Best Baby Snowsuit Reviews 2020

With winter just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about how to keep your little munchkin toasty warm. Well, nothing does it better than a baby snowsuit! This essential piece of winter clothing covers your baby from head to ankle, some even to the toes, and allows them to brave the brisk weather just like you do. They come in several different exterior and interior (insulation) materials, and offer a myriad of design features. So, which one should you get? We checked out several options to bring you the lowdown on the 5 best baby snowsuits brands. Be sure to check out our best baby snow boot reviews afterwards to get the best baby foot gear!
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Our Top Choice
Columbia Frosty Freeze Bunting
The Columbia Sportswear Company founded over 79 years ago is possibly the biggest All-American manufacturer of sportswear, outerwear, and ski apparel.
Made from 100% polyester. Insulated with faux-down material. Can be ordered in eight different sizes and a wide assortment of ten colors. Water-resistant and machine-washable.
Material is a bit slippery, making it challenging for squirmy babies.
Undetachable hood; zipper
10 colors
0-3 months to 18-24 months
Polyester / faux down
Water and stain-resistant
Best Value
iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition Puffer Winter Snowsuit
iXtreme is a premier manufacturer of kids’ snow apparel and boasts an expansive portfolio including snowsuits and coveralls.
Made from 100% polyester. Embedded with polyester insulation. Available in multiple sizes between 6 and 24 months. Five color options. Machine washable, waterproof, and windproof.
Warm lining does not go all the way up the full sleeves.
Elastic-fitted hood; zipper
5 colors
6 months to 24 months
Water and wind-resistant
Carhartt Camo Snowsuit
Carhartt dates back to sewing coveralls on two sewing machines in 1889. Today, it's esteemed manufacturer of specialty gear.
Made from 100% polyester. Unique split leg construction. Diagonal full zip for easy on/off. Water and windresistant. Quilted taffeta lining for superior warmth
Does not come with a cover for the feet holes.
Rib cuffs; diagonal zipper
6 months to 24 months
Polyester / quilted taffeta lining
Water and wind resistant
Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece Snowsuit
Pink Platinum is renowned for designing and manufacturing a wide range of child-centric products including snow gear and backpacks.
Made from 100-percent comfortable polyester. Generous insulation, complete with an asymmetrical zip closure. Water and wind-resistant. Machine washable.
May be a little larger than anticipated
Asymmetrical zip closure
3 colors
3 months to 24 months
Polyester / polar fleece lining
Water and wind resistant
Wippette Baby Girls' Quilted Solid Pram
WIPPETTE was founded a few years ago and has quickly become a favorite for both women and kids owing to its vast range quilts and outerwear.
Quilted design. Made entirely from polyester. Fleece-lined interior. Fitted with a hood, reversible feet, and mittens.
May be a bit thinner than expected.
Convertible feet and mittens
3 colors
3 months to 18 months
Polyester / fleece lining
Attached hood

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What is the Best Baby Snowsuit?

The most important aspect to consider before you shop is your baby’s size. You want to buy a baby snowsuit that isn’t too tight yet offers a snugly fit. It’s also a good idea to determine the weather conditions in your area or where you will be using the baby snow gear in order to get the best level of winter protection. You’ll need a much thicker baby snow bunting in Alaska than in Louisiana. Now that you’ve read our baby snowsuit buying guide, you should have a good idea of which bunting snowsuit is best for your baby. Let’s get right to our top 5 options!
Our Top Choice
The Columbia Baby Boys' Frosty Freeze Bunting is available in a myriad of sizes and colors designed for boys. However, if you have a little girl who you would like to bundle up in chilly weather, the Columbia Baby Girls' Snuggly Bunny Bunting makes a great choice.

Columbia Baby Boys' Frosty Freeze Bunting with Faux Insulation - Available in Multiple Sizes and 10 Colors

The Columbia Sportswear Company truly needs no introduction, but, quite briefly, is one of the leading names in the outerwear and sportswear space. Headquartered in Cedar Mills, Oregon and founded in 1938, this All-American Company is the largest seller of ski apparel in the USA and produces a wide range of camping equipment and footwear.

