Best Baby Monitor Reviews 2023

A baby monitor gives you the peace of mind to carry out your daily chores as your little one enjoys uninterrupted nap time. You can monitor them from the comfort of your hand or lap. Your baby can enjoy more sleep time between feedings and changes since you won’t have to come into their bedroom frequently to check on them. Because there are so many different brands, models, and features of baby monitors, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. We’ve saved you the hassle by bringing you five of the best baby monitor brands you can find.
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Sensor type
2 or 1-Way
Our Top Choice
Angelcare Movement and Audio Monitor
Angelcare is a globally respected baby care brand that has tasked itself with the responsibility of providing superb products for your little angel's wellbeing.
Great and adjustable sensitivity. Rechargeable removable backup batteries. Loud alarm. Useful night light.
Might require a learning curve.
250 meters
Movement & Audio
Plug-in & Battery
Temp, Sound alert display
Best Value
Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor
Philips Avent was the name on the lips of over 9000 moms when asked which baby care brand was their number one; that ought to say it all, oughtn't it?
Great range. No interference. Clear sound quality. Long-lasting batteries. Accurate temperature measurements.
Lullabies can't be remotely turned on.
330 meters
Lullabies & Nightlight
Snuza Hero SE Movement Monitor
Snuza is a dynamic and forward-looking company with a desire to give sleeping babies all over the world a fighting chance, a voice, with its portable baby breathing monitors.
Portable. Long-lasting batteries. Lightweight. Easy to use. Warning alarm if it's out of position.
Buttons might be small for big fingers.
VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor
VTech is committed to excellence and believes that great products are created with premium materials, hence, its uncompromising stance, high-quality materials and workmanship.
Crystal clear sound quality. Adjustable sensitivity. Affordable. Works well.
Battery life could be better.
304.8 meters
Plug-in & Battery
2 Parent Units
Willcare Audio Baby Monitor
The goal of Willcare is to provide baby care products that are reliable and user-friendly to improve the wellbeing of babies and parents.
Nice range. Out-of-range warning. Easy to use. Lightweight. Affordable. Clear sound transmission.
Baby unit has to be manually turned on after a power cut.
304.8 meters
Plug-in & Battery
Nightlight, Belt Clip

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What is the Best Baby Monitor?

Though baby monitors all serve the same purpose, each brand has different features. Making the final decision on the right brand and model for you can be tough. Having this list in hand should make your decision-making process easier. Why wait? Go ahead and pick a baby monitor that suits your personal needs and preferences.
Our Top Choice
The Angelcare Movement and Audio Monitor is a practical and convenient way to pick up on the slightest movements and sounds your precious bundle makes in his or her crib. It also alerts you to temperature changes. If you're interested in a video monitor, check out the Angelcare Baby Video And Sound Monitor.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor With Wired Sensor Pad – Deluxe Version

Angelcare is a brand that was invented by parents for parents; Maurice Pinsonnault and his wife had been experiencing the anxiety (or heightened awareness, if you please) that every first-time parent has had to endure since the advent of the baby-making business. They wanted the ability to rest assured that all was well with their sleeping little one; they wanted a way to be informed about every toss and turn and every sound their baby made while asleep, so they went ahead and built a monitor to meet those ends and a brand that has become the go-to for parents - talk about knowing where the shoe pinches.

The Angelcare Movement and Audio Monitor’s star feature is its sensor pad, but before we go into all that, let's say some words in acknowledgement of this baby monitor's good looks. The colors on the unit are white and aqua green. It really is a beautiful combination that's cool on the eyes. With that out of the way, let's get back to the sensor pad. It's thin and you don't have to worry about its bulk causing the mattress to become uncomfortable or uneven for your baby. It’s designed to be placed under the mattress and will transmit every move your baby makes to you via the parent unit. It can be used with standard baby mattresses irrespective of thickness or size. You have to note that it doesn't work with certain types of mattresses though, for example: memory foam, dual-sided, Purflow or mattresses with hollowed-out frames. If you're using a spring mattress, there are instructions on how to go about getting the best out of the sensor pad.

