Best Baby Imprint Kit Reviews 2023

Baby imprints used to be something you’d have to go to a professional art studio and pay a big wad of cash for, but now, these amazing home baby imprint kits mean you can make the adorable keepsake in the comfort of your own home. We’ve researched the different types out there and bring to you our top five baby imprint kits from five top brands.
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Ease of Use
Our Top Choice
Pearhead Babyprints Deluxe Wall Frame
Pearhead offers a range of sentimental, personalized keepsakes for the whole family’s special moments and important milestones.
Non-toxic clay. Deluxe frame includes space for hand and foot print as well as a 6x4” photograph. Available in multiple colors and styles.
The clay is soft, so it requires firm pressure to create a lasting, deep print.
Non-toxic clay
Wood frame, clay, rolling pin
2 plaques
Air-drying clay
Minimum 48 hours
Best Value
Carter’s Baby's First Hand & Footprint Set
Carter’s is an established market-leader for children’s products and is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, trustworthy items.
Non-toxic ink pad. Includes pre-cut papers for trial runs. Affordable and easy to use. Beautifully wrapped for gift-giving.
A few parents found the ink didn’t immediately wash off, so some parents used a thin material between the baby’s foot and ink to prevent staining the skin.
Non-toxic ink
A few cut paper, ink stamp pad
2 plaques
Wash off ink
Minimum 48 hours
Bubzi Co. Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Kit
Bubzi Co. is committed to providing practical and durable products for families, so moms and dads can have more time to enjoy the journey parenting brings.
Comes with 3 clay packages. Frame has 2 photo spaces. Easy to use. Excellent gift idea. Comes with free baby ebook.
The clay may take longer than 48 hours to dry, so make sure it is fully set before placing in the frame.
Non-toxic clay
Wooden frame, clay
3 clay packages
Air-drying clay
Minimum 48 hours
Little Keepsakes Deluxe Baby Ink Print Kit
Little Keepsakes has saving special moments at the heart of their company with beautiful, creative ideas.
Ink can be cleaned quickly. Allows up to 16 dark prints to be created. Made in USA. Provides a pre application moisturizing wipe.
Some customers found the card too flimsy for the ink prints to stand without extra support.
Non-toxic easy-wash ink
Card, moisturize wipe, ink strips
12-16 prints
Easy clean ink
Minimum 48 hours
Casting Keepsakes Deluxe Hanging Clay Keepsake Kit
Casting Keepsakes was founded by two sisters who are dedicated to providing great options for families to preserve their special moments.
Dries stone hard. Comes with ribbons. Non-toxic clay. Easy to use. 2 plaques included.
A handful of customers found their own personal rolling pins and cutters easier to use.
Non-toxic, pliable clay
Plaque design, ribbon, glaze
2 plaques
Air-drying clay
2-5 days

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What is the Best Baby Imprint Kit?

We all have a preconceived vision of what we would like when it comes to sentimental mementos, so we have picked five different kits to help you find the best for you. From personalized plaques to sophisticated frames, and white clay to black ink, there are lots of kits to choose from, and if you don’t find the perfect kit from our recommended products, we hope this guides you to the right one.
Our Top Choice
The Pearhead Babyprints Deluxe Wall Frame lets you freeze a moment in time of your tiny baby and their doll-like hands and feet to display in an elegant frame. This frame is available in multiple colors and sizes. If you’d rather use an ink footprint, check out the Pearhead’s Baby Memory Book with an included Clean-Touch Ink Pad, which is easy to use and may be more ideal for newborns.

Pearhead Babyprints Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Deluxe Photo Frame- Available in 3 Colors and 2 Styles

Pearhead is dedicated to designing unique, quality keepsake gifts and mementos for the special moments in life, from weddings to pregnancy announcements. And they haven’t forgotten about your beloved pet: they also have a range specifically for animals so you can celebrate your pup’s first birthday in style.

The Pearhead Babyprints Deluxe Wall Frame is an elegant, wooden shadowbox frame that comes with everything you need to create your own personal keepsake of your baby’s first months in the world. You can use the non-toxic, soft air-drying clay to make tiny hand and foot prints to display in your home or desk at work. Once dry, you can place it in the frame, and if you choose the deluxe style you can add a photo of your gorgeous little one beside their tiny clay prints.

