Best Baby Stroller Reviews 2023

A stroller is the perfect tool to get you and your little one from point A to point B in comfort AND style. We have several reviews on different types of baby strollers, which include double strollers, jogging strollers, and convertible strollers, so make sure to check those out too! For now, however, we have searched far and wide to find the perfect single strollers for you and your little bundle of joy! We have selected some of the best stroller brands on the market to find you your perfect product. All our brands’ strollers are of the highest quality, so you can rest easy knowing your little one is in safe hands.
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Our Top Choice
Graco Click Connect Baby Stroller
Graco is all about bringing you and your little one products that are not only safe but fun too, evident in their Modes Click Connect Baby Stroller.
Available in 2 colors. 3-in-1 stroller. Reversible. 4 position reclining seat. Removable storage shelves for both parent and baby. 3 position leg rest for comfort. Lockable wheels.
The seat cushion is not washable. Plastic wheels can make for a bumpy ride.
Infant up to 50 lbs.
27.5" x 23.5" x 41" 23.36 lbs.
Car seat, Infant/toddler stroller
Lockable single front swivel wheels
Convertible 3-5 point harness
Best Value
Summer Infant 3D Lite Baby Stroller
Summer Infant is all about making the lives of parents everywhere a little bit easier by creating safe, detailed products that put your mind at rest, evident in their 3D Lite Convenience Baby Stroller.
Available in a variety of colors. Anti-shock and lockable wheels. Lightweight and portable frame. Foldable. Flip out sun visor. Handy storage compartments.
Doesn’t stand when folded.
Infant to toddler
41” x 8.8” x 10” 15.9 lbs.
4 position recline
Lockable, anti-shock wheels
5 point safety harness
Baby Jogger City Select Baby Stroller
Because Baby Jogger was designed by parents for parents, all of their products have incredible eye for detail, evident in their City Select Baby Stroller.
Whole host of accessories available that allow the stroller to grow with your child. Available in different colors. Quick fold technology. Multiple recline positions available. Durable metal frame.
Stroller is heavier than other products we have featured.
Infancy to 45lb
49.6” x 43.1” x 25.6” 29.5 lbs.
Multiple recline positions
swivel /lock + forever-air tires
UV 50+ Sun Canopy
Zoe XL1 Deluxe Baby Stroller
Zoe is a family-run brand with a difference. By focusing on the little things, Zoe make parents’ lives a whole bunch easier, demonstrated perfectly in their XL1 Deluxe Baby Stroller.
Lifetime guarantee on wheels. Lightweight. Accessories included. Available in a variety of colors. One hand fold system. Portable. Sunshade canopy included.
No strap so difficult to carry when folded.
Infant up to 50 lbs.
26” x 18” x 7” 10 lbs.
Standard position & 135° recline
Front swivel and lockable wheels
Quick release 5 point harness
Chicco Capri Baby Stroller
Chicco are the go-to brand when looking for anything related to the wellness of your little bundle of joy due to their passion for your baby’s health and security, evident in Chicco’s Capri Baby Stroller.
Available in different colors. Lightweight. Sun protecting canopy. 2 position reclining seat. Basket for baby/ parent necessities.
Some found the stroller difficult to walk with.
6 months up to 37 lbs.
33.5” x 19” x 39” 11 lbs.
2 position reclining seat
Locking/Swivel wheels/Suspension
5 point harness/Shoulder pads

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What is the Best Baby Stroller?

When it comes to choosing which stroller is the best for you and your baby, it can sometimes get a little confusing, especially with SO many brands and styles available. To make it a bit easier for you, we have selected five of the top brands available in this field. Each is based on reviews and customer feedback, and we’ve selected a product to feature from each to save you hours trawling the web. Now that you are well informed on the features to look out for, let’s jump to our reviews.
Our Top Choice
We loved the intricate detail of Graco’s Click Connect Baby Stroller with its whole host of safety features to make your day to day life that little bit less stressful! If, however, you are after a stroller that is lighter and more practical for regular roads then take a look at Graco’s Click Connect Literider Stroller instead; it’s cheaper too!

Graco Modes Click Connect Baby Stroller - Available in 2 Colors

Graco is widely known as one of the most trustworthy brands in their field with a strong commitment to not only quality but safety and comfort too. Their innovative products such as the Swyngomatic and the 4Ever car seat are the type of safety-conscious products that really matter to parents all over the world. With over half a century of experience under their belts, Graco has demonstrated a serious commitment to the manufacturing of top-quality products that make the lives of parents that bit simpler.

We chose to feature Graco’s Modes Click Connect Stroller due to the brand’s overall popularity as well as the products’ variety of options and impressive ratings online at Amazon. With 3 strollers in one, this seat offers 10 riding options from infant to toddler and is even a handy car seat carrier too! The reversible stroller seat in this product allows your baby to face you when you are out and about with a 3 position leg rest, while the 4 position reclining seat can also lie flat into an infant carriage if your little one fancies a nap.