Other features of the Angelcare Movement and Audio Monitor are given below:
  • Parent unit with bright, easy-to-read display so that you can easily tell what's happening in baby's room
  • Temperature sensor and voice-activated visual and audible sound alerts on the display screen
  • Audible Tic feature from the parent that assures you the monitor is operational
  • Transmission range of 250 meters outdoors and 100 meters indoors and an indicator for when you're out of range
  • Cool night light that glows so that you don't disturb baby's sleep by switching on the lights to check on him or her
  • Adjustable sensor pad sensitivity; it's quite sensitive, so start with the default setting and test from there.
Best Value
The featured Philips Avent DECT Monitor comes with a talk back feature so that you can soothe your little one irrespective of distance and a temperature sensor to track and alert you to temperature changes in your baby’s room. If you'd prefer a more basic model at lower price point, check out the Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor. It has the same DECT technology, but without the temperature sensor.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Night Mode And Temperature Sensor

Philips Avent has been trusted by parents for more than 30 years to keep them supplied with nothing but first-rate products for their babies. It makes products that are designed to make life easier and more convenient for not just your baby but you as well. This brand is what can be described as a listening brand; it seeks customers’ feedback and uses the knowledge obtained to create and improve upon products so that you always know that you're getting baby care products that are modern, functional and designed to satisfy.

The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor has DECT technology integrated into it so that the connection with your baby is not interrupted by interference from cell phones, other baby monitors and any other device with transmission. This way, you get sound with crystal-clear quality and are able to hear every sound your baby makes, even if you're not nearby.

This brings us to the issue of range and distance. If you'll be using it indoors, that is, within your home, it has a 50-meter range. For outdoor purposes, its range can reach 330 meters; you should note that these figures can be affected by environmental factors and the presence of stuff that can cause interference.
The temperature sensor feature keeps track of any changes in the climate of your baby's room, and with customized alerts, lets you know when there is a temperature change. This feature is actually very much appreciated, considering the fact that newborns aren't exactly capable of regulating their body temperature and that babies, generally, absorb heat more easily than they're able to create it for themselves.

A talk back feature allows you to soothe your little one from any part of your home so that you don't have to race to their side every time they stir - sometimes, your voice over the system, and not your presence, is all they need to drift deeper into sleep.

Here are a few other features of note:
  • Five relaxing and sleep-inducing lullabies to choose from
  • A night light to aid the process
  • Lights that indicate the noise levels in the baby's room
  • Digital display on parent unit for temperature, signal strength, battery life, etc.
  • Alert on parent unit to keep you within range and warn of low batteries
The Snuza Hero SE attaches to your baby's diaper; it has a sensor that monitors the movements made by the abdomen with each breath, alerting you and vibrating if baby's breath ceases for some seconds. For a lower-priced option, minus the rousing vibration but with the alarms, take a look at the Snuza GO! Baby Monitor.

Snuza Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor

Greg Gallagher, founder and CEO of Snuza, watched as nurses in the NICU rescued babies who had stopped breathing, using a gesture as simple as tickling their tiny feet or some other simple stimulation stuff, and just like that, the babies began to breathe as though a play button was pressed (forgive the musical allusion, but it did really seem that way, minus the fright and all). He felt that parents would love the chance to do the same for their babies if the need ever arose and, seeing as the nurses had to rely on some alarm system to do this, he set out to create a device that would help parents do just that. Snuza is a young company, but its achievements are impressive and its products are award winners.

The Snuza Hero SE is a lightweight breathing monitor designed to be clipped onto the waistband of your baby's diaper or nappy. This wearable breathing monitor features a simple design that's functional without all the extras that tend to make baby monitors a bit complicated and is activated with just one press of a button. Its sensor is the somewhat triangular-shaped part or top which rests on the baby's abdomen (when correctly placed).

