Best Baby Gift Reviews 2022

Whether it’s a baby shower celebration, birthday, or first holiday, baby gifts are packages we never walk into that door without. Though they may enjoy more fun with the box than what’s in it, there are plenty of fun baby gifts you can consider. From personal care products to clothing and toys, the list of items you can take as a baby gift is just endless. We’ve reviewed five of the best baby gift brands that you’ll never go wrong with. We’ve considered items from them that are great for fun and learning development of the baby as well as those that will be just as appealing to the new parents as to the baby.
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Other Ideas
Our Top Choice
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
With over 100 new products introduced to the market each year, you are bound to get a perfect gift for your baby from VTech.
Detachable toddler play panel to help the baby develop motor skills. 5 piano keys to play music and keep the baby entertained. Two colors available.
Low speaker volume after using the walker for some time.
Baby walker
Moderate price point
Choose between 2 colors
Electronics/baby care
Best Value
GUND Philbin Teddy Bear
As one of the first companies to design and manufacture teddy bears in the U.S, GUND’s unique teddy bears are bound to put a smile on your little one’s face.
Irresistibly lovable expression. Built to GUND’s highest quality standards. Available in 3 sizes. In chocolate color. Washable.
Too small for older kids.
Stuffed animals
Teddy bear
Affordable to moderate
Choose among different sizes
Other stuffed animals
Gerber Neutral 19-piece Baby Layette Set
From sleepwear, to onesies and accessories, Gerber has everything that your baby needs during his/her first years.
Comes with 5 baby essentials. Has bright, dazzling colors. Machine-washable. Made of soft, cotton material. Multiple colors available. Durable.
Tends to run small.
Clothing set
Moderate price point
Choose among different colors
DK Publishing Touch and Feel: Animals
DK offers unrivalled clarity and color to a wide range of kids’ topics with unique combinations of words and pictures, making it a go-to brand for excellent gift ideas.
Simple photographs. Photos have different textures for baby to feel. Attention-grabbing. As hardcover or board book.
Textures are not obvious.
Touch and Feel books
Baby animal books
Moderate price point
Hardcover and board book
Other themed baby books
Johnson's Baby Bath Discovery Gift Hamper
Johnson's believes that nothing is of more priority than your baby’s safety. Its products are blended from a combination of high-quality natural ingredients so they’re safe and perfect for your baby.
Contains all essential bath time products. The pack is cost-effective. 4 set styles are available. Comes with caddy.
Might not use all the products, which may be a waste.
Bath essentials
Bath essentials gift set
5 items
Other baby care products

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What is the Best Baby Gift?

Celebrating a child’s birth is an exciting moment like no other, and friends and family can make the occasion more enjoyable by bringing fabulous baby gifts. Choosing the right baby gift may seem simple, but it’s not always the case. One thing to note is that the gifts are as much for the new parents as they are for the little one. Fortunately, we’ve brought to you some great baby gift ideas that you can choose from. So, go ahead and make that moment memorable!
Our Top Choice
If you’re looking for a walker to keep your baby’s feet and hands busy, the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is the perfect gift. This gadget features a detachable toddler play panel to help your baby develop his/her motor skills. For more fun and learning, we recommend that you buy the VTech Baby Shake and Sing Elephant Rattle too.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Available in Orange and Lavender

Are you wondering what gift to buy your 6-month-old? Well, think no further than a baby walker. A baby walker is usually the first gift that parents buy for their little ones. Apart from helping your baby build stability and strength, these gadgets come with fancy and nice looks with all the bells and whistles connected, to keep your young one busy throughout the day.

Developed by a pioneer in age-appropriate electronic learning products for kids, the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker comes with 2 multicolored spinning rollers, 3 light-up buttons, and 3 shape sorters to help your baby develop his/her motor skills. Appropriate for kids aged 9 to 36 months, this walker features over 70 sing-along tunes, music, fun phrases, and sound effects to keep your little prince/princess entertained all day long. That’s not all; the included pretend telephone handset will boost the baby’s language skills, nurture his/her imagination, and increase social-emotional skills.

The baby walker is an excellent gift as it keeps both parents and babies happy; if you already have this gadget, don’t hesitate to check out other developmental stage-based learning products for children from VTech. Some of the options to consider include:
  • Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe
  • DigiArt Creative Easel
Your prince will love the orange walker, but your princess might love the lavender more. Luckily, this walker comes in those two colors to choose from.
Best Value
The GUND Philbin Chocolate Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal comes with an irresistibly lovable expression, ready to become your baby’s huggable favorite. Looking for a smaller size for an under-one-year-old? Consider the GUND My First Teddy Bear Baby Stuffed Animal that’s 15 inches.

GUND Philbin Chocolate Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal – Available in Different Sizes

Kids love stuffed animals and that makes them excellent gift ideas for children of different ages. Their soft and friendly looks provide comfort to kids and they become treasured toys that children hold onto for a long time. GUND is the brand to look out for if you want unique teddy bears as well as other soft toys for your little one. As a leader in soft toy manufacturing in the U.S, GUND manufactures an array of high-quality, huggable, and soft, lush designs and gift products.

