Best Baby Jumper Reviews 2023

There’s nothing more adorable in this world than watching your little munchkin giggling with joy as they bounce in their baby jumper. If you have been a parent before, you can agree with us that this amazing feeling is priceless. If you are looking to keep your active baby energized and help them exercise their growing muscles, then you are at the right place. We want to share this joy with you, and that’s why we have spent hours researching some of the best baby jumper brands in the market to ensure your baby keeps smiling, even when you’re not in sight.
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Weight Limit
Our Top Choice
Evenflo Jump & Learn Jumper
Evenflo has provided parents with quality baby products for almost a century. The Evenflo Jump & Learn Jumper comes with extra toys to make the experience even more fun.
Quality construction. Extra toys. Soft landing pad.
A bit expensive, but worth the price
Polyester, plastic
24 lbs
10 x 23.5 x 29”/ 1.3 pounds
Electronic smart toys
Best Value
Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper®
Graco is one of the most trusted companies for juvenile products in the world. The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper comes with an adjustable clamp to provide fun jumps.
Unique design. Quality construction. Adjustable height. Good value for money.
Can only be used by kids who are able to hold their head upright.
5.5 – 25 lbs
17.5 x 17”/ 3.5 pounds
2 soft toys
Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper
Baby Einstein specializes in quality toys and multimedia products for toddlers and infants. The Neptune Jumper converts from a baby jumper into an activity-filled saucer.
Converts from a jumper to a saucer. Adjustable height positions. Unique design with lighting.
An expensive model because of the high-end features.
Plastic frame with padded seat
25 lbs
32 x 32 x 33.1”/ 15.1 pounds
Sounds, lights, toys
Jolly Jumper Exerciser With Stand
Jolly Jumper is all about jumpers. It does one thing and does it well. The Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Stand comes with a steel stand so that it can be set up anywhere.
Affordable. Quality plastic construction. Can be set up anywhere. Comes with a music player.
No included toys to play with.
Metal stand
28 lbs
38 x 21”/ 11.3 pounds
Mp3 player with colorful lights
Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper
Sassy strives to be a favorite brand for parents, providing premium quality products. The Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper features durable construction.
Affordable. Appealing design. Engages the baby’s senses. Removable toys for more fun.
Kids can flip a bit on the side.
Plastic stand
20 lbs
16.4 x 14”/ 5.6 pounds
5 Sassy developmental toys

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What is the Best Baby Jumper?

If you’re thinking you could go online and click on any baby jumper you come across just because it has the prettiest pattern or color, then you are wrong. You should focus on quality first before you move on to other factors, lest you might expose your little one to injuries. Look at the material, whether the jumper is adjustable or not, and if it comes with some extras, such as toys. Now that you have gone through our guide, let’s jump straight to our picks and get you a baby jumper that will best suit your little prince or princess.
Our Top Choice
The Evenflo Jump & Learn Jumper is a fun baby jumper with a weight capacity of 24 pounds. It features more than 26 activities to help your little one achieve their developmental milestones. Alternatively, if you would like a door jumper, check out their ExerSaucer Door Jumper with 7 great designs to choose from!

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper – Available in 5 Colors

Evenflo cares about parents and kids, and that’s why its mission has always been to research and provide them with quality products throughout their journey. Judging from the car seats, strollers, high chairs and baby jumpers it offers, there’s no doubt that Evenflo’s team is committed to a quest for excellence.

The Evenflo Jump & Learn Jumper offers kids a safe alternative to common walkers. It features a strong frame and a number of age-appropriate toys meant to help your little one achieve their important developmental milestones. Retailing at around $150, the spin, jump and rock action will provide your little one with many exercises to strengthen their back, legs and neck muscles.