This stroller also accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, securing with an easy one-step attachment. The wheels of this stroller include lockable front-swivel technology for easy maneuverability as well as one-handed standing fold for security and safety. Your little one even gets their own space with this stroller, with a removable pivoting child’s tray that’s perfect for food and drink as well as doodling! Mums and dads even get their own special department too with a parent’s storage tray with cup holders, perfect for phones, morning coffee and shopping lists.
Best Value
We loved the intricate eye for detail in Summer Infant’s 3D Lite Baby Stroller with its UV prevention technology and handy storage solutions. If, however, you are after a slightly more high-tech stroller then take a look at Summer Infant’s 3D Zyre Convenience Stroller instead!

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Baby Stroller - Available in 6 Colors

Summer Infant’s aim as a brand is to be there for new parents and their little ones every step of the way by providing innovative and safe products that make day-to-day life that little bit easier. Summer Infant also has a strong focus on making sure their products stand the test of time and the kind of wear and tear your little monster creates. By working closely with professionals such as paediatricians, Summer Infant ensures that all their products are not only safe but actually beneficial to your child’s development too.

We wanted to feature Summer Infant’s 3D Lite Convenience Baby Stroller due to its great selection of features and its even greater price! The lightweight aluminium frame of this stroller (12.0 lbs.) makes it incredibly portable and easy to fold, especially with its handy carry strap feature. The large seating area of the stroller also has a 5-point safety harness too, making sure your little one is safe and secure! The front wheels of this product are anti-shock while the rear wheels are lockable too.

The 3D Lite also has a handy storage basket for diapers and feeding bottles as well as a rear storage pocket with cup holder for your essentials and morning coffee. We loved the fact this product also has an adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor that protects your baby’s face and eyes from the harsh sun (99.9%) or wind.

And if your little one fancies an on-the-go nap? This stroller can recline almost flat, allowing your baby to nod off in comfort. With over six different styles to choose from you will be spoilt for choice when selecting your favourite!
We loved the versatility of Baby Jogger’s City Select Baby Stroller with its whole host of features to ensure you and your little one can enjoy a hassle-free day out. If, however, you are after a compact sized mini-stroller then take a look at Baby Jogger’s City Mini Baby Stroller instead.

Baby Jogger City Select Baby Stroller - Available in 6 Colors

What’s unique about the Baby Jogger brand is the fact that all of their strollers are designed by parents themselves and with parents in mind. Baby Jogger has been creating innovative strollers and baby/toddler products since 1984, thinking up clever solutions for everyday problems. They believe that baby products shouldn’t inhibit you from experiencing life with your little one and therefore create products that make it easier for you to get around, offering strollers than can be used on a variety of terrains.

We decided to feature Baby Jogger’s City Select Baby Stroller due to its versatility and whole host of handy features designed with you and your little one in mind. The patented quick fold technology in this stroller allows for easy, one-step folding to save on time and stress! The versatility of this product allows the stroller to become a double with its 16 useful combinations that use second seats, car seat adaptors and more (double conversion kit is sold separately). This is a stroller that really does grow with your child.

With multiple recline positions available too, your little one can take a nap wherever and whenever with a UB 50+ sun canopy to protect them too (it even has a handy peek-a-boo window so you can check on your toddler without the fear of waking them up)! We loved the telescopic handle bar in this product too that adjusts to your height, making it easier for you to get around, and it even has a hand-operated parking break that keeps the strollers controls in easy reach.
We absolutely adored Zoe’s XL1 Deluxe Baby Stroller due to its handy lightweight design that makes travelling a doddle! If you are looking for a travel backpack to go along with this stroller then take a look at Zoe’s XL1 Best Deluxe Stroller Storage Bag, perfect for day trips out or simply popping to the shops!

Zoe XL1 Deluxe Travel And Everyday Baby Stroller - Available in 3 Sizes & 18 Colors

Zoe is not your typical baby product company due to the fact that it is family-owned and run by 6 employees that consist of Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and four kids; this is a brand that has really kept it in the family! Started in 2015, Zoe is very new to the baby stroller industry, but don’t let that fool you! This is a brand that really know what they are doing, with both the dad and grandfather working in the children’s product industry for 60 years between them.

This teamed with mom’s experience in the fashion merchandise industry means Zoe has developed some seriously stylish and intricately detailed products! The aim of the company is to create strollers specifically for on-the-go parents that work well and are affordable too, believing that any type of stroller should have all the important details included without the high price tag.

We wanted to feature Zoe’s XL1 Deluxe Baby Stroller due to its durable aluminium frame and handy lightweight style that makes it perfect for travel. Weighing in at only 10 lbs., this stroller is half the weight of other strollers available on the market and is therefore perfect for when you are out and about or on public transportation.

