Best Balance Beam Reviews 2023

Balance beams come in different sizes and are used by gymnasts to develop their skills. Choosing the right one may prove tougher than you bargained for. That’s why we took the time to dig around and come up with some of the best balance beam brands, showcasing one product from each brand. We’d like to point though that out that our featured brands have other great balance beam models that you may want to check out as well.
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Our Top Choice
Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam
Tumbl Trak manufactures novel beams, bars and mats that are well appreciated by gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers and martial artists.
Easy to assemble. Comes with beautifully studded legs. Beam doesn’t wobble.
Not very portable.
8 ft long, 7 in. high
Soft padded legs
Solid wood, synthetic suede
Best Value
Joom Beem Non-Folding Balance Beam
By paying great attention to safety, Joom Beem designs bars, balance beams and bases that make gymnasts better and help improve their skills.
Regulation size for competitive sports. Padded with polyethylene. Offers secure grip due to good traction. Durable and cleans easily.
Doesn’t fold for storage or transport.
8 ft long, 6 in. high
Pre-drilled core for leg braces
Wood composite, steel, suede
The Beam Store Suede Balance Beam
The Beam Store is known for manufacturing quality dance and gymnastics equipment that's efficient for budding athletes.
Non-exposed staples. Well-built and durable. Strong wooden core. Easily assembled.
Doesn’t fold for storage.
8 ft long, 8 in. high
Rubber end caps
Synthetic suede covering
Gymnastic Hut 8 Foot Wood Balance Beam
Gymnastic Hut has an ever-widening customer base. It makes high-quality handmade balance beams that are sold at affordable prices.
Ideal for beginner gymnasts. Durable suede covering. High-strength wood core. Doesn’t wobble or bend. Requires no central support.
Quite heavy to lift and transport.
8 ft long, multiple heights
Riser legs
Wood construction, suede wrap
Z-Athletic Training Folding Low Beam
Z-Athletic manufactures excellent, affordable training balance beams that can be used for both home and commercial purposes.
Low on the ground. Reasonably priced. Comes in attractive colors. Lightweight. Easily assembled. Folds easily for storage.
Strong smell from the package, which goes away with time.
9 ft long, 6 in. high
Has no legs; lies on the ground
Synthetic suede

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What is the Best Balance Beam?

There are several features that make a balance beam unique and safe. After reviewing our buying guide, you will be properly informed about these features. We urge you to take a look at our product review section and use this new-found knowledge to pick the balance beam that will serve you best.
Our Top Choice
The Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam is eight feet long and has a sturdy wood core, making it less prone to damage from continuous use. For a lightweight balance beam that is four feet long, with a Velcro fastener and a suede-coated surface, check out the Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam. It's ideal for beginner gymnasts.

Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam – Available in 3 Colors

Tumbl Trak is a popular producer of gymnastic tools that help produce better gymnasts and athletes. From its beams and bars to mats and floor systems, Tumbl Trak manufactures training aids and accessories that help build and perfect the skills of these gymnasts and athletes. It also caters to cheerleaders, martial artists, dancers and athletes with special needs. With its dedicated and reliable customer service, Tumbl Trak takes the needs of its clients personally and ensures that they are satisfied with the products purchased.

The Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam is very close to the ground, and comes with colored legs that are attractive to both parents and kids. It is well-constructed and has a sturdy wood core. The wood core has 0.25-inch rubber padding that gives it a feel that’s similar to those used in competitions. This balance beam also features a connection system that allows you to connect two eight-foot beams into one 16-foot (length) beam, so you can practice more beam skills. A synthetic suede coating covers the balance beam and can be cleaned easily with a dry cloth.

Assembling the Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam is quite easy. All you have to do is attach the beam to the studded legs, and the built-in Velcro fastener keeps it in place. Tools are not required for this process. The balance beam is eight feet long and seven inches high. It also meets the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements, and has a two-year warranty on the construction materials.
Best Value
The Joom Beem Non-Folding Balance Beam is eight feet long and has a low-profile design with a sturdy wood core. This gives it an enhanced feel and rigidity. If you would rather have a balance beam that folds, try the Joom Beem Purple 8-Feet Folding Balance Beam. It has a weight limit of 275 pounds.

Joom Beem Non-Folding Competition Style 8Ft Suede Balance Beam

Joom Beem offers durable sports equipment that provides real outlets for kids bursting with energy. It designs and manufactures balance beams, horizontal bars, mats, gym sets and combo packages that help mold your child into that resilient gymnast, dancer, cheerleader or martial artist. With safety as its chief concern, Joom Beem also ensures that its products are not only kid-friendly, but also kid-safe.

The Joom Beem Non-Folding Balance Beam has a superior wood core material, and comes with black oxide steel support braces and rubber end caps. This helps make the balance beam durable and resistant to corrosion. The wood core has a maximum weight limit of 500 pounds and doesn’t require any mid support. It measures eight feet long, six inches tall and four inches wide. The core doesn’t bend or warp, and it's covered by synthetic purple suede that's soft, plush, and easy to clean. The top of this balance beam is padded with 0.375-inch polyethylene material that's sturdy and long-lasting. It also has round edges for more safety and offers a secure grip. It is important to note that this is a competition grade balance beam, as its size is the regulated size for competitive sports.
The Beam Store 8' Suede Balance Beam has a strong wooden core and a well-padded top. This ensures that the beam stays in place during stunts such as leaps and jumps. If you want an equally great balance beam that can be easily folded for transport and storage, get the Beam Store 8' Folding Balance Beam. It is also available in six colors.

The Beam Store 8 Feet Suede Balance Beam – Available in 7 Colors

The Beam Store was founded in 2002 and supplies quality balance beams to gyms, schools and homes across Canada and the United States. It helps athletes, at different skill levels, improve by providing them with opportunities to use competition-grade beams, gym mats and bars. Its dancing and gymnastics equipment is not only made of superior materials; it's also cost-effective when compared to competition beams.

The Beam Store 8' Suede Balance Beam features a tough wood core that can carry up to 250 pounds. It doesn’t require a central support, and this means that a mat can be slid beneath it. Because of its strength, this balance beam won’t bend or warp when in use, especially during stunts. It also features the kind of padding that can be seen on beams used in competitions. This allows gymnasts to switch easily from training beams to those used in competitions. The wood core is covered by a suede material that helps prevent slipping and makes the beam last longer. This balance beam is ideal for practice. It comes with short metal legs, and measures eight feet long and seven inches high.

Here are some other amazing features of this balance beam:
  • Curved sides that are also seen in beams used for competitions
  • Endcaps covered with rubber for reinforcement, to prevent wear
  • Steel support braces protected with rubber pads
  • Custom matting that goes around the entire beam for increased safety
  • Pre-drilled beam core that allows you to add higher beam legs when required
  • Easily assembled, and maintenance is stress-free
And don’t forget that this balance beam is covered under a transferrable two-year warranty.
The Gymnastic Hut 8 Foot Wood Balance Beam has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and a high-strength wood core. Since it won’t break easily, it can be used by heavier persons. Not so keen on riser legs? Check out the Gymnastic Hut Gymnastic Wood Balance Beam. It comes with wooden stabilizer feet and a durable suede covering.

Gymnastic Hut 8 Foot Wood Balance Beam – Available in 6 Colors and 7 Heights

Gymnastic Hut is a well-known manufacturer of affordable gymnastic equipment. It takes pride in its products being handmade in the USA. Apart from making beams for both home and commercial use, GYMNAST HUT has built a reputation for making equipment that's safe for kids and durable as well.

The Gymnastic Hut 8 Foot Wood Balance Beam's strong wood core gives it a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, and also ensures that it doesn’t wobble or bend during leaps and jumps. This balance beam is quite durable and comfortable, as it features 0.375-inch polyethylene padding on the top and durable suede covering. The covering and padding help ensure that the user has a good grip while on it. The beam measures eight feet long and six inches high. The wood core is pre-drilled with threaded metal inserts that allow the accompanying riser legs to be attached accordingly without wearing the holes out.

