side pocket
Not comfortable for short parents.
5-point safety harness
2 positions
VariFit adjustment/footrest
Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier
Lillebaby is a Norwegian company that keeps their heritage in their line of their baby carriers. The Lillebaby Complete changed the game with its cutting edge design and numerous carrying positions.
Six positions. Lumbar support. Sleeping hood.
Almost perfect.
Two-way strap/Stirrups
6 positions
Expandable torso
Boba Baby Wrap Carrier
Boba is an American company specializing in creating simple yet functional baby carriers. The Boba Wrap is an excellent choice for breastfeeding moms.
Simplistic. Free size. Easy fit.
May be hard to wrap for first-time users.
Body fitting wrap
3 positions
Chemical-free material.

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What is the Best Baby Carrier?

Choosing a baby carrier is a delicate process. Given how fussy babies become when they are uncomfortable, you need to get a baby carrier that feels just right. You have to pay attention to the material of the carrier, size options, as well as any additional features. Equally, you must choose a carrier that suits your needs. This review presents some of the market’s best baby carriers so you can compare models from across the board.
Our Top Choice
The Ergobaby 4 position 360 is a favorite for many mothers. The plush inside makes your baby comfortable while the bucket seat cradles the little one into a natural position. If you're looking for a more affordable but equally comfortable option, the Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier Marine is a good option.

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier with Velcro Waistband and Bucket Seat - Available in 24 Colors

Ergobaby is a company driven by a mother’s need to provide herself and her baby with more comfortable transportation options and was founded in 2002. To date, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of amazing baby carriers.

The 4 position 360 makes sure the mother and baby are both comfortable no matter the carrying position. It is made to be adjustable to the baby’s needs and comes with a sun protection hood.

Here are some of the features that make it a top buy.
  • 100% machine washable cotton material ensures your carrier is always clean for your child
  • Padded shoulder straps gives your body even weight distribution
  • Velcro waistband can be worn however you like on your waist so you can hurt your back
  • Bucket seat that lets your baby assume the natural infantile position
  • Expandable back panel adjusts to provide the baby with head, neck and back support
  • Sleeping hood protects the baby from harsh weather as they sleep
If the Black/Camel option doesn't suit you, check out the full range of 24 colors!
Best Value
The BabyBjorn Original is a simple carrier that lives up to its legacy. It is made out of safe materials and it feels great on the body, with even weight distribution. If you're looking for something a bit more high-end, the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle - Black\/Silver, Cotton Mix is available as well.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original Cotton with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I - Available in 8 Colors

In 1973, the founders of BabyBjorn, Björn, and Lillemor Jakobson went into business, aiming to provide mothers with a way to feel closer to their babies, expanding to over 50 countries.

The BabyBjorn Original brings back the classic design of the pioneer baby carrier. It incorporates head support, safe material, and adjustable straps to ensure mother and child are safe and comfortable.

These features make the BabyBjorn Original quite the bargain:
  • Firm adjustable head support makes it just right for your infant from the moment you get it
  • Adjustable straps make it easy to fasten and make it possible to out your baby to rest without waking them
  • Outward facing option for when your child has developed enough or for older babies
  • Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class I approval so you don’t have worry about your baby chewing on the carrier
If you think black is too boring and mundane for you, check out the other 7 colors there are to choose from.
The Deuter 2 is what you get when you combine engineering and comfort. The Deuter 2 pays attention to all the contentious bits of the body to ensure the parent and the child love this carrier. For heavier kids, the Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier is available at a slightly higher price.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Baby Carrier with 3M Reflection and Foot Support - Available in 3 Colors

Deuter’s roots reach back to the late 1890s. From their humble beginnings making mailbags, the company has upheld high standards of quality and moved to manufacturing outdoor accessories for both babies and adults.

The Deuter 2 is a technological marvel, making the bag not only safe but also fun to use for both parent and child.

Here are a few of the Deuter’s features.
  • Height and width adjustable height and width to give your child a snug fit no matter the size
  • 5-point safety harness that can be effortlessly adjusted for the child’s comfort
  • Sturdy aluminum frame to make this carrier a sturdy beauty
  • 5 storage areas
  • Lockable kickstand to safely place it on any surface
  • Washable chin pad so your baby can rest forward any time
  • Foldable, so you can easily transport
  • Height adjustable foot rest so your child can be comfortable in a sitting position.
  • VariFit back adjustment for the carrier’s back comfort
This functional baby carrier is available in Artic/Denim, Cranberry/Fire or Red; so pick whichever suits you best.
The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons exceeds all expectations for new mothers or those with older infants. The 6 carrying positions and airflow are a favorite feature that the little one will love, too. If you live in a tropical region and would like better airflow, the LILLEbaby COMPLETE Airflow (Mist) is an excellent option.

Lillebaby SIX-Position 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier - The COMPLETE All Seasons - Available in 27 Colors

Lillebaby has been in business for 15 years and is constantly upgrading their products for a better overall experience. Since its inception, it has become a household name for mothers in over 30 countries.

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons lives up to its name, being an all-year round carrier. It has been designed to grow with your baby as they develop.