The XL1 also has an incredibly quick and easy one hand fold system which allows the stroller to become compact enough to fit in overhead storage or in the back of your car. Zoe has also considered your child’s needs within their product with a handy child size cup holder and snack cup so your little one can eat on the go. As well as this, the padded front belly bar makes pushing your child around that little bit more comfortable as well as a parent cup holder for your morning coffee when you haven’t quite woken up yet.

Our favourite feature of this product, however, has to be its HUGE extendable sunshade canopy with a handy peekaboo window so you can check in on your little one without the fear of waking them up. When your child does decide to nod off, you can simply use the stroller’s 135 degree recline seat to make sure they have a comfortable snooze.

This stroller is perfect for any parents on the go—its useful storage pocket is perfect for your phone and keys and its large storage basket is the perfect place to store nappies, bottles and other baby essentials!
We loved all the intricate details in this product that make every day with your little one enjoyable AND safe. If, however, you are after a slightly higher end stroller, then take a look at Chicco’s Bravo LE Baby Stroller. Its stylish frame is perfect for all you yummy mummies out there!

Chico Lightweight Capri Baby Stroller - Available in 2 Colors

Chicco is the largest baby brand in Europe and we can certainly see why. This is a brand that has everything you need to care for your little one: from baby feeding systems to medical supplies, Chicco has it all. For over 50 years Chicco has developed their products with a level of excellence not seen in many other big name brands with a passion that is driven by the wellness of your infant or toddler.

It is for this reason that Chicco is now available in over 120 countries over six continents—they are incredibly popular! With top researchers and scientists working with Chicco to develop the highest quality products to aid infants in eat, sleep and play, we aren’t surprised that Chicco has gained such notoriety in the baby-ware industry!

We decided to feature Chicco’s Capri Baby Stroller due to its simple design and the fact it has received some pretty impressive reviews on Amazon. The lightweight, aluminium build of this stroller means it’s incredibly easy to move around, especially when you are lugging it to and fro on public transport or in the car.

The front wheels of this stroller also have wheel suspension, making even the roughest of terrains a breeze to walk on. The Capri’s compact umbrella style fold is perfect for when your little one fancies a snooze as well as the stroller’s reclining seat with safety harness. With a handy basket to store all your essentials as well as a carry bag and carry strap, Chicco has not only your child’s best interests at heart, but yours too.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Stroller?

Having a baby is often a wonderful and exciting time, however there is a lot of stress that comes with it too! You have to make sure you’re prepared with all the necessary baby items, not to mention baby proofing everything in your home too. One of the largest purchases you’ll have to make is a baby stroller. Your stroller will be used daily and needs to survive whatever terrain you walk across, getting it in and out of the car and weaving it through countless crowds therefore you want to make sure you make the right choice from the get go.

Baby strollers will always have something to blow you away, and one thing has to be how easy they are to use. Taking a lightweight stroller out of your car and carrying it with one hand is quite efficient, especially if you must take your baby from the car seat with the other. It can be even easier if the stroller is a one-step fold design.

Carrying your baby stroller around should be easy as well. Most baby stroller handles double for both folding and carrying. Besides, having a stroller with additional space for carrying your bottle warmer, flatware set, maybe a few toys and other essential items can be a big plus for convenience. After all, taking your child out does not have to compromise the feeding schedule.

Let’s not forget to keep an eye on the wheels too, as these could make the difference between a fun spin and a frustrating crawl all the way. Different strollers come with specialized wheels for efficiency and safety. Anti-shock features on front wheels, as well as locking rear wheels, make some strollers a go-to option when looking for a safe ride. Moreover, a stroller with a lockable front swivel wheel could be a reliable option, too.

You need to check out our selection of the five best baby strollers, but first, you should look at the features that count.
When you consider baby stroller prices, and then factor in the benefits, it is apparent that these products bring a lot of value for your money. Be ready to spend anything between $70 and $500 to get yourself a great stroller that you will be proud of, but you can always dig deeper into your pocket to get a high-end one.

It is also important to note that the price any stroller comes with depends on several factors, like the features and material. If you want a stroller with a protective canopy, anti-shock wheels, and additional storage, then be ready to part with more money. Same applies when going for a stroller made with eco-friendly materials, which will cost you a bit more. And if you decide to go for the brand everyone in the market is looking for, be ready to get top quality, but this comes at a higher cost as well.

Most importantly, don’t be fooled by the many cheap baby strollers in the market. These low-cost offers can be quite enticing, but they are better left alone. Remember, most of these products lack crucial features like reclining seats for comfort, safety straps and storage space. And this means your stroller won’t offer the service you need for your baby’s comfort and safety, as well as convenience on your part.
Any baby stroller’s efficiency comes down to its features. This could make all the difference between a great stroller and a piece of junk that is not worth your money. If you are looking for the real deal, you need to get the features right.

