Best Baby Drum Set Reviews 2023

A drum set is no doubt one of those play items you couldn’t resist getting for your baby or toddler. However, choosing the most appropriate based on the age and personality of your kid can be a challenge. In fact, chances are you’ve never been a drummer yourself and you have no idea what kind of drum would best suit your kid. To help you reduce the number of hours you might spend trying to figure out the most appropriate features for your kid’s drum set, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best baby drum sets from some of the best baby drum set brands for you to look over.
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Age Suited
Our Top Choice
Fisher-Price Tap & Teach Drum
Fisher-Price understands how important it is to spur the creativity of your child at an early age and are dedicated to making this possible through innovative baby playthings.
Can be activated by a baby; has a learning mode and a music mode; grab and go handle makes it easy to carry around; lights provide extra stimulation and fun.
Soft volume setting may be inaudible over the tapping when using the drum stick.
Single Drum Pad
Grab-and-go handle
10.6 x 6.4 x 9.5 inches
6 month - 3 years
1 pound
Best Value
Bright Starts Safari Beats Musical Toy
Over the years, Bright Starts has banked its success on creativity, affordability and exceptional value to give your kid the right combination of features to spark fun and smiles.
Luminous drums, fun sounds and cheery music; multiple modes of play for more fun options, including drumbeat and melody mode; easy-grasp handle makes it simple to play with.
No volume control can be a challenge when in a quiet or too loud environment
3 drum pads
Drums on handle
10.1 x 6.1 x 8 inches
3 Months – 3 years
0.99 Pounds
VTech KidiBeats 9-Melody Drum Set
Enriching children’s development and creativity is part of the code of VTech and thus the reason it’s grown to become one of the world leaders in age-appropriate electronic learning products for kids.
Built-in melodies in a variety of styles; three light up drum pads; Four play modes, including free-play, letters, numbers, and follow-along.
Drum set too small for an older toddler
3 drum pads
2 drum sticks with music toy
3.9 x 12.1 x 11.5 inches
24 months - 5 years
1.5 pounds
Baby Einstein Music of the Seas Drum Set
Baby Einstein believes that great minds can be matured at a tender age in order to spur their creativity to the level of the legendary theoretical physicist Albert Einstein using simple yet innovative baby toys.
Easy to pack all these toy parts and conveniently store inside the drum; comes with exciting under the sea instruments such as the starfish tambourine and the fish-shaped maracas.
Set may break easily if not cared for properly
1 drum pad
2 fish-shaped maracas
8.8 x 8.2 x 3.5 inches
6 Months – 3 years
1.5 pounds
Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Play Drum
When it comes to producing innovative, trendy and colorful baby toys, Little Tikes is at the heart of it all.
The drum sticks clip on one another for safety; kids can make musical tunes by using their hands or drumsticks; brightly colored drum spurs creativity.
This drum is fairly quiet, could use a bit more oomph.
Single Drum
Drum with 2 sticks
9.2 x 9.2 x 6.3 inches
12 month - 3 years
1 pound

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What is the Best Baby Drum Set?

We know you can’t wait to get your little one a befitting baby drum set. Not so fast; we have more to let you know before you pick up that shopping cart. Now that you have an idea on what factors you need to take into consideration, here are reviews for 5 great baby drum sets.
Our Top Choice
The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap & Teach Drum is a testament to the brand’s commitment to infant playthings considering its baby-activated fun that enables both a learning mode and a music mode. Need an even fancier set with extra features? Then go for Fisher-Price’s Little Superstar Bop 'n Beats Drum Set with a separate button for funny speech, vocal skits and songs.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap & Teach Drum

