Best Baby Playpen Reviews 2023

As a parent, you want to keep your baby safe, but also allow them to have the freedom to play and explore. You certainly can’t carry them around all day or keep them safely strapped in their carrier. You need a safe place to keep them both occupied and out of trouble. So, what’s a parent to do? That’s precisely why we have researched a number of playpens and play yards, all from top brand names, and reviewed what we consider to be great products. However, it is important to keep in mind that these reviews only serve as guiding points of what you can expect from these featured brands. These brands also have other great models for you to pick from if the featured ones don’t meet all your requirements.
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Our Top Choice
Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard For Baby
We all know Disney is associated with “magical moments.” Your little one can rest or play in safety in this well-designed play yard.
Cleans up easily in case of accidental spills. Baby rests comfortably with bassinet. Can be packed/moved easily. Organizer keeps baby's necessities within easy reach.
It takes quite some time to put together.
11 x 13 x 31 inches; 29 lbs
Open-view breathable mesh
Play yard for rest or play
Organizer for baby's necessities
Best Value
Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard
Summer Infant is a leader in the baby products industry. Give your baby its own space with this portable 6-sided play yard – an Amazon bestseller with good reasons.
Can be set up/taken down quickly and easily. Canopy helps protect baby from harmful sunrays. Lightweight and compact. Travel bag for easy movement.
Some users think that it’s not spacious enough.
38 x 7 x 7 inches; 12.2 lbs
Lead-free metal frame; airy mesh
Portable inside/outdoor
Travel/storage bag
Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Crib Playard
Guava Family takes your baby’s safety and well-being as seriously as you do. It gives you a safe, thoughtfully designed and versatile crib plus play space for your baby.
Quick set up. Breathable clearview mesh for visibility and breathability. Carry case that also turns into backpack. Soft textured fabrics for comfort. Machine washable.
Some users consider set up a bit complicated.
23.2 x 11.7 x 8.5 inches; 12 lbs
Phthalate/BPA/lead-free material
Portable play yard/travel crib
Mattress and backpack
Delta Children Fun Time 36 x 36 Playard
Delta Children, known and trusted by many for baby play products, delivers a colorful, easy-setup, easy-folding playpen for your baby.
Very colorful. Quite sturdy. Folds into a small compact unit. Easy set up. Storage/travel. High-quality fabric and metal frame.
It’s a bit heavy.
38.5 x 38.5 x 28 inches; 25 lbs
Mesh material; metal frame
Portable, folding play yard
Floor mattress and carrying bag
Graco Pack 'n Play Baby Playard
Graco understands what you need in a baby’s play space. It presents a hassle-free play yard that’s convenient for you, wonderful for your baby and gentle on your purse.
Automatically folding feet make folding easy. Organizer keeps baby’s things handy. Wheels for easy movement. Convenient carrying bag for travel or storage.
The pad on the bottom isn’t very soft. This is because it doubles as the play yard’s case when folded.
40 x 28.5 x 29 inches; 20 lbs
Airy mesh
Play yard, automatic folding feet
Organizer for baby’s things; bag

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What is the Best Baby Playpen?

There are no perfect playpens out there, and that’s because each and every family have different needs and requirements. What works just right for one family might be inadequate for another. When trying to decide which playpen suits your needs best, keep in mind what features are important to you, all while looking at the selection within your price range. You can then decide which play yard will be ideal for your child, keeping them safe and content as you go about your daily routine. Taking these factors into consideration will help you figure out what is “best” for you.
Our Top Choice
Disney is great if you want to give your baby magical moments early in life. Your child can rest or play in a “magical” environment with the MINNIE MOUSE Dotty Sweet Wonder Play Yard. If you prefer a different color from the Garden Delight Minnie, try out the Geo Pooh Sweet Wonder Play Yard from the same brand.

Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard, Garden Delight Minnie With Newborn Bassinet And Deluxe Organizer – Two Color Options

Over the years, Disney has been in the business of helping families connect better by working with the best brands in the infant industry to make products that help create magical moments and make life easier.

The MINNIE MOUSE Dotty Sweet Wonder Play Yard (selling for $109.98) is designed to give your baby a cozy nap and also add style to your baby’s play time. This well-designed playpen comes with these great features:
  • Newborn bassinet – Keeps resting baby comfortable and features breathable mesh
  • Deluxe organizer – Keeps baby's necessities within easy reach
  • Top shelf – Holds a large wipes container
  • Spacious play yard – For rest or play
  • Easy set up with indicators – Ensures play yard is safely locked and ready for use
  • Toy arch – Contains lovely toys
  • Two wheels – For easy mobility
  • Easy-clean changer – Easy to remove and wipe
  • On-the-go carry bag – For a packable play yard
The MINNIE MOUSE Dotty Sweet Wonder Play Yard comes in two different colors for you to choose.
Best Value
Summer Infant has shown its commitment to high-quality and safe baby products over the years. That’s why it's so loved by many parents. Give your baby a safe play space with the Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard. If you can’t find the features you really need in this model, check out the Grow With Me Playard And Changer (also by Summer Infant).

Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard With Travel Bag For Convenient Movement

Summer Infant has become known over the years for its dedication to making highly innovative and safe products that are delightful to babies and provide peace of mind to parents.

The Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard (selling for $79.99) has been crafted and designed with ingenuity, integrity and the safety of your child in mind. It comes with a travel bag (with a shoulder strap) for convenient movement. It also features:
  • Already assembled lightweight folding metal frame – Makes setting up very easy
  • Weather/water-resistant canvas floor – Helps baby stay dry even on wet grass
  • Airy mesh sides – Makes for easy visibility
  • Quick setup – Takes seconds to set up and take down
  • Freestanding/portable design – Makes it easy to use indoors and outdoors
Guava Family is one brand you can buy from if you want to buy from people who only sell baby products that are good enough for their own kids. Give your baby a safe rest/play space everywhere you go with the Lotus Everywhere Crib. If you want some extras, like a bassinet, we recommend the Lotus Bassinet Kit and Crib Bundle.

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard With Convertible Backpack

Guava Family is a family-oriented and dedicated company that is concerned with safety, elegance and high quality. Its workers believe that if a product is not safe enough for their own children, then it’s not good enough for any other child.

The Lotus Everywhere Crib (selling for $189.95 -- Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) follows in the Guava Family tradition of quality, elegance and safety. It’s portable and comes with a zippered side door that makes opening it and reaching the baby easy. This high quality crib also features:
  • 15-second set up
  • Breathable clearview mesh – This encourages airflow and allows you to view your child without obstruction
  • Carry case that also turns into a backpack – Makes it easy to carry your baby and other things without stress
  • Soft textured fabrics – This ensures that baby sleeps comfortably
  • Machine washable – Makes it easy to keep clean in case of drool, spit-up and other mess
Delta Children has earned the trust of many families over the years. That’s because this brand delivers high quality products. Give your baby its own play space with the Fun Time 36 x 36 Playard. If you prefer a different style or color, check out the Square 36 by 36 Playard (also by Delta Children).

Delta Children Fun Time 36" x 36" Play Yard With Storage/Travel Bag

Delta Children is a name that is trusted by millions of families when it comes to baby play products. It makes high quality products that are safe for babies to play, explore and rest.

With the Fun Time 36 x 36 Playard (selling for $89.99 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) your child can now play anytime and anywhere within your clear view, thanks to the mesh sides. Your baby will also find it attractive because it comes in beautiful bright colors.

This baby playpen features:
  • Easy set up – Get it ready in seconds
  • Compact fold – Makes it easy to move when storing away or traveling
  • Storage/travel bag – Makes it easy to move anywhere with ease
  • High-quality fabric – Expect it to serve you for a long time
  • High-quality metal frame –This ensures a sturdy and safe setup
  • Mattress – Your baby can sleep comfortably
Graco has over half a century of experience in making children's products. Enjoy the benefit of that experience and give your child a great play space (while making things easier for yourself) with the Pack 'n Play® Playard. If you want even more features (and don’t mind spending a little more), check out the Stratus Pack 'n Play® Playard.

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard With Automatic Folding Feet – Two Color Options

Graco has been around for over 50 years and is committed to manufacturing top-quality kids' products. You just have to experience a product with the Graco name on it to understand what we mean.

The Pack 'n Play® Playard (selling for $49.99 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is designed for baby’s total comfort and your convenience. With its all-side airy mesh, your baby is sure to have good ventilation and a comfortable play time. It comes with other useful features:
  • Automatically folding feet –This makes closing hassle-free
  • Compact fold – Makes it easy to store or travel with
  • Organizer – Baby’s essentials are kept handy
  • Wheels – For convenient movement
  • Convenient carrying bag – For travel or storage

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Playpen?

A newborn baby needs a safe place to sleep, play, interact with others, and watch the world around them. These many activities typically require a great deal of space and childcare necessities, such as a changing station, baby blankets, a crib, baby bibs, and infant bottles, to name but a few. To new parents, their child’s needs seem inexhaustible and the list of things to buy seem never-ending. Yet, experienced parents are aware that they can buy versatile, multifunctional baby accessories instead.

One of these such useful products is a playpen. Since some parents may not be able to afford or have the space for a baby bouncer, activity center, playhouse, crib, baby rocker and other accessories that help keep a baby comfortable and entertained, a modern playpen can be a handy, multifunctional solution. It provides a versatile area where you can put a baby for a nap, playtime, or use it to keep a child safe while a caregiver does some chores or takes a break.