This deluxe frame is 16.5Lx 9.5Wx 1.38” and with three frames on hinges, includes space to display a 4x6 photograph. There is a choice of three colors: white, espresso and gray. The white and espresso frames come with a reversed pink and blue background board and a beveled mat with a gray design for a sophisticated finish.
Best Value
The Baby's First Hand & Footprint Set is an adorable personal keepsake that can capture memories of your hours-old newborn to your child when she’s a few months old. If you’re looking for a gift that shows the magical journey of your baby’s first year in the world, the Carter's Year of Photos Frame could have the sentiment you’re searching for.

Carter's Hand and Foot Print Keepsake – Includes Non-Toxic Stamp Pads and Pre-Cut Papers for Trial Runs, Elegantly Wrapped

Carter’s is one of the market leaders in the US for children’s clothes, accessories and gifts. Their work is based around providing quality products with innovative solutions to make parents’ lives easier. Carter’s believes in celebrating childhood and therefore offers a wide range of designs, materials and quality construction to build ongoing trust with their customers due to their reliable products.

The Carter’s Baby's First Hand & Footprint Set is made for newborn babies and to create a memory of those first special days of meeting your child for the first time and introducing them into the world. The set comes with two frames for a hand and footprint, which you can make at home with the non-toxic stamp pad. The frames have a non-tarnish silver finish to create a delicate, sophisticated keepsake.
The Baby Hand & Footprint Picture Frame Kit will capture a sweet and fleeting moment in your child’s life to keep hold of and admire. If you want to look at another style, don’t miss out on the Beautiful Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame Keepsake Kit, a simple and sweet design!

Bubzi Co. Best Baby Hand & Footprint Picture Frame Kit - Premium Clay with Wood Frame

Bubzi Co. is a trusted brand that makes practical, high quality children’s products that are durable enough for everyday use. They understand parents’ desire to provide the best for the beloved little ones, and strive to meet and exceed moms’ and dads’ expectations so they can enjoy the special loving journey of caring for their children.

The Bubzi Co. Best Baby Hand & Footprint Picture Frame Kit wants to help you capture the magic of bringing a tiny person into this world, as well as their adorably tiny proportions that soon grow into bigger toddler ones! This kit provides three packages of non-toxic clay so you have plenty to make the perfect handprint and footprint for your frame.

The clay doesn’t need to be mixed or baked; simple knead it with your hands before pressing those little chubby feet and hands into the soft clay. It needs to be left for a minimum of 48 hours to dry, but make sure you check it is firm and sturdy before putting it into the frame.

The easy-to-use clay is safe to be used for newborn and older children as well. The frame that comes with it is a simple, classic, natural wooden frame that can hold your baby’s footprint and handprint as well as two photographs to really capture the essence of your precious child for years to come.
The Deluxe Baby Safe Ink Print Kit from Little Keepsakes allows you to create a sentimental decoration, stress free. You can make up to 16 dark prints and the kit is suitable for babies under 6 months old. If your kid is older than 6 months, you might want to take a look at the Washable Baby Safe Ink Print Kit which comes with 2 bigger ink strips, giving you a larger target for those tiny legs kicking around.

Little Keepsakes Deluxe Baby Safe Washable Ink Print Kit – Made in USA, Non-Toxic, Creates Up to 15 Dark Prints

Little Keepsakes is a family business that started when their own children began nursery school and they understood the importance of having creative, beautiful ways to keep their memories. They have a wide variety of keepsake designs, all made from sterling silver for a high quality, long lasting finish.

The Little Keepsakes Deluxe Baby Ink Print Kit comes with everything you need to get a clear print of your little one to put up proudly on the wall. The new and improved ink is easy to clean off with soap and water, so you don’t have to worry about staining your child’s delicate, soft skin.

The non-toxic ink is even safe for newborns, allowing you to capture just how small and sweet they are when they first come into the world in high detail that won’t fade over time. The set comes with baby wipes to help moisturize your child’s hand in order to make the best print possible. It also includes 3 ink strips in a resealing bag, 4 white acid-free 8.5x5.5” cards for taking prints and one 8.5x11” card a photo frame for the final result.

The pack can make approximately 12 to 16 dark prints for babies under 6 months old, so you have plenty of resources to get the best print possible. The ink can also be used on older children and adults, meaning you can have fun with the whole family.
This Casting Keepsakes Deluxe Keepsake kit gives you the tools to create a professional-looking imprint with personal details to make it special for you. If you want a framed imprint, Casting Keepsakes offers the Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame for a stylish finish.

Casting Keepsakes Deluxe Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit – Dries Stone Hard, Air Drying

Casting Keepsakes was founded by two sisters who were on leave of their careers to take care of their newborns and wanted to find the best footprint keepsake for their children. Fortunately, they couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for, because it led them to experiment in making their own imprint set, resulting in the foundation of their own company…Casting Keepsakes!

