Best Baby Scale Reviews 2022

Parenting can be challenging especially when it comes to ensuring that your child is on the right track in terms of growth and development. Portable baby scales come in handy to help you monitor your child’s weight gain (or loss) from the comfort of your home. We have taken the liberty of combing through countless products and finally picked some of the best baby scale brands available in the market today with five top notch appliances that come from these brands.
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Max. Weight
Our Top Choice
Health o meter Grow with Me Baby Scale
Health o meter has for close to a decade provided the health care industry with innovative and quality medical scales.
High level of accuracy with weight increments of 0.5 lbs. Hold feature that allows you to capture the weight of an active child. Large LCD display allowing you to easily take your readings.
The cost effective baby scale does not come with batteries but you can purchase them separately. .
60 lbs
1.2 Inch LCD display
12.6 x 9.1 x 23 inches ; 8 pounds
± 0.5 pounds
Comes with growth chart book
Best Value
Salter Taylor Baby Toddler Scale
Salter is well known for providing quality domestic weighing scales since the early 19th century.
Has a tare function that deducts the weight of wet diapers and clothing. Comes with a large 1.2 inch LCD display that has a blue back light.
Would be more accurate with weight increments of 0.25 lbs rather than the current 0.5 lbs.
45 lbs
1.2 Inch LCD display
23.8 x 13.9 x 10 inches; 19.9 lbs
± 0.5 pounds
Convertible to toddler scales
My Weigh Ultra Baby Scale
My Weigh is a well known manufacturer of high quality and reputable weighing scales, boasting an experience that spans over many years.
Has a detachable display that allows you to easily see your readings. Displayed measurements in 4 weighing modes namely kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces
Comes with an additional cost of buying 6 batteries in order to operate it.
55 lbs
Blue backlight LCD Display
8 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches ; 7.5 pounds
Not specified
4 weighing modes
HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby/Pet Scale
HOMEIMAGE has touched the lives of many families since 2007 through their quality products.
Comes with a hold function that helps you capture the weight of a moving child. Has weight increments of 0.5 lbs which increases the accuracy of your measurements.
Doesn’t work well when placed on a carpet.
44 lbs
LCD Display
21 x 13 x 2 inches ; 4 pounds
± 0.5 pounds
4 weighing modes
Ozeri All-In-One Baby and Toddler Scale
Ozeri is a reputable manufacturer of efficient and quality products to suit your modern lifestyle.
Comes with a built-in memory that stores up to 8 infant profiles with an auto recognition feature for each. High levels of accuracy with weight increment readings of 0.1 lbs.
Isolated cases of inaccurate height measurements.
55 lbs
LCD Display
 24 x 14 x 3.8 inches ; 5.8 pounds
± 0.1 ounces
Takes height measurements too

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What is the Best Baby Scale?

Now you know what to look for in a baby scale, like looking for the accuracy of measurements and baby-friendly features, you should be ready to hit the market and choose your favorite one! This review offers you additional and helpful pointers to assist you make an informed decision when picking an ideal baby scale for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Health o meter Baby Scale easily converts from an infant tray scale into an attractive teddy-bear shaped foot platform for your toddler. Prefer a traditional home scale with an easy to read pointer? Then check out the Health o meter Professional Home Health Baby Scale instead!

Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale with Growth Chart Book

Health o meter revolutionary scales have raked in high ratings on review sites due to the brand’s commitment to nothing but top notch measuring scales. Health o meter is mad about all things health. They not only manufacture scales, but weight tracking products and they have a whole line of nuyu fitness and sleep trackers too!

The Health o meter Grow with Me Baby Scale is a unique weighing scale that easily accommodates your child’s growth by converting from an infant tray scale into a child friendly teddy-bear shaped foot platform. With this innovative scale you will keep up with your child’s rapid growth by getting accurate readings. This scale comes with a chart book that allows you to record as well as monitor your child’s growth by comparing the measurements to standard national averages at each stage of development.

By purchasing this one-of-a-kind product, you will get to enjoy the following features:
  • The scale has a high accuracy of measurements through 0.5lb weight increments that go up to 60lbs
  • Has a hold feature that allows you to capture the weight readings even for an active child
  • The baby scale has a zero feature that allows you to deduct the weight of a wet diaper or even clothing
  • Its large 1.2 inch LCD screen allows you to easily take your readings
  • Comes with a 10 year limited warranty
Best Value
The Salter Taylor Baby Toddler Scale with a capacity of 45 pounds can easily be converted into a toddler scale to accommodate your growing child Are you more comfortable with a scale with a larger display of up to 7.5 inches and a mechanical dial? Then we believe the Salter Professional Mechanical Dial Scale would be a perfect fit.

