Best Backup Camera Reviews 2023

Previously, car backup cameras were merely a luxury. Due to the growing number of accidents, injuries and even deaths from reversing vehicles in the past few years, a backup camera system will be mandatory in all new vehicles leased or sold in the United States by 2018. This decision, enacted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) on March 31, 2014, is for our collective safety. Since there are many car backup cameras available, and a lot of them are not as good as they claim to be, we have compiled a list of the best backup cameras (based on extensive research) to help you pick one of good quality. Only five backup cameras are featured, but the featured brands have many others you can check out. Let’s have a look!
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Field of View
Our Top Choice
Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera
Hopkins Towing Solutions helps your towing to be simpler through its innovation. Its Smart Hitch Backup Camera easily allows one person to hitch a car, thus saving time and labor.
Easy to install. Cost effective.
Doesn't last long.
Info NOT provided
3.5 inch. Color.
License plate mount
Plug in
Limited 1 year warranty
Best Value
Esky HD Wide Angle Backup Camera
Esky is a budding supplier of electrical appliances, and its HD Backup Camera has a wide viewing angle, useful for reversing vehicles safely.
Solid build. Has 7 infrared night vision LEDs.
Doesn't last long. Doesn't withstand rain.
135 degrees
0.25 inches. Color.
License plate mount.
Vehicle’s DC power system. Cable.
Waterproof.12 month warranty.
Rear View Safety Backup Camera System
Rear View Safety is one of the fastest growing commercial backup camera system suppliers in the market. Its Backup Camera System is completely waterproof and very durable.
Shock resistant. Waterproof. 18 infrared lights. In-built mic.
Low image quality.
130 degrees
7 inches. Color.
License plate mount.
66 inch cable
Infrared light. Water-proof.
Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit
Chuanganzhuo is a trusted manufacturer of car rearview cameras, and its Backup Camera and Monitor Kit is superb, supporting car DVD, VCD and other video equipment.
Has two video inputs. Great price.
Not fully waterproof.
Info not provided
4.3 inches.
License plate mount
Power and video cable
Tiker Infrared Rear View Camera
Tiker is an innovative brand that blends advanced technology with user-friendly features. Its Infrared Rear View Camera is durable and designed to withstand all adverse conditions.
Waterproof. Wide viewing angle.
Poor night vision.
170 degrees
Info not provided
License plate mount
Vehicle’s DC power system. Cable.
Shock proof. Waterproof.

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What is the Best Backup Camera?

When choosing a rearview camera, there are many factors to consider including the image sensor size, whether it is wired or wireless, et cetera. But the biggest factor to consider is how much and how clearly you will be able to see. The features of each camera are listed to help you determine which is best for you and your car. With these factors in mind, let us look at our individual reviews.
Our Top Choice
If you are looking for a way to make your towing experience less stressful, you should check out Hopkins Towing Solutions. Its Smart Hitch Backup Camera is easy to use and makes hitching less complicated. Need to tow several cars simultaneously? The Hopkins Multi-Tow Adapter will be useful to you. Why not check it out?

Hopkins Towing Solutions SMART HITCH™ Camera and Sensor System

Hopkins Towing Solutions was founded in 1953 and is located in Emporia, Kansas. It is recognized as one of the leaders in manufacturing towing electrical products, and its mission is to make the towing experience simpler and more rewarding through innovation and value. It provides a range of towing solutions including vehicle wiring kits, adapters, vehicle and trailer connectors and many more.

The Hopkins Towing Solutions Smart Hitch Backup Camera is a 2.1-pound backup camera that is a great help when hitching and towing a trailer. It mounts behind the license plate and is easy to install. Other interesting features include:
  • Camera with SmartZone sensors for easy hitching and towing
  • Large 3.5-inch color monitor with static free image for a crystal clear view
  • No required splicing for simple, plug-in installation
  • Three detection zones which alert you to the distance and direction of objects
Best Value
Esky is a great brand to try if you need top-notch electric products. If you need a backup camera, you should try its HD Backup Camera. It is carefully made to cover a wide angle and make reversing very easy. Need a wider viewing angle? You can check out the Esky 170° Viewing Field Backup Camera.

