Best Balance Pad Reviews 2023

The everyday workout is both fun and important for your health. Sometimes you need to take matters to another level. Other times you might have injuries to nurse, which nevertheless shouldn’t deter your exercise. These are normal in training routines, which is why a balance pad can be one of your best options to go for. Fortunately, some of the best balance pad brands around are making this real with a variety of innovative products. So what are balance pads all about, why use them, and which of them are best for the deal? We’ve researched these useful mats to find that out for you, and offer to you the results of our findings, with a review for five of the top brands we figured worthy of your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Clever Yoga Premium Balance Pad
Clever Yoga’s Premium Balance Pad, for example, has a non-slip base surface that ensures that your workout is a safe one.
Designed with a non-slip base. Can use to cushion your lower back and pelvis injuries. It adds height to your chair. It's destabilizing feature activates your back.
Use with bare feet to enhance longevity.
5 colors available, rectangular
19.75 x 15.75 x 2.5 inches
Standing yoga pose
Closed cell foam
Non-slip, tear-resistant
Best Value
HemingWeigh Lightweight Balance Pad
Quality cannot be compromised in training gear. Thus, HemingWeigh designs its yoga mats for regular and professional use to give its customers quality products for a great workout.
Smooth finish making it comfortable for a workout. Sturdy foam material helps train your back. Textured base offering grip. Designed to strengthen weak ankles and core muscles.
The thickness of the mat might seem thin for some.
Blue, rectangular
18.2 x 2.2 x 15.5 inches
Hip thrust and box squat
Soft foam
Low-level instability surface
Airex Non-Skid Balance Pad Elite
Service speaks volume about any firm and Airex has become a global market leader with its unsurpassed customer service in the industry.
Made of soft foam material for efficient training. Has an antimicrobial finish. It’s easy to clean. Has an integrated Sanitized protection.
Can tear if used with shoes.
Blue, rectangular
20 x 16.4 x 2.5 inches
Lying down or side push-up
Soft foam
Non-skid, non-absorbent surface
TheraBrand Balance and Stability Trainers Pad
Quality stands out in many balance pad makers, and TheraBand is dedicated to providing high-quality tools to offer its customers effective and progressive balance training.
Designed with an anti-skid bar floor grip. Has four different foam densities for balance training. It offers sensor-monitoring training.
Mat is soft; not for beginners.
Available in 5 colors, oval
2 x 10.1 x 17.2 inches
Active sitting
Four different foam densities
Anti-skid bar surface
Yes4All Multicolor Balance Foam Pads
Yes4All commits to providing high-quality products for its customers, which has nourished its customers’ confidence and trust.
Built with a well-textured non-slip surface. It features tear-resistant surface. It offers ideal comfort and cushioning. It helps improve motor skills and balance.
Smaller than average balance pad.
6 colors available, rectangular
15.5 x 13.5 x 2 inches
Standing yoga pose
Closed cell super soft EVA foam
Non-slip, sweat-proof

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What is the Best Balance Pad?

To find the right balance pad, you’ll need to consider the features, price, and value. Look at the various exercises it has been designed for, size, shape, the material used and your intended purpose of the balance pad. Now that you’re aware of the important features, let’s look at the products that made it to our list.
Our Top Choice
Clever Yoga’s Premium Balance Pad, for example, has a non-slip base surface that ensures that your workout is a safe one. If you’re looking for an non-slip yoga mat that’s great for the environment and you're willing to spend a few extra bucks, then check out the Clever Yoga Premium Eco-and-Body-Friendly Balance Mat.

Clever Yoga Premium X-Large Balancing Cushion Balance Pad — Available in Five Colors

Clever Yoga aims above all to offer ideal service and benefits to the community. It’s an effective approach thanks to its integrity, honesty and passion for its customers from purchase and beyond. The company seeks to join yogis in their journey for the best. This involves its array of eco-friendly products, from balance pads to towels, yoga mats, blocks, and wheels.

