Best Balance Bike Reviews 2023

Yes! Your child can learn how to ride a bike without the scars and the bruises. Balance bikes are music to any parent’s ears, especially those that know the frustration that comes with teaching a child how to ride a bike. In this review we’ve compiled an impressive list containing five products from some of the best balance bike brands in the industry that’ll bring joy to you and your kid.
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Our Top Choice
Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike
Strider was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping toddlers and babies to learn how to balance and coordinate a bike without pedals.
Seat and handle bar can be adjusted easily without the use of tools. Has mini grips specifically tailored for tiny hands to improve control. Features puncture proof tires and durable steel frame.
.Seat is rather uncomfortable.
No tool adjustable seat
33’’x 15’’x 21’’; 6.9 pounds
4 Years+
5 Color Options
Best Value
KaZAM v2e Pedal-Less Balance Bike
KaZAM is a Virginia based company that specializes in high quality balance bikes that help your kids learn to balance by skipping the hustle of using pedals.
Boasts of an adjustable quick release seat and handlebars. Easy-to-step patented foot rest. Its tires are puncture-resistant and maintenance-free. Available in 5 colors.
The bike’s powder coat finish may chip after prolonged use.
No tool adjustable seat
34.5’’x 4.5” x 19.75’’; 8 pounds
3 Years+
5 Color Options
Glide Bikes Go Glider Balance Bike
Glide Bikes was started by Ed Mondello in 2004, after the frustration he felt after fruitlessly teaching his daughter how to balance a bike.
Has child friendly hand brakes that brings your kid to a gradual halt. Has removable pegs for easy learning. Frame made of durable steel alloy. Features slow speed capability for smooth downhill gliding.
It’s not ideal for kids below 3 years.
No tool adjustable seat
28’’x 17’’ x 32’’; 10 pounds
5 Years+
ZÜM Euro Birchwood Balance Bike
ZÜM prides itself with providing kids with eco-friendly wooden balance bikes that don’t have pedals or training wheels.
Its rubber handle bars are comfortable for kids to hold on to. Patented safety steering handle. Its beautiful lacquer finish is non-toxic. Easy and fast assembly with clear instructions.
Wooden frame may be a bit heavy for a child.
Adjustable seat with tools
23’’x 14’’ x 30’’; 9 pounds
2 Years+
Schwinn Pedal-Less Toddler Balance Bike
Since 1895, Schwinn has taken pride in building bicycles that allow people of all ages to enjoy life and keep fit through cycling.
Features inflatable air tires. Adjustable seat to accommodate your growing child. 12-inch foot-to-floor design. Hardy steel frame.
Requires a wrench for easy assembly
No tool adjustable seat
28.5’’x 15’’ x 7’’; 14.6 pounds
3 Years+
4 Color Options

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What is the Best Balance Bike?

Since by now you know that adjustable seats and handlebars are crucial in the best balance bike, let’s continue and have a look at some of the better models we could find.
Our Top Choice
The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike boasts of puncture proof tires which need no maintenance as well as a patented durable steel frame. Do you prefer a balance bike that accommodates kids younger than 18 months? Then the Strider ST-2 PREbike Balance Bike will be a perfect fit since it’s good for children as young as 12 months old.

Strider 12 Sport Baby Balance Bike — Available in 7 Colors

Strider is on a mission to help children the world over learn how to ride a bike from a tender age without the hassle of using pedals. Through their light weight and all terrain balance bikes, Strider puts a smile on parents’ faces every day when they see their kids gliding away after a few lessons. The patented Strider bikes are among the best in the industry; the 1 millionth unit was sold in 2015.

The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is among the most popular of the Strider bikes and is loved for its durability and exemplary performance. Its puncture proof tires can withstand even the toughest terrain and require no maintenance. The seat and the handlebars are adjustable and better yet, you require no tools to do so.

Here are the amazing features that come with this balance bike:
  • Has a durable patented steel frame
  • Comes with a built in foot rests for easy gliding
  • The seat is padded and accommodates toddler’s hips comfortably
  • Has mini grips that are tailored for tiny hands for better control
  • Has a cushy handle bar that is attractive and safe
  • Its seat height can accommodate the youngest possible age
  • Comes with a extra large seat post
  • Its assembly is simple and takes about 5 minutes
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
You are spoilt for choice in terms of color since this balance bike is available in 6 beautiful colors.
Best Value
The KaZAM v2e Balance Bike is an award winning product with an easy-to-step patented foot rest that allows your kid to naturally find her centre of gravity Do you prefer a balance bike with air inflated tires instead? We believe that the KaZAM Classic Balance Bike will be a perfect fit, especially with its raised molded seat that requires no tools to adjust.

