Best Baby Float Reviews 2023

It can be a good idea to teach your kids to swim right from childhood. Not only is it enjoyable, but knowing how to swim also keeps them safe. Baby floats are specifically designed to help your kids move comfortably and happily in water. Our team has compiled a detailed list of five great baby floats from some of the best baby float brands to help your kids become strong swimmers.
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Inflatable Infant Toddler Float
Beloved by you as a child and now by your children also, Disney Junior creates wonderful toys, television and devices in designs inspired by your favorite Disney characters.
The design is popular and recognizable by children, and it becomes very compactable when deflated. It comes with a repair kit in case of punctures.
There are isolated reports of this float being difficult to inflate.
Toddler float with leg holes
Durable Vinyl
3 – 6 y/o
39 x 28 inches when inflated
Best Value
Swim School Confidence Building System Baby Float
Swim School is a company who wants a future of confident, safe swimmers and has products for you and your baby for every step of the way while learning to swim.
The removable backrest provides support for younger ages. It comes in three different adorably themed designs and is small for portability.
Smalls holes sometimes appear in the seams of this float.
Baby Float with backrest
3-ply Web Core
6-18 months old
28 x 23 inches when inflated
Swimways Baby Spring Swim Float with Canopy
Swimways wants the whole family, yes, even the dog, to be water lovers. They make products that allow everyone to safely take advantage of how fun a day by the pool can be.
The canopy provides excellent sun protection and the toys are a great way to keep your baby happy in the water.
There are reports that the sunshade is somewhat flimsy and breaks easily.
Baby Spring Float with Canopy
Vinyl and Mesh
9 – 24 months old
13 x 13 x 3 inches
Poolmaster Mommy & Me Baby Rider Swim Float
Poolmaster has been offering top notch pool and spa products with an unwavering desire to provide quality customer service to people everywhere for over 50 years.
It allows for you to float alongside you baby for extra comfort. It also has inflatable characters for playing and a canopy to protect from the harsh sun.
This float is not suitable for younger babies.
Drop Seat style Baby Float
8 - 24 months
37 x 33 x 23.5 in inflated
Intex My Baby Float™ for Swimming Pool
With 40 years of history behind them, Intex will continue bringing you outstanding products and strives to be one of the most trusted and innovative companies in their industry.
This float has two separate air chambers for its rings for added safety. It is also an affordable option for a first time baby float.
There have been isolated incidents of weak seat straps on this product.
Dual Ring, Drop Seat style
10 gauge vinyl
1 - 2 years of age
10 x 6 x 1 inches

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What is the Best Baby Float?

Now that you have made the wise decision to buy a baby float and have read our guide, have a look at our favorite baby floats in the market today.
Our Top Choice
The Minnie Mouse Toddler float provides a comfortable little seat for your child as they bob around the pool, and they will love the adorable bright colored design too! This float is suggested for children between the ages of 3-6. If you are looking for a float for a younger child and possibly with some additional protection from the harmful sun, we suggest taking a peak at this Disney Baby Float.

Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Inflatable Kids Float for Ages 3-6 - Swim Pool Kiddie Float Raft Seat

Disney Junior is an affiliated company of Disney that is trusted and beloved by many families worldwide. They create fun children’s toys, books, TV programs, water accessories and more.

The Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Inflatable Toddler Float was chosen because its classic, recognizable design makes it very popular with kids. The attached rope on the front makes it easy to pull your little one along for a cruise through the pool. In order to maintain safety and also prevent a toddler meltdown, this float is made of a strong, thick vinyl more durable against holes and rips, and a repair patch is included. Kids between the ages of 3-6 can slide their legs through the comfortable provided leg holes and go enjoy the water on this super adorable Minnie Mouse Toddler Float, with parent supervision of course.
Best Value
The Swim School Level 1 Confidence Building Float is an excellent first step towards making your little one feel relaxed while in water and provides great support for their neck and back! This float from Swim School’s Confidence Building line is a great choice for any parent looking to introduce their baby to swimming. However, if you want extra sun protection for those beautiful beach days, you should check out this baby float by Swim School.

