Best Balance Trainer for Adults & Kids - Wobble Boards and Balance Boards for Building Core Strength

Staying in good physical shape and building core muscles are important factors in a healthy lifestyle. There are many tools to help you attain these goals – such as balance boards. They’re great multi-purpose pieces of equipment that can be used to achieve a variety of fitness goals. These boards can help improve balance, agility and core strength. But with so many choices, which will serve you best? We did the hard work for you, narrowing down your choices to five of the best balance trainer brands that make some of the top balance boards for different fitness needs - and budgets! We also have links to our reviews for electronic balance boards, vibration platforms and balance boards just below the table, in case that's what you were looking for.
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Our Top Choice
URBNFit Balance Trainer - Wobble Board
URBNFit makes high quality balance boards for different levels of users. This board is targeted is designed ti increase stability, flexibiulity and strength.
Strengthens lower back. Can be used on any surface. Perfect for ballet and dance training.
Very tall people may have a problem in getting a good squat stance.
15.5 inches diameter
Round wobble board
Wood or plastic
Workout Guide
Best Value
Simply Fit Board Rocker Swivel Balance Trainer
The Simply Fit Board brand is known for exercise products that are easy to use. This board is designed to produce great results while still being easy enough for your grandma to use.
Durable plastic. Easy to use. Unique motion for toning of the entire body. Lightweight and portable. Bright and attractive color designs.
Tends to slip while in use but this can be corrected with a small rug with a rubber underlay.
26 x 11 x ¾ inches
Rock & twist surfboard style
Durable plastic
Abs, legs, core
60-day money back guarantee
Indo Indo Board Original Natural Balance Trainer
Indo Board is a distinct leader in the manufacture of balance trainers. This board, targeted at advanced users, is great for therapy, rehab and sports training.
Allows for flexibility on how to orient the board. Sturdy board. Long lasting molded plastic roller. Comes with an instructional video.
Difficult to get the hang of it, but this is to be expected since this board is targeted at pros.
30 x 18 x 3
Rocker-roller boards
Strengthens core/balance/agility
Instructional video included
Alex Active Monkey Kids Toddler Balance Board
Alex Toys is all about kid's toys, and this balance board is a perfect demostration of their ability. It helps promote motor skill development and fun.
Steady on kids feet. Fun to use. Tested for Kids safety.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old
16.5 x 9.5 inches
Rocker style wobble board
Side boards
Yes4All Wooden Balance Wobble Board
Yes4All is committed to making top quality fitness training products accessible to all. This board makes improving core strength, sense of balance, and functionality easier.
Non-slip surface keeps you safe even when barefoot. Works for a wide range of exercises. Quite affordable. Easy to use.
Does NOT come with an instructional guide.
15.75 inches diameter
Round wobble board
Core strength, balance
60-day money back guarantee

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Increase Stability, Strength and Flexibility with One of These Balance Trainers!

Whatever your exercise needs, whatever your experience level, there is a balance board perfect for you. Now you’ve taken in our guide, you’ve hopefully got an idea in your mind of priorities and the type of board you’re after. Time to go through our product picks and see if we’ve found what you need.
Our Top Choice
The URBNFit Board perfectly increases your strenght, stability and flexibility. If you prefer a roller board instead, the brand also offers Wooden Balance Board Trainer, perfect for hockey, surf, and snowboard training.

URBNFit Balance Board Core Trainer - Available in Wood and Plastic (Also Makes Roller Balance Trainers)

URBNFit if one of the most prominent players in the fitness industry, given its unbeatable record of making the best equipment in this category. It is well known for making balance trainers, exercise balls, gym rings, fitness bands, massage balls, Pilates rings, muscle rollers, pull-up bands, resistance hip bands, and so on. The company also prides itself as the manufacturer of effective sports supplements that can help you to attain your fitness goals quickly.

The URBNFit Balance Board is designed for use by virtually all age brackets to boost sports performance, improve coordination & balance, and strengthen the lower back. The makers of this wobble board initially designed it for surfers, which is the reason it is so effective in giving you the perfect balance. It comes with an anti-skid surface that makes it possible to use the balance trainer virtually anywhere.

Apart from surfing, this wooden balance board is perfect for rehabilitation exercise, dance, strength training, and ballet. This board is ideal for any sport that requires you to have a perfect balance. It will help to enhance the most straightforward exercises such as pushups, planks, and squats, in addition to giving you the endurance you need to participate in competitive sports.

