Best Baby Gate Reviews 2023

Securing your home and making it safe for your little one(s) is very important. It should be top priority, but you don’t have to lose sleep over it. Knowing the stress that comes with shopping and choosing from an endless list, we have carried out extensive research on baby gates. At the end of our research, we came up with a list of five products from five reputable brands with some of the best baby gates. Although these brands have more than one product in this category, we’re featuring just one product per brand in this review. However, as you read through this review, you’ll come across other products by these brands. We encourage you to check them out. You never can tell; that might be just what you’ve been looking for!
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Mount option
Our Top Choice
Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate
With years of experience under its belt, Summer Infant makes some of the best baby products available on the market. Its products are moderately priced, reliable and durable.
Suitable for top-of-staircase use. Removable door stopper. Door swings both ways. Pressure-mount and hardware-mount option. Impressive height at 36 inches.
One little issue is that you need to be mindful of the bar on the lower part of the walkthrough to avoid tripping over it, especially if mounting on a staircase.
Pressure and hardware mount
36 inches
Gate only
Best Value
Regalo Easy Step Baby Gate
Regalo has a wide range of baby products and has been in the industry for quite a long time. Its products are known for their innovative designs, security and cost-effectiveness.
Sturdy steel construction. Sliding safety lock. Wide walkway. Extendable design. Pressure-mount or hardware wall-mount option. Lightweight and easy to store.
On the downside, this baby gate only swings one way, so you don’t have the luxury of an entrance that swings either way.
Pressure and hardware mount
30 inches
Gate only
North States 3-In-1 Metal Superyard
Established in 1953, North States manufactures products in the babies, pets and birds categories. Its baby products are streamlined to two products that are highly reliable and value-packed.
Barrier, gate and standalone play yard configurations. 6-panel design. Extendable. Rotating pivots. Easy to install. Unique, door hold-open feature. Secure latch closure.
You really should be ready to spend a pretty penny on this baby gate, but it’s worth every cent spent on it!
Hardware mount
30 inches
Gate, barrier, play yard
Munchkin Easy Close Baby Gate
Munchkin is one of the global leading brands in the industry. Its products are innovative and designed for your baby’s comfort, balancing mental and physical development and security.
Gravity-controlled hinge ramp. Dual-childproofed lock. Door swings both ways. Pressure mount and hardware mount. Great coverage. Easy to install.
On the other hand, its height is not a great deterrent to a determined or large pet, as they can easily scale it.
Pressure and hardware mount
29.5 inches
Evenflo Expansion Walk-Thru Gate
Evenflo designs products that help parents take care of their little ones every step of the way, from infancy to toddler, with uncompromised security and at quite affordable prices.
Expands and retracts. Telescoping safety rail. Wide range of coverage. Hardware four-point installation system. Lightweight. Easy to install. Budget-friendly.
This baby gate is not particularly well suited for use at the top of the staircase.
Plastic and wood
Hardware mount
32 inches
Gate and barrier

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What is the Best Baby Gate?

There’s no way we can categorically say that a particular brand or product is the best baby gate in the market. Every individual has preferences and perceptions of value; this, along with the features, determines the suitability of a product for each person. We have discussed the features that make a baby gate a good one. We believe that if you follow this guide, you will get a good baby gate that will give you value for money.
Our Top Choice
The stylish Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate has a removable door stopper that makes it well suited for use at the top of the staircase; the stopper prevents the door from swinging out over the stairs. If you’d prefer a wood and metal, pressure-mounted baby gate, check out the Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal 5-Foot Pressure Mounted Gate.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate – Available in 2 Styles

Summer Infant is a leading manufacturer of baby and infant products that are highly rated across the web. Its products extend from monitoring equipment, safety products and bed rails to potties, bathers and bed sheets! It’s one of the top brands when it comes to all things baby, and its innovative designs make it a favorite amongst parents and kids. Having been in the industry for many years, its products are known for their sturdy nature and ease of use, with your child’s utmost comfort and security as a priority. With this brand, you and your baby are guaranteed the best service at an affordable cost, so you don’t have to compromise on quality when it comes to looking after your young one.