KaZAM v2e Pedal-Less Patented Footrest Balance Bike — Available in 5 Colors

The KaZam balance bikes are designed without pedals to help your kid to learn how to balance first which in turn makes the transition to normal bikes seamless. The Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban company has won accolades in the industry and parents have highly praised their products for helping their kids learn how to cycle in an easy and fun way.

The KaZAM v2e Balance Bike boasts of an ergonomically designed, patented foot rest that allows your kid to place their feet properly as they find their natural centre of gravity. The frame is lightweight and has an attractive powder coat finish.

So what features can you expect once you purchase this product? Here they are:
  • An adjustable quick release seat
  • Its tires are puncture-free and low maintenance
  • Has nylon bushings that keep away friction
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Has a light frame that weighs merely 8 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity is 60 pounds
  • It’s recommended for children above 3 years
  • The handle bar set is adjustable and quick release
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
It’s available in red, blue, green, pink and orange colors.
. This Glide Bikes Go Glider Blue Balance Bike has a frame made of durable steel alloy and boasts of a patented slow speed feature that allows for smooth gliding. Would you want a glider bike that has maintenance-free tires instead? Then the Glide Bikes Kids Mini Glider Balance Bike is a great fit, especially for kids under 5 years old.

Glide Bikes Go Glider Air Tires Light Weight Alloy Balance Bike

The team at Glide Bikes works tirelessly to come up with innovative designs that are geared towards saving your child from scrapes and bruises as they learn how to ride a bike. With a wide range of balance bikes, Glide Bikes have managed to remain among the top brands in the industry. Through their special bike technology, they’ve developed products for kids of all needs and levels. Glide Bikes has also most recently introduced the Super Glider model for adults who struggle with balancing a bike.

The Glide Bikes Go Glider Balance Bike is an ideal learning bike for kids aged between 5 and 10 years with a one of a kind slow speed geometry that comes into play when gliding downhill. Made of a durable steel frame, this balance bike will help your kids learn how to ride a bike the easy way.

What features are present in this great balance bike? Have a look:
  • Has handy air tires that can withstand tough terrain
  • Comes with removable foot pegs for blissful gliding
  • Has a adjustable seat of between 16 inches to 25 inches
  • Has a padded handle bar with cool graphics
  • Comes with an ergonomic padded seat
  • Its stem has an adjustable 1-inch quill
  • The handlebar is adjustable to a range of 27 inches to 35 inches
  • Its frame is made of durable light weight steel alloy
  • Comes with an easy to ready manual for assembly
  • Its head set has a durable ball bearing
This amazing glider bike is available in red, orange and blue.
The ZÜM Euro Birchwood Balance Bike is made of 100% Birchwood and boasts of a patented safety steering wheel that helps keep away Jack knife accidents. Would you prefer two bikes for the price of one? Then you’ll be glad to know that the ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike comes in a pair.

ZÜM Euro Wooden Patented Steering Balance Bike

ZÜM makes balance bikes that use a foot to floor motion for propulsion. In this way, your kid can easily learn to balance and coordinate when learning how to ride without having to use pedals or training wheels; your child can effortlessly transition into riding an ordinary bike. Apart from balance bikes, they also have ride on toys to make your kid’s life more enjoyable.

The ZÜM Euro Balance Bike is made of 100% Birchwood which is certified and sustainable wood. For comfort, the handle bars are made of rubber, which not only has a good grip but is tailored to fit into the tiny hands of your young one.

Here are some features you can look forward to once you purchase this eco-friendly balance bike:
  • Has an attractive toxic free lacquer finish
  • Its tires are pneumatic and easy to maintain
  • Comes with a safe patented steering wheel
  • Its cartridge bearings are sealed for a smooth ride
  • Has an adjustable seat height
  • Its certified by ASTM
  • The recommended age for riding it is 2 years+
  • Has steel fasteners of high grade
This Schwinn Pedal-Less Toddler Balance Bike has a 12-inch foot-to-floor design that’s aimed at inspiring your little one to ride without fear. Would you prefer the same kind of balance bike with a ball-bearing headset? Then you’ll love the Schwinn 12" Skip 4 Balance Bike; it even comes with a bell!