The Philbin Bear from GUND is chocolate in color and features beautiful paw pad accents on the feet. Built to GUND’s high-quality standards, this character bear is soft and huggable, with a curious expression that will make your little one fall in love with it, instantly. It is perfect for ages 1 and above, but don’t be surprised if your baby gets attached to it for many years to come. That’s why it’s a good thing that it comes in different sizes to allow you to choose according to baby’s age. Choose between 12, 18, and 29 inches!

GUND has a large collection of gift ideas for kids. If your baby already has the Philbin Bear, you can also consider getting him/her the following:
  • SleepySeas Sound and Light Octopus
  • My 1st Toolbox Playset
The Gerber Neutral 19-piece Baby Essentials Gift Set comes with 5 onesies, 3 terry bibs, 4 flannel blankets, 2 sleep N’ plays, and 5 knit caps, making it an excellent gift and starter set for a new mom. Want your gift hamper to include cloth diapers? We recommend the Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers.

Gerber Neutral 19-piece Baby Essentials Gift Set – 0-3 Months, Available in Different Colors

When a new baby is born, parents, relatives, and friends want to give the best gifts to the baby. Finding a perfect gift can, however, be pretty difficult! If you find yourself spoilt for choice on what to give for that special occasion, we recommend that you go with clothes. Clothes have always been and will continue to be some of the favorite gifts for both parents and their kids. Just make sure you get the right size and you will be good to go!

Onesies have become staple clothing for babies’ wardrobes across the world. Produced by the leading marketer in baby and toddler apparel, the Neutral 19-piece Baby Layette Set comes with all the essentials needed by a new mom. The 0-3-month-old set is 100% cotton and contains 5 onesies, 3 terry bibs, 4 flannel blankets, 2 sleep N’ plays, and 5 knit caps.

The onesies feature a tabbed lap-shoulder neckline to keep the baby comfortable and snap closures to allow quick and easy changing. The bibs have soft neck closures for a perfect fit and waterproof backing to keep the young one dry. And, the caps will perfectly fit different head sizes thanks to the adjustable ribbed cuffs on them. The finished edges on the blankets provide extra durability and prevent fraying, so you can rest easy knowing that your baby will stay warm for a long time to come.

Gerber has more gift ideas for babies, so if your baby already has enough onesies, consider getting them the following:
  • 2-pack White Side Snap Long Sleeve Shirt with Mitten Cuffs
  • All-in-One Cloth Diaper with Two Inserts
  • Neutral 15-piece Accessories Set
  • Neutral 4-piece Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set
And, to allow you to choose according to your baby’s sex and style, the Gerber Neutral 19-piece Baby Layette Set comes in a train of colors.
The DK Publishing Touch and Feel: Baby Animals Book introduces the baby to a few animals, with simple photographs that immediately capture his/her attention, creating an experience they will never want to forget. Want your baby to practice colors and shapes as well? Buy the Baby Touch and Feel: Colors and Shapes from DK Publishing today!

DK Publishing Touch and Feel: Baby Animals Book – Available as Hardcover and Board Book

Books provide an engaging entertainment for kids, making them among the must-have items in any baby gift pack. DK is no doubt the ultimate brand to consider when looking for kids’ books. With its informative, rich, and entertaining publications, DK provides readers of all ages with marvelous copies on both print and digital formats. DK’s extensive collection of children’s books includes a fantastic score of information for babies, toddlers, and children. They cover everything from craft, the human body, animals, and homework help, not to mention the impressive list of licensing titles.

Available in 2 formats, the DK Publishing’s Touch and Feel: Baby Animals book comes with a sparkling new look and is poised to become a classic for the new generation of little readers. Babies and toddlers will particularly love the captivating, tactile pages with a great feel and touch at the turn of every page. This classic book offers a colorful Baby Touch and Feel design with a fantastic presentation of the animals in a format that pleases every baby.

Its wide range of novelty textures, padded covers, and simple images make the DK classic formula a great gift for young babies with a promise that they’ll want to go through it over and over. Some of the highlights include a soft kitten, a scaly fish, a bumpy lizard, and a whole lot of animals.

If your kid already has this DK classic, don’t worry as DK has other fabulous children books that he/she might find interesting. Here are some alternatives you could consider:
  • Baby Touch and Feel Halloween
  • Follow the Trail Winter Wonderland
From baby ointment to baby shampoo, the Bath Discovery Baby Gift Set with Caddy Essentials contains all the essential bath time products needed by new parents. Want to send your baby to sleep quickly? Don’t forget to get the Johnson’s Sleepy Time Baby Gift Set.