Here’s a sneak view of the features you will enjoy with this baby jumper:
  • 100% polyester material for durability
  • An extra jump to let your baby maximize their exercise
  • Strong straps to provide a secure playing and learning environment
  • Smart electronic toys to interact with your baby. Some have fun lights while others play three genres of music
  • A bounce base to provide your kid with a soft landing pad in order to promote stability
  • 67 learning activities to help babies achieve their developmental milestones
Best Value
The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper comes with an interesting design, featuring an adjustable clamp with springs to give your little one fun jumps. If the Little Jungle design of this jumper isn’t right for your little one, take a peek at Graco’s Bumper Jumper, Stratus instead.

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle Design

Graco was formed by a tinkerer and an engineer known as David saint, who was inspired by a story by an associate about his wife that would spend hours soothing their cranky and tired baby while in their glider swing. He quickly took up this idea and went to the drawing board, coming up with the first wind-up infant swing in the world. Today, the brand boasts a complete line of swings and jumpers to help babies relax and exercise their legs.

The Doorway Bumper Jumper comes with a unique design, featuring an adjustable spring-loaded clamp and a plastic dome meant to keep the straps separated to allow you to get your baby in and out. If your little one is up for a more challenging jump, you can easily adjust the height and give them what they want.

Retailing at around $39.99, this strong doorway jumper is meant to offer fun activities that will delight your little one. Some of the features it comes with include:
  • A washable seat pad that can be removed and returned
  • 2 interactive soft toys that are attached to the adjustable play rings
  • Non-twist straps that are kept apart by a plastic dome
  • Height can be adjusted for children weighing from 5.5 lbs to 25 lbs
  • Safety bounce spring that comes with a hidden safety cord
  • Easy to attach to the doorframe
  • The spring-loaded clamp will not mark your door moldings
The Neptune Jumper incorporates an interesting design, converting from a baby jumper into a saucer. If you prefer the baby jumpers that go in your doorway, rather than the stationary kind, take a look at the Lightweight Door Jumper with 4 Removable, Ocean-Themed Toys from Little Einstein.

Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Neptune Activity Gym and Saucer™ Baby Jumper

Baby Einstein opened its doors in 1996, but the brand was bought by Disney in 2001. Twelve years later Disney sold the company to Kids II, Inc, which operates it today. If you look at the history of this brand, one thing stands out – it has been associated with some of the biggest names in the market. There’s no chance you will go wrong with Baby Einstein!

The Neptune Jumper is probably the most innovative jumper you have ever come across. It acts as a jumper when your kids want to play and then converts to a saucer when your little munchkin wants to take a rest and play with toys. And don’t think that this feature means it will occupy all the space in your house, nope! It is compact enough to be used even in tight areas.

Retailing at around $119.99, this baby jumper comes with a number of interesting features. These include:
  • A play gym that can convert into an innovative activity saucer
  • 3 adjustable positions so that your baby can use it as they grow
  • Rainbow toy bar that responds to the touch of your baby with light, languages and music
  • A mirror that’s designed to store your phone, allowing your little one to view videos and family photos, while listening to music
The Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Stand features a sturdy back support to keep your little one safe as they jump. It also comes with a steel stand to allow you to set it up anywhere. If you want a different simple jumper from this brand, why not try the Jolly Jumper with Super Stand.

Jolly Jumper Exerciser With Stand and Baby Einstein Take-A-Long Tunes

Most people grew up using Jolly Jumper exercisers. The brand has been in operation since 1910, making quality jumpers for kids, and is still making waves in the industry today – over a century later! Check out their full range of baby jumpers and add a smile to your little ones face.

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Stand provides a great way for babies to develop coordination in a fun way. It features a sturdy back support to allow your kid to jump for hours without experiencing back pains. Better yet, the unit comes with a steel stand that keeps the jumper steady, without necessarily using a door stand.

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser With Stand is certainly the best jumper to get if you are on a budget but want a quality and safe model. Some of the features you are likely to enjoy with the jumper include:
  • Sturdy construction for safety
  • Made to help kids develop coordination and improve balance in a fun way
  • Promotes music appreciation and auditory development
  • Caterpillar handles that are easy to grasp and colorful make it even more fun
  • A firm back support
  • A portable steel stand to allow you to set it up anywhere
The Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper is made to hang on a wide range of door frames to keep the baby happy and active.
However, if you prefer the stationary jumpers to the ones that hang in your door, take a look at the Sassy Inspire the Senses Early Learning Activity Centre Baby Jumper, for use from just 4 months!

Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper with 5 Toys

Sassy was born in 1982 but a few years later it was already making headlines with the huge number of infant bouncer seats and feeding items it was making. By 1996, the brand launched a line consisting of uniquely designed toys, which were created in partnership with some of the best developmental experts. Today, anyone who has used its products cannot complain, especially when it comes to quality.

The Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper is made to keep your little one happy and active, while engaging their developing life skills and senses. It comes with bright colors to make it even more visually appealing. The comfortable seat can be easily attached to a number of door frames, while the locking mechanism keeps your child firm for safety purposes.

For an affordable price tag of $35, you can get this baby jumper and let your little adorable munchkin enjoy their day while you attend to other matters. Here are some of the features you will get:
  • Designed to be attached to numerous door frames
  • Engages the baby’s senses
  • Ideal for children 4 months – two years
  • Keeps babies happy and active
  • 5 Development toys
  • Bright color for visual appeal

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Jumper?

Picture this: you’ve just put your baby to sleep for an afternoon nap and a few minutes later the baby monitor buzzes, and you can hear your child fussing in bed. Not again! You ignore it for a while but the cries continue. You slowly tip toe upstairs to check to make sure everything is ok, out of habit double checking the baby gate to confirm that it’s firmly secure. In your heart, you are hoping that by the time you get to the room your little darling has soothed himself back to sleep.

Well, that doesn’t happen. The crying just keeps getting louder and can no longer be ignored. Despite the fact that your baby has not slept enough, he just won’t fall asleep on his own. You do your best to soothe your baby, but he doesn’t calm down. Now you have to decide, let your baby cry itself to sleep, or continue to hold, rock and soothe him until he falls asleep in your arms (and hopefully won’t wake up again when you put him back in the crib). While you love holding your precious little one, you are in desperate need for a little me-time to get your sanity back, before the school bus drops your 6-year-old champ from school.

Enter, the hero of the day – a baby jumper. Unlike a baby bouncer, which is more designed for younger infants and babies and places your child in a reclining position; jumpers allow them to use their legs and feet to “jump.” For babies who can’t sleep, a jumper gives them the opportunity to release all their energy, and because of the seat design, when they finally tire themselves out, you know they are safe.

So off you go, placing your child in his favorite jumper, and after a few minutes of “jumping” he slowly dozes off. The magic that some of these baby products have on our kids is out of this world. Oh boy! Doesn’t parenting get easier with a baby jumper.

Whether you choose a seated floor jumper, or a jumper that attaches to a doorway, they are not just for trying to get your baby to sleep. They help to strengthen their leg muscles to get them ready for that first step! They also make it possible for you to wash the dishes, fold your laundry, and tidy up your house while your baby is busy in the jumper.

A good baby jumper should be strong enough and keep your baby safe. Since babies get excited by the smallest of things, it should be colorful and full of attractive accessories to stimulate them.
Often, when we think of buying a baby jumper, price is one of the first things that come to mind. Then we stop and start asking: Is it worth it? Should I just pass it? Will my baby really need it? And the endless questions flow. However, this should never be a limiting factor because, with as little as $20, you will get your little munchkin a good baby jumper that will keep them entertained. If you are looking for the more luxurious baby jumpers, they will cost you about $100. They come with extra features, including toys, Mp3 players and more accessories that your toddler will enjoy.

We know there are cheap baby jumpers in the market, but we would be a little hesitant to recommend them. Your baby is the most important person in your life, so why would you rather buy for them a product that is constructed with flimsy material? Furthermore, those cheap products may not be safe at all for your tyke.
In most cases, individuals delve into buying immediately after narrowing down on the type of jumper they want if it fits within their budget. A majority often overlook another equally fundamental aspect of these products, which is the features! Before spending your hard-earned dollars on a jumper, you should take a little extra time to identify its salient features which make it a better option than its immediate rivals.