As with all children’s products, it is important to ensure that their new playpen poses no safety issues. Parents, it’s a good idea to read through safety guidelines for playpens you’re interested in purchasing. Although most brands adhere to strict safety standards and normally carry a safety tested seal, it’s still a good idea to look over the structure and test it out. By reading up on what hazards to look out for, parents can readily spot potential playpen problems thus avoiding dangerous situations.
Playpens come in varying sizes, shapes, designs and with different features. As you would imagine, all of these factors affect its price. When considering your play yard budget, bear in mind that your feature and design preference have a large role in determining which model you’ll choose and, in the end, what price you’ll pay. You should expect a price range of around $50 to $200, but be ready to pay a bit higher if you are looking for a high-end quality playpen.

During our research, we found some less expensive playpens. However, they are not featured in this review as they are not good quality and wouldn't last long. Additionally, some of them did not have safety certifications, and we want you to have only the best quality for your little one. We are confident that any product/brand that you select based on this review would afford you good value for your money.
When looking for a playpen for your baby, it’s imperative to understand which ones are more suitable for an infant as opposed to a toddler. There are features that are important to look out for as you go shopping, so you can get the perfect one for your household. Some of these features include:
  • Design - This determines its size, how functional it would be, and how long it would last
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance - Ensures that it’s easy to use and clean
  • Size - This determines the weight of the baby it can be used for and for how long
  • Weight - This helps to keep it steady and determines how safe it would be for your baby
  • Material it's made of - This affects the quality and durability
  • Safety features – These are the most important factors to look out for
  • Versatility – Check whether it is multifunctional and can grow with your baby
  • Portability and ease of storage - Check the ease of mobility and storage
  • Ease of Installation – Ensure that it’s easy to set up and dismantle
  • Extra Features – Find out the extras that come with it
Construction and Design
Playpens are designed in different styles and have various features. A model that works for a newborn may not be appropriate for an older baby or toddler. Depending on your budget, you may want to look out for those brands that come with multiple features which make them multipurpose. Some of these features include a bassinet for newborns (suitable from birth till about 15 pounds), a changing station, a diaper holder, and a storage section for wipes and other baby products. When your baby outgrows the bassinet, you can detach it and use the main layer of the playpen (according to safety guidelines it is unsafe to add extra mattress padding). If the foam is too thin and uncomfortable for your baby, you may want to place them elsewhere at night to sleep and keep the playpen for short naps.

The changing station and storage pouch may be detached when they are no longer needed, but are very useful for the first six months of infancy.

When selecting a playpen that has so many wonderful features, make sure they meet the necessary safety requirements. Many baby products are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association and have the seal to show that they have been tested for safety. There are also other authorized bodies that certify baby products as safe. Find out who they are in your area to ensure that those products have the safety seal.

Playpens with wheels are also a good option because they help you move your baby to wherever you are, making it easier for you to keep an eye on them while doing chores. You may also want to look out for extra features like a canopy that would shield your baby from sunlight allowing you to take your baby to activities outdoors. This canopy would also serve as an additional barrier against sound and distracting movements, helping your baby calm down when it is time to rest.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good playpen should be stable and sturdy so as not to tilt or flip over when your baby moves. This is particularly important for children that shift and move around a lot, or toddlers who attempt to climb out. However, it should not be so heavy as to make it cumbersome in case you need to travel with it or take it on an overnighter to grandma’s place.

The time it takes to assemble and disassemble the playpen should be another factor to consider. The last thing you want is a playpen that takes hours to set up and fold down, especially if you are always on the move and would want to double it as a travel cot. Wooden playpens are more difficult to assemble than the foldable material ones. Even though you can certainly move them around or travel with them, they are not ideal if you’re looking for something you can easily fold up and store. So, all in all, playpens made of fabrics that have structural metal supports are usually the best option for parents. They ensure a straightforward setup, simple dismantling, and are also portable and easy to store. Hands down, that is truly a winning combination for already exhausted parents. For families who are frequently on the go or who often need to take their babies with them, these portable, foldable play yards can be a real lifesaver.

Playpens with detachable parts are easy to clean and maintain because, no matter what you drop or spill on it, all you need to do is detach the affected part and clean it according to the manual.

Playpens with clear, breathable mesh provide ample ventilation for the baby while giving the parent or caregiver a clear view of the child. Most playpens have safety zippers that act as an added safety barrier which ensures the child doesn't roll or crawl out. These zippers also help keep other children, such as siblings, from removing the baby from the play yard. Lastly, before purchasing any playpen, parents should spend some time thoroughly testing its safety features to guarantee that it is a safe product for their child.

Get the Best Baby Playpen of 2023!

We hope we have provided some valuable information to help you choose which playpen would be perfect for your baby. Maintain your peace of mind knowing that your infant can rest, play, or interact with you, all from the safety of their new playpen as you attend to other matters. Get your play yard now and keep your bundle of joy safe and happy.

Our Top Choice
Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard For Baby
Best Value
Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard
Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Crib Playard
Delta Children Fun Time 36 x 36 Playard
Graco Pack 'n Play Baby Playard