Johnson's Baby Bath Discovery Baby Gift Set with Caddy Essentials – 8 Items, Available in 4 Styles

The ultimate baby gift any parent will appreciate is a bathing pack, and which trusted brand can you think of apart from the Johnsons Baby? For over the last 125 years, Johnson’s Baby has made a name for itself in the field of safety research for baby products. Its experienced team of experts—pediatricians, dermatologists, scientists, and other experts—ensures that every product it delivers to the market offers utmost safety for your little one.

The Johnson's Baby Bath Discovery Gift Hamper comprises of great products in a sturdy, plastic caddy to make every bath time memorable. The blue hippo provides fun in the tub, alongside other essential skincare needs for your little one. The pack contains a baby shampoo, diaper ointment, baby lotion, head-to-toe wash, baby powder, safety swabs, bath caddy, baby bubble bath, and diaper rash ointment for a total skin care for your baby.

You can even take a look at the other three set style options that the brand offers!

If the baby already has this pack or most of the products in the pack, you can still consider individual Johnsons Baby products that could be great for little ones. Here are some options you could wrap up as a baby gift:
  • Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath and Wash
  • Johnson's Bedtime Baby Bubble Bath

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Gift?

Babies may be clueless when it comes to the thrill brought by different baby gifts; but nonetheless, friends and family will want to spoil them on their birthday, first holiday, or any other occasion that brings people together as they congratulate the new parents. Luckily, there are countless children, baby & infant gift options to make the occasion memorable by filling the stockings of those dearest little elves. From educational toys to keepsakes and clothes, the list is simply endless.

We understand how frustrating it can feel to be inundated with countless choices. Imagine walking into a baby product store and being blurred with a myriad of baby gifts that the attendants want you to purchase. Of course, they want to make sales, and they will suggest anything and everything! That’s why we took it upon ourselves to bring you a list of five top baby gift options to consider. And what’s more, you won’t have to sell an organ to get a package that will put a smile on those lovely faces. Here are some great baby gift ideas to consider:

Baby Stroller

Travel with your baby in style by purchasing a decent baby stroller. If you’re buying for your friend or family, it’s always appropriate to ask since they may have bought one already. This is among the gift ideas that will give the proud parent a sigh of relief and make a mark in their hearts forever. You can choose from a wide range of selections including lightweight strollers, jogging strollers, double or triple strollers, and much more.


All babies and toddlers love toys, and there are numerous opportunities to give a child useful and entertaining items. Whether it’s a developmental toy, a puzzle, or a stuffed animal, you can be sure it will provide amusement to the little one. Apart from the thrill, toys also help the baby to develop skills such as logic or counting, improve the hand-and-eye coordination, and train the young hands to grasp objects.

Gift Basket

There are several fabulous options for baby gift baskets out on the market, which makes it easy to pick an appropriate type that suits the newborn. Mostly, you’ll find a combination of stuffed animals, small toys, keepsakes, and bath supplies. Focus on baskets with personal care products such as lotion, soap, washcloths, sponges, towels, and oils that are suitable for the baby’s delicate skin.

Personalized Gifts

Another great baby gift idea is a personalized item that may include the baby’s name or other personal information. A wall hanging with a poem incorporating the baby’s name or a baby blanket with an embroidered name on it are just a couple options that could make the gift memorable.

Baby Shoes

Small babies don’t usually need shoes until they begin to walk around. However, socks, soft-soled baby shoes, and booties are useful accessories for warmth. Once the child begins to take those first steps, it’s time to consider real baby shoes, which are generally sleeper-like with flexible non-skid soles. This is a great consideration when you have to take your baby outdoors.
If there’s anything we can never pass without noticing it, it’s a baby’s first birthday or holiday. Even if it’s your friend’s baby or family member’s, walking in with a decent baby gift makes up a great occasion. But again, you don’t have to break the bank to buy a great baby gift. You’ll find plenty of affordable baby gift options you could give your loved ones to share in the celebrations.

With our fantastic picks, you should expect to spend anything between $15 and $60. Of course, the prices differ from one product to another, and you’ll spend more on more elaborate and fashionable gifts such as a cloth set. But if you’re tight on budget, you can consider a less costly baby care pack which will still be appreciated by any parent. However, we don’t recommend very cheap options, since babies are quite vulnerable to substandard bath care products or clothing that could cause rashes on their sensitive skin.

Get the Best Baby Gift of 2022!

There are numerous fabulous baby gift ideas on offer every season, but choosing the right gift pack that both the parents and the baby will love can seem overwhelming. Whether it’s a personalized gift with the kid’s name on it or a lovely teddy bear, there’s something that will put a wide smile on the faces of both the parent and the baby. We’re glad to have played a part in helping you find the best baby gift package to make that occasion memorable. If you need more options, go ahead and look at what else these brands have to offer!

Our Top Choice
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Best Value
GUND Philbin Teddy Bear
Gerber Neutral 19-piece Baby Layette Set
DK Publishing Touch and Feel: Animals
Johnson's Baby Bath Discovery Gift Hamper