Best Backpack Chair Reviews 2022

One of the worst things about outdoorsy places of sportiness is that the most reasonable thing to sit on pretty much amounts to logs, rocks and conveniently-positioned dead animals, none of which are particularly comfortable. To battle this major inconvenience, get yourself a backpack chair, and sit on top of dead animals like the true king of the jungle that you were always predestined to be! Read through our top 5 reviews to learn more!
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Our Top Choice
Copa Beach & Camping Outdoor Chair Backpack
Espousing such values as constant growth and innovative design, the Copa company is one of the best known manufacturers of beach-related equipment around!
It can recline in 4 different positions; it’s simple and lightweight; it comes with wooden arms and a plush pillow.
The cup holder is small.
Beach Chair
Aluminum, PVC Seat
2 x 22.5 x 28.5”, 8.1 Pounds
250 Pounds
Comes in Four Colors
Best Value
Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Foldable Chair
Simple and lightweight, this Soonyean backpack chair can be a perfect solution for anyone working on a smaller budget.
It comes with a simplified design with some double-layered cloth, and some tough steel tubes strong enough to support your weight and all of your accessories.
The chair itself is rather small.
Multi-Function Chair
Double-layered Oxford Fabric
14.2 x 11.4 x 16.1”; 3.2 Pounds
400 Pounds
Camouflage, Black
Rothco Backpack and Stool Combo Pack
Having started out in a small loft the Rothco company has come a long way to become one of the market leaders for outdoors-related equipment!
It’s a sturdy piece of sitting (and carrying) equipment with rubberized lining and 4 different color options.
The chemicals used in making it are potentially dangerous.
Backpack and Stool Pack
Steel, Polyester, PVC
12 x 8 x 16”, 4.5 Pounds
176 Pounds
Comes in Four Colors
Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair
As a product of a cheery-looking company dealing in all kinds of beach-related equipment, this Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair can be an excellent solution for an avid outdoorsy person.
It's made out of a lightweight aluminum frame and a tough 600D polyester capable of surviving some harsh conditions.
The front seat bar can be a bit uncomfortable.
Beach Chair
Aluminum, 600D Polyester
23 x 3 x 27”, 7.65 Pounds
300 Pounds
Comes in Twelve Colors
Rio Brands Lace Up Backpack Chair
Maintaining a company policy of innovation and customer service, the Rio Brands folks have been at the top of their game when it comes to manufacturing beach-related supporting equipment!
It features an elegant futuristic design made of durable polyester and it can be adjusted to 4 different sitting positions!
The position of the back support is a bit low.
Beach Chair
Aluminum, Polyester
24.25 x 24.75 x 32.25”, 8 Pounds
240 Pounds
Comes in Five Colors

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What is the Best Backpack Chair?

Bringing your beloved sofa to a camping trip seems to be a dying part of the outdoors-bound exploration trips, as you can see this art of building your campsite in only a few remaining Youtube videos! (mostly Russian for some reason) Luckily, an innovative kind of alternative is there to save the day, and it comes your way in the shape of a backpack chair! These simple, typically foldable, sitting contraptions can greatly improve your camping experience, and allow you to rest well for the vigorous undertakings of tomorrow! Check out our top 5 list to find the right model for you!
Our Top Choice
Coming from a cheeky if highly successful Brazil-themed company, the Copa Beach & Camping Chair is a user-friendly product with plenty of features! For an even simpler, one position model that’s also more affordable, you can check out this Copa Backpack Folding Steel Chair instead!

Copa Ultra-Resistant Steel Beach & Camping 4 Position Outdoor Chair Backpack – Available in 4 Colors

Established way back in 1987, the Copa company started out small, dealing some Brazilian-styled beach chairs and perhaps an odd towel or two. The Copa folks were quite 'beachier' back then, it seems, as their wares started selling like hot cookies, and their company expansion started taking swing. Through some smart investing and an innovative spirit of sheer entrepreneurship, the Copa folks were soon able to enlarge the number of products they were manufacturing, and soon enough, by 1992 they counted over 600 different beach-related items to their name! All in all, growth and spreading its influence has always been the company’s mission, and judging from its current position on the market, we think you could say it’s just fine.