Now, you can stylishly childproof any part of your home with the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate without detracting from the carefully thought-out décor of the living area. This metal baby gate is designed for the total security and comfort of your baby, not to mention the guaranteed peace of mind that it affords you, knowing that your little one(s) is safe in a comfortable space.

Its multi-purpose design makes it suitable for use between rooms, at the top of the staircase or to cordon off the children’s play area so you can keep your little one safe in any part of the house while you get on with your chores in another part. And if using at the top of the staircase, this baby gate features a removable door stopper that prevents the door from swinging open and outwards towards the stairs; evidence of childproofing at its best.

Whether you have a narrow or wide doorway or staircase, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is designed to fit most spaces, and the beautiful thing about it is that it comes with extensions, so it can be customized to fit whatever space you have. Its extensions include one 8.7-inch and two 4.2-inch additions, which make for a wide variety of coverage. And standing at a height of 36 inches, it’s no doubt the most ideal baby gate for infants and toddlers, or even small pets.

Childproofing your home or installing a baby gate does not necessarily mean that you have to deal with drilling unsightly holes into your walls; this baby gate comes with pressure-mount kits that allow you to install the unit without drilling holes or denting your walls. This feature is best for when you need to position the baby gate between doors and also if it’s a temporary setup that may require fast dismantling.

But if you’re looking to install it in a more permanent position, or maybe you’d feel more relaxed with a drilled installation, worry not, because the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate also comes with hardware mount for a more permanent and secured installation.

The baby gate opens both ways when used between rooms and is easily opened single-handedly with no force required. And once you’ve walked through, the door gently swishes closed behind you, hence, no need for you to turn around and manually close the door. And for total peace and assurance for you, this baby gate features a dual-lock system so you’re sure that your baby or pet is safe at all times behind the gate.
Best Value
Keep your child or pet safe with the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, constructed of sturdy steel for durability and resilience; plus, it has a secure sliding lock and a lever handle that allows you easy access and exit. Are you looking for a baby gate that can serve as a secure play yard as well? Then the Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard is your best bet.

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate - Fits Spaces Between 29" and 39" Wide

Regalo is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of baby products. They produce safety gates, bed rails, portable beds, booster seats and baby bath products, to name but a few. With several years of experience in creating baby, infant and child-related products, it’s no surprise that it’s now a big player in the industry and has numerous best-selling products on Amazon, as well as other top-selling sites. Its customer care personnel are there to take you on a memorable shopping experience, ensuring you get the best product for your baby’s needs, and they are also ready to attend to your requests even after purchase.

The 30-inch-tall Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is a sturdy and beautifully designed baby gate that has all it takes in both form and function. Its white color ensures that it either blends in with or complements any type of home décor, so you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place in your well-accessorized home.

Constructed of steel, it can withstand any manner of abuse levelled at it from kids and adults alike with little or no signs of wear and tear, and thus, it is quite reliable and durable.

It’s built for use in room doorways, hallways and staircases, or any other entrance that is between 29 to 39 inches wide to keep your child or medium-sized pet safe. This versatility is achieved by the extendable design that employs an included 6-inch extension. Once you attach the extension, your baby gate is expanded to fit wider spaces or entrances.

Buying a fancy baby gate is not all there is to it; you must also consider the installation procedure and how securely and fast the baby gate installs. The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate has an amazingly easy installation process, and within minutes, your gate should be fully set up and ready for use.

Its pressure and wall-mount options give you flexibility and allow you to choose the best form of installation for you and your home. For a more secure pressure-mount installation, the unit comes with four pressure-mount cups and four spindle rods.

The safety lock easily slides into place and is also as easy to open, and by lifting the lever handle, the 16-inch-wide walkway allows you entrance or exit from the play area.

And if you’re thinking of a quick getaway, the baby gate is as easy to take down as it is to mount; it is lightweight, making it perfect for moving around, and to crown it all, it stores flat and easily out of the way for convenience.
The North States 3-In-1 Metal Superyard baby gate can act as either a barrier, a gate or a standalone play yard for your kid, with its rotating pivots that let you configure individual panels to fit any desired shape. If you’re looking for a baby gate to mount in that extra-wide opening, see the Deluxe Décor Gate, Bronze. It fits spaces between 38.3 to 72 inches wide and 30 inches high.