These are some of the features to look out for:
  • Range — Whether you would like to introduce your baby to strollers at an early age or wait until they can handle the adverse outdoor environment, the wide variety of baby strollers will have you covered. Baby strollers are built with customizable features and sturdy frames; it all depends on the one that best suits your baby’s weight or age.
  • Size — Well, when it comes to baby strollers, you can expect each one to come in a different size and weight. The best part is that this diversity offers an important element when it comes to choosing what is best for you. If you are looking for a stroller that you can carry around easily or a large one that will bear virtually any weight, then there will always be something for you.
  • Positions — Another thing to consider is the different recline positions. These can be very handy when you want to ensure ultimate comfort for your baby. The good news is that you can go for whatever fits your needs, as the market has a good number of strollers with this feature.
  • Wheel/Brake — While most baby strollers come with four wheels, some feature three wheels. But what you need to note is the outstanding features the wheels can have. From anti-shock functions to locking functions on the front or rear wheels, the options are endless. The brakes are a big plus too – some are fitted to the handle, while others are activated by your foot.
  • Safety — When it comes to safety, baby strollers offer a vast range of features. From harnesses and locking wheels to safety straps, you can always choose what works best for your needs. Keeping your baby safe comes before everything else.
Construction and Design
The construction, as well as the design, of any stroller is what defines it looks and efficiency. Here are some of the features you should check out.


Strollers come in different sizes, but full-size ones are some of the most popular options. These strollers have impressive features like reclining seats with padding, which are ideal for toddlers. Others have additional features like cup holders, canopies, storage baskets, as well as adjustable handles. Using your stroller can be super easy and fun too.


Another outstanding thing about strollers is the wheel design. Some of the tires are built for all terrain, while others are built for use on certain surfaces. Whether you want to venture off-road or take a stroll down the street, baby strollers have all you need. Besides, you can find several other impressive features in the wheels too, depending on your stroller of choice. Some of them have anti-shock features for a comfortable ride, while others come with locking systems for safety, to mention just a few.


The frames used in most strollers are made for durability, so your firstborn can probably hand it down to her siblings. However, the most exciting thing about most of these frames is the lightweight nature, which makes the handling of your stroller easy and comfortable.


Above all, one thing that strollers excel in is offering the ideal comfort for your baby. With padded seats and reclining positions, you can adjust your stroller to make sure your bundle of joy is getting the best ride possible, without any risk of injury to his back. Besides, with ergonomic design handles, controlling your stroller will always be easy.
Performance and Ease of Use
Performance is among the most important things a baby stroller should offer. If it is not up to standard, then it could be just a waste of money. The best part, however, is that most quality strollers are built to perform, and are great at getting the job done. This comes down to several things that you can read about below.


It is apparent that you will need to bring your stroller with you when taking a bus, train, subway, or any other mode of travel. Things can get tough if you have to lug a bulky stroller when boarding or getting off a bus, while still checking on your baby. Well, designers have this in mind when making these products. Ensure the design is as light as possible for easy portability, and an easy day for you.


Sometimes you will need a stroller that you can use to go shopping, for a brief walk down the street or any other quick trip. These strollers are built for easy use and fast storage or retrieval. Most of them have easily foldable designs for this purpose, and are a great option to grab on your way out and have it set in seconds.


Ensuring the safety of your delicate little one can be quite a feat, and any parent would go to the extreme to achieve it. Luckily, most of these strollers are built with a canopy to block sunlight, wind and other perils from your baby. Besides, the wheels and handles are also made to offer much-needed stability and safety. Others have harnesses and straps that you can easily modify to cater to your safety needs.

Additional Storage

While bringing several things with you on a baby stroll is inevitable, this can be a serious challenge if your stroller does not have enough space. Not to worry, most strollers feature a storage compartment to hold any stuff that you might want to carry with you. Even better, in some strollers, the compartment can be zipped to keep your stuff safe but still within reach.

Get the Best Baby Stroller of 2023!

Hopefully, by now you should have gained a little bit more understanding about what exactly you are after in your new baby stroller. If you aren’t particularly fond of the featured products we have chosen, DON’T PANIC: we have selected our top baby stroller brands based on their wide variety of products, so simply browse through their collection to find the stroller that’s just right for you and your baby. Now, all that’s left to do is choose your favorite and take it out for a test run! (Maybe don’t run with it though…)

Our Top Choice
Graco Click Connect Baby Stroller
Best Value
Summer Infant 3D Lite Baby Stroller
Baby Jogger City Select Baby Stroller
Zoe XL1 Deluxe Baby Stroller
Chicco Capri Baby Stroller