The Clever Yoga Premium Balance Pad’s soft surface is ideal for supporting knees and elbows for enhancing bones and muscle strength safely. Besides, it comes with other important features that make it an ideal option for every yoga enthusiast, such as:
  • The pad is designed with additional padding to provide the necessary support if you’re into sitting meditation.
  • Your exercise shouldn’t be the reason for your health problems, so this pad is made from TPE with no latex or BPA, hence it doesn’t compromise your health.
  • It’s obvious you don’t want to work out on a stinking mat. Well, this one is made from odor-free material to ensure your yoga is comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Working on a soaking pad is the last thing you want on your training. The good news is that the closed cell foam structure in this pad prevents absorption of any water. So your pad will always be easy to use and clean.
  • If you’re looking for additional support when in the office, you can use this pad on a standing desk as a mat for anti-fatigue.
  • Do you have issues from injured pelvis or back, or you just want to add several inches to your chair? Well, this pad sounds like all you need to get this fixed.
  • Safety is a significant priority in any workout, and that’s why this pad is built with a non-slip surface on the base to prevent it from sliding against the ground.
  • While getting a lasting pad is everyone’s wish, this pad will give you just that with its tear-resistant finish, giving you longer service for your money.
  • When the back and core muscles are at the center of almost every workout, you need a mat that can bring out the best in these sections, and this one’s destabilizing feature will get you there.
If you love color, then this balance pad has you covered: it’s available in five different colors, including blue, green, dark purple, etc.
Best Value
The HemingWeigh Balance Pad comes with a smooth finish that makes it comfortable for your workout. If you’re looking for an extra thick exercising mat that’s about 70 inches long and 23 inches wide then check out HemingWeigh’s Extra Thick Exercise Foam Mat.

HemingWeigh Lightweight Strong Training Balance Pad

HemingWeigh started in 1990, which developed slowly into making exquisite and fantastic sportswear which, along with its fair prices, earned them an important edge. The company ensures that it provides its customers with ideal service, making it a preference for therapists and professional yogis the world over. This has been based on its consistency on ensuring that it offers nothing short of value.

The HemingWeigh Balance Pad is lightweight, making it essential for your practice in virtually any place you find fit for your workout. Moreover, this pad packs other impressive features too.

Here are some of these features:
  • It has a strong balance board for your training, which is integrated into every aspect of rehabilitation and sports performance.
  • The pad is also designed to strengthen weak ankles and core muscles, especially after injury.
  • Its surface offers an ideal platform for low-level instability for standing, sitting and other bridging positions.
  • It is built to last thanks to its durable foam material that gives lasting service.
  • Moreover, the base comes with a textured surface, offering an ideal grip on the floor for stability whether on a hard or smooth workout floor.
  • Working out doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to some comfort, and that’s where this pad’s smooth finish comes in, offering convenient comfort all through your practice.
  • You wouldn’t want to put up with frustrating maintenance just to be able to practice on a balance pad. With this one, you don’t have to go through all that; its easy to clean finish is here for you.
  • And while you may be wondering if there are any firm balance pads out there, you may be interested in checking this pad, because it’s among the few sturdy pads around that you can go for.
The Airex Balance Pad Elite is made of soft foam material for efficient therapy and training for yoga enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a small balance pad you can travel with that’s perfect for single-handed or one-legged exercise then check out the Airex Mini Balance Pad.

Airex Non-Skid Top and Bottom Elite Balance Pad

Airex has maintained a trademark in offering reliable high-value gymnastic mats products to its customers. The brand has grown to lead the industry in closed-cell specialty foam products thanks to over 50 years experience. The other aspect that’s seen major progress in the company has been the advancement in technology, which has led to increasingly innovative products hitting gyms across the country.

The Airex Balance Pad Elite has a soft and supple cushioning, which enhances its comfort to make your workout fun. Besides, this pad also offers other exciting features that you can count on.

Here are some of its impressive qualities:
  • The pad can also be used outdoors since it’s easy to dry if it becomes wet.
  • This pad comes with an integrated sanitized protection, making cleaning easy with use of soapy water.
  • The six-centimeter thickness in this mat helps to offer the much-desired balance for stabilizing your joints.
  • Moreover, a special waffle slip-proof surface structure and special foam technology in this pad is essential in preventing slipping when using the mat for your exercise.
  • If health is one of your considerations when going out on the hunt for the right balance pad, you should try this one. You won’t believe how its health-safety antimicrobial finish can be useful, besides making its cleaning a breeze.
  • While your feet will like some smooth stimulation when you exercise, this pad is built to deliver just that, especially when you work out on barefoot.
  • Are you a therapy or training yoga die-hard? Well, the soft foam material in this pad is tailor-made for you.
Thereband’s Balance and Stability Trainers Pad is an outstanding exercise mat that features an anti-skid bar floor grip that prevents slipping. If you’re looking for a balance pad that can be used for training and as a sitting cushion in the office then check out TheraBrand’s Stability Disc for Balance Training.