The Columbia Frosty Freeze snowsuit is designed for boys and can be ordered in eight different sizes, ranging from 0-3 months to 18-24 months, and ten enticing colors and designs, including marine blue critters and peninsula critter blocks. Further, it is water-resistant and made from 100-percent polyester. This suit also provides superior warmth thanks to its rich fleece lining and faux-down insulation, sealed with a zippered closure. With regards to maintenance, it is washing machine friendly, so simply throw it in with your regular load and it’ll be as good as new!
Best Value
The iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition Puffer Winter Snowsuit features a high quality, eye-catching design and top-notch build quality. If you’d like to suit up your little girl for brisk weather, the iXtreme Little Girls' Snowmobile One Piece Winter Snowsuit is worth a look. This playful suit is available in several sizes, and features gator closures at the leg openings.

iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition Puffer Winter Snowsuit – Available in Multiple Sizes and 5 Colors

iXtreme is a reputable designer and manufacturer of child snowsuits and winter gear. Their product lineup includes snowsuits, buntings, boys’ jackets and even rash guards.

The iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition is a long-sleeve snowsuit that’s built strong, with 100-percent polyester and unparalleled insulation. Furthermore, its full zipper closure makes it easy to put on and take off, while the hood features integrated elastic for a comfortable fit. It is water and wind resistant, machine washable, and available in a range of sizes (6-24 months) and colors, including navy and navy camo.
The Carhartt Baby Girls' Camo Snowsuit is made from high-quality fabric and designed to keep little girls aged 6-24 months warm. If you’d like the same qualities in a snowsuit for boys, the Carhartt Baby Boys' Camo Snowsuit is an ideal choice. It features a gusseted crotch to prevent ride up, as well as split leg construction to easily put it on and take off.

Carhartt Baby Girls' Camo Snowsuit, 100% Machine Washable Polyester – Available in Multiple Sizes

Carhartt, established in 1889, is a globally recognized American manufacturer of a diverse range of apparel including jackets, coats, footwear, headwear, wallets, bags, pet gear, and even flame-resistant accessories.

The Carhartt Baby Girls' Camo snowsuit offers superior comfort and mobility thanks to its gusseted crotch design. Crafted from 100-percent polyester and featuring triple-stitched seams, this suit boasts top-notch durability. Its split-leg construction and diagonal full-zip allows you to easily put the snowsuit on and take it off, even in car or bike seats. The interior is integrated with quilted taffeta lining combined with discreet rib-cuffs for unmatched warmth.

Available in several different sizes from 6 to 24 months, The Carhartt Baby Girls' Camo snowsuit is both water and wind-resistant and can be washed in your washing machine for easy cleanup.
The Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece Snowsuit is made from high-quality polyester and available in four colors — berry, plum, charcoal, and pink snowflakes. Looking for the same stellar quality baby snowsuit with a playful cheetah print instead? The Pink Platinum Girls' Quilted Cheetah Print Snowsuit is an enticing option, featuring an adjustable bib and three size options.

Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece Snowsuit –Available in Multiple Sizes and 4 Colors

When it comes to kid-friendly products, Pink Platinum won’t disappoint for several good reasons. They offer an intriguing lineup of products, including kids’ backpacks and a range of snow gear.

The Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece Snowsuit can be ordered in five different sizes and four vibrant colors — berry, plum, charcoal, and pink snowflake. It is made from insulated soft polyester with an asymmetrical zip closure for easy dressing and undressing. The suit is both water and windproof and can be cleaned easily in your washing machine.
The Wippette Baby Girls' Quilted Solid Pram snowsuit is exclusively designed for little girls between 3 and 18 months. For the boys’ version of this snowsuit, check out the Wippette Boys' Quilted Solid Pram Snowsuit – available in several sizes and three colors: charcoal, navy, and red.

Wippette Baby Girls' Quilted Solid Pram, Polyester with Reversible Feet and Mittens - Available in Multiple Sizes and 3 Colors

WIPPETTE is a market leader when it comes to high-quality women’s and kids’ products. The company’s product portfolio has grown exponentially ever since its inception and includes parkas, faux shearing, outerwear, and novelty products.