Here are a few of the Lillebaby Complete All seasons’ features:
  • Zippered pockets
  • Lumbar support that is essential for the baby’s body development
  • 3D mesh regulates the temperature for your baby’s comfort
  • 2-way straps enable you to carry this in the most convenient position
  • Machine washable cotton for hassle free cleaning
  • Stirrups enable your child to assume a comfortable position without dangling
This complete baby and child carrier is super versatile and available in 27 colors! Pick your favorite and go.
The Boba Wrap is a great baby wrap for those times you would like to feel free to move, yet close to your child. The simple design and stretchy material combine well for the baby’s comfort. However, if the wrap doesn’t appeal to you and you would prefer something with more structure, you should check out a baby carrier plus backpack like the Dusk Boba 4G Carrier.

Boba Baby Wrap, Sling-Style Baby Carrier with Easy Tying Positions - Available in 9 Colors & 2 Styles

Founded in 2001, Boba sought to give parents the comfort of an easy to use carrier, while retaining the safety and child-mother closeness of the average carrier.

The Boba wrap is a snug fit, made for any body shape or size.

These are some of the Boba Wrap’s features.
  • One size fits all for all body sizes
  • User oriented tying - tie the wrap the way you feel most comfortable with
  • No-sag shape retention
  • Chemical-free for breastfeeding at yours and baby’s convenience
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
If the grey isn't quite right, check out the other 8 colors to choose from.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Carrier?

You may wonder why you’d want a carrier when you could use a stroller to transport your baby when you’re out shopping or simply use a baby playpen while you’re indoors and ensure her safety using a baby monitor. However, with a baby carrier, you can still continue with your daily activities while your baby relaxes on your chest. A carrier not only allows you to transport your baby with ease but helps build a stronger bond between you and your baby.

Carriers allow you to keep your baby close and comfortable, giving your hands a break. Most users agree it’s a lifesaver, especially in crowded areas like airports and stadiums or when taking your child along for a hike. A carrier also provides a convenient way to keep your child cuddled in the appropriate position for breastfeeding while you're out and about. 

These essential gadgets come in various types, each with different styles, sizes, and designs. The core design is similar between most models, with strength and material quality being the most significant differences. As such, beyond personal preferences, the key thing you need to think about is the environment you’ll be using it in. For pottering about the house, a simple version will suffice, whereas a grand outdoor adventure will make investing in a more robust carrier advisable.

With the many quality options and compelling innovative designs on the market today, finding the best baby carrier for you can be pretty confusing and tiring, so let’s look at some of the factors.
How much do you plan to spend on a carrier? Typically, they range in price from $40 to $250 and this is affected by a variety of factors such as weight limits, carrying styles and fabric. Highly-priced ones are usually quite similar to less expensive options in functionality, but are made of higher-quality fabric. Consider what’s worth the extra money for you – features for long term comfort, outdoor use, and whether it fits with your other gear – and find your preferred price point.

As always, we advise against going for cheap baby carriers because the may not withstand the test of time or may not be as solidly constructed – and the last place you want to scrimp to save a few bucks is on the safety and well-being of your precious cargo!
Baby carriers are a perfect option for many parents, but you need to be well-informed while deciding on the right one for your unique needs. Here are some of the important features to look for while buying your new baby carrier.
  • Comfort. For front carriers, find the one with loose enough padded leg holes to avoid constricting your baby's thighs. A padded headrest adds to your baby’s comfort by supporting the head and neck while sleeping.
  • Sturdiness. You need to get a carrier with strong straps that can withstand your baby’s weight. Also get one with durable and well-functioning belts, buckles, and snaps.
  • Easy to use. Ensure your carrier is easy to operate by yourself without any help. Pick the one that’s easy to unbuckle to avoid waking your baby while moving her into a stroller.
  • Storage Pouches. Look for a carrier with storage pouches, if you’ll be carrying many toys and diapering supplies, or you'll be going on longer vacations with your baby.
  • Nursing-friendly. If you’re currently breastfeeding your baby, you might consider choosing a carrier that makes this easy for you.
  • Material. Choose a carrier with high-quality material that’s easy to maintain. If you’re buying during summer, you might consider going for the one with lighter fabrics.
  • Versatility. While a sling or wrap is used with younger baby and a structured carrier for an older baby or toddler, most carriers are designed to accommodate your child as she grows.
Construction and Design
Most carriers are designed with height adjustable seats, which deliver super support and accommodate your baby’s size. These carriers allow for easy transportation of children of varying ages, heights, and weights. You can easily perform the appropriate height adjustments even with the baby seated in the carrier. Some come with an integrated kick stand that allows for the carrier to be placed on the ground with a baby seated.
Performance and Ease of Use
With the many types of straps, buckles, snaps, pouches and zippered pockets, some of these carriers can be pretty complex to use. However, most of our featured carriers come with some super ease of use features to help you out. The easy-to-use buckles on most of these carriers allow for a speedy in and out.

Some carriers have special attachments or inserts that are required to accommodate an array of baby’s sizes. Our top five rated carriers come in simple designs that require minimal adjustments while carrying your baby. All parents can agree that carriers get dirty often, which is why you need one that’s easy to clean. Some of the carriers are machine washable, which is the simplest way to do it. Padding improves the carrier’s performance by ensuring your baby is comfortable and happy.

Get the Best Baby Carrier of 2022!

A baby carrier is not only convenient, it aids in the body development of your baby. The five products presented here are highly rated carriers that have withstood strenuous usage and are counted on by many parents. With one of these, you can hold your child with comfort and confidence.

Our Top Choice
Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier
Best Value
BabyBjörn Baby Carrier
Deuter Comfort II Carrier
Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier
Boba Baby Wrap Carrier