Best Balance Ball Reviews 2023

Balance balls, also known as BOSU balls or stability trainers, open up a wide range of body sculpting, stability and balance exercises that you can perform from the comfort of your own home. High quality stability balls are made from a durable non-burst material and may come with instructional DVDs and attachable resistance bands for even more training possibilities. We've looked at 5 of the best balance ball brands so you can get the very best workout - without a trip to the gym.
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Max Weight
Workout Info
Our Top Choice
BOSU Ball Home Balance Trainer with Hand Pump
The original makers of the BOSU Ball bring you this complete home set featuring instructional DVDs and their industry-leading balance trainer.
High quality, durable and flexible material. Comes with hand pump. Made in USA. 4 video guides for different fitness goals. 2 Xplode intense video guides.
On the expensive side, but the quality that comes with the original BOSU Ball is well worth the price.
26" Diameter
Blue and Pink
Up to 300 pounds
4-in-1 Workout & Xplode DVDs
Exercise Poster, Pump
Best Value
Best Choice Products Exercise Fitness Yoga Balance Trainer Ball
Best Choice Products creates simple, high quality products like this portable balance ball with resistance straps.
Lightweight (only 12 pounds). Portable handle. Durable rubber. Foot pump included.
No DVD guide, so new users will have to do a bit of research for exercise ideas.
23" Diameter
Up to 660 pounds
Not Included
Resistance Straps, Pump
RitFit® Balance Ball Trainer Exercise Kit
RitFit specializes in high intensity fitness equipment for serious self-improvement, like this balance ball with resistance straps.
Durable material. Elastic resistance bands. Wall chart with exercises. DVD guide. Foot pump included
Some isolated reports of inflation problems.
22.8" Diameter
Blue and Pink
Up to 350 Pounds
Exercise DVD & Poster
Resistance Bands, Pump
Wacces Fitness Cushion Disc - Balance Board
Wacces creates simple and effective products anyone can use in their own home like this muscle building balance board.
Inexpensive. Builds balance and strengthens back muscles. Improves posture. Provides tactile stimulation. Can be used as a comfortable, portable seat cushion.
No extra features and fewer exercise options when compared to more expensive full Bosu balls.
13" Diameter
Available in 6 Colors
Not Specified
Not Included
Hand Pump Included
ProSource Core Balance Disc – Dual Textured Stability Trainer
ProSource specializes in a range of rugged fitness equipment like this lightweight and portable Core Balance Fitness Disk.
Lightweight. Easy to pump. Dual-textured surfaces for varied comfort. Non-slip grip surface.
Fewer options than a BOSU ball or balance ball trainer.
14" Diameter
Available in 6 Colors
Not Specified
Not Included
Hand Pump Included

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What is the Best Balance Ball?

When people think of balance trainers, the term “BOSU Ball” is often what comes to mind, however it is important to understand that BOSU is actually a brand – much like the way we often use Bandaid, Kleenex, and Jello as generic terms. BOSU balls are just one of the great balance and stability trainers available on the market. We looked at specialty fitness brands as well as brands that are known for creating a wide variety of high quality equipment. We found a range of balance balls to fit different needs and budgets, including classic BOSU balls and simpler disk-style balance trainers. So, go ahead and pick the one that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
From the makers of the original innovative BOSU Ball comes this BOSU Home Balance Trainer Kit including a DVD set and exercise chart. For more intense training right off the bat, check out the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer which includes instructions for integrated exercises to work out various muscles at once.

BOSU Balance Trainer with Pump, 4-in-1 Workout Guide, and Xplode Series Intense Workout DVD

David Weck invented the "both sides utilized" BOSU  ball in 2000, and BOSU has been improving ever since. The innovative product lets you work out different areas with the ball side or the platform side for optimal balance and strength training. Today the BOSU  Home Balance Trainer comes in a convenient kit to get you started.

Let's see what the original BOSU Ball has to offer:
  • As the innovator that created the half ball balance trainer, you know that BOSU knows what they’re doing. They haven't stopped perfecting their product, which is why it comes with some of the most durable material you'll find.
  • The BOSU Ball is also highly flexible making it easier to do balance exercises.
  • This kit comes with four BOSU workouts you can try for different results: total body, calorie combustion, long & lean and absolutely abs.
  • In addition, two workouts from the Xplode Cross-training series are included for even more intense workouts.
  • Six rubberized feet keep the bottom platform stable while you perform balance exercises.
The BOSU Home Balance Trainer comes in blue and pink and can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight.
Best Value
The Best Choice Products Balance Trainer Ball features durable, flexible material at a low price along with attachable resistance straps and a convenient foot pump. To further improve your workout, you may want to check out their portable Folding Exercise Mat that conveniently packs up for on-the-go travel.