The Hero SE works by detecting baby's abdominal movements, the up and down movements of the abdomen that occur when we breathe. The sensitivity of the sensor is great and will vibrate gently with just enough force to rouse the sleeping infant if he or she isn't breathing properly or if no abdominal movements are detected in 15 seconds. The vibrations are similar to the tactile stimulations employed by nurses in the hospital and are usually enough to wake the sleeping baby, who resumes breathing while the monitor resumes monitoring. You'll only be alerted if the process is repeated three times or if there is another 5 seconds in which no abdominal movement occurs. The alarm is not earth shattering, but it's loud enough to wake you up or alert you to the situation. This monitor is powered by replaceable CR2 batteries so you don't have to worry about strangulation hazards from cords.

Other baby monitors from Snuza include:
  • Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor: 40% smaller than Hero and feeds parameters being measured to your smart phone or tablet.
  • Pneo Snuza Video Monitor: comes with a 2.4 LCD screen with clear visual and audio quality. Also features 3 lullabies to soothe babies.
The VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor comes with two parent units and allows for two-way communication between the baby unit and the parent units. It has a transmission range of over 300 meters. If you are not interested in two parent units and would like something with a lower price tag, have a look at the VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor.

VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor – Available With 1 or 2 Parent Units

There are basically two things one cannot help but notice about the VTech brand at first glance, and they are commitment to quality and respect for customer feedback. These two things guide the company's process and have enabled it to stay relevant and thriving in the tough consumer electronics market for over three decades and counting. With a team of skilled individuals who are passionate about customer satisfaction, it's continuously reaching for new boundaries and ensuring that its customers get the best products and services.

The VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor features the DECT 6.0 technology, which gives this baby monitor unit a great, interference-free sound quality, so that static from any other electronic device in the baby's room doesn't interfere with you and your baby's audio connection. Talking about connections, this unit is made up of three devices: one baby unit and two parent units (you can also get it with one parent unit). Each is connected to the other so that both parents can monitor the baby from different parts of the house or outside the house.

This brings us to the transmission range of this baby monitor. It has a range of about 305 meters within and outside the home, allowing you and your partner, or anyone else, to confidently carry on with the day's work, knowing that the slightest sound from your baby's room will reach you. To ensure that the parent unit does not get in the way, it is designed with a belt clip so that you can conveniently carry it around.
Another feature we should talk about is the talk back or two-way communication feature. With this, not only can you listen in on the goings-on in your baby's room, you get to lend your voice as well. So, supposing baby stirs in his or her crib and lets out a soft whimper, all you might need to do is coo and sing a lullaby and send them right back to sleep.

Other features include:
  • Sound-activated LED display lights for visual alerts to noise from baby's room
  • Battery-powered parent unit for a truly mobile experience
  • Vibration mode for noiselessly alerting you to baby's sounds
  • Warm night light to help create a sleep-inducing environment in the baby's room
The Willcare Audio Baby Monitor has a two-way talk feature through which you can keep your baby company without even being in the same room as them. The baby unit has a warm night light which can be used to encourage baby's sleep. For something different, say a different shape and color scheme, consider the Willcare Upgraded Baby Monitor with Two-Way Audio, DBM-6.

Willcare Audio Baby Monitor With Two-Way Audio – Available in 2 Colors

Willcare was established in 2016 as an international online retailer to keep customers supplied with top-quality baby and personal care products. It sells its merchandise directly to the people who are in need of it and ensures that its products provide their users with a beautiful and satisfying experience. It's always available to receive customer feedback and provide support when called upon.

The Willcare Audio Baby Monitor features an ECO mode that works by measuring sound in decibels and removing background noise and any other sound that does not correspond, in decibels, to the sound that your baby will make when the little cutie wakes up. This ensures that the line connection between you and your tot isn't cramped with other sounds that aren't what you're listening for.