Whatever it is you need for a beach camping trip, chances are – the Copa folks have got it! If you’re curious about what their recommendations are for the 2017 season, you can visit their website and learn more about their plucky outdoorsy undertakings and also what sort of underwear is popular these days! (Please make sure to type 'jgr' before copa, though, as typing in just copa will not yield as many search results for whatever reason.)

The beach chair model we've chosen to feature for this list is a tough piece of folding design with wooden arms that can support even the most avid gourmands! It comes with padded backpack straps, a plush pillow so that you can recline in it after a long day of swimming! Also, it performs just fine in the looks department! What's not to love?

The list of features for the Copa Beach & Camping Outdoor Chair:
  • Foldable Design
  • Easy to Store
  • Padded Backpack Straps
  • Wooden Arms
  • Plush Pillow
  • Cup Holder
  • 4 Positions
  • 4 Color Options
  • 250-pound Weight Capacity
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
All things considered, the Copa folks seem to have done their job well once again! Their Copa Beach & Camping Outdoor Chair is a simple-to-use beach item that can really improve your experience once you set out to get some sun and avoid a couple of jellyfish in the shallow waters! You also get a cup holder!
Best Value
Combining a strong steel frame with a durable double-layered Oxford cloth, this Soonyean backpack foldable chair can be a perfect solution for a cozy camper! For a couple of bucks less, you can get yourself a similar Soonyean Portable Chair version with a lighter kind of cloth hue.

Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Foldable Chair, Comes with a Cooler Bag, Strong Build – Available in 2 Colors

As far as beach equipment is concerned, getting organized can be quite a tricky process, especially if you've got kids! The biggest bummer is that even once you've got all of your towels, sun creams, beach toys and sunscreens under control, it turns out that all of these items combined pose a sizeable force to be reckoned with, and loading the whole lot into your vehicle can present a real challenge. That being said, we at TopProducts wouldn't really be the most apt bunch of folks to advise you on the ancient art of de-cluttering your beach or camping trip kit, but what we CAN do, is to present to you a foldable backpack chair solution that can save you some space!

The Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Foldable Chair can become your next best buddy when it comes to the matters of outdoorsy exploration, happy-go-lucky beach times, as well as with the arguably the most important sports discipline in the world - fishing! Whether it's your tackle, towels, or just a couple of beers we're talking about, you can rest assured that you'll be able to stuff them all down there (meaning in the insides of this chair), and don't worry about losing them randomly.

The material of choice for this model is double-layered Oxford fabric, and it's paired up with some tough steel tubes fashioned in the shape of an X for a more convenient design. Also, it's worth noting that the weight limit is 400 pounds, so this chair can easily hold you and everything else you lug along to the beach!

The list of properties for the Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Chair:
  • Comes with a 1.8 Liter Cooler Bag
  • Strong Steel Tubes Design
  • Can be Used for Fishing, Beach and Camping
  • 400 Pound Weight Limit
  • Made from Double-Layered Oxford Fabric
  • 2 Different Color Options
Since space-saving has become pretty much a new form of art in this day and age, a smallish foldable backpack chair can be a perfect product to get yourself, even if you don't plan on going outdoors any time soon! This Soonyean model is a great example of this product category, and it comes with some additional features such as a 1.8 liter cooler bag, a tough double-layered material!
Coming from one of the most lovable military-style companies around, this Rothco Backpack and Stool Combo Pack is a tough-lookin' product that can help you become a light-packing explorer! If you'd like a simple folding camp stool to go with your backpack, check out the Rothco Folding Camp Stool.

Rothco Backpack and Stool Combo Pack, Steel Frame Stool, Comes with Rubberized Lining – Available in 4 Colors

If you're in need of an inspirational story to boost your chances of successfully establishing a business of your own, the inception narrative of the Rothco company would surely be an account worth taking a closer look at! Having started out in an attic located on Great Jones Street in Manhattan among a considerable number of mice, a tough man with an aura of entrepreneurship called Milton Somberg realized the marketing potential of a sizeable amount of second-hand clothes and World War II army supplies he had lying around. Soon enough, he found himself selling those goods left and right, and for a pretty penny, too! That was way back in 1953, and as the business started picking up speed, he was eventually able to start producing various pieces of clothing and gear of his own.