TheraBrand Advanced Level Black Inflatable Trainer and Wobble Cushion Balance Pad — Available in 5 Colors

TheraBrand focuses on building confidence, strengthening determination and reinforcing peace of mind among its customers towards helping them attain happiness and freedom. The company’s dedicated to ensuring its customers surpass their goals. Having started over four decades ago, the company’s resistance band and corresponding system have seen major advancements.

The TheraBrand Balance and Stability Trainers Pad’s surface offers unstable and sensory stimulation for balance and proprioceptive training as well as postural reactions. Also, other impressive features come with the pad that you need to check out.

Here are the exciting features we are talking about:
  • Are you looking for the ideal solution to working out your core muscles? You can count on the ability of this balance pad to activate your core muscles for better rehabilitation and sports training that involve active sitting.
  • It’s also essential for upper and lower extremities and closed kinetic chain exercise. It does all this without putting you at a risk of suffering knee injury or compromising your stability.
  • Balance training can be tremendous adventure, but if you choose to go all the way, then you might need to try out the four different foam densities in this pad.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or a pro, sensor monitoring training goes a long way, and there’s no better way to experience this than with the use of the rounded point option on this pad.
  • And since you don’t want to end your workout with injuries, you may have to take advantage of this pad’s anti-skid bar feature. This offers an ideal floor grip to keep your pad from slipping along the ground.
If the Black-Advanced pad is too challenging for you, not to worry, this balance pad comes in five colors and skill levels, from Green-Beginner to Blue-Intermediate.
The Yes4All Multicolor Balance Foam Pad is a superb mat built with a well-textured non-slip surface for preventing the pad from sliding off. If you’re looking for a balance that offers more to your training, like massaging your sore feet or offering you some reflexology, then check out the Yes4All Hedgehog Balance Pads, which comes in a set of six and in multiple colors.

Yes4All Foam Balance Pad Large Multicolor — Available in Six Colors

Yes4All is dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support. This is based on its service team’s commitment focused on ensuring their customers’ satisfaction. The company seeks to provide its customers with services that are worth the investment. Above all, its efforts and creativity in everything it offers customers has been the center of attention. Besides, its competitive prices have seen the company grow far beyond its origins.
The Yes4All Multicolor Balance Foam Pad has a large surface, offering ideal use either at home or at the gym, which supports your training program. What’s more, it also comes with other features you should check out as well:
  • You can get the best of motor skills and balance with this balance pad’s high-quality closed cell foam texture.
  • The pad comes with a material texture that grips to your feet and squishy to touch for ideal comfort and balance.
  • This pad comes with a sturdy make that’s ideal for all types of yoga workout, especially with motor-skill training and helping to prevent injuries.
  • The pad is also super easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about using your mat for fear of cleaning frustration.
  • Its therapeutic benefits are essential for seniors in need of a gentle mat for their joints.
  • If you freak at the thought of falling off your pad, this mat gives you every reason to be confident. Its non-slip surface keeps your feet tight as well as keeping the mat from moving against the surface.
  • If you don’t want to shop for a balance pad soon, then you might need to consider taking advantage of this mat’s tear-resistant surface. This gives it long life and lasting service for a good return on your money.
Black can seem like a dull color for some. If this is the case for you, the good news is that the balance pad is available in six different colors.

How Do I Choose the Best Balance Pad?

Have you ever wondered what keeps your workout going? It could be the passion and commitment you put into it, but there’s more than that. It’s no doubt that your workout gear has made things easier and more fun for you, and a balance pad is all you need to take this to a completely new level as it offers an amazing platform for your gymnastics and meditations.

A balance pad comprises of well-built foam padding with varying thickness; this is for different workout purposes. For example, if you’re doing strength exercises, it can help as a cushioning between you and the ground. You can also use the pad as a cushion on your standing desk or as a seat pad, depending on your preference or the type of exercise at hand.

Another impressive thing about the balance pad is its compact and lightweight design that eases its portability for use on the go, and some are even ideal for outdoor use. You can carry one alongside your yoga mat, resistance band for training, and your best athletics socks that protect you from abrasion or other workout gear.