Swim School Confidence Building System Level 1 Safety Float for Ages 6-18 months – Choice of Three Designs

Swim School is one of the most trusted line of swim aids in the world since the launch of their Confidence Building System over 25 years ago. They work with certified swim instructors to adapt their products so that your child not only learns to swim but also feels relaxed and happy while in the water.

We are featuring the Confidence Building System Level 1 Safety Float as it the first step to making your baby feel at home in the water and has amazing “grow with me” features like a removable back rest. As it is created for the start of your baby’s many water adventures, it is aged for children between 6-18 months old and comes in three different 3D looking themed design options. The 3-ply Web Core safety seat on this Baby Float allows your child to bounce, play and splash in the water comfortably and without worry. The small size allows for excellent portability from your home to the pool or beach!
The Swimways Baby Spring Swim Float not only lets your little one safely enjoy the water with everyone else, but also has interactive toys for additional fun! The interactive toys are a great feature on this baby float, but if you’re not convinced and would prefer more design choices, we suggest having a look at the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy that has three different color options.

Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy - Interactive Play Station

Swimways is a company based out of Virginia that wants to make your free time more fun with innovative leisure products. They really value families and the time they get to spend together, like relaxing on holiday and playing in the pool. That’s why they make products such as water floats and toys, pool games, life jackets and even swim training gear in order to give everybody the best water experience possible

We are featuring the Swimways Baby Float as it has an optional canopy that allows for protection from the harsh sun on your baby’s delicate skin. It also folds up easily into the carry case provided to take on holidays or to store it away. A great additional feature is the interactive play station with multiple toys and rattles to keep your baby entertained at different developmental stages.
The Mommy & Me Baby Rider Float allows you to rest your forearms on the tube opening and steer the float, making yourself and baby more comfortable in this new water environment. This Poolmaster Swim Float is a great choice for both you and your baby for your swimming adventures. Make sure to check out the new Poolmaster Learn-To-Swim Transportation Baby Rider if you would prefer a more tugboat style.

Poolmaster Mommy & Me Baby Rider - Learn-to-Swim Infant Float for Ages 18 Month - 2 Years

Poolmaster Inc., founded in 1958, is a manufacturer and seller of pool and spa products based out of Sacramento, California. They specialize in backyard & décor, pool games & toys, floats, inflatables, pool maintenance and even dive gear. Poolmaster Inc. sells their products to wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

We are featuring this Poolmaster Mommy & Me Pool Rider Float because of its unique half tube opening that allows mommy or any adult to snuggle up close and float right along side baby. This float is designed for little ones between the ages of 8 – 24 months and has a drop seat style with leg openings so your baby can kick and move in the water. Additional features for the Mommy & Me Float include two inflatable characters for extra amusement and a retractable/removable sun cover for protection.
The Intex My Baby Float for Swimming Pool creates a comfortable and stable area for your baby to relax and get used to enjoying water with you. This Intex Baby Float provides dual rings for additional safety; however, if you are looking for sun protection as well, have a look at this other great Intex Kiddie Float with a canopy.

Intex My Baby Float™ with Double Ring Design for Safety for Ages 1 to 2 years - Two Pack Available for Savings

Intex Recreation Corp is a worldwide distributor of aboveground pools, airbeds, spas, toys, furniture and even boats. They take pride in their adamant routine testing of their products for the highest quality in safety and performance. For the past 10 years, they have also been taking the steps to reduce their personal fossil fuel usage and decrease their carbon footprint.

We chose to feature the Intex My Baby Float as it’s an excellent and affordable first time baby float. In addition to the large outer ring, it also has a smaller inner ring to give your baby extra stability and ensure their safety with you in the water. The rings are inflated with 2 separate air chambers to create an even safer product. Your baby will sit saddle style with legs holes in this float, and can kick and move their legs freely in the water. With a soft pillow backrest and comfortable seat straps, your baby will be as happy as ever to splash around in the pool.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Float?