After awhile, the company managed to amass enough money to move to a new location, more precisely - Ronkonkoma, New York, enabling it to grow even faster from then on. The supplies were easily attainable, the airport was near, and everything else clicked just right, so that this company could grow further and further! All in all, throughout its history, it's fair to say that the Rothco company underwent many changes, but in spite of it all, it has managed to retain its initial military-style personality, which is one of the biggest selling points of their products.

The Rothco Backpack and Stool Combo Pack is a typical Rothco product through and through. The steel frame supporting your weight (when it's in the shape of a chair) has been made to be sturdy yet lightweight, and the cloth it's made of contains several sizeable pockets for storing a number of items!

The Rothco Backpack and Stool Combo Pack - a list of properties:
  • The Steel Frame can Change to Backpack
  • Comes with a Rubberized Lining
  • 3 Smaller Pockets
  • A Large Zip-Up Front Pocket
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Comes in 4 Camo Colors
Sporting a rugged military-style build and also some visuals belonging to the same category, this Rothco backpack chair is a sturdy piece of outdoorsy equipment that can support your respectable self AND all the equipment you've managed to stuff underneath the seat! You can also use it as a backpack, so that's a couple of points more for creativity.
Coming from a happy-go-lucky Island-themed company called Tommy Bahama, this foldable cooler chair is a simple and attractive piece of design that can help you save space and look good on the beach! If you'd like a two-piece offer instead, then this Backpack Beach Chair may be a better solution for you, as it also comes with a medium tote bag!

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair, Comes with a Storage Pouch, Towel Bar Included – Available in 12 Colors

As far as companies rocking their own style go, the Tommy Bahama is one of the cheekiest, most light-hearted businesses you'll run across these days. In contrary to typical companies which often advocate busy schedules and constant improvement, the avid outdoorsy bunch at Tommy Bahama propose a different working environment: that of relaxedness, spontaneity and most of all- freedom! This effort to make people feel more at ease with themselves and their environment is all to promote the idea of the Island Life, a way of existing which puts peace and quiet in the focus rather than modern-day busy schedules and workaholism!

If you'd like to find out more about this zen sort of nature that seems to be the leading force behind this curious company, you can visit their webpage and learn more about what these folks are all about. Also, once you're there, you can have a closer look at what sort of wares they’re offering, and what are the specifications regarding shipments if you already decided to buy one of their products.

The Tommy Bahama product that we've decided to feature in this review is a simple and lightweight piece of design that can beautifully complement your other beach equipment. It features a tough, rust-proof aluminum frame which can be adjusted to 5 different positions, as well as a cell phone holder, so you don't have to worry about losing it somewhere on the beach.

Here’s the list of features for the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch:
  • Made out of 600D Polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof Aluminum Frame
  • Folding Towel Bar
  • Lay Flat Insulated Beverage Pouch
  • Cup Holder
  • Available in 12 Colors
  • Cell Phone Holder
All things considered, this Tommy Bahama model is a beach-savvy lightweight model that can be a perfect solution for you, especially if you're one of those people who tends to get over-encumbered with loads and loads of useless clutter. Since this model is easily foldable, you needn't really worry about it taking up too much of your precious space.
Featuring an attractive appearance you would rather expect to see mounted in a futuristic car, this Rio Brands Aluminum Backpack Chair might be the perfect 'weapon of choice' for a beach-going fashionista! For a couple bucks less, you can also get yourself a more classic model in the Rio Brands 5 Position Flat Beach Chair!

Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair, Adjusts to 4 Positions, Rust-Resistant Frame – Available in 5 Colors

When backyard furniture is in question, its awesome looks aren't necessarily the first thing that springs to mind of an unsuspecting customer. More often than not, these chairs, tents, hammocks and patios are built to be durable and possibly also cheery-looking, and not much thought is given to their design. At Rio Brands, however, the design of an outdoors-bound item is one of the most important things, and these folks spare no effort or expense to make their beach equipment look as good as it can! They're almost French in that respect, if you think about it! Other than superior looks and designs, the Rio Brands squad also values innovation, high-quality and helpful customer service as the main pushing force behind their corporate efforts.

The company was founded way back in 1947, and thanks to the exceptional efforts and some out-of-the-box thinking of its 'founding fathers', today this company boasts a plethora of various both cheekily and elegantly-designed solutions that their customer base has grown to adore! What's more, the Rio Brands company holds 17 patents of their own, and they have garnered much reputation for the development of their beach umbrellas back in the day. A tough and innovative bunch these Rio Brands folks, no doubt.

Perhaps one of the best examples of their curious design solutions comes in the shape of the Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack chair, which looks as though someone nicked it off of a futuristic space ship! It's built from tough kind of polyester and it can be set in four different positions, so that even the pickiest of beach-bound people can find some way of sitting that would actually suit them!

The list of features for the Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair:
  • Made of Polyester
  • Can be Adjusted in 4 Different Ways
  • Comes with an Adjustable Pillow
  • Rust-Resistant Frame
  • Padded Backpack Straps for Improved Comfort
  • Drink Holder
  • Sizeable Storage Pouch
  • Molded Plastic Arms
  • 5 Different Color Options
  • Weight Capacity of 240 lbs
Rocking an attractive design that will have some heads turning once you graciously deploy it on the beach, this Rio Brands Aluminum Backpack Chair can be a great solution for a fashion-savvy beach-frequenting person who likes to recline in a comfy piece of foldable beach equipment, and look good doing it!

How Do I Choose the Best Backpack Chair?

Much like airplanes, cars and nuclear power, foldable chairs are some of the most important inventions of the 20th century; without it many a fanny would become sore and hurtful in a variety of events which should otherwise be a happy occasion, like camping trips and outings to the beach! Truly, the sheer awesomeness and versatility of these contraptions knows no limits, and we can see their light and merit in pretty much any given situation.

You're a spectator in an amateur UFC match - chances are, you're sitting on one of these foldable chairs. You're a fighter in one of these gentlemanly sporting occasions- you get a foldable chair in between the rounds so that your medical team can patch you up and sew your ear back on in a jiffy! If all hell breaks loose, however, and the entire arena gets consumed in a large scale brawl, you just hop on your sporty legs, grab the folding chair beneath you, and you've got yourself a respect-commanding weapon! The possibilities with these sitting utensils are truly innumerable.

In this buying guide, though, we hope to present to you another kind of a foldable chair - the ones that can double as a backpack, to be precise. The main difference between the standard folding chairs you see at sporting events and at various large gatherings and the ones meant to be taken on camping trips would be the presence of a cup holder! To be honest, we at TopProducts find it a bit counterintuitive that the first kind of these sitting contraptions meant for symposiums and public speeches often don't come with an integrated cup holder. After all, it’s precisely at such gatherings that you need something good to drink, lest you succumb to boredom and misery half way through.

Until this obvious manufacturing loophole is filled, however, we'll concentrate on the special kind of these chairs, whose manufacturers seemingly know what they're doing. Since outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and outings to the beach often include a number of small items, these chairs have been made to include a number of pockets and various additions so that they can complement your other backpacks and bags in the best possible manner.

For example, a backpack chair meant for fishing may have a simple design consisting of a lightweight metal frame in the shape of an X, and then a bulky middle part, which is practically a sizeable pouch on top of which you can sit on! The baggy nature of these chairs often means that you can stuff it to your heart's content without worrying about over encumbering it. In that way, a light-packing angler can pretty much carry all of their necessities in their chair alone, which is a cozy camper's procedure capable of saving you plenty of space! This can be a massive advantage if you don't have a car and go on your fishing trips by bike or motorcycle.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the backpack beach chairs, which are predominantly made to answer to the needs of the beach-frequenting people. These happy-go-lucky models often feature a lightweight design with plenty of vibrant summer colors and a couple of convenient additions which can help you save space once you arrive at your destination. For example, cup holders, towel holders and extra-soft head rests are all special features that you can expect to see mounted on one of these chairs, and it's only a matter of personal choice to decide what sort of configuration would suit you the best!

To wrap up this section, we'd like to invite you to check out our other camping-related top 5 reviews, so that you can make the most of your exploration-filled outing. We got axes, camping tents, and camping grills covered, so you can check them out if you happen to need any of them. Swinging back to the backpack chair matters, read further to learn about price factors and the construction of these useful sitting contraptions!
When it comes to the price of a backpack chair, there's a small number of factors which contribute to it that you may want to pay attention to. First of all, the material of choice for the frame often tends to dictate the bulk of the manufacturing expenditures. Therefore, lightweight yet tough materials such as various kinds of reinforced aluminum are highly-priced for their quality, and also perhaps good looks. Further on, special additions such as cup holders, pockets and wooden arms all contribute to the end deal in their own small way. In the end, the manufacturing brand of a backpack chair can also add a couple bucks to the end deal, if we're talking about a well-known company. This makes some sense, too, since models made by experienced artisans are generally of better quality than those coming from a newer business.
Buying a backpack chair is an easy purchase, but there are a few factors to take into consideration before you 'move in for the kill'! In this short section, we'll list those factors for you so that you may concentrate on choosing the fun stuff like the design and the color of your future sitting contraption! Read on and see what we're talking about!

The list of the most important things to look into when buying a backpack chair:
  • The Material for the Frame
  • The Shape of the Frame
  • The Material for the Cloth
  • Padded Backpack Straps
  • Material for the Arms
  • Number of Reclining Positions
  • Cup Holder
  • Weight Limit
  • How Easy it is to Store
  • Cooler Bag
  • What's the Optimal Use (Fishing, Camping, Beach)
Choosing the proper backpack chair for the type of activity you're about to engage in is crucial, so that you can reap all the benefits that it comes with!
Construction and Design
As far as the construction of backpack chairs goes, it pretty much amounts to how the manufacturers resolved the issue of folding it. For example, if the main use for one of these chairs is fishing, you may expect a simple X-type frame and a bulky bag underneath, so that you can store the majority of your tackle in one go, and possibly have some space left for a beer or two as well!

If the main focus is beach outings, then a more traditional folding design complete with back support and arm rests may seem more appropriate. Other than these factors regarding the frame, the type of cloth is also something to look into. Typically, most manufacturers go for a simple but tough cloth which would ideally be waterproof. Of course, various accessories such as zippered pockets and cup holders are also added by manufacturers to make their chairs more convenient and easy to use.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've equipped yourself with one of these exquisite pieces of camping equipment, about the biggest issue you'll have is deciding what to pack in it (which is a good problem to have, most of the time). Depending on what you plan to use it for, a backpack chair can act as a sizeable container for a variety of goods (fishing chairs), or mimic the comfortable and attractive design of your typical armchair.

Whatever model you've got yourself, though, chances are you'll be able to carry at least a couple of items in it, even if that only amounts to your drink and a towel. All in all, our advice would be to go for a compact design which has a couple of pockets here and there, because after all, the main purpose of a backpack chair is to be easily packed wherever you go. We hope that this short buying guide helped you make your choice. Good luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Backpack Chair of 2022!

Going on a camping trip without an appropriate backpack chair increases your chances of being mauled by an enraged bear by 325%! (if it's in the middle of the mating season, the numbers go to 332%!) The fact that we’re currently selling backpack chairs at Top Products has NOTHING to do with the accuracy of these completely accurate statistics we invented, ehrm, FOUND on a national parks preservation website or something. Anyway, we hope you learned something from our review of some of the best backpack chairs on today’s market, especially if you found one that you’ll be bringing on your next trip to the lake!

Our Top Choice
Copa Beach & Camping Outdoor Chair Backpack
Best Value
Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Foldable Chair
Rothco Backpack and Stool Combo Pack
Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair
Rio Brands Lace Up Backpack Chair