The 2.4GHz wireless connection between the parent unit and the baby unit is stable, private and secure, providing you with a reliable means to reach your baby at all times. The microphones on this unit feature a special noise-reduction technology that filters out interference and leaves you with a clear sound transmission so that every sound your baby makes, whether it's waking-up sounds, random giggles or gurgled monologues, reaches your ears with clarity.

The transmission range for this baby monitor is about 305 meters when you're outdoors and nearly 50 meters when you're indoors. It also has a belt clip, which makes it a lot easier to have the parent unit on your person at all times, whether you're cleaning the porch or getting some laundry done. Here's something you should know about getting these monitors up and running in case they stop working: ensure that both the baby unit and parent unit are turned off, then plug both of them in. Press the power buttons of both units for up to five seconds until the power display turns green.

Here are a few other features of this baby monitor:
  • Rechargeable battery in parent unit that can reach 18 hours without plugging in, quite convenient
  • Talk-back feature allows you to soothe and encourage your little one without leaving whatever you're doing.
  • Soothing, soft, warm night light creates a sleep-conducive environment.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is the all-seeing, ever-present guardian angel that you trust to transmit your baby’s whereabouts and condition, conveniently blending into the background as your little one enjoys a peaceful nap, with some simple models just alerting you when the baby cries. Other advanced models relay high-resolution, multi-angle videos of your baby’s condition with night vision capabilities, to allow you to monitor every single move your baby makes in bed.

The recent advancements in wireless and video technology have seen the emergence of terrific baby monitors that surpass the expectations of every parent. You can still find some dated devices on the market, but they only exist due to familiarity and brand legacy, not functionality.

Any parent with a newborn baby understands that you may only get two to four hours of relaxation between cries. To maximize that sleep time, you need a quality baby monitor to give you some peace of mind, so you don't worry and can just drift into light sleep. You can keep an ear or an eye on your baby as you shower or make a quick meal in the kitchen. If you choose a video baby monitor, you can let your baby have fun in a playpen as you do some laundry, and still monitor their every move. When you sleep coach, whichever style you choose to employ, a baby monitor helps you determine when to enter the room or when to allow babies to fuss themselves back to slumber.

How do you choose the right baby monitor for your needs? It all depends on the features you’re looking for and the price you’re willing to pay. Whether it’s a dated baby monitor that simply alerts you when the baby cries or an advanced multi-angle video baby monitor, it’s all up to you. Note that baby monitors should never be used as a substitute for adult supervision, but as an additional set of ears, or sometimes eyes!
Prices of baby monitors vary widely depending on the functionalities and safety features. The basic audio baby monitors start from about $50, while more advanced designs with high-end security features and multiple receivers can cost around $150. Video baby monitors cost between $75 and $300, depending on the transmission range and image quality. Movement monitors or remote viewing/Wi-Fi monitors can cost between $70 and $300. Many parents consider baby monitors to be essential, and will most likely spend more to get the best.

Regardless of the baby monitor type you choose to buy, there are extra accessories you should look for to get real value for your money. A standard audio monitor should come with a single transmitter and receiver, and at least a single adapter with battery backup. A video baby monitor should include at least a single video monitor, a wall-mounted or tabletop camera, and an AC adapter.