Most of the world’s best swimmers, such as Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps, started swimming at an early age. Their parents knew that it’s much easier to learn to swim as a kid than as a grown-up. Kids are naturally fearless and confident and, hence, they learn quickly. Why should we deny our children the opportunity to become the world’s best swimmers when they have all it takes? Whether for entertainment or safety, teach your kids to swim using the right swimming devices.

A responsible parent will always consider safety when teaching their children how to swim. Along with a diving mask, your child will get maximum protection with a good float while maneuvering in water. Not only does a child feel comfortable in water but also stays safe.

Kids, as we know, rarely stay still. You may be wondering if a baby float will stay on your kid, or if he or she is old enough for one. Well, baby floats are specifically designed for all children. Swimming is made more enjoyable and safe when your kid is properly wearing a life vest. As you all know, nothing is perfect. In case of an accident, your child will remain floating safely in the water.

With a baby float, kids can move freely from one point to another in the water. Also, with a kneeboard, maneuverability becomes more enjoyable and secure for beginners and children. With all these in place, your child will grow up to become the best swimmer the world has ever seen.

When shopping for a baby float, it is imperative to have the following considerations in mind.
Baby floats are generally inexpensive, but the trick is to determine which baby float lasts. Thus, the type and quality of the materials used to make a baby float matters a lot when it comes to pricing. In the course of our research, we found that the price of baby floats ranges from about $5 to $25. Truth be told, this will not break your budget.

Depending on how much money you have, you can choose any of the baby floats in the above range, however, a cheap baby float might be made with sub-par materials and not be able to keep your baby safe. It is, therefore, wise to dig a little deeper into your pocket to get the best-quality baby float.
If you are planning to buy a baby float for your kid, here are some of the most important features to look for:
  • Type and Style- Due to different tastes and preferences, you can have a baby float with a backrest, a drop seat or even a dual ring.
  • Color- Baby floats come in different colors. This gives you a wide range to choose from, depending on the preference of your child.
  • Material- Most baby floats are made of vinyl.
  • Age Range- Baby floats are designed for all children, but their suitability varies by age.
  • Size and Weight- Depending on the age and weight of your kid, baby floats come in different sizes and weight capacities for buoyancy purposes.
Below is a detailed description of the above specifications to guide you when purchasing a baby float for your kid.
Construction and Design
In a world where everyone has different tastes and preferences, the type and style of baby float is very important when considering which baby float to buy. In fact, in our selection is a wide range of types and styles of baby floats. Some baby floats are designed with a backrest to allow your kid to comfortably rest on his or her back while relaxing in the water. While some baby floats have a canopy to shield your kid from excessive sun, others have a dual ring with a drop back seat to make your kid feel more relaxed when swimming.

In need of a baby float that will last? Don’t worry; our baby floats are designed with durable materials, such as 3-ply web core, 10-gauge vinyl and mesh, to last until your child can swim without floats.

In case you did not know, children are sensitive to color. Most children feel more comfortable with bright colors than with dull colors. So, a yellow, pink, green or purple baby float would be great for your kid.
Performance and Ease of Use
Baby floats are designed to accommodate children of all ages. Whether it is a 3-month-old baby or a 2-year-old kid, the swimming experience is made more enjoyable and safer with a float.

The buoyancy of a baby float depends on the size and weight of your kid. Along with other factors like age range, you should consider buoyancy when buying a baby float. There are different sizes of baby floats for children of different sizes and weights.

Unlike some complex swimming devices, baby floats are simple and easy to use. You just fit your baby in and place him in the water. Now he is good to go!

Get the Best Baby Float of 2023!

Hopefully our review has given you an understanding of what is available in the market, and we hope your baby will be happy and comfortable in the water soon enough!

Our Top Choice
Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Inflatable Infant Toddler Float
Best Value
Swim School Confidence Building System Baby Float
Swimways Baby Spring Swim Float with Canopy
Poolmaster Mommy & Me Baby Rider Swim Float
Intex My Baby Float™ for Swimming Pool