The WIPPETTE Girls’ baby snowsuit is 100-percent polyester, available in several sizes, and comes in three impressive colors — berry, seafoam, and charcoal. Appointed with a hood, reversible feet, and mittens for ultimate warmth, this snowsuit also features fleece-lined insulation. This snowsuit is cozy, cute, and easy-to-clean in the washing machine.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Snowsuit?

Just like buying most baby stuff, be it a baby crib, baby stroller, or even baby feeding flatware, you want the best baby snowsuit for your infant. Buying the perfect one can be a tricky affair, and a complicated one at that, because there are several aspects that come into play, including weather conditions and material. A snowsuit is an essential addition to your baby’s arsenal, even if you live in the warmest climates, because you never know when you’ll be visiting your Uncle Mike in chilly Caribou, Maine. Read on to learn what to consider when choosing the best snowsuit so your baby stays warm all winter long!
Baby snowsuits are available across a gamut of price points, and depend mostly on the material used, level of protection, and, of course, the brand. We highly recommend that you avoid buying the cheap baby snowsuits. You want to make sure your baby’s snowsuit is well-insulated and made from top-quality materials.

Paying top dollar and buying a baby snowsuit from a reputable source offers unparalleled protection. Some key features such as rib cuffs may also spike up the price, but are well-justified expenditures if you live in an area prone to harsh winters.

To give you a rough idea, prices can range from anywhere between $20 to upwards of $80 for a warm and cozy snowsuit. You’ll feel good too, knowing that you’ve made the right investment!
Baby snowsuits offer a variety of thickness and insulation capabilities, but thicker insulation is not always the best bunting for your child. Insulation that’s too thick in mild winter temperatures can put your child at a risk of overheating.

That said, here are a few factors to consider when shopping:
  • Size – Very important and the less guesswork, the better fit your child will enjoy.
  • One-Piece or Two-Piece – This is a matter of personal preference. One-piece baby snowsuits may be easier to put on smaller infants or squirmy kids.
  • Closure – Common options for fastening snowsuits are via zipper, snaps, or Velcro.
  • Material – Baby snowsuits can be made from just about any material, but the most common ones are polyester and nylon.
  • Insulation – This extra layer is generally a fleece or down interior.
  • Water rRsistant – Most high-quality baby snowsuits can repel water and dry quickly.
  • Stain Resistant – Stains can easily be removed from certain materials without damaging the snowsuit.
  • Care – Most baby snowsuits are synthetic and machine washable.
  • Brand – Always a good practice to buy from trustworthy brands when shopping for your baby.
  • Warranty – Some manufacturers offer warranties that cover factory defects.
Construction and Design
Baby snowsuits are designed for the sole purpose of keeping your child warm, so the material used for the exterior and interior lining matter. Some baby snow gear may offer the best insulation, but you also want your child to enjoy a comfortable fit. A baby snowsuit with thick insulation is preferable if you’re going to be out for a long time in brisk weather conditions, whereas a thin baby coat should be fine when you are doing some quick errands.

The next important aspect to consider is how the respective baby snowsuit is secured. This retains warmth and determines how easy it is to take on and off. For example, some baby buntings are appointed with a diagonal zip. Remember that you will most likely be wearing winter gloves, so the fastening mechanism you choose should be easy to operate with them on.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most manufacturers and experts say that baby snowsuits aren’t compatible with infant car seats because their puffy stance can leave the harness too loose. For this reason, it is best to remove the baby snowsuit before placing your child in a car seat. If you’ve bought one that’s easy to take on and off, this really should leave no reason to bicker.

Regarding maintenance, most, if not all, baby snowsuits can be simply washed in your washing machine without affecting its longevity. To get the best performance from your baby snowsuit, it’s a good idea to add an additional layer of clothing under it. You want to create the right amount of warmth without making your baby sweat.

Lastly, since babies grow pretty quickly, much faster than we’d like them to, you might want to consider buying one size bigger than they normally wear so they can keep their suit for more than one winter.

Get the Best Baby Snowsuit of 2020!

We provided you with 5 trusted baby snowsuit options and handy tips for making your best choice. Buying your perfect choice is just a few clicks away!

Our Top Choice
Columbia Frosty Freeze Bunting
Best Value
iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition Puffer Winter Snowsuit
Carhartt Camo Snowsuit
Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece Snowsuit
Wippette Baby Girls' Quilted Solid Pram