Since it is a baby product, the foremost feature should be its safety standards. Infants, babies and toddlers cannot take care of themselves; hence the jumper should be robust and durable to prevent accidents. Besides safety, these are the other specifications that a parent may want to consider:
  • Type - Is the jumper a stand-alone or a frame-mounted type?
  • Material- This can vary from polyester, plastic, cotton or a combination of either
  • Ergonomics - How well is the jumper optimized for use by both the baby and the parent?
  • Accessories - In the case of activity jumpers, the buyer should know the included toys and accessories and whether they are suitable
  • Aesthetics - Is the jumper appealing to the eye? How fashionable is the design?
  • Usability - Can a novice operate the jumper with little or no help?
After identifying the features, the next step would be to know how they impact upon the functionality of your baby jumper.
Construction and Design
The build and design of baby jumpers is determined by primarily two factors; the height and the weight of the baby. Of these two, the weight is of more significance as it influences the density of the material used. Jumpers designed for heavier babies are usually reinforced with stronger fabric than those meant for lightweights. On the other hand, the height of the baby affects the size of the jumper, as taller babies require larger jumpers and vice versa. Still, regarding height, modern jumpers integrate adjusters to accommodate babies of varying heights.

The elasticity of the jumper is also a paramount aspect of consideration. A good jumper should be elastic enough to allow the baby to bounce freely as well as sturdy enough to withstand high tensile strength.

Currently, jumpers in the market can be split into three broad categories which include:
  • Stationary Jumpers - Typically, these are the ‘standard’ jumpers since they serve only their primary objective, which is being a baby bouncer. In line with their functionality, their design is equally simplistic, featuring a seat, the supporting framework, and elastic bands.
  • Activity Jumpers - Contrary to the stationary jumpers, these are much more complex, incorporating numerous accessories such as toys and music players in some cases. They are ideal for entertainment, which in addition to keeping the baby happy give the caregiver time to engage in other chores.
  • Doorway Jumpers - These are suspended on doors using the inbuilt elastic bands. Door jumpers are best-suited for small homes since they do not take up large spaces.
Performance and Ease of Use
As humans, when we buy a product, it is our nature to expect it to live up to expectations. What most of us don't know or ignore is that to enjoy the maximum benefits of a good jumper, it should be used within its specifications and limits.

The weight of the child is an important consideration. The primary purpose of the jumper is to carry the toddler, so the baby weight influences the choice of product. Choosing a jumper without taking into account the baby's mass may result in breakages, which may lead to accidents. Thankfully, a majority of jumpers in the market usually indicate the weight limit beyond which, they are susceptible to tearing. Remember, if you are getting a jumper that hangs to read the installation instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.

The age of the child must also come into play during the acquisition process. At the time of birth, babies are underdeveloped and cannot adequately support themselves; hence jumpers are unsuitable. However, with time, the bones grow stronger, and jumpers become a must have item in the house. Also, over time, the toddlers overgrow the jumpers and parents are required to upgrade to bigger, more capable jumpers. Later, when the child is old enough to walk, a baby walker is recommended to hasten the development.

Using a baby jumper is not rocket science as most come with easy installation instructions. Also consider buying a baby jumper that easily dissembles for ease of cleaning, especially those that come with attached toys.

Get the Best Baby Jumper of 2023!

Active babies tend to sleep better at night, and nothing would make them have a good night’s sleep like a day of play on a baby jumper. As you can see, we have gone the extra mile to provide lots of information on some of the best baby jumpers from renowned brands in the industry. We know you care about your baby and we hope we have helped you choose a safe and fun model to keep them active all day.

Our Top Choice
Evenflo Jump & Learn Jumper
Best Value
Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper®
Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper
Jolly Jumper Exerciser With Stand
Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper