Best Bagel Slicer Reviews 2023

Hands up if you love the most common breakfast pastry in the world? Not bread; bagels! This round snack with a hole at the center is a darling to dough lovers and has some serious fans. The beautiful thing about bagels is that you can slice it, butter it up or even make some nice bagel chips! To do so you require a dependable cutter which is why we have compiled five products from some of the best bagel slicer brands that will take away the annoying task of cutting through this yummy snack!
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Our Top Choice
Lifetime Brands Bagel Guillotine
Lifetime Brands is a reputable provider of kitchenware and other household products that’ll help you perform tasks easily
Non-stick stainless steel blade; Precise slicing; Versatile cradle; Safety shield for fingers
Not ideal for slicing frozen bagels
Bagels, muffins, rolls, buns
3.9 x 7 x 9.2 in/ 2 pounds
Xylan coated blade
Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide
Trudeau started in 1889 and has helped simplify cooking by providing quality products throughout the past few generations.
Adjustable slicing ring; Dishwasher friendly ;Highly stable due to anti-skid base; Removable bottom for easy cleaning.
Multiple layer slicing requires skill.
Slicing guide
Bagel sandwiches, bagel chips
6.8 x 6.8 x 2.6 in/ 0.2 pounds
Adjustable ring
Dishwasher safe
Larien Commercial Bagel Biter
Larien is a company which has for the last seventeen years helped consumers safely slice their bagel without too much annoyance or worry.
Heavy duty construction; Strong guillotine blade; Comfortable grip; Slots for safe slicing
Doesn’t work well on warm bagels
Bagels, muffins, rolls, buns
9.4 x 7.2 x 3.4 in/ 1.8 pounds
Xylan coated blade
Dishwasher safe
Out of the Woods of Oregon Bagel Slicer
Out of the Woods of Oregon is an environmental friendly company that specializes in making wooden kitchen products.
Made of environmental friendly hard wood; Serrated and durable blade; Doesn’t deform pastry
Hard to use for a right handed person
Hand held
Bagels, bread
16 x 2.8 x 0.6 in/ 0.25 pounds
Serrated blade
Hand wash
Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Cutter
Tablecraft was started in 1946 by Adolf Davis to provide the food industry with dependable and reliable products.
Ergonomic handle; Anti-slip grip; Dishwasher safe; Stainless steel blade
Needs modification to include a blade guard
Hand held
8 x 2 x 1.2 in/ 0.05 pounds
Stainless steel blade
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Bagel Slicer?

The precision of a bagel slicer coupled by its safety features are key factors to consider when purchasing one. Let’s explore more pointers that will help you land an ideal bagel cutter.
Our Top Choice
The Lifetime Brands Bagel Guillotine boasts of a non-stick stainless steel blade that slices your bagel into precise halves and has a safety shield to protect your fingers as you do that. Do you need a food chopper as well? Check out the Lifetime Brands Food Chopper that’s built to last.

Lifetime Brands Hoan Precise Cutting Bagel Guillotine – Available in Multiple Colors

Lifetime Brands is a company set on a mission to provide households around the globe with innovative products that will transform how people carry out various tasks. With a wide and efficient distribution network, this brand has a massive presence in the market and is a serious force to reckon with in kitchenware and home use products. Through strategic alliances and partnerships, Lifetime Brands has continued to grow its portfolio increasing its market share and growing their profits remarkably.

In their rich portfolio is the Lifetime Brands Bagel Guillotine which boasts of an award winning innovative design that will totally transform how you slice bagels. This bagel slicer is designed to safely help you cut your bagels and other pastries without much hassle. Whether you want to cut bagels, buns, muffins or rolls, this multipurpose guillotine has a large cradle that can accommodate various sizes of these pastries.

Hold up! There’s more to this bagel slicer:
  • Has a solid frame that’s built to last
  • A non-stick stainless steel blade that’s coated in Xylan
  • The cutting edges are serrated and designed for precise cutting
  • Has an access slot to help you remove the bagel easily after slicing
  • There’s an acrylic safety shield to protect your fingers as you slice
  • Brass rivets that firmly hold the guillotine intact
  • Triangular shelf designed to center any size of bagel
  • The top rack is dishwasher friendly and has a comfortable grip
  • The base is flat with amazing stability
  • Simplifies bagel slicing through its innovative design
Not digging the white color? How about a pop of red or an exclusive looking silver color?
Best Value
The Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide boasts of an adjustable ring that lets you slice your bagels into half or any other size that you may desire. Do you love spreading cheese on your bagel? Then we believe the Trudeau Cheese Spreader will make the task easy for you!