The minds of infants and toddlers develop quickly and expansively if given the right environment for growth and equipment to explore. That’s why Fisher-Price, one of the most trusted quality toy brands that helps in making childhood livelier for kids, has focused its energies on creating an exciting environment for kids. It’s been in the business of creating toys that interest and fuel the children's imagination with innovative learning toys since 1930. Moreover, its award-winning baby toys are based on some of the most well-known preschool characters, giving the child a fun-filled experience. As a customer-minded brand, Fisher-Price employs a unique and relevant strategy to achieve its goal of fulfilling the desires of its clients. It tirelessly works to ensure that it produce toys that can successfully compete in the toy market.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap & Teach Drum has two primary features that enable it to stimulate your baby's ability of discovering new things. The learning mode enables your baby to bang on the drum using the rattle stick while making fun with color and counting. This is made possible by sounds and lights that stimulate the baby's hearing and sight. The music mode enables your little one to come up with self-made beats and match their feet to fun and realistic drum sounds plus familiar tunes on a cause and effect basis. This promotes your little drummer's eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Finally, the drum's grab-and-go handle makes it easy for your kid to move around with the set.
Best Value
The Safari Beats Musical Toy features luminous drums, fun sounds and cheery music that inspire your kid to do more. If you’re looking to see you child learn counting early, then go for the Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum with flashing lights on every music tap.

Bright Starts Safari Beats Silly Sounds Musical Toy

Bright Starts is one of the next generation leaders of baby products and ideas. It’s been inventing and reinventing baby gear and toys for more than 40 years, gradually becoming one of the fastest growing manufacturers of baby products in the world. With the commitment to uphold its culture of pioneering products and thought, this brand always believes that there's a better way to make the baby's life more fun, and that even the present favorites can be made more superior.

The inventive and collaborative minds at Bright Starts are continuously creating industry-transforming products with unique packaging and exclusive fashions. Moreover, its products are infused with perfect combination of engaging and clever features. What’s more? It periodically offers an exceptional bonus of affordability and value to parents.
The Bright Starts Safari Beats Musical Toy produces goofy sounds, music, and lights that inspire your baby to drum up some serious fun. It offers two modes of fun including melody and drum mode that gives the baby more reason to explore and play. To activate drum melodies, flashing lights, and silly sounds, your baby just has to press each of the colorful, light-up drums. The easy-to-grasp handle makes this drum super simple to carry around and use.
The KidiBeats 9-melody Drum Set has built-in melodies in a variety of styles and three light up drum pads to let your kid perform like a star Need to animalize your kid’s imagination? Then you’re better off with the VTech Baby Beats Monkey Drum which features animated monkey moves.

VTech KidiBeats 9-Melody, 4-Mode Kids Drum Set

If your child loves banging on your pots and pans, VTech has a solution for you. VTech is one of the world's leaders in developmental and age-appropriate electronic children's learning products. It develops high-quality and innovative products that make learning fun while enriching the children's development as one of the pioneers in the learning toy industry. With about 40 years of experience, VTech has proved itself to be an authority in the field and maintained its innovation pace with several award-winning products. Its preschool products are also available globally in 25 different languages, and it persistently introduces over 100 new products annually.

The VTech KidiBeats 9-melody Drum Set has eye-catching colors that’ll attract your little kid with a light blue base and orange trims and drumsticks. Its compact design means that even your little baby can easily reach all the drums. This also makes its storage easy as it doesn’t take up much space. It has three drum pads and a cymbal, with each having its own unique sound to help develop your child's senses. The drum also lights up to encourage the child to hit the right one in certain modes. This enables your child to learn a broad range of playing styles. Moreover, the nine melodies ensures that your child plays various styles that include pop, dance, and rock.

The following additional features further enhance the efficiency of the KidiBeats Drum Set:
  • The number mode enables your child learn numbers.
  • The letter mode that helps in learning letters.
  • The follow-along mode that makes your child's learning easy and fun.
  • Two easy-to-grasp drumsticks to make your child feel like an actual drummer.
The Baby Einstein Music of the Seas Drum Set comes with exciting under the sea instruments such as the starfish tambourine and the fish-shaped maracas that are sure to excite your kid. If your kid seems obsessed with musical tunes, then you may see the need to go for another of Baby Einstein’s musical toys, the Tunes Neptune, which features press-belly buttons that emit melodious songs.

Baby Einstein Music of The Seas Starfish Tambourine Drum Set

Are you fascinated by your child's curiosity and wish for a way to nourish it? Maybe you need to try Baby Einstein, one of Kidd II's flagship brands started more than 20 years ago by a mother who wanted to share her interest in humanities and arts with her baby. Since then, it’s grown to include a variety of baby gear and toys designed to help develop the baby's young mind. Baby Einstein is one of the next generation leaders of baby products and ideas, and is also one of the world's fastest growing baby product companies. It's committed to uphold the tradition of groundbreaking products and ideas, and is always seeking new ways to make babies happy. With a passion for innovation, Baby Einstein has innovative experts who consistently create unique and competitive products.

The Baby Einstein Music of the Seas Drum Set comes with four different instruments for your baby to explore. Your baby can enjoy shaking the star fish tambourine and fish maracas or beating the drums to her heart's content. There’s also the electronic musical crab toy where, with the push of a button, your baby can hear silly sounds and classical melodies. All the toys easily fit into the drum, making storage easy, while the convenient handle is perfect for carrying it around.
The Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Play Drum gives your kid the liberty to make musical tunes by using their hands or drumsticks to bang on the drum. Does your kid prefer preset tunes instead? In that case, you can opt for the Little Tikes PopTunes Drum that provides the option of either preset tunes or freestyle.

Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune 2 Drum-Stick Drum Baby Toy

Founded in 1970, Little Tikes has grown to become a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, innovative children's products. It emulates brand loyalty through imaginative, durable, and safe active play. Known for its playhouse, ride-ons, sandboxes, slides, climbers, creative arts, sports, and juvenile furniture, Little Tikes aims at offering some of the best services to its consumers. Serving as a test center during product development, Little Tikes was also the first to offer an on-site childcare facility meant for employees' children. Its focus is to produce and supply imaginative and thoughtful items to its customers worldwide. To achieve this goal, Little Tikes’ actions are steered by teamwork, customer satisfaction, marketing, innovation, sustainability, and continuous improvement.

The Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Play Drum has, despite its simplicity, a sturdy design that gives your kid an opportunity to appreciate the true meaning of drumming without accompaniment, thus making use of her imagination. It also doesn’t produce the high frequency metallic sound since it has no cymbals. The absence of phrases, music, lights, and sound effects means that your child's concentration can't get distracted when playing with the drum.

While the toddler can tap the drum to create sounds, he can also use the accompanying drumsticks to come up with a totally different sound. Moreover, the child can create an original, raw percussive sound by running the drumsticks or tapping on the washboard pattern design on the sides of the drum. This enables your child to enjoy the real essence of drumming. The cheery tone and brightly colored pieces also encourage your toddler to tap his developing creative skills and have more fun doing it.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Drum Set?

If you’re a keen follower of music history, you may already know that, in certain ancient cultures, no ritual, festival or party would be complete without some musical drums taking center stage. In fact, anthropologists believe that this may well have been the first musical instrument ever created. Whether this is true or not is all a matter of debate, the fact is that it remains to date one of the most important of all the music-making tools. So how else would you introduce this musical instrument from your forefathers to your kid other than through a baby drum set?

Baby drum sets are not only meant to mirror their adult counterparts, but most importantly should act as toys that’ll help spur creativity in your kid and help them develop much faster. Babies and toddlers are usually hyped up and full of energy, and therefore always looking for something to keep them busy. Adding a baby drum set to your baby’s playpen can prove to be an effective way of handling this excess enthusiasm, and consequently making both your baby’s sleep and your own a more restful one!

If you’re on a long trip, handle their boredom by attaching a baby drum set to their convertible car seat. Baby drum sets aren’t as advanced or loud as the real drum and thus will help keep your young one engaged without you feeling disturbed. They can drum away to their heart’s content and within no time you’ll be tucking them away for a good day’s sleep.