Best Choice Products Balance and Stability Trainer – Exercise Workout Kit w/ Resistance Bands & Foot Pump

Best Choice Products proudly creates a wide range of high quality, dependable products. Their initial success creating pool tables and musical instruments lead them to continue expanding, finding more ways to satisfy more users around the world through online sales. Users are consistently satisfied with the quality and even more satisfied with the prices. This balance ball has great features considering its reasonable price.

Let's see what you get with this balance ball:
  • ABS plastic and durable rubber make this home exercise trainer both durable and flexible. Can withstand up to 660 pounds.
  • The design itself is lightweight and includes a built-in handle, making it a breeze to bring along to the park, a friend's house or anywhere else.
  • If you do take this balance ball on the go, it'll be super easy to pump up with the included foot pump. No need to tire yourself out before you even get started.
  • Included resistance straps open you up to a wide range of strength building exercises and can make it easier to get into difficult balancing exercises.
The RitFit Sports Balance Ball Trainer is built for intense training, featuring ultra-durable material and dynamic resistance bands. If you’re looking for a traditional exercise ball, you know, the round kind, check out the RitFit Exercise Ball that comes both a pump and a workout guide.

RitFit® Balance Training Kit - Stability Ball, Resistance Bands, Foot Pump, DVD Guide, Wall Chart

RitFit Sports believes that fitness is all about self-improvement, and they back up that philosophy with the highest quality gear they can create. Their products are crafted with care as RitFit constantly strives to better themselves and their products. That's why all RitFit products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their well-crafted balance ball is made for intense self-improvement, featuring solid construction and high quality materials.

Let's see what makes this balance ball stand out.
  • RitFit built this highly durable balance with high-intensity fitness in mind, so you can easily perform intense strength and aerobic training without damaging the ball.
  • The elastic resistance bands allow for just a bit of give so you can improve your upper body workouts.
  • The resistance bands can be detached when not in use so they don't get in the way.
  • The included foot pump makes it easy to pump up this Bosu ball in no time, without breaking a sweat.
This balance ball comes in either pink or blue.
The Wacces Cushion Disk helps you to build flexibility and posture easily in your own home. For more muscle building options, check out the industry-leading Wacces Yoga Fitness Balls available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Wacces Athletic Inflatable Twist Massage Balance Board - Cushion Disc Improves Posture, Balance and Back Muscles, Multiple Colors

Wacces gives you access to more fitness options, whether you're at home, at the gym or enjoying the great outdoors. They create simple, lightweight fitness equipment and accessories to give you control over your own body. That's why this balance board is so simple and effective.

Let's see what this balance board has to offer:
  • Easily work on your balance with this simple and fun balance board, featuring soft knobbed surface for improved grip on one side and a smooth bottom.
  • While you work on your balance, your core will naturally be engaged and grow stronger.
  • Soft pliable PVC material makes this balance ball comfortable to stand on, yet strong and durable.
  • This balance disk can also be used as a core-building seat cushion.
This balance trainer is available in six colors and has many popular uses outside the fitness arena. For example, it is frequently used as “wiggle seat” for fidgety children, as easily stored floor seats in day care centers, and as portable cushions for sports fans and hunters.
The ProSource Balance Disk is highly portable and features two core building surfaces with different levels of massaging non-slip bumps. For the ultimate comfort, check out the ProSource Deep-Tissue Foam Roller for relaxing trigger-point muscle therapy.

ProSource Core Balance Cushion Exercise Disc Trainer Board with Pump – Six Colors

ProSource believes in rugged durability combined with sleek, attractive designs. Their products are built for a variety of fitness goals including muscle building, balance training, slimming down and gaining flexibility. This balance board makes it easy to train your core and build balance at the same time.

Let's see how the ProSource Balance Disk stands out:
  • Dual-textured surfaces give you options for each workout: one side has non-slip bumps while the other has raised massaging bumps.
  • The lightweight design and quick acting pump make this balance disk easy to carry on the go for a quick workout anytime, anywhere.
  • The surface becomes unstable during workouts, causing you to use more strength and balance with every workout.
This Balance Board Trainer is available in black, blue, green, grey, purple and red.

How Do I Choose the Best Balance Ball?

As they say, wealth is health, and to show the seriousness of this statement, many people have resorted to improving their health through exercise. You will see people go to the gym, run, or well, bounce on a ball. Does that sound weird? Maybe yes, but it’s actually true. Balance balls, also known as stability balls, exercise balls, or Pilates balls have always been among the most powerful sports gear that you can use in your home gym or at the commercial gym near you. These balls are capable of not only improving your balance and coordination, but also strengthening and stabilizing all of your body muscles.