The URBNFit Board comes with some incredible features. These include:
  • Has a stand-out anti-skid surface, which firmly holds onto wooden, concrete, carpets, and other floor types to ensure you work out safely
  • Has a 15-inch diameter and tilts for up to 30 degrees, which makes it possible for you to have more intense workouts
  • Made to be durable and can support a weight of up to 550 pounds. It is suitable for use by virtually anyone

Want a standing desk balance board? Keep the URBNFit Standing Trainer under your desk for full body workout!
Best Value
The Simply Fit brand was borne out of a personal quest to fight belly fat. Understanding the challenge of staying fit, its founders created something effective but simple. Simply Fit Board is a fun and easy way of staying fit. If you are concerned about the color of your board, you can choose from any of the available colors – blue, orange, magenta, green.

Simply Fit Board - The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board With A Twist – Four Color Options

The Simply Fit Board has approached the exercise equipment market with the simple agenda of keeping things simple and yet effective. One of its founders is a grandmother who had issues with belly fat and needed a simple way to get rid of it. So you know where to look if you are in the market for an effective balance board that keeps things simple enough that any age can use it!

With a simple but effective design that allows both beginners and advanced users to achieve their fitness goals, this brand is making its mark with their Simply Fit Board. It sells for $47.98 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price – although our research has shown that you can get it for less on Amazon). There might be some of hype on this balance trainer, but rest assured, it lives up to the legend.

Some of the features that make the Simply Fit Board a great product include:
  • Unique motion which ensures the toning of the entire body
  • Support for up to 400lbs
  • Lightweight and portability
  • Easy setup and storage
  • Bright and attractive color designs
  • Workout videos and user guide
With endorsements from Olympic medalists, Indo Board has been committed to making balance board training available to everyone for almost 20 years. The Indo Board Balance Board Original With Roller will keep your workouts interesting and effective. For more fun and the option to choose easier routines, go for the Original Training Package.

Indo Board Balance Board Original With Roller – Multiple Color Options

Since 1998, Indo Board has been making a name for itself, producing high-quality balance boards. Over the years, professional athletes have come to rely on the quality of Indo Board products. Promoters of these products include many Olympic medalists, world champions, and other elite sports men and women.

The Indo Board Balance Board Original With Roller is designed for top athletes along with serious fitness enthusiasts. It costs less than most Indo Board balance trainers (selling at $159.95 -- Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and comes with a sturdy board, a long lasting molded plastic roller, an instructional video, and a guarantee of quality. This board is excellent for improving agility, posture, balance, core strength and more.

This board comes in ten different color options, making it easier for you to get a color that is to your taste.
The is designed to be steady on kid's feet and helps promote fun and other motor skill development.In addtion to this balance board, also get your kids Early Learning My Giant Busy Box Little Hands to promote more activities.

Alex Active Monkey Kids Toddler Balance Board for Motor Skills Development

The Alex family of products has been in existence since 1986 when it began making art materials and school crafts kits. It has since expanded to one of the largest lifestyle brands for kids. The company produces different kinds of products for kids in pretend play, active play, fashion, spa, preschoolers, bath time, and so on. The company aims to help kids to be more productive and fit in addition to developing creativity and imagination. No kid is too old to use ALEX toys.

When it comes to providing your kids with lots of fun while exercising their muscles, the Alex Active Monkey kids Toddler Balance Board is the best. It remains perfectly steady on your kid’s feet, preventing any accidents that might arise. If you are looking for and Parenting Magazine endorsed balance board for kids, this is it. It is designed for use by kids of at least three years old and can support a maximum weight of 200 pounds. The package includes a dowel, platform, two side-boards, six screws, and an instruction manual. Any adult can easily follow the instruction manual and assemble this balance board in a breeze.

The Alex Active Monkey Kids Toddler Balance Board will bring delight to any child. It comes with the following features:
  • Sturdy enough to ensure that your kids can play and exercise while remaining as safe as possible
  • Sturdy design that supports children from three years old and more. It can carry up to 200 pounds in weight
  • Comes as a set of different parts with an instruction manual to enable a parent, whether mother or father, to assemble
  • Versatile wobble board that is best for use both indoors and outdoors during sessions of play
Yes4All is a top company for fitness, yoga, pet & home appliances. It aims for higher quality and better prices and the Yes4All Non-slip Adjustable Wooden Balance Board reflects this ideal. Its sturdy wooden build and non-slip surface is further proof of conscientious design. Don’t want the wooden version? Go for the Yes4All Balance Board for Balance and Stability Training.

Yes4All Non-Slip Wooden Balance Board for Exercise, Physical Therapy, Rehab & Balance Training – Two Color Options

When you see a company that’s doubling its revenue every year, you know they are doing something their customers love. Yes4All is one such company and it has demonstrated a steady commitment to making high quality fitness products accessible to all. Look no further than Yes4All if you are on a budget but still want top quality in your fitness devices.

Anyone serious about fitness and rehabilitation does not want complications arising from the use of inferior equipment. The Yes4All Non-slip Adjustable Wooden Balance Board rules out that possibility. Its sturdy wooden build means you can be sure you can use for years in enjoyable workout sessions.

A fabric non-slip surface - which ensures a firm grip - provides support for weights of up to 300lbs. And, if you are always on the move, no problem; this board is lightweight and portable so you can keep fit wherever you go.

The Yes4All Non-slip Adjustable Wooden Balance Board sells at a low price of $24.49 (Suggested Retail Price) but a search at Amazon might show you even lower prices.

What to Look For in a Wobble Board Balance Trainer

Watching surfers gliding over the waves can be both exhilarating and terrifying. You watch them swaying from side to side, ducking and just when you think they’re about to fall head-first into the swelling waves, they emerge like a phoenix from the ashes. Ever wished you could do it too? It’s all in the balance, and that’s where a balance board comes into play.

Are we saying you can become as skillful as the great surfers, skiers and skaters that you most likely only watch on your television? Perhaps – and a balance trainer is the first step on your journey to becoming as skillful as they are.

Balance training is an all-round fitness routine engaging almost every muscle in your body. You may have your home gym and all the top quality exercise gear available but when compared side by side, your simple balance board might give you a more holistic result in a shorter time.

With balance trainers, you not only build awesome balance, you also build a powerfully strong core, great abs, and faster reflexes. You improve your entire neuromuscular system. What's more, you achieve all this while having so much fun, it doesn’t feel like work!

When choosing a balance trainer, you need to consider a few things like the age, weight and skill level of the user. You also need to consider the type of balance trainer best for you. Some of the different kinds of balance trainers include: bosu balls (bosu is an acronym for “both sides utilized”), rocker boards, wobble boards, roller boards, and balance boards. Each of these balance trainers is suitable for different levels of expertise. It’s important to begin with just the right board for you.

One very important thing about these balance trainers is that they are low maintenance and can be used anywhere and at any time. Apart from electronic balance boards that require some form of power to operate, these regular balance trainers have absolutely no need for any power. They can be used at any time without needing to look for a power source or batteries.

Honorable Mentions

During our research, there were three other balance trainers that deserver to be mentioned. All we did not have enough room to put them in our top 5 list, they each have features that make them worth checking out.

  • Revolution Balance Board Trainers - If you have been researching balance boards, it’s like you have heard of Revolution. They are a fantastic choice, offering several options including beginner, advanced and surf style boards. The only problem is they sell out quick, which is why we chose to put them here in our honorable mentions.
  • Fezibo Standing Desk Wooden Wobble Balance Board – Complete with an anti-fatigue mat, this stability rocker is a best seller for people who want to sneak some exercise into their daily work routine.
  • Gentle Monster Wooden Wobble Balance Board for Toddlers and Kids – Don’t let the simple looking design fool you, this balance trainer made from high quality natural real wood and ecologically friendly lacquers, is perfect for helping children with balance and gross motor skills.

Now let’s have a more in-depth look into what you need to make the best choice.
There are different kinds of balance trainers for different ages and expertise levels. These balance trainers also cost different amounts. What you pay for a balance trainer for kids will certainly not be what you will pay for a balance trainer made for expert adults. From our research, we found the range within which you can get a good balance trainer to be between $25 and $160. Within this price range are trainers for children, beginners and advanced users. You just need to find from our selection the trainer for you.

We have protected you from low quality products by disregarding cheap balance trainers that we know will not serve you well. Any of the boards in our selection will offer you good value for the money you pay for it.
Balance trainers are simple and basic in design and function. When choosing one, there is not much to consider. However, the few factors you need to consider are very important and we will list them here and explain them so you know exactly why. These factors include:
  • Age of user
  • Weight capacity of the balance trainer
  • Expertise level of user
  • Design – how does the balance trainer look?
  • Style – will you get a round wobble board, a one-piece rectangular one, a bosu ball board, or one with a roller
  • Material – what is the balance trainer made of?
Let’s now look at these in more detail.