Esky Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate Car Rear View Camera with 7 Infrared Night Vision LED

Esky (sky of electronics) works to provide for the needs of its clients worldwide. It places a high value on customer satisfaction and does all it can to make sure its products are of high quality and design.

The Esky HD Backup Camera is a high definition, color, wide angle backup camera. It has a solid design with a polished surface. It also has an NTSC TV system to effectively solve the problem of bad car reversing. It is easy to install and operate. If within 30 days after purchase you are not satisfied, you can ask for your money back. More features include:
  • Waterproof exterior to protect from rain
  • Hi-definition color CMOS for a clear image
  • 170° viewing angle for a wide range of view
  • 7 infrared LEDs for vision in dark places
This camera has a 12-month replacement warranty.
If you have kids or small pets that tend to hang around you, it would be great to have a backup camera so you don't accidentally hit them. Review Safety has all you need in a backup camera. The Rear View Safety Backup Camera System has a wide viewing angle. If you are low on budget, you can give the Rear View Backup Camera a try.

Rear View Safety Rear View Camera System with 7" Display (Black)

Soon after its inception, Rear View Safety gained major market share, causing the backup camera industry to lower its prices. This drop in cost to consumers increased sales of backup safety systems and brought greater safety to roads nationwide. Rear View Safety provides a wide array of other safety solutions including driver fatigue systems, backup sensor systems, mobile DVRs and dash cameras.

The Rear View Safety Backup Camera System is a color CCD backup camera. It comes complete with a 66' cable with aircraft grade connections and all components necessary for installation. Its features include:
  • 130° viewing angle for wide range of view
  • 18 infra-red lights that allow you to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest night
  • Completely waterproof with an IP69K rating to protect it from rain
  • 7" DIGITAL TFT LCD color monitor with distance grid lines and mirror image capability for crystal clear images
  • 3 channel multiplexer with automatic system switch for easy operation
  • 20G vibration and 100G impact rating to guarantee shock resistance
  • Built-in microphone to enable you to hear what is going on outside your vehicle
This backup camera also comes with a one-year warranty!
Accidents happen all the time, but some can be prevented with Chuanganzhuo's wide variety of rearview cameras. Its Backup Camera and Monitor Kit has a high definition camera for a crystal clear image of what is going on behind your car. For a front view camera, the Chuanganzhuo Car Reverse Backup Rear\/Front View Camera is a great option.

Chuanganzhuo Universal Waterproof Rear-view License Plate Car Backup Camera + 4.3 Inch LCD Rear View Monitor

Chuanganzhuo is committed to providing solutions to car safety issues. It has many backup cameras available to help prevent many accidents that occur while drivers are reversing.

The Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit is a durable backup camera. The package includes a 4.3 inch TFT LCD monitor, a backup camera, 2 power cables (1.5m/4.5ft), a video cable (6m/18ft) and a welcome guide. There’s more to this backup camera…
  • Monitor starts up automatically and displays the video from rearview camera when backing your car
  • Screen changes back to the original scenes in standby after backup
  • Waterproof to protect from rain
  • HD color CMOS for clear images
  • Wide angle of view for wider range of vision
Very soon, having a backup camera for your vehicle will be mandatory. Your vehicle didn't come with one? Don't worry. Tiker has many great cameras you can pick from. Its Infrared Rearview Camera is of good quality and durable. It also has a great price! Going for something less conspicuous? Give the Tiker Mini Car Backup Camera a try.

Tiker Car Rear view Backup Camera With 8 Infrared Night Vision Full HD CCD Camcorder 170-Degree Waterproof – Available in 5 Styles

Tiker is a renowned manufacturer of electrical appliances. It is committed to making high quality products to match its customers’ needs. The Infrared Rearview Camera is one of its great backup cameras.

The Tiker Infrared Rearview Camera is a compact camera with durable glass lens surrounded by 8 IR LEDs. It is easy to install and has an NTSC TV system. Its other features include:
  • 170-degree adjustable viewing angle for wide range of view
  • Hi-definition color CCD for clear images
  • Waterproof (IP68) design to withstand all weather conditions
  • Shock proof to prevent damage

How Do I Choose the Best Backup Camera?

Today is a busy and hectic day at the workplace, with tasks piling up, one after the other. To make matters worse you are shorthanded, leaving you overwhelmed. During the lunch break, you glance at the clock as it slowly ticks, counting down the hours until you can leave. Finally, after many long, tedious hours the time has come for you to leave. You hurriedly make your way to the parking lot where you left your vehicle.