Salter Taylor Convertible Baby & Toddler Bathroom Scale

Due to the high level of accuracy needed when taking measurements, Salter has managed to create a name for itself through quality and reliable scales. Their goal is to assist you to monitor and keep track of your child’s growth which is vital when parenting. Salter not only produce high-quality baby scales, but they also venture into the kitchen, manufacturing juicers, knives and cookware. That’s not all, they also have an entire section dedicated to Heston Blumenthal Precision products.

The Salter Taylor Convertible Baby & Toddler Scale comes with a removable tray that allows you to easily convert it into a toddler weighing scale as your child develops. With a capacity of up to 45lbs, this baby scale is designed to give you precise measurements of your child’s weight, measured in 0.5lb weight increments.

Here are some excellent features that are sure to give you value for your money:
  • An ergonomic plastic tray that is child friendly and ensures comfort for your baby during weighing
  • Its capacity of 45lbs can accommodate both babies and toddlers
  • Has a HOLD feature that allows you to take measurements in cases where your child is moving around
  • Comes with a zero feature that allows exclusion of the weight of diapers and any clothing
  • Has a large LCD screen that clear displays the readings taken
  • This baby scale comes with a 5 year limited warranty
The My WeighUltra Baby Scale is easily converted into a parcel/shipping scale which gives you value for money. Alternatively, if you prefer a cheaper baby scale with an impressive capacity of 55lbs then have a look at the My Weigh Ultrababy Scale. You will love it!

My Weigh Ultrascale Digital Baby Scale with Power Supply Adapter

My Weigh’s goal is to contribute to the overall pediatric health industry by ensuring that their products are not only innovative but also accurate and precise. My Weigh products are preferred by many customers due to their reputation of producing some of the best baby scales in the market.

The My Way Ultra Baby Scale is one of the best baby scales available in the market. It’s easy conversion from a baby scale to a shipping scale ensures you get the best bang for your buck. Its detachable display feature allows you take readings even when your child’s blanket is hanging in front of the tray. One of the key features of this baby scale is that it can be programmed allowing you to take your measurements in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces.

Listed here are some features that come with this sort after product:
  • Has a programmable automatic on/off feature
  • The display has an LCD screen that has a blue back light allowing you to take your readings easily
  • Comes with an AC power adapter
  • Has a large capacity of up to 55lbs
    The HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby/Pet Scale Boasts a large capacity of 44 lbs that comfortably accommodates both infants and toddlers. Alternatively, if you want a scale with the same weight capacity but a more ergonomic, comfortable design, try the HOMEIMAGE 2 in 1 Baby and Pet Scale.

    HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby/Pet Scale up to 44lb with Hold Function

    HOMEIMAGE’s easy to use and versatile products are sort after by many consumers. The company has consistently provided customers with quality and durable products to suit their everyday needs. Their products range from scales and wine aerators to air purifiers and humidifiers!

    The HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby Scale comes with a large capacity of 44 lbs that can accommodate both infants and toddlers. The hold and tare functions make measuring your child’s weight easy. You will find your child attracted to the scale due to its sleek design.

    Here are more features that you can look forward to:
    • Its made of plastic making it light and durable
    • Allows you to take your measurements in kilograms, grams, ounces or pounds
    • Has a large LCD display
    • Contains an auto off feature with an overload protective system
    • Weight is measured in 0.5 weight increments for accuracy
    The Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale is a baby scale that combines both weight and height measuring technology, with a capacity up to 55lbs. Prefer a scale that calculates weight and body mass as well as hydration levels? Take a look at the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale.

    Ozeri All-in-One Baby Toddler Scale with Weight and Height Change Detection

    Ozeri began by providing products for vacation condos, resorts and hotels across the globe. Their products, whether it’s bathroom scales or kitchenware, are manufactured to the highest quality to match the 5 star residences they’ll be used in. After achieving great success with this venture, Ozeri decided to branch out into the world of consumers and with their vast experience in modern lifestyle products, Ozeri is sort after by consumers keen on getting quality and reliable products. Their baby scales come with numerous features aimed at ensuring you keep up with your child’s growth and development.

    The Ozeri All-In-One Baby and Toddler Scale is a scale that combines weight and height measuring technology. It comes with a built-in memory that stores up to 8 infant profiles with an auto recognition feature for each. The Ozeri All-in-One Baby Scale allows for high levels of accuracy since it weighs to within 0.1 ounces, up to 55lbs.

