Best Badminton Racket Reviews 2020

Before that big badminton game with your friends or a tournament-based competition, you’ve been rehearsing hard to polish your performance. You’ve been sharing the rackets with your buddies, but as you progress, you note that you need something different to promote the earned playing skills. A problem to be solved poses—what kind of a racket will you look for to match and challenge your capability to a higher height? It gets harder when you’re a novice to the fun. Since every player has a different taste and preference, choosing what your playing mate prefers may not work for you. As we narrow down to what you need to consider before making the purchase, please check out what we have for you: the top five rackets from some of the best badminton racket brands on the market that you can get for yourself during the hunt.
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Shaft Flex
Our Top Choice
Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket
Launched in 1946, Franklin Sports is a reputable brand in the world of sporting. It’s committed to offering a complete line of products to all levels of sports participants.
Lightweight. Excellent balance. Tightly strung and responsive. Faster swing. Great quality. Carbon frame. Precise.
Requires you to dig a little deeper into your pockets.
Professional players
3 ounces
Even balance
Best Value
Champion Sports Steel Frame Badminton Racket
For five decades, Champion Sports has been dedicated to providing well-engineered sports-related equipment to its consumers.
Highly durable. High performance. High-tension nylon strings. Perfect for experienced players. Good balance. Lightweight design. Offers good grip.
On the flip side, this racket comes without a half case, but this doesn’t affect its performance.
Professional players
3.2 ounces
Dimpled leather
Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series
Yonex is a reputable and popular brand for its extensive range of golf, tennis, and badminton products, all designed through its technology-driven strategy.
Minimal air resistance. Accurate shots. Ultra-lightweight. Ideal for beginners. Great balance. Swift swings.
The frame is pretty small in size.
3 ounces
Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet
A subsidiary of the Amer Group, Wilson is a global leader in the manufacture of innovative and high-quality ball sports equipment.
Durable construction. Perfect for beginners. Good balance. Lightweight design. Ample sweetspot. 1-piece.
May be a bit overpriced.
Beginner / intermediate
3.5 ounces
Sportime Mini Badminton Racquet
Sportime is a brand committed to providing a complete line of innovative sports and fitness equipment to help students remain active and engaged.
Long grip. Offers rapid swings. Durable and strong steel build. Great flexibility and maneuverability. Short shaft.
It might be a bit heavy for some players.
0.014 ounces

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What is the Best Badminton Racket?

Yes; we can all agree that some rackets are better than others. But, badminton rackets themselves are as unique as the player, meaning the best for you may not be the best for the other player. So, the best racket is the one that feels the most comfortable in your hand and enhances your game. Check out some of our top five picks and choose the best badminton racket for you.
Our Top Choice
The Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket is perfect for players looking for optimum control, accuracy, and reliability. It features a carbon frame and an isometric shape, delivering great power with minimal effort. Looking for something cheaper and with a greater balance to replace your worn or broken racket? How about trying out the Franklin Sports Replacement Badminton Racket?

Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket with Carbon Shaft & Frame

Franklin Sports is a family-owned and operated company with a rich history and great reputation in providing a wide range of sporting products. As the pioneer of batting gloves, the company has partnered with other top brands that bring energy, strength, and uniqueness to their products. Its premium line of badminton rackets are specially designed to enhance your performance while in the badminton court.

The Elite Performance Badminton Racket is a professional-level racket, which offers durability through its carbon frame and shaft, along with a great deal of control during play. Its lightweight design allows for fast swings, and to keep your hand comfortable during long or intense badminton games, this racket also includes a comfortable grip to enhance your performance. Best of all, this is a fairly versatile racket with an even string tension that requires little maintenance to upkeep. With this racket, nothing can stand in the way of a great game!
Best Value
The Champion Sports Tempered Double Steel Frame Badminton Racket features a steel frame and dual shaft to ensure great durability and enhanced performance. Looking for a racket with a shorter shaft for your kid? Consider buying the Champion Sports Mini Badminton Racket, which is packed with features for your small player.

Champion Sports Tempered Double Steel Frame Badminton Racket

With more than 2000 products under its name, Champion Sports manufactures products that are customized to help you improve on your skills and become better day by day. Having existed on the market for the past 50 years, the company has earned loyalty and trust of many recreation fans worldwide.

The Double Steel Frame Badminton Racket by Champion Sports features a shaft and frame crafted from steel that come tempered to guarantee durable, long-lasting performance. Weighing only 6.08 ounces, it’s lightweight enough to give you good balance and flexibility for fast and accurate shots. Further, it’s high-quality nylon strings provide you with plenty of tension during a game, and its grip is made of dimpled leather to ensure you have an adequate hold.

If you’re hoping to become a better badminton player than you were yesterday, this is the racket to go for. With a stiff head for effective shots and incredible durability to stay strong even during heavy strokes, this is a racket you won’t want to miss out on! (Some even claim it’s an excellent bee killer and carpet-whacker!)
The Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series is a head-light racket that features a thin frame on top to minimize air resistance for a swifter head swing. It also has an isometric head shape for more accurate shots. Want a head-heavy racket instead? The Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed Badminton Racquet comes with features that are ideal for advanced players.

Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series with Full Cover High Tension Pre Strung Racquets – Available in 14 Styles

As one of the most reputable and trusted brands, Yonex started to manufacture badminton rackets in 1957. Today, the company has seen a great breakthrough in the manufacture of premium rackets using the latest technology. With six diverse series of high-quality rackets, it offers an ideal option for beginners, intermediate, and professional players looking to spruce up their skills.

The Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series is an entry-level racket that weighs only 3 ounces, meaning it’s lightweight enough to give you the ultimate control and flexibility when making shots. It comes pre-strung using high-quality strings with 19 – 24-pound tension. Delivering power, strength, and durability for players seeking to control the game, this racket provides much-needed speed and agility.

Here are some of the other features that give you an upper hand over your opponents while using this racket:
  • Features a TFA CAP to stop vibrations from ruining your shots
  • It is 27 inches long, which allows for a great reach while in the game
  • It comes uniquely designed with Nanoray technology for fast and controlled swings
  • Its head is made of graphite, making it ultra-lightweight, yet very durable
  • It boasts a thinner top of the frame for minimizing air resistance
  • Perfect for beginner players looking to improve on their badminton techniques
  • Includes a half-case for protecting your racket when not in use
The Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet with Quad Head Shape is a racquet constructed using light steel alloy for greater durability and offers an ample sweet spot for easier effective shots. Want something with a greater vibration resistance? Get the Wilson BLX Blade Badminton Racquet for a smoother feel and greater control.

Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet with Quad Head Shape – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

Wilson is a brand famously known for its wide range of ball sporting equipment. Its popular line of innovative rackets is developed to improve an athlete's performance in the most unique way. Backed by many years of experience in the industry, Wilson integrates innovative designs in its sporting equipment; something that has earned it a great reputation in the market today.

The Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet is a single-piece badminton racket that delivers a powerful performance for beginner players. It’s made of titanium alloy and a stiff flex to give you strong and accurate shots using minimal effort. Its comfortable and reliable grip gives you excellent stability and performance throughout your training sessions as well as tournament play.

Other features of this amazing racket include:
  • It’s made of titanium for improved durability
  • Its head is quad-shaped to offer more sweet spot area
  • Built with a 11.4-inch balance to give you excellent court coverage
  • Weighs only 3.5 ounces, giving you a perfect balance between speed and power
  • Its lightweight design helps to reduce injuries and fatigue while in the game
  • Pre-strung with Wilson’s high-quality strings
The Sportime Mini Badminton Racquet is uniquely made for young badminton players, with a full-sized head and a relatively shorter shaft. Looking for a racket with a longer shaft? Then check out the Sportime Tear Drop Tournament Badminton Racquet.

Sportime Mini Badminton Racquet - 20 Inches

Founded in 1989, Sportime is a well-known brand that’s all about physical education for children of all abilities. It provides a product line that includes fitness, physical education, and sports equipment. With a commitment to deliver high-quality products designed to improve physical development in children, this brand is not only top-notch in product quality, but in heart.

If you’re looking for a reliable racket for your child, the Sportime Mini Badminton Racquet has you covered. It’s 20 inches long and features a full-sized head that allows for more accurate shots. Additionally, it’s made of durable steel for strength, longevity, sustainability, and resistance to rust. And still better, the racket offers your child a shorter shaft to give them an easier time while using it, along with a longer grip to ensure more precise (and frequent) shots. With a lightweight design that makes for easier handling, this is a badminton racket your child will love!

How Do I Choose the Best Badminton Racket?

You may have witnessed badminton in your neighborhood or participated in a competition yourself. Well, this game has been in the Olympics since 1992, including all genders, since then. To play an excellent game, it’s required that you have equally good playing pieces, including the badminton racket that you choose (and having a good fitness tracker never hurt either!). If you’re out to shop for a new racket to add in the collection, remember that what you’re looking for needs to correspond with your skills and the mode of playing.

There are several considerations to make when choosing what will push the birdie over the badminton net. With numerous issues that range from size and flexibility to string tension, various rackets will suit different playing styles. Experienced comrades will typically prefer the stiffer types; on the other hand, discreetness can be achieved by using a light racket to enhance the ability to make swift wrist cuts. Knowing what’s right for you may prompt you to test as many rackets as possible before making the ultimate choice. Budget and playing style cannot be forgotten during the trial session, either.

With the shuttlecock, net, thermos, and your partner in place ready to make some moves, your racket is the most valuable companion during the game. Before concluding on the considerations, the following information relates to what you need to think about when choosing the appropriate racket.

First, how much weight can you bear? If you’re a beginner, go for the light badminton rackets that weigh between 3 and 3.2 ounces. The chosen option should also have a low balance point. Why? Because such rackets are easy to control. Unlike the heavier substitutes that the pros use for better control assisted by a tighter grip, lightness allows room for hasty strokes and less time for recovery. Your wrist and shoulders are not subjected to too much straining, thereby reducing the chances of getting injured.

Other than the veterans, heavier rackets also favor the seasoned players, but the latter may also add a higher balancing point to the product’s specification. This implies that the head is weightier to direct more power when smashing the shuttlecock. For the novice, it’s hard to control due to the added weight, and hence not suitable for everyone.

The string tension of the equipment can be determined by pressing your palm against the strings and checking the sinking level. The pressing should be significant and not overdone. An average sunken depth of about a millimeter (0.04 inches), is a rigidity most players can work with. If you’re fond of inputting more effort when attending to a stroke, consider strings with a higher tension. 16 to 20 pounds’ worth of string stress is a good start for beginners, while the higher values are for the rising talent and professionals. An important note to the tension standards is that they vary from one region to another. The variance is due to varying temperature, which has an effect on the strings’ turgidity. If you live in the tropics, for example, it’s advisable that you get a racket with tighter strings due to expansion when the weather is warm.

As you unpack your badminton or gym bag, holding the racket should make you feel in control. With the above considerations, you now have a better chance of getting your ideal choice.
As you note the considerations, the monetary value becomes another contributing factor to the quality of racket you’re going to own. For good rackets that will keep going play after play, you’ll spend anything from $8 to $90 and above. The difference in price is due to many factors which include the strings’ material, the body make, and the shape of the head.

High-end models come pre-strung, made of high-quality material for extended use, and are uniquely designed to enhance the performance. Although the price of a badminton racket can depend on its performance and features, you can buy an inexpensive badminton racket and still gain great control in your game. But that said, watch out for cheap badminton rackets, as they won’t offer you the durability, longevity, or performance of those that are a little more expensive.
Since the racket is as important as the player in question, certain specifications are general to all players. However, some of these specifications are player-specific. The features highlighted below are what you need to major on and they include:
  • Type of User - Is the player a kid, beginner, intermediate, or a professional?
  • Size - Dimensions and weight of the racket.
  • Balance - The head balance of the whole racket. The head is either heavy, even, or light.
  • Shaft Flex - How flexible do you want the shaft to be? Stiff, medium, flexible, etc.
  • Shape of the Frame - Do you want an isometric frame or a conventional frame?
Let’s find out how the above listed features influence your racket’s performance and quality.
Construction and Design
How the badminton racket is designed determines the nature of perfection when it comes to playing ability. The chosen racket will vary from the rest due to some differences in play design. First, the racket head comes in different shapes. They include the oval or egg (standard), isometric, diamond, and teardrop shapes; the shape dictates how you feel the racket. Also known as the diamond shape, the teardrop’s main string is longer, making it “bouncier”. Main strings on the isometric and standard forms are, however, shorter which gives them a tighter feeling. You might encounter a racket with a wide head surface, as well; since the frame is wide, you experience more power when striking.

The weight distribution differs in three principal balances. They involve a heavy head, a light one, or one having an even balance. The heavy type delivers more power, the light guarantees faster defense, and the even balance offers power and defense.

The shaft is the middle part between the grip and the head which is responsible for determining the racket’s flexing ability during a stroke. A stiff shaft provides better control when shooting, while the flexible ones give more power. Longer shafts provide flexibility, as the short ones make the racket stiffer.

The grip varies from one player to another. Since there are no standards here, a player’s taste is what differentiates the desired product. It’s no wonder to find small hands working better with bigger grips and vice versa. What you need to do is perform some tests with various rackets to determine the perfect grip for you. If the grip feels smaller, you can add more overgrips to thicken it.

The string used determines the durability of the racket. There are numerous types of strings available, but most are made of nylon and natural gut materials. Since the natural gut is expensive, it’s not popular when compared to nylon. Advancement in technology has enabled the making of more durable nylon strings.
Performance and Ease of Use
The feasibility of a racket in the badminton game is dependent on a number of considerations that you made when purchasing. First, the shape of a head determines the power input when shooting. Wide body, for instance, gives you more power when shooting while stiffness goes hand in hand with control.

If you prefer a head-light racket, the mobility becomes swifter, but stabilizing will need a heavier model since there’s more momentum. Heavy types are for those who know what they’re doing though. If you’re a beginner, consider a racket with less tension to train you on power and control. Consider a higher tension when you graduate to a professional.

Better perfection can be introduced when you find a racket with a more flexible shaft, a broad head, and a grip that your hands can work with. The grip plays a critical role in the swinging speed and accuracy, as it’s the part you hold while playing. Two issues on the grip aspect that affect the holding ability are type and size. On the grip type, there are two designs to consider: towel and synthetic.

Towel grips are soft to the touch and suitable if you have sweaty hands due to their absorbing abilities, leaving you dry as intended. They are, however, prone to germs and bacteria accumulation. This calls for replacement once in a while. The synthetic type is slick, and they accumulate little mess. On the other hand, the slickness diminishes the swinging comfort as there’s no absorption taking place.

The size of the grip is the other issue which greatly varies depending on what you want and your palm size. A bigger grip is favored by players who prefer a tighter feel in a bid to generate more power. For those of us who deploy deceits during the game, smaller grips should be a favorite for better channeling.

Get the Best Badminton Racket of 2020!

That being said, we hope that our extensive review helped you find the best badminton racket to help you compete against your opponent on the court. If you didn’t get the right one for you from our list, you can consider our other top-ranking badminton rackets that our featured brands have in store for you.

Our Top Choice
Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket
Best Value
Champion Sports Steel Frame Badminton Racket
Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series
Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet
Sportime Mini Badminton Racquet