Trudeau Ring Bagel Slicing Guide with Adjustable Thickness

With over 125 years’ experience in the cuisine world, Trudeau is a trusted companion in the kitchen. Reputed chefs and home cooks alike adore their products that make cooking so simple. With an assortment of innovative products to help you with food prep, cooking, serving and any other kitchen task, this brand is your dependable in-home kitchen partner. A key factor that has made Trudeau a darling among food lovers is the simplicity yet effectiveness of their designs. Do you want to cut your homemade pizza? Well, they have the perfect pizza cutter for you! Wait, you want to bake healthy carrot muffins at home instead? No worries, they have the right muffin pan for the job! Any simple kitchen gadget you need, Trudeau has designed it!

In their endeavor to simplify kitchen tasks, Trudeau has a Bagel Slicing Guide whose innovative Canadian design is simply amazing. Maybe you prefer your bagel thinly sliced? Lucky for you, this bagel cutter is made to accommodate multiple slicing with an adjustable ring that allows you to set it to your desired height. You can easily cut a bagel in half without any hassle or worry.

Here are more features of this bagel cutter:
  • A firm base that doesn’t skid for increased stability
  • Removable bottom that makes cleaning easy
  • Safety top for secure slicing
  • Dishwasher friendly components
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Includes a five-year warranty
The Larien Commercial Bagel Biter is designed with a heavy duty frame and strong guillotine style blade perfect for a busy bagel slicing environment. Is this commercial bagel cutter too huge for you? How about the Larien Bagel Guillotine that comes in a smaller size instead?

Larien Heavy Duty Commercial Bagel Biter

Let’s face it, slicing a bagel in a fast-paced commercial environment such as a bakery or coffee shop can be quite hectic. It’s for this reason that Larien aims at simplifying the bagel cutting process so that you can quickly enjoy your bagel. As a specialist in the design and manufacture of Bagel Biters, the original bagel guillotine design, unique and one-of-a-kind at the time, Larien has persistently come up with innovative bagel products for the last 17 years.

The Larien Commercial Bagel Biter is designed for fast-paced environments such as bakeries, schools, coffee shops, or hotels, among other set ups. There is a high safety standard on this bagel slicer, constructed with a clear resin shield specifically designed to protect your fingers as you work. The Lexan guards keep slicing injuries at bay which is good news to your employees!

Here are more features:
  • Nonstick Xylan coated stainless steel blade
  • Heavy duty bottom boasting of a solid Lexan base
  • Certified by NSF to be used commercially
  • Small compact footprint that saves you space
  • The blade cartridges are replaceable guaranteeing ultimate performance
  • Portable design that doesn’t need anchoring
  • Polypropylene handle for a comfortable grip
  • Triangular shaped slot that centers the bagels automatically
  • Heavy duty durable outer frame
  • Removable stainless steel rivets for easy operation
  • Comes with a limited warranty valid for one year
The Out of the Woods of Oregon Left handed Bread and Bagel Slicer is made using red Alder which is a quality hardwood grown in a sustainable way for easy-breezy slicing. Not digging this color? We believe that you will most likely love the Out of the Woods of Oregon Maple Bread and Bagel Slicer that comes in a maple finish.

Out of the Woods of Oregon Environmental Friendly Left-Handed Bread and Bagel Slicer

Just like the name, the Out of the Woods of Oregon brand specializes in making wooden products using environmental friendly materials. It sources its materials from wood workers in Eugene, Oregon, especially those making furniture, and uses the narrow pieces to come up with great products. Their specialty is the red Alder which is a type of hardwood grown sustainably. Not only are their products reasonably priced, but they are also ‘green’. The company has received much acclaim for their contributions towards a sustainable planet.

Among their products is the Bread and Bagel Slicer that’s designed to saw through all sorts of bread. If you love bread or know a loved one who does, then this is a perfect gift for them. It’s serrated blade is made in an inventive way ensuring that it you don’t ever need to sharpen it. It’s such a good blade that you can even saw through warm bread without your pastry deforming!

The slicer is not limited to cutting bread and bagels alone and can also slice rolls and crusty dough easily. The stainless-steel blade cleans easily by hand washing it in the sink. For a left-handed person, using this slicer will allow you to easily slice bread since it’s designed for left-handed use. The brand also has a similar product for right-handed bread lovers! The slicer is made of red Alder but also comes in a cherry, walnut, mahogany or maple finish.
Their FirmGrip Bagel Cutter boasts of a patented soft handle whose ergonomic design gives you a non-slip grip so that you can safely slice your bagels. Do you need a basket holder as well to place your bread as you slice it with this cutter? We believe that the Tablecraft Galaxy Bread Basket is an ideal choice!

Tablecraft Ergonomic FirmGrip Bagel Cutter

When Adolf Davis started Tablecraft in 1946, he aimed at providing the food industry with a reliable network for importing and distributing products. Over five decades later, the company has grown and boasts of a portfolio of over 3000 commodities that are used in various parts of the home. Their product range includes buffet items for caterers and table top products for use in your home kitchen. Their kitchenware items have innovative designs that are reasonably priced without compromising on quality.