    Let’s take a look at some features that come with this product:
    • Comes with a built-in memory allowing to store up to 8 infant profiles
    • Has a sliding measuring board to capture a baby’s height
    • A unit button which conveniently alternates between weight and height measurements
    • Comes with a bonus head circumference measuring tape
    • Has a large built in memory that can store up to15 records for a particular infant making it easy to monitor the child’s growth
    • A hold button is present that allows capturing of weight and height readings even of a moving infant
    • Has a tare button that automatically deducts the weight of wet diapers and any clothing
    • Comes with approved age and gender specific growth charts to monitor the infants’ growth

    How Do I Choose the Best Baby Scale?

    Is my child growing and developing well? Every parent constantly worries whether their little one is on the right track in terms of weight and height. Before you receive your bundle of joy wrapped in an angelic baby blanket, a weigh-in has to be done and recorded to ensure everything is in order. Question is: Do I have to visit the clinic every month to weigh my little one? You will be glad to know that you can monitor your child’s growth right from the comfort of your home.

    In recent years, baby scales have become popular among parents who want to actively monitor how their baby is growing. Most baby scales are electronic and come with easy to read LCD displays that allow you to record weigh-ins against your chart book. Just like trying to get a baby to stay still in their car seat or not to splash water in their bathtub, taking a child’s weight can be frustrating. It’s for this reason that the best baby scales have a hold function that captures your baby’s weight even when the child is moving.

    Let’s take a look at some features you need to consider before you add that baby scale to your shopping cart.
    Baby scales are fairly priced considering the critical role they play in monitoring your child’s growth. With between $20 and $70, you are sure to get a quality and precise baby scale. Various factors come into play when it comes into pricing of baby scales. You will pay some extra bucks for those with a larger capacity, say 55 lbs or more, compared to the usual capacity, which is around 44 lbs. The market has cheap baby scales that will still give you accurate measurements and allow you to take your readings on a large LCD display, but it is recommended that you don’t go for the really cheap ones as they might not come with those important features you might be looking for.

    Since parenting can be an expensive affair, you can opt to go for a scale that easily converts from an infant tray scale to a toddler platform. It will save you the hustle of going back to the shop to accommodate the ever-growing weight and height of your child.
    So exactly what should you look out for when purchasing a baby scale? Here are some features we thought important for you to consider:
    • Capacity – Most of the baby scales can accommodate weights of up to 44lbs but you will find a few that have a capacity of 55 lbs.
    • Weighing modes – Do you always get confused by different measuring modes such as kilograms, grams, ounces, pounds? Then you will be glad to know that there are scales that easily allow you to convert into mode you are most familiar with.
    • Material - Plastic trays are the most common due to their durability as well as comfort when weighing your child.
    • Weight increments– Accuracy of a baby scale depends on the weight increment where those that allow 0.5 lbs or 0.25 lbs being most accurate.
    • Display– After the weight is taken, where is it displayed? Go for a baby scale that clearly displays readings on a LCD screen that is big enough for you read without straining.
    Construction and Design
    Most baby scale brands have incorporated similar features in their individual products. A majority of baby scales have a large capacity of 44 lbs or better yet an increased capacity of 55lbs which comfortably accommodates children in their infancy as well as toddlers. The baby scales have flat bottoms which allow them to be placed on any level surface.

    You will find baby scales with a sleek plastic design while some have a fancy teddy-bear shape that will for sure attract your child’s attention. Since keeping records is vital in monitoring your child’s growth, you will find baby scales that come with chart books or better still a built-in memory that stores several infant profiles.

    The most common display size is 1.2 inches but you will find some over-sized displays of even 7.5 inches. The screens on these displays are usually LCD with a blue backlight.
    Performance and Ease of Use
    A key feature that affects the performance of a baby scale is the various functions that come into play when weighing your child. For most baby scales, there is a hold function that you press and automatically captures the weight even for an active child. Pressing the tare function or in some scales referred to as the zero function, deducts the weight of diapers and clothing leading to more accurate readings.

    For infants, the baby scale should come with an easy to clean sleek tray that allows your child to lie comfortably as their weight is read. You can easily detach this tray to convert it to a platform to accommodate toddlers. The baby scale should allow you to switch from one weighing mode to the other. Baby scales are easy to install and require you to just set your preferred weighing mode and are usually easily assembled but may require you to insert batteries for them to operate.

    Get the Best Baby Scale of 2022!

    We hope that this review has helped shed some light and possibly influenced your choice of the best baby scale you will purchase the next time you are shopping for baby items. Not convinced yet? There are numerous baby scales by these reputable brands that will not disappoint you. Check them out!

    Our Top Choice
    Health o meter Grow with Me Baby Scale
    Best Value
    Salter Taylor Baby Toddler Scale
    My Weigh Ultra Baby Scale
    HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby/Pet Scale
    Ozeri All-In-One Baby and Toddler Scale