Thanks to the Casting Keepsakes Deluxe Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit with its pre-mixed clay, you don’t have worry about making the perfect mixture. Just knead the clay and flatten it to make the impression. The non-toxic clay is soft and pliable enough for a baby’s foot to easily sink into it and dries a crisp, white color. It is designed for children ages 0-2 years and can even be used with pets!

The kit also comes with four different colored ribbons, a rolling pin, glaze finish and brush for a smooth, shiny result, and an easel to help you get the decoration just right. The clay becomes stone-like once it has dried, which usually takes 2-5 days.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Imprint Kit?

You’ve now spent nine months of excited anticipation waiting to meet your tiny little baby, planning and preparing and getting the house just right. You’ve made sure you’ve done your research on every option on the market, from your baby’s crib to the perfect stroller, and even the small necessities like the best baby bottle. But once your baby is in your arms, it’s time to cherish that special, once in a lifetime moment. We’ve picked out our top five picks for baby imprint kits, to help you find the right one for you, and to save this moment for years to come.
It’s frustrating when a budget holds you back from being able to do something you want, so we’ve found five brands at a range of prices to help you choose what’s most suitable for you and your budget.

At the low end of the scale, you can get a cheap baby imprint kit for around $10, and for this you get the basic utensils you need to create the imprint and have a lovely homemade result. The utensils may not be as sturdy or efficient as other kits but you have what you need to get the job done.

If your budget can stretch further, then you have more choice of the final presentation of the imprint, with a variety of frames and finishes on offer. For $30 you will get an easy-to-use kit with an elegant frame, and the option to personalize it by, for example, adding a photo of your beloved angel. Of course, baby imprint kits can be more expensive than that, some of them ending up costing 50 dollars or even more. These kits usually include more plaques which can be printed or special gift wrapping. If this really matters to you, go for these higher-end products.
Being able to make an imprint of such a tiny, delicate footprint and handprint before your newborn grows, is a heartwarming, incredible memory to have and share. Making sure you get the right kit for you to experience a joyous activity that meets your expectations is very important. We’ve made a list of features we think are important before purchasing your imprint kit.

Here are the factors to keep in mind:
  • Age appropriate (safe for newborns)
  • Material used (ink/clay)
  • Utensils included
  • Drying time
  • Ease of use (cleaning up, making imprint)
  • Options to personalize
  • Final presentation of imprint (plaque/ frame/photo)
  • Number of imprints that can be made
Hopefully keeping these features in mind when choosing your kit will save you time.
Construction and Design
The material used is extremely important to think about. This will effect the way the imprint is made, the cleaning process, the detail which will be captured in the print and if your child has allergies or skin sensitive to certain materials. Ink can capture the fingerprints and lines your baby’s hand, where as a clay imprint gives you a 3D imitation to keep hold of and compare to as the years go by.

The final finish or way to present the cute hand and footprints is important, and is all about personal preference. Some options are small hanging plaques that could be for a tree decoration or a small detail in the house. Other options are larger home decoration pieces with space for photos and a couple of prints, put all together side by side for an adorable display of your child in their first months.

Some people are naturally more creative and have the artistic flair to effortlessly make beautiful pictures; some of us have to try harder! If you feel like you might need a couple of trial runs, then make sure you choose a kit with enough resources to give you the perfect result by the end.
Performance and Ease of Use
There’s a choice of different inks or clays to pick, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into when you pick your supplies. Ink can spill or need washing off if spilt, and will require washing off your baby’s hand and foot after the imprint to stop little hand and footprints appearing around your home! The majority of the clays are pre-mixed and don’t require baking to set, but do take longer to dry in the air, from around 48 hours to 5 days. You’ll also have to put some elbow grease into kneading the clay for the best result possible.

Each kit offers its own decorations and extras, from different colored ribbon to hang it up with to pink and blue reversible boards for a subtle backdrop. Look into each kit to find the right style for you.

Get the Best Baby Imprint Kit of 2023!

We hope this guide has helped you decide what you need to create a spectacular memory with your new family. We are sure you have set your eyes upon a certain imprint kit, so don’t wait any longer, get it now and you will thank yourself in a few years for preserving such an important moment!

Our Top Choice
Pearhead Babyprints Deluxe Wall Frame
Best Value
Carter’s Baby's First Hand & Footprint Set
Bubzi Co. Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Kit
Little Keepsakes Deluxe Baby Ink Print Kit
Casting Keepsakes Deluxe Hanging Clay Keepsake Kit