One such innovative product is Tablecraft’s FirmGrip Bagel Cutter which is ergonomically designed with a soft black handle that gives you a comfortable grip as you slice your bagel. This patented design ensures that the cutter doesn’t slip out of your hands as you work which minimizes injuries. The blade is not only sharp but is also made of stainless steel that will last for a long time. Another thing about this compact bagel cutter is that it’s individually carded with the purpose of merchandising. So, grab your bagel and slice it using this cutter without too much mess or fuss.

How Do I Choose the Best Bagel Slicer?

Did you know that bagels have Polish roots? It’s true! Maria Balinska, a bagel fanatic, has written a lively and detailed book outlining the history of this round pastry with a hole at the centre. There’s no denying that bagel shops are mushrooming everywhere you look and it’s with good reason; bagels are yummy, nutritious and a perfect snack to munch on anytime of the day!

But just like slicing bread, cutting through a bagel can be a bit annoying especially when you are using a knife to do so. It’s for this reason that bagel slicers were invented. With a bagel slicer, you no longer have to worry about hurting your fingers as you slice nor will your bagel get deformed as you cut it. With various designs of bagel cutters present in the market, there are several key considerations you need to have in mind as you shop for a bagel slicer.

The best bagel slicer should allow for precise slicing whether it’s using a blade or a ring to do so. The security of your fingers as you work is also important and most bagel slicers have a shield to keep you safe. With a bagel slicer, all you have to do is precisely cut your bagel, spread some butter on it and enjoy a yummy finger licking treat!
Well, we’re sure you must be wondering how much it will cost you to get this bagel lover necessity. Not much, we must say. Within a price range of between $8 and $60, you will find a bagel slicer that will cut through your bagel without any fuss. You will discover that a bagel cutter designed for home use is much cheaper than a commercial bagel slicer designed for busy business environments.

When hunting for the epitome of bagel slicing designs, you’ll quickly realize that there are lots of cheaper models out there. But, we do advise you to steer clear from them even if your budget is tight. Such slicers rarely include a shield to keep your fingers safe as you work. Consequently, slicing injuries are likely to occur which is what we are trying to avoid in the first place!
Knowing what to look out for when purchasing a bagel slicer is essential to ensure that you get the most ideal product. Here are the key features to consider:
  • Type - The two most common types of slicers are those that are hand held or those that have a guillotine design that pierce your bagel.
  • Capacity -It’s worth considering whether the bagel slicer can accommodate various sizes of bagels and, better yet, whether it can slice other pastries such as muffins and rolls.
  • Size -In case the slicer is hand held, it’s important to ensure that it fits wells in your hand. Ideally, the bagel cutter should be of a compact size and shouldn’t eat up too much space.
  • Blade -The blade is a critical component of the slicer and it must be sharp enough to ensure that it slices through without destroying your bagel. The majority of the blades are made of durable stainless steel.
  • Care -Is the product dish washer safe or must it be hand washed? Is it easy to maintain?
Construction and Design
Most bagel slicers are designed with a blade to precisely slice your bagel in half or, depending on slicer version, multiple layers. The blade can be serrated to easily saw through your bagel without too much hassle and such blades can go for a lifetime without any need to sharpen. Most of the blades are made of stainless steel which is not only strong but also durable. In the absence of a blade, you may find a ring innovatively designed to slice your bagel.

The two common designs of bagel slicers are those that are hand-held or the ones that have a guillotine. The hand-held cutters are typically simply designed with a handle and a blade. The guillotine bagel cutters are more innovative and feature a slot where you insert your bagel and push the lever down. They often have a safety shield present to keep your fingers safe as you work. The base of such slicers is usually flat to provide stability and may even have an anti-skid feature for enhanced stability.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a bagel slicer depends on the precision of its blade which should be such that the bagel doesn’t deform as you cut it. Serrated blades are known to easily saw the bagel without too much fuss. In case you love slicing your bagel into various sizes, you may want to buy a cutter that adjusts in height allowing you to slice the bagel into multiple layers.

Bagel slicers often don’t require any assembly and are pretty low maintenance. You may find that the blade is designed to last for a long while still remaining razor sharp. In the event that the blade dulls, you may need to replace the cartridge for increased efficiency. Some of the slicers come with a manual to help you know how to easily slice your bagel but the task is often straight forward and hassle free. The vast majority of bagel cutters are dishwasher friendly while some are easily cleaned by hand washing them in running water.

Get the Best Bagel Slicer of 2023!

Hopefully, you found this review informative and may have even included the best bagel slicer to meet your needs. Not there yet? We believe that these expert brands’ rich selection of additional bagel slicers will help meet your bagel slicing requirements while still giving you value for money.

Our Top Choice
Lifetime Brands Bagel Guillotine
Best Value
Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide
Larien Commercial Bagel Biter
Out of the Woods of Oregon Bagel Slicer
Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Cutter