North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate – Available in 2 Sizes

North States Industries have three interests, namely babies, pets and birds. Its products are broken down into these three aforementioned categories. Its baby items include gates and play yards, meaning its focus is solely on creating two types of products in that category. When a company does this, it usually means those select products will be of top-notch quality, and that is true to form when it comes to the North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard. Its products are manufactured with strict attention to detail to ensure you get the best value for your money and also maintain, or even improve on, the aesthetics of your home.

Create an extra-wide barrier with the North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard, which can also function as a standalone play yard or a gate to block off entrances or maybe fireplaces. This baby gate is an extremely versatile model designed to keep your little one safe and cordoned off in a section of the house; it can also keep some parts of the house out of bounds for your inquisitive toddler. This not-so-babyish baby gate has a personable taupe finish that goes well with most home décor and is guaranteed to add style to your home.

The North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard features a scratch and slip-proof design suited for different types of flooring, so you don’t have to worry about it moving about when used in the standalone play yard mode. As a play yard, it encloses about 10 square feet with 6 panels, which is enough space for your kid to play in. standing 30 inches tall, it keeps your child or pet safe all through.

Whatever the shape of the space you need to cordon off, this versatile baby gate is designed to fit, with rotating pivots on individual panels such that you can configure the panels to fit any shape of your choice. This way, you can keep kids out of harm’s way and away from some parts of the house like the fireplace, which may be dangerous for them.

For added versatility, you can increase or reduce the coverage area by simply adding or removing a two-panel section of the gate. For more space, additional panels can be bought separately to increase the gate’s length according to your needs.

The gate’s entrance consists of a single, self-closing door panel fitted with a secure latch closure and a unique hold-open feature that adds to its convenience.

This unit comes with a complete hardware installation kit and an instruction manual and installation template for snappy setup in a matter of minutes. The hardware kit lets you install the baby gate securely on two walls and even can be effectively mounted on crown moldings.
The Munchkin Easy Close Baby Gate has a unique gravity-controlled hinge ramp that closes with a satisfying click sound, indicating that it’s locked firmly in place and the dual-childproof lock is easy to operate for an adult. For a sassy baby gate with a dark wood and silver color combination, see the Munchkin Auto Close Designer Baby Gate.

Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby Gate – Available in 2 Colors

When it comes to quality baby products, no brand does it better than Munchkin. This is a go-to brand for most parents and, hence, a household name. Whatever baby or toddler item you may need, you’re sure to find it and at a price that’ll leave you pleasantly surprised. Babies deserve the best of care, and this is the driving force behind the innovative and secure baby products it offers. It has a global reach with its wide range of products seen in homes and schools all around the world. Its customer service personnel are always a call or an e-mail away to attend to every one of your enquiries and are always happy to get feedback from customers.

The Munchkin Easy Close Baby Gate is the perfect choice for keeping your inquisitive and highly mobile toddlers and crawlers safe and easily tracked. Its easy-to-close-and-latch design and other interesting features make it one of the best-selling baby gates on top retailing sites.

Traditionally built to fit spaces between 29.5 to 35 inches wide, this baby gate is guaranteed to give an even wider coverage of up to 59 inches with the 2.75-inch-wide extension that comes with it. And what’s more, additional extensions can be readily bought separately to cover those extremely wide openings in the home.
It stands 29.5 inches in height and is recommended for kids 6 to 24 months old.

Its gravity-controlled hinge ramp is built to self-close firmly with a satisfying click sound, with no additional pressure from you to get it closed. This means that, even if you have your hands full, this baby gate will ensure that your kid is safely locked in every moment.

For easy and flexible installation, this baby gate comes equipped with both pressure-mount and hardware wall-mount kits, so you can go with the mount option that best suits your needs. Both options secure the gate firmly and beautifully in place, so this comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

The dual-way swinging entrance has an elaborately childproofed double lock that is almost impossible for a child to unlock (except by accident, of course!) but a breeze for an adult. It can be used to block off the top of a staircase or the bottom and is also great for use between rooms.
The Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate is a simple and effective barrier that keeps kids and pets out of harm’s way with a telescoping plastic safety rail and an impressive height that keeps daring pets in check. If you want a metal baby gate with lock indicator, then see the Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate.

Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate

Evenflo understands that helping a parent is not just about providing them with a product for the moment, but for the whole tumultuous child-rearing journey. It therefore creates high-quality products for all parts of that journey, including strollers, convertible car seats and infant car seats for when you’re on-the-go, and high chairs, play yards and safety gates for use in the home. It also has a whole range dedicated to baby feeders and paraphernalia, so your baby is adequately covered on all fronts with quality and trustworthy products. One would think that the quality of its products will be reflected in the price but, fortunately for parents, kids can now have the best products without digging a big hole in the parents’ pockets. With any of its products, your child’s safety is assured and you can have the much-needed peace of mind, at last.

The Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate is a simple, do-it-yourself baby gate that gets set up in a jiffy and has a lightweight design comprising of wood and plastic, so you can move it around easily.
It’s a hardware-installed baby gate with a four-point, eye-and-hook mounting system that is extremely easy to set up and has all the necessary hardware included.

Unlike other baby gates that simply open and close, this Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate, in addition to opening and closing, also expands and contracts easily and single-handedly, giving you more flexible walkthrough with a childproof release.
If you’re having trouble finding a budget-friendly baby gate that fits your narrow or extra-large opening perfectly, then this baby gate will fit the bill with its ability to cover spaces between 24 to 60 inches wide. Its height of 32 inches should be daunting for even the most daring pet to attempt a jump over.

To eliminate finger pinching and unwanted openings at the top of the baby gate, its unique plastic safety rail has a telescoping design and retracts quite easily so you can better maneuver it in tight spaces. The gate opening swings easily both ways and can be opened from either side, and it’s suitable for use in doorways, bottom of staircase and hallways.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Gate?

One of the most common mistakes that parents make (especially first-timers) is to think that babies are dumb. We forget that they are full human beings with all the faculties that we posses. The only difference is that they are not yet fully grown and those faculties are not yet mature. When a child is fascinated by or wants something, she goes for it without any sense of fear or failure; that’s why your little one can walk toward the fireplace to reach out and touch the beauty of the fire. This lack of inhibition makes them vulnerable and susceptible to danger; the responsibility now lies with the adult to ensure that the child is kept safe.

This is the reason why you childproof your house and ensure that harmful objects are kept out of their reach. You cannot allow them to roam free in the house without supervision. Because there’ll be times when you can’t have them with you, you get a playpen that allows them to have fun in safety, while you do some chores or catch your breath. As your baby grows from infant to toddler, ensure that you get the right toddler bed for him so that he can sleep in safety and you will have peace of mind. Do not forget that they will crawl, toddle or scamper around every accessible space in the house and even enter unexpected spaces.

A baby gate helps keep them away from those spots that, though exciting to them, constitute danger. You do not have to deface your home to do this; there are many beautiful designs and styles that can fit into your décor while providing the needed protection.

Your baby will constantly need different items because of the rate at which babies and toddlers grow, but there are innovative ways to make your budget work for you and your little one. If you are having difficulty doing this, don’t be shy to ask for tips on what to do from experienced friends or family members. There are also online forums that can teach you how to make a little go a long way, while keeping your baby safe and giving her a happy childhood.
Children are a priceless gift and we all would agree that no expense is too much for their wellbeing or safety. Thankfully, you don’t have to go bankrupt to provide adequate safety for your kids. Baby gates come in various styles, designs and sizes, and these factors and more affect the cost.

There are baby gates that are made of vintage wood, some with plain wood, while others are more aesthetically appealing. Depending on your taste and preference, you can always get a product that fits your budget. A good baby gate costs between $27 and $109. This is not to say that there are no models that are costlier than this or less expensive.

As a matter of fact, we came across cheap baby gates in the course of our research, but as always, we would put in a word of caution: be careful of cheap products! While we appreciate that “expensive” is not synonymous with good quality, good quality costs a pretty penny. Look out for features that will give you good value for money and last for long instead of just one that is a bargain now but won’t last long.
When shopping for your baby-safety products, the most important thing to look out for are features that ensure that they deliver the required safety measures.

There are many features that make a good baby gate and you need to be sure that any product you are considering has these features or else you will just waste your money. Below is a list of some of the features to look out for as you shop…
  • Design/Style – Though not top priority, most people want a baby gate that blends in with the décor of the house.
  • Type of Material – Baby gates are made with a variety of materials, but whichever material you choose should be toxin free and child friendly.
  • Dimensions – Ensure that the height and width of the gate is adequate for the area you want to use it in and this will also largely determine the style and design that you choose.
  • Strength of Material – You have to be sure that the gate is sturdily built and will not give out under pressure.
  • Ease of Access – Look for a gate that’s difficult for a child to get through but easy for an adult to open and close.
  • Flexible and Easy Installation – It is necessary to get a gate that you can easily install and also dismantle when it is no longer needed.
  • Extra Safety Features – There are extra safety features to look out for and they include: JPMA seal, type of latch and hardware, spacing of the slats and other things that prevent entrapment hazards.
Let’s look at how these features impact the value you’ll get from your baby gate…
Construction and Design
There are basically three types of safety gates for babies. We have those that you mount onto your walls or doorframes with screws, the ones that just need pressure to be fixed and the free-standing ones. Each of these designs and constructions has recommended uses and advantages.

Those that are mounted on walls are usually harder and more time consuming to install, but they are also the sturdiest of all the types of baby gates and provide the most safety, especially in areas such as the top of a staircase.

For people who do not like to drill holes into their walls or doorframes, the pressure–mounted baby gates are a great alternative, but bear in mind that they are not ideal for the top of a staircase; they are best used for doorways or room demarcations.

Finally, if you want to just cordon off a play area for your baby in your sitting room or on a patch of grass in the yard, your best bet is the free-standing gate. These models also work well for overnight at Grandma’s or a hotel room, as they are flexible and easy to install and dismantle.

When buying a baby gate, ensure that the style eliminates the risk of entrapment of any part of the baby’s body, and also ensure that there are no footholds that would allow the baby to climb the gate. That’s why you are advised to steer clear of gates that don’t have top filler bars or those with horizontal slats and footholds. The best designs are those with slats that are not more than two to three inches apart or with fine mesh that doesn’t leave space that can trap little fingers.

Also ensure that the material is sturdy, because we all know that toddlers can be tenacious, especially when they want to climb over or get through barriers. There is the possibility that your little one may haul himself against the gate from time to time, so you need a really sturdy gate.

Another thing to note is that the dimensions must be adequate because, if they are not, the purpose of the gate will be defeated. The gate must reach from one side to the other of either the doorway or hall and must not provide any space for the child to crawl through. The height must also be such that the child cannot climb over (you’ll be surprised at the things toddlers climb over), especially if you have a tall baby.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before you decide on a purchase, ask yourself whether you’ll be able to install the gate or if you’re willing to spend the money needed for expert installation. If you’re a young couple that’s just starting a family, you might want to invest a little more to childproof your home, knowing that it will come in handy for years to come, but if you don’t think you’ll need these items after like two or three years, you might look for not-so-permanent fixtures. Also look out for gates with latches that are easy for adults to open but firm enough for a child not to open.

Some baby gates have doors that swing open; these designs are quite convenient, but ensure that if you are using such a design at the top of a staircase, you fix it so that it swings over the landing and not the stairs.

There are baby gates that also serve as pet doors; these are good options for families that have both toddlers and pets. Remember that there are right types of baby gates for different areas. Pressure-mounted gates are not appropriate for the top of the stairs, but are just right for blocking off bathrooms and kitchens. The rule of thumb is to know the areas that need secure positioning so that pressure from your little one will not send both them and the gate hurtling to danger or disaster.

No matter how much you trust a brand, always ensure that all your baby products have the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association seal. This assures you that the manufacturer has willingly submitted to thorough safety checks and is certified safe. Also, when installing your baby gate, ensure that you strictly follow the installation guide by the manufacturer and any other safety measures that you are advised to follow.

Get the Best Baby Gate of 2023!

Now that you have come to the end of this review, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make a purchase! We assure you that you’ll be glad you did!

Our Top Choice
Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate
Best Value
Regalo Easy Step Baby Gate
North States 3-In-1 Metal Superyard
Munchkin Easy Close Baby Gate
Evenflo Expansion Walk-Thru Gate