Schwinn 12 Inch Without Pedal Toddler Balance Bike — Available in 4 Colors

Schwinn is one of the oldest companies in the cycling industry and has for years furnished cyclists with functional and innovative products. The bikes are known to deliver a quality cycling experience regardless of one’s age. Schwinn stocks cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes as well as urban bikes. The company also stocks gear such as helmets, pumps and lights. Schwinn is your one stop shop for all your cycling needs.

The Schwinn Pedal Less Toddler Balance Bike has a one of a kind foot-to-floor design that boosts confidence and provides your children with comfort as they learn how to balance.

Here are some features that come with this balance bike:
  • The seat adjusts to various heights to accommodate your growing child
  • Its handle bars are adjustable
  • Has low maintenance air tires
  • High quality frame and components
This 12-inch balance bike is available in blue, pink, green and red.

How Do I Choose the Best Balance Bike?

Do you have a scar somewhere around your knee area? If you’re not the quickest, keenest student, the answer is most likely ‘yes,’ and it’s all because of those frustrating Saturday afternoons which you spent learning how to pedal and balance a bike. Perhaps you even gave up and the closest you get to cycling these days is those fifteen minutes spent on an air bike in the gym. But this doesn’t have to be the case with your children, because now there’s such a thing as a balance bike.

The popularity of balance bikes has grown massively since their introduction to the market some years ago. Unlike traditional bicycles, balance bikes don’t have pedals, which helps a child learn how to balance and coordinate a bike without that steep learning curve. After spending some time on one of these, your kid will seamlessly transition to the pedal bikes thanks to the confidence and experience gained on the balance bike.

When in the market for the best balance bike, one of the key factors to consider is the construction of the seat as well as the handlebars. An adjustable seat is ideal since it can be customized to accommodate your growing child. The handle bars should also be tailored to firmly fit in your kid’s tiny hands.

With a balance bike, your kids will no longer spend the whole day in their play house but will get outside and learn how to cycle. Ensure that they put on their bike helmet because safety always comes first!
Considering the ease they bring to a kid’s cycling lessons, balance bikes are fairly priced. The price range of a good balance bike falls between $65 and $150, but precisely where it falls will depend on a number of factors such as the construction of the seat. The higher-end bikes cost a little more because of certain features such as a slow speed geometry design which aids your kid when gliding downhill.

You might come across some real cheap balance bikes, but we wouldn’t recommend them. They not only dent and scratch easily, but their tires will often go flat after a couple of rides.
Let’s look at some of the features to look out for when purchasing a balance bike:
  • Design — Does the design allow for adjustment which is necessary in order to accommodate your growing child?
  • Size — Is the seat large enough for your kid to seat comfortably? Can your child lift the bike in case it falls? Are the handlebars the right size for your child’s tiny palms?
  • Material — Majority of the frames are metallic and in most cases steel is the preferred metal. You may occasionally find some with a wooden polished frame.
  • Capacity — Before settling on a particular bike, ensure that your kid’s age and weight meet the specifications on the bike.
  • Color — Majority of the bikes come in child-friendly colors such as pink, red, orange and blue.
Construction and Design
The majority of balance bikes come in a pedal-less design, which is what makes them perfect for learning how to balance and coordinate. Some designs have incorporated a foot rest to help your kid with the proper placement of their feet as well as aid them find the centre of gravity naturally.

The bike frame is mostly made of metal, especially steel, but you may find some made of eco-friendly wood. Most brands have made their seats and handlebars easily adjustable, which is necessary to accommodate different heights as your child grows. The handle bars may be made of rubber for a better grip while others may have attractive graphics as well as a cushy pad for more comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
Balance bikes are easy to use since you just have to assist your child for a couple of rides and within no time your children will be gliding around on their own. Some of the bikes require no assembly while others may need minimal assembly that doesn’t take more than ten minutes. Those that require assembly come with a manual with clear instructions on how to put the various parts together.

In terms of maintenance, you may find balance bikes that come with puncture-resistant tires which are maintenance free. For those that have air tires, you may need to invest in an air pump to get the tires back up once they go flat.

Get the Best Balance Bike of 2023!

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this review of the best balance bikes in the market today, we hope that you’re equipped with the necessary information for you to get a good model for your kid. In case you didn’t find a product in here which meets your tastes and preferences, these reputable brands have many more balance bikes for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike
Best Value
KaZAM v2e Pedal-Less Balance Bike
Glide Bikes Go Glider Balance Bike
ZÜM Euro Birchwood Balance Bike
Schwinn Pedal-Less Toddler Balance Bike