Moments later, you are on the road towards home with the car stereo humming soothing tunes. The absence of a traffic jam sells you hope, thinking that your fortunes for the day have been overturned. Upon reaching home, you realize no one is available to help you back your car into the garage. You could just pull in forward, but this would make it more difficult for you in the morning. And it could cause you to be late for work. You realize, at this point, that you are faced with an uphill task that even professional drivers would find difficult.

Upon brainstorming, you gas yourself up for the challenge. First, you open the garage using your automatic garage door closer. You attempt to steer the new car into its slot without denting it. While doing this, you stretch your neck through the side window in a bid to avoid any obstacles. The initial stages are maneuvered expertly, but, due to the tiresome work done throughout the day, your body gives in and you can no longer stick out your head to look backwards. Consequently, you end up scratching both your treasured vehicle and the garage wall.

This could have been avoided if a backup camera was present in your car. With it, a driver can steer the vehicle in reverse mode without outside help. Imagine in the above scenario if the driver had hit a building, or even worse a person. These are far more tragic than a little dent on the vehicle’s paint. To prevent such implications, vehicles are nowadays equipped with rear view cameras. And those without can add them as an accessory. The market even has wireless backup camera kits. This issue concerns a lot of parties. Therefore, the government is implanting a strict policy that requires that all new vehicles have backup camera systems installed starting in 2018.

Although older vehicles will not be required to have backup camera systems, this is still a safety device that is worth investing in. Our competent automotive experts have analyzed the various options available on the market and have identified the best options for you to choose from.
Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Prices in this industry are dependent on inbuilt features such as screen size and field of view. Additional capabilities such as ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and water proofing also drive up the cost of reverse cameras.

With as little as $17, you can get your hands on a backup camera. On the other hand, $200 upwards gets you a decent gadget, equipped with superb imaging capabilities as well as being sturdy and durable. The choices for cheap backup cameras may seem enticing, but may not serve the purpose they are intended to. Make sure to purchase a camera that offers what it promises.
You don’t want to be remorseful after spending money on a backup camera. This, however, will be the case if you opt for a gung-ho approach over a meticulous, thorough analysis of the included features.

Some of the things that you ought to evaluate before emptying your pockets on a backup camera include;
  • Field of View-This reveals the scope which the camera can cover.
  • Monitor-This is the screen on which the output is cast. It can be either monochrome (albeit rarely) or colored.
  • Mount-This is where the camera is fitted onto the car.
  • Connectivity–Where does the camera source its power from?
  • Extras - These vary by model, with features such as water proofing, warranty and infrared lights.
If the features are deemed satisfactory, the next item on the agenda is testing out the field capability of the device.
Construction and Design
Just like other cameras, the field of view is perhaps the most vital aspect of the backup camera. It determines the area that can be captured by the device. The field of view is dependent on several factors, such as the lens’ focal length, sensor size, and sensor type. The optimal viewing angle ranges from 1200 to 1500, so we recommend cameras that fall within this category. The market offers wider options, going up to 2100, but these can be tricky as their extensive panoramic view creates a fish-eye lens effect which reduces image discernibility.

Equal attention should also be paid to the monitor, which delivers the output captured by the camera. They vary in sizes, but it goes without saying that the bigger, the better. A larger screen offers more image clarity than small variants. Going for LCD screens is advisable, as they have superior image quality over older technologies.
Performance and Ease of Use
A significant majority of backup cameras are mounted on the rear license plate of the motor vehicle. This is very expedient, as it negates the necessity of boring holes often associated with flush and surface mounted models.

For usage in low-light and dark environments, a couple of models integrate infrared lights along with the actual camera. With this enhanced capability, the systems can deliver pictures in total darkness, though they are usually monochrome.

Get the Best Backup Camera of 2023!

We believe these reviews have helped you make the right decision on the backup camera to purchase. Now that you have taken your time to read them, you should be able to pick one with confidence. We hope our guide does come in handy as you make your choice.

Our Top Choice
Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera
Best Value
Esky HD Wide Angle Backup Camera
Rear View Safety Backup Camera System
Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit
Tiker Infrared Rear View Camera