The prices of baby monitors will vary depending on the additional features incorporated in the design. Cheap baby monitors might not come with all the necessary features, while fairly priced to high-end ones come with all the bells and whistles. For instance, vibrate modes, multiple receivers, long-range reception, low-battery or out-of-range indicators, night vision, and other features will raise the cost of a baby monitor.
What should you look for when choosing the right baby monitor for your little one? There are numerous features that can influence your choice, including security, frequency, size, battery life, and much more. Let’s look at them in more detail.
  • Security - Analog vs.Digital - Analog monitors cost less, but anyone within the range can clearly hear the signal. Digital models encrypt the audio transmission, making it almost impossible to tap the signal. Others come with digital clocks to encrypt video images as well. To minimize any interference with surrounding devices, look for digital, enhanced cordless technology devices, usually marked as DECT.
  • Audio or Video - If you want to watch your baby sleep, you’ll need to purchase a video baby monitor. However, if you just need to be alerted when your baby wakes up, an audio monitor will work just fine. Audio monitors are less costly and take up minimal space. Video monitors provide a variety of options, such as different screen sizes, cameras that can zoom and pan, and sometimes even night vision.
  • Frequency - The most basic baby monitor models use frequencies of 49 MHz. Others use 900 MHz, which offers better range, but is still susceptible to interference from traditional cordless radios operating at the same frequency range. The modern designs of baby monitors have now shifted to 2.4 gigahertz (GHz), but there can still be interference, as modern cordless phones and Wi-Fi systems use the same frequency range. To be sure your baby monitor is free of interference, consider models with frequency ranges of 1.9Ghz to 2.4 GHz with DECT support.
  • Low-Battery Indicator - Sometimes you could be waiting for a signal on your receiver to know if your little doll is screaming for attention, only to realize the battery has run out. Get a model that alerts you when your battery is running low for timely replacements.
Construction and Design
Parents purchase baby monitors for two main reasons: security and convenience. Unless you’re looking for an advanced setup, a basic baby monitor that offers adequate security levels and convenience is good enough. However, some manufacturers add extra features to make your life easier as your baby enjoys comfort. Here are the critical construction features you may want to look at:
  • Power - A baby monitor uses either batteries or electricity. For some models, the child unit is electrically powered, while the parent unit is battery powered, since you have to walk with it. If you’re concerned about power outages, consider units that run on batteries.
  • Indicators - A good baby monitor should offer a wide range of indicators for convenience. In addition to sound, you should consider brands with vibration alerts, light-up sound detection, out-of-range alerts, low-battery alerts, and find functions in case you misplace your parent unit.
  • Size - Choose a model with a smaller receiver that's easy to carry around. You should also decide if you want a design with a separate parent receiver or one that integrates with devices you already have, such as smartphones.
  • Multiple Receivers/Transmitters - Some models come with multiple receivers. You can choose to leave one in the room and carry one around the house or in the backyard. Other models come with a single receiver, with options to purchase additional receivers as your situation dictates. There are also models that allow you to monitor more than one room using multiple transmitters.
  • Safety Features - A baby monitor with a wall-mountable child unit allows you to safely fix the unit away from the tiny fingers of your toddler. However, be sure to locate a place that’s close enough to your child's bed to pick up tiny sounds. A temperature sensor may be necessary if you want to monitor the room temperature and ensure that your child enjoys peaceful sleep free of too much heat or cold.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best baby monitors are pretty simple to install and operate. Even if you’re half asleep and the lights are out, you should be able to operate a baby monitor.

Setting up any electronic gadget can be a nightmare for some people, but child's play for others. If you’re not technically inclined, the traditional baby video monitors are the easiest to use, since they don’t incorporate Wi-Fi connectivity. Other complex models with Wi-Fi touch panels and extra wireless capabilities are a little complicated to set up and operate, unless you’re tech savvy.

If your cell phone or smartphone has an AV output, you can easily connect your baby monitor to your TV for a wider view. Some models also have options for SD card memory slots for saving your images for later viewing.

Consider brands that have elaborate and functional support systems, and extended warranties that run for at least two years. Most manufacturers offer technical support through their websites, email, customer care teams, help lines, and FAQs to guide users on the various functionalities of the baby monitor.

Get the Best Baby Monitor of 2023!

With you in mind, and the safety of your little one at the forefront, we've looked at five of the best-rated baby monitors available. We've ensured that, no matter what your preference or budget may be, we have a recommendation that could just suit you. However, if you didn’t find a perfect fit among our selections, feel free to consider other alternatives from these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice
Angelcare Movement and Audio Monitor
Best Value
Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor
Snuza Hero SE Movement Monitor
VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor
Willcare Audio Baby Monitor