Notably, most of the baby drum sets available in the market today are focused on babies and toddlers, as you can see from their miniature element compared to the real percussion instrument. They come complete with miniature versions of snares, toms, drumsticks and even cymbals. These elements help bring out the physical and cognitive capabilities of your kid. It’s important to note that babies seek for sensorimotor development while on the other hand toddlers focus more on seeking a sense of independence. This should be taken into consideration when looking for the best baby drum set. So, as you serve your kid the best baby food for physical development, consider their mental development too by getting the right baby drum set.
How much are you willing to pay for the sake of your kid’s learning and development? Or how about for her fun? Well, the value you attach to these factors will naturally determine your budget. Luckily, baby drum sets come in a wide range of prices, which are affected by various factors. One of the factors is size. Since these drum sets are meant for various age brackets, they do vary in their pricing. The price for a baby drum set meant for a one year old would cost less compared to that of a five year old since the latter would be bigger and come with more advanced features. The other factor determining price is the mode of play. A baby drum set with one mode of play would be cheaper compared to those that can be played on freestyle, self-activated and those with additional melodies and sounds.

Based on these factors, therefore, you may expect to find a good baby drum set going for between $10 for the basic versions to $25 for bigger and advanced versions with better sound control, additional accessories and a variety of styles and melodies. However, beware of cheap baby drum sets that have infiltrated the market. Most of these are poor quality and wouldn’t last a few days with your active toddler.
Baby drum sets are meant for fun. As such, they should be made with the aim of arousing interest in the kid while at the same time being safe enough for them to use the drum independently. Babies and toddlers are more susceptible to accidents, with most of these being self-inflicted. A good baby drum set therefore has the right safety features in place. This will range from its construction to the cohesiveness of the various elements that make up the whole set.

Here are some notable features to look out for in a baby drum set:
  • Size: Based on the age of your kid, the drum set should have just the right size for convenience in place; not too small or too big
  • Color: Kids love bright colors as this excites their creative juices, apart from helping improve hand-eye coordination. A good baby drum set should be brightly colored and feature multiple colors if possible
  • Drum sticks: A good baby drum set has tiny drum sticks, usually one or two. However, some may be self activated and would only feature buttons
  • Material: Most baby drum sets are made from plastic and silicon as these are safe for babies and toddlers in terms of avoiding serious injuries
Construction and Design
Considering the age of these kids, baby drum sets are made to be light in weight to help them carry around with ease. This is also why they often come with convenient handles, which makes them even simpler to use. They’re usually designed with cartoon depictions of certain animals or plants to spur the imagination of the kid while at the same time creating interest. Most drum sets come with other accompanying accessories that help the kid stay busy when bored with banging the drum with the drum sticks.

For babies, most drum sets come with baby-activated lights and sounds. The fact that they can use it themselves helps stimulate their mental development while the movements they make with their arms and hands help the children’s physical development.
Performance and Ease of Use
To help the kid develop in all aspects, baby drum sets have multiple play modes; learning, music, and general fun modes like silly sounds. They feature a character handle to help them carry it around and keep playing wherever they are. The bright colors not only help them improve their hand-eye coordination, but also help them locate vital parts of the drum set such as specific buttons. To keep the kid in control, most feature a volume control button.

Due to their being designed for babies and toddlers, these drum sets are as safe as can be; the drum sticks aren’t hard enough to seriously harm your baby, nor do they create enough noise to impact her hearing. So, rest assured, should you choose to invest in a baby drum set after all, you’ll be making a 100% safe decision!

Get the Best Baby Drum Set of 2023!

That’s it! We believe that we’ve done justice to this product and you’re now in a better position to make the right choice on your shopping for the best baby drum set. In case you may feel you needed to sample some more, worry not as you can still check other baby drum set options from these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice
Fisher-Price Tap & Teach Drum
Best Value
Bright Starts Safari Beats Musical Toy
VTech KidiBeats 9-Melody Drum Set
Baby Einstein Music of the Seas Drum Set
Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Play Drum