The basic idea behind the pad is to enhance your balance by training your body on its unstable surface. The challenge helps grow your muscles stronger and gain stable joints with various exercises. Like lunges, knee lifts, legged squats, just to name a few.

We reviewed some of the best balance pads around. But first, let’s look at some of their impressive features.
The market is flooded with many balance pads coming at competitive prices. If you decide to spend anything between $20 and $70, you can get an ideal pad for your needs. But remember, you can get a high-end one at a little more than this.

In most cases, you’ll also come across many cheap balance pads around, but these low-cost offers aren’t the right option to go for. Most lack crucial features such as a smooth surface, tear-resistance, a non-slip surface or sturdy compact design, all of which are vital for better training.
Everything matters in a workout, and this is why these balance pads come with innovative features to bring out the best in your daily training. When shopping for one, ensure to look closely into the most important qualities to get the best deal for your money.

Here are some of the best features to go for:
  • Design — Most balance pads feature different designs, from the air inflated to the closed cell foam designs; it’s all a matter of choice or the intensity of your workout.
  • Size — This aspect of size is diverse across the board, with these pads coming in different shapes, surface areas, thickness, and dimensions. It’s all to make it handy for you during your workout.
  • Use — You can count on these pads for any training you want to get into developing your balance; most are constructed for sit-ups, lunges, yoga — you name it.
  • Material — The material used on the pad makes it compact to withstand weight for both adults and children, catering for both sitting and standing use.
  • Surface — The surface of the pad is designed to prevent your feet slipping or skidding on the floor, which can be risky for your balance.
Construction and Design
The construction of a balance mat determines not only its reliability but appeal too, both of which can bring significant change to your exercise if you look at the right things for a good one.

Design - Depending on what you want, you’ll always find your pick in the market. This is all thanks to the manufacturers’ efforts to provide a broad range of balance pad designs. From the air-inflated to the foam mats, it offers something for everyone. The choice here will depend on the budget you’ve set aside for a pad or the design that pleases you most.

Smooth finish - This is a smooth outer surface on the balance pads that give it an ergonomic feel whenever you’re using the pad. This design comes in handy for seniors who need a pad with a smooth feel on their feet. And if you’re training on barefoot (which is advisable to enhance the pads durability), it simply feels that much better.

Coating - This is a layer added in most balance pads to prevent absorbing sweat, so your pad doesn’t stink with time. This also goes a long way in preventing fungal and bacterial growth on your workout surface, which can lead to infections or compromise your health in other ways.

And the Color - If you love to see color while working out, the good news is the balance pad come in different colors and designs too. From the dull dark colors, to the bright warm colors, rectangular shape to the oval kind, it all depends on what keeps you motivated during your workout.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of any mat is a trainer’s most important consideration. So look out for a mat with what it takes to outperform others.

Wide surface - A wide surface in the balance pads is essential for giving you an ideal area for your practice. Besides, most pads are compact and lightweight, which makes carrying them easy so that you can use it almost anywhere.

Non-slip features - Most of these pads come with a non-slip surface that keeps your feet from slipping off the balance pad, or avoiding it to slid across the ground as you stretch. This kind of surface is essential for safety when using it for your workout, especially if you’re doing balance practice where you’ll be standing for the better part of your exercise.

Easy cleaning - And with the surface is built for easy cleaning and others featuring easy drying, you can use your balance pad and clean it without much hassle. As we all know, using a clean surface is important for both your comfort and health as well.

Sturdy closed cell foam - Closed cell foam is a sturdy material that makes the pad look and feel solid whenever you are using it for your yoga balance. This enables the pad to withstand the pressure when you’re standing on one foot or hand, so it doesn’t shrink all the way down.

Get the Best Balance Pad of 2023!

We hope you’ve found the best balance pads for you and learned a little along the way. We’re confident with the information provided you’ll make an informed decision for your balance pad. But if you didn’t find something that meets your needs, remember that these reputable brands make multiple balance pads. Check them out today!

Our Top Choice
Clever Yoga Premium Balance Pad
Best Value
HemingWeigh Lightweight Balance Pad
Airex Non-Skid Balance Pad Elite
TheraBrand Balance and Stability Trainers Pad
Yes4All Multicolor Balance Foam Pads