Gymnastic Hut has other balance beams that might interest you, such as:
  • The 4 Foot Training Balance Beam Tan by Gymnastic Hut: Ideal for smaller kids and made from wood. It comes with a wooden stabilizer foot, and the top is also padded with foam for more comfort
  • The Gymnast Hut 8ft Balance Beam: Has 24-inch risers and wooden stabilizer feet. It has a strong wood core and is also padded at the top with foam. The suede covering makes it long-lasting
  • The Gymnast Hut Gymnastic Wood Balance Beam 8ft Balance Beam PINK: Has a pair of stabilized feet and tough wood construction. It doesn’t wobble or bend when in use, and can be used by entry-level gymnasts
The cores and legs of Gymnastic Hut beams are covered by a 5-year warranty, while the wear surfaces are covered by a 1-year warranty.
The Z-Athletic Training Folding Low Beam is lightweight. It's nine feet long and can be used for cartwheels, dance turns and other stunts that shorter beams don’t allow. For a shorter balance beam, with Velcro at each end to attach other beams to get it to competition length, check out the Z-Athletic Gymnastics Attachable Training Low Beam.

Z-Athletic Folding Balance Beam – 9 Feet, Available in 3 Colors

Z-Athletic makes superior home and school gymnastic equipment. Its products are ideal for gymnasts and athletes that seek to improve their skill and balance. It also takes great care in designing and manufacturing balance beams, mats and bars that are safe for kids and adults, no to mention reasonably priced.

The Z-Athletic Training Folding Low Beam can be easily carried and transported due to its lightweight nature. It measures nine feet long and two inches tall, and the bottom measures six inches. The polyethylene foam core allows gymnasts to carry out stunts such as cartwheels and dance turns, because there is no risk of their feet sinking. This beam is also coated with top-grade synthetic suede that makes it durable and attractive. This balance beam can be folded in half, and this allows it to be stored easily.

Here are other balance beams from Z-Athletic for your consideration:
  • The Z-Athletic Gymnastics Off Ground Training Balance Beam: Available in three colors and two beam heights. It has a strong laminated wood core and foam cushioning at the very top. It measures eight feet long
  • The Z-Athletic Gymnastics Off Ground Training Balance Beam (Brown): Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. This beam measures eight feet long and seven inches high. It has a sturdy wood core, and foam padding at the top for cushioning effect and good grip
  • The Z Athletic Gymnastics Roll-Up Balance Beam: Features the same construction material as competition beams. It is available in three colors and can be easily cleaned by vacuuming it

How Do I Choose the Best Balance Beam?

Whether you’re in the audience or watching on a screen, there is a certain awe and breathlessness that comes from watching gymnasts perform seemingly impossible twists and turns on a mere slip of beam supported at both ends with a cross bar. If you have a child in gymnastics, you'll want an appropriate balance beam for your youngster to practice balancing, coordination and mobility skills. And who says you as an adult cannot get a bit of fun on the balance beam too?

The balance beam is one of the simplest items that you can find in any gymnasium, be it at home, school or stadium. It consists of a long and narrow beam of between five and eight feet in length and four inches wide. Unlike other gym apparatuses, such as the treadmill used in developing strength and speed, the balance beam is concerned primarily with the development and honing of balance, coordination and mobility skills in kids and young adults. It comes in different designs, with some being foldable and portable enough to fit into your gym bag or traveling gear so you can take it along with you wherever you go.

There are different types of balance beams for different skill levels, so you can have one for your preschoolers to practice on safely, without fear of injuries. For a young gymnast whose skill level is advanced, there are balance beams that’ll help her take her skills to new and competitive heights. Of course you can place a mat under the balance beam for increased safety, and to provide a cushioning effect in case there’s a fall.

Let’s now take a closer look at some of the factors you need to bear in mind when shopping for one, including the age and skill level of the user, the design of the balance beam, the manufacturing material and the price.
Balance beams are long-term investments. Because of the nature of their use, care should be taken when purchasing one so you don’t sacrifice safety and durability for price. Depending on the skill level of the intended user, the manufacturing material differs and so does the price. Be absolutely sure of the age and skills requirements of the user before looking around. Tailor your search, and, of course, your budget, towards a balance beam that fits or suits your needs.

Most good balance beams fall within the $90 to $280 price range, and the products we reviewed in this work are all in this price range. These beams are from trusted brands in the industry, so you’re assured of the highest quality and safety with any of the products we listed. We also found some cheap balance beams, but as we’re not given to compromising quality, we decided to ignore them after discovering that they’re made from low-grade materials. Read on and consider the different options we have laid out for you.
Despite the simple nature of the balance beam, there are some factors and features that you ought to check when shopping for one. Such factors should include:
  • Design
  • Age and skill level it is designed for
  • Manufacturing material
  • Other extra features
Construction and Design
To avoid accidents and injuries, it’s vital to purchase a balance beam that is suited to the skill level of the user. The skill level is not a function of age, so you may not rely entirely on the age of the user to guide you in making the right choice. However, it’s assumed that a child of about six years should be at level 1 – 4 and is, therefore, considered a beginner. As the child progresses in age and skill, she graduates to the intermediate level (levels 5 – 7) and should be using the junior beam. From there, she goes on to the advanced and, if possible, national competition levels. It takes years of constant practice for your child to build up and hone her skills, and this can only be achieved by using the right balance beam for her expertise.

The designs and styles of balance beams are broadly classified into two: the floor resting style and the suspended style. The floor resting design naturally is meant for beginners, and features a base that is wider than the top and rests flush on the ground to provide stability. Its height is usually low, to help prevent injuries from falling. Although this style of beam doesn’t look like the conventional balance beam used in competitions, it does adequately serve the purpose of letting the budding preschool gymnast practice safely to her heart’s content, and at the same time affording you peace of mind.

A suspended balance beam is designed to look like the traditional balance beam, suspended some inches above the floor with two cross bars holding it up at each end. It may also have a third cross bar at the middle, especially the beams designed for intermediate skill level gymnasts. The major difference between this beam style and the professional balance beam is in the height. The professional balance beam has a standard height which is often intimidating, while the junior beam (and to some extent, the advanced beam) has a height that lets gymnasts practice some advanced skills while offering a lower risk of injury.
Performance and Ease of Use
Balance beams are some of the easiest gym equipment to set up in your home gym or elsewhere. Most of them, especially the beginner beams, are foldable. All you have to do is unroll them on an even surface, and you’re good to go. Some of them also feature letters and numbers that allow kids to learn while practicing. A few balance beams, such as the Tumbl Track Brianna Beam in our product review section, can seamlessly connect two or more balance beams together and form a longer beam. Cleaning and maintaining a balance beam is not hard and depends on the material (although most of them are not absorbent, so you can safely clean their surfaces with water and let them dry off). The non-absorbing nature also ensures that beams last a long time and remain safe for your little one.

Different balance beams are made from different materials, such as foam, wood or steel, with an outer covering that helps soften the impact on the gymnast when practicing. Beginner beams are usually made from foams that are non-absorbing, and this lets the user learn and become confident while using the equipment.

Junior/intermediate beams have wooden cores with suede covering, as seen in competition beams. This enables gymnasts to safely practice handholds and cartwheels as they develop their skills on the beam. While the manufacturer's have done their part to make their beams safe, using a mat beneath the junior beam is highly recommended for your own safety.

An advanced beam has a steel inner core and protective layered padding on top, with the entire beam covered in suede. This type of beam is the most durable of the three, thanks to its steel core. It mimics the competition balance beam in all ways, except, of course, for the height.

Most junior beams have steel supports that are wide and stable enough to support the weight of the user. Some of them even feature adjustable supports so you can change the height as desired.

As you shop around for the perfect beam for yourself or your little ones, be sure to know the user's degree of competence, as this will help you narrow your options to more suitable products. We have beams for all skill levels covered in our top products review section, which you should check out for yourself now.

Get the Best Balance Beam of 2023!

We’re excited that you stayed with us till the end of this study and have chosen to go with one of the balance beams reviewed here. Now go ahead and place your order. Thank you!

Our Top Choice
Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam
Best Value
Joom Beem Non-Folding Balance Beam
The Beam Store Suede Balance Beam
Gymnastic Hut 8 Foot Wood Balance Beam
Z-Athletic Training Folding Low Beam