Balance Board Beginner Exercises | Indo Board Original with Roller Training 101

Getting started on a roller balance board is not as hard as it might seem, but there is a learning curve involved. | Courtesy of Indo Board

Note: Indo boards (which we review below) are usually less expensive when you get them from Amazon
Construction and Design
Every balance trainer has a weight capacity. At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s important you take note of this when purchasing. Balance trainers are made mostly from wood and durable plastic. It may be better to go for a wooden balance trainer if you are looking for a more advanced model. The exception is the bosu ball which is never made of wood and can be used by both beginners and advanced users.

Some balance trainers can be adjusted to increase or reduce the difficulty level. These types of boards are great for long term balance training since you will not need to get a more advanced board to improve your expertise. All you need to do is increase the difficulty level whenever you feel you have mastered the current one.

The design of a balance trainer may not be too important for many. If you are getting a balance trainer for a child, however, you will want to consider the design as children will more easily be attracted to bright colors and friendly patterns.
Performance and Ease of Use
To make the process of balance training easier for you, be sure to start at the right level. It can be frustrating and even harmful to start at a level more advanced than you can handle. This is one of the reasons why you consider the age and level of expertise of the user. This is very important.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you start with a rocker board. This kind of balance trainer simply moves in two directions – front and back. When you have fully mastered this, you can then move on to wobble boards that move in all directions. Once again, it’s important to start easy.

To help you with your balance training, always ensure your gaze is forward while using any of the boards. This will improve your balance and posture. You can also engage more of your muscles by changing your body’s center of gravity. You do this by bending your knees slightly while using the board.

With consistent use, you will find yourself possessing awesome balance and a very powerful core.

Balance Trainer Exercises on a Wobble Board for Balance & Strength

There are many exercises you can do with either a round wobble board or a “surfboard style” balance trainer. | Courtesy of Criticalbench

Who Makes the Best Balance Training Boards?

Having gone through our review, we hope you have enough information to make an informed decision. The final move is yours to make. Take your desire for fitness to the next level by buying and making the most of your newly acquired balance board.

Our Top Choice
URBNFit Balance Trainer - Wobble Board
Best Value
Simply Fit Board Rocker Swivel Balance Trainer
Indo Indo Board Original Natural Balance Trainer
Alex Active Monkey Kids Toddler Balance Board
Yes4All Wooden Balance Wobble Board

Balance Trainer FAQs

What Is A Balance Board Trainer?
A balance board trainer is some kind of lever that looks like a see-saw. It is best for people seeking to work out and acquire the perfect balance. Balance board trainers are the best when it comes to musical training, athletic training, balance training, recreation, or general personal development. It helps people to build core strength, neuromuscular integration, coordination, sports performance. In our review/buying guide, we mentioned that a balance board trainer might also be called a wobble board.
How Do I Use a Balance Board?
Given the simplicity with which it is made, a balance board trainer is straightforward to use. Firstly, you should step onto the board from behind. You will put the first foot in the middle of the board before bringing the second alongside. Your feet will be together, which means it will be easier for you to establish your balance. You can then move your feet slowly further from the center of the board, on the opposite sides. After that, you can work on assuming the perfect posture. You may want to observe a few things. To start, draw your shoulders back and stand with the knees and feet hip-distance from each other. Then, lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling.

To see some balance board exercise demonstrations, watch the videos in our buying guide.
What Are The Best Balance Board Exercises?
There are several exercises you can perform using a balance board, including balance pushups, offset pushups, forearm planks, single-leg pushups, balance frogger, balance lunges, side lunges, and so on. As mentioned in our buying guide, these exercises target the whole body and not just one area. All you need to do is tailor your regular activities to your newly-acquired balance board. However, you should be sure to maintain your balance as you work out.
What Are The Best Balance Board Brands?
For you to get the best results from a balance board, you need to buy the best possible product for your needs. A good example is the URBNFit Balance Board, which makes it possible for you to perform a wide range of exercises. Then we have the Alex Active Monkey Balance Board, which we recommended in our review/buying guide as the best for kids weighing 200 pounds or below. Others include the Nalanda Exercise Balance Board, TheraBand Wobble Board, Yes4All Wobble Balance Board, Fitterfirst Bongo Board Balance Stability Trainer, and the ProFitness Wooden Balance Board.