The balls have a round shape to allow you to exercise with an increased movement amplitude and to incorporate large groups of muscles. Just be sure to include a set of kettlebells to make your workout more intense. The best part of these balls is that you can use them anywhere – at home, at the gym, or even in the office. Don’t forget to put it on a good quality gym mat to keep it stable and protected.

Have you been thinking about getting a balance ball for yourself? If yes, then it is very important that you know what to look for so that you can select a ball that will not only improve your exercise but also one that will last you a long time. To be able to perform ball exercises effectively, you require careful selection of the correct ball size. Your seated height should help you determine the best ball size for you. To get this height, squat against a barrier for your hips to be parallel to the ground and your knees at an angle of 90-degrees. Then, measure the length between your hips and the ground and compare against the ball measurements. Another option is to measure the height of the balance ball, then compare it with your seated measurements.

Let’s look at some factors for consideration and see what to look out for when choosing a good exercise ball before we look at our picks.
A good stability ball costs anywhere between $10 and $100 depending on size. If you intend to use an exercise ball in your workouts regularly, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality ball, made with materials that’ll last. Cheap balance balls might not give you the desired balance, so be very careful not to compromise quality for price.
Balance balls are large, inflatable balls utilized for various fitness moves, Pilate exercises, yoga poses, and abdominal workouts. They can also be used as desk chairs! These balls can be utilized at home, gym, or at a physical therapist’s office to assist in strengthening muscles.

As discussed before, in order to use these balls effectively and safely, you must choose the right ball size for your body. The sizes for balance balls vary from 30 cm for children and small-sized individuals to a massive 75 cm for people who are much taller. These sizes are in centimeters, and there are brands that color-code their balls to match the particular size. Generally, people who are below 4 feet and 6 inches should go for a 30 cm ball. Those between 5 feet and 6 inches and 6 feet and 2 inches should go for a 65 cm ball. And, if you are above 6 feet and 2 inches tall, then use a 75 cm balance ball.
Construction and Design
Before buying a balance ball, it is good to consider what you are going to use it for, then consider the necessary characteristics. Here are some construction and design elements to look out for.

    Balance balls are generally lightweight, but are durable enough to carry pretty big loads. These balls can be used by both adults and children to perform some active exercises or simply to relax. Massage balance balls are perfect for rehabilitation. As per research and customer feedback, regularly bouncing on a massage stability ball can help improve blood circulation, and stimulate nerve endings. Half-ball design is somehow different from a standard balance ball but not less effective. These balls are commonly known to be the most effective when it comes to calorie-burning. They are mostly found in gyms where intense workouts are done.
    Balance balls are made of anti-burst PVC plastic for pliability and safety during workout or normal sitting. The PVC is the most essential ingredient in the creation of the plastic as it helps make the exercise ball resilient, expandable, and bouncy. It is good to note that some exercise ball models contain latex, so be sure to confirm the material of construction, especially if you are allergic to latex.
    Balance balls come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Did you know that you can use color to control your exercises and well-being in an interesting way? For instance, orange color has a cheering and energizing effect; red can improve your immune resistance and endurance. So, choose a color that will improve your mood and help you work out more effectively. Also, consider the quality of the material and the maximum weight limit of your potential ball.
Performance and Ease of Use
We have talked about the many benefits that come from exercising with a stability ball. It is however, important to note that these balls require a significant amount of balance, and that there is a possibility of falling. Consult your doctor before incorporating a balance ball into your workout routine. Begin with simple exercises, using the right ball size to ensure that your feet remain hooked on the floor and move to more complex ball exercises as your fitness level improves.

As a rule of thumb, if you are older, or overweight, it may be easier for you to balance on a ball that is slightly larger and less-inflated. If you have a body weight to height that is larger than the standard proportion, sitting on a balance ball will press it down more, so it is advisable to always try exercising with the next larger ball size to be able to keep up with the 90-degree rule. Another thing to remember is that most of these ball sizes can be adjusted. If the angles between the hips and knees seem greater than 90 degrees, you can release some air to counterbalance and vice versa.

Get the Best Balance Ball of 2023!

Choosing a balance ball comes down largely to price, as well as the type of exercising you want to do. Consider your training goals and whether or not you'll need instructional DVDs to get started. Whatever you're looking for, these brands have got a training solution to fit your needs. We hope that our review helped you pick the best balance ball. But if it didn’t, do not hesitate to seek out other alternatives from these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice
BOSU Ball Home Balance Trainer with Hand Pump
Best Value
Best Choice Products Exercise Fitness Yoga Balance Trainer Ball
RitFit® Balance Ball Trainer Exercise Kit
Wacces Fitness Cushion Disc - Balance Board
ProSource Core Balance